tagBDSMAmanda Ch. 04

Amanda Ch. 04


Another season passed. And then another year. Training under Ms. Kathleen's tutelage brought Amanda's knowledge of domination; of sadism and masochism; of the intricate needs and unspoken wants of the guests that came to call; to a better and broader view.

Amanda no longer craved Ms. Kathleen's approval, yet was filled with pride nonetheless when submissives would call and ask specifically to be trained by her. Ms. Kathleen, in turn, had smiled and continued her guidance in more of an equal stance than a mentor.

As another spring came to Ms. Kathleen's lovely home and training grounds, Ms. Kathleen decided it was time for a lifestyle get together, and set a block of two weeks aside at the end of May. The first week would be spent getting ready for the event itself. The second week would be the get together; discussions, training, scening, some specific vendors would be allowed, but this was not to be a commercially motivated forum. It was a chance for some of Ms. Kathleen's long time clients to visit her as she tended to be too busy to go out visiting on her own. When Ms. Kathleen vacationed, she tended to go into seclusion and not even tell Amanda where she planned to go. Mitchell would go with her and would keep her confidential plans just that.

Amanda looked down at her computer once more, stretching her arms above her head. Even the daunting task of preparing for this party was affecting her. So many Dominants tended to have such egos, and she wasn't there to pander to them. She smiled, remembering Sean's reaction from the first time she told him of Ms. Kathleen's plans.

"She's got to be kidding," Sean said as he licked softly at her shoulder. They were cuddled together in bed, preparing for sleep, discussing each other's week. During the week, they still kept separate residences; her staying with Ms. Kathleen at her home and Sean in his apartment near his practice. On the weekend, though, they came together and shared with each other not only their love, but each detail of their lives apart. It was like most people shared each day, but held in check until they were together once again.

"Not only is she not kidding, she's going all out and making it like an old time camp out gathering. The back field is being plowed and then compressed to be prepared for tents and such. She even has one of those huge barrel barbecue pits leased and has Mitchell practicing on it with our dinners." Amanda let her nails scrape through Sean's hair. She so enjoyed the times they were able to share. When she had first gotten back she was a tad bit depressed thinking for sure they weren't going to have the closeness that they shared on the houseboat. Sean was persistent though, making even Ms. Kathleen laugh with true admiration at the courting ways of a true gentleman.

Sean shook his head in disbelief and nibbled softly on her before lifting his head once more. "You're going to be busy then."

Amanda smiled softly. "I am down for two of the training sessions. Wax play and the crop. Want to be my ‘victim'?"

Sean shivered and returned her smile. "Not this time, lovely Mistress. I don't think I'd be able to relax knowing how many people will be watching. I'm not into public scening you know."

"I know darling." Amanda chuckled and let her hand drop against his chest, twining her finger around into small circles into his chest hair.

Lost in the memory of the conversation, Amanda didn't hear Mitchell come up to her door, holding several CDs.

"Ahem," Mitchell smiled at her as she jumped slightly, her cheeks blushing as the memory faded away.

"Hi there!" Amanda grinned. "What's up?" She turned slightly in the chair and faced him. In the past several months, there had been several computer upgrades to the point she now had a 21" monitor and the ability to save as much information that she needed, including a Zip drive with vast amounts of information stored on a multitude of zip disks.

"I have some scene music that needs to be listened to. Ms. Kathleen has the other half of this collection. Would you be so kind to listen to it while you work?" Mitchell held up a handful of about 15 discs.

"Sure. Something that is relatively simple compared to your culinary efforts. Has Ms. Kathleen ever had a party like this before?" Amanda took the CDs and flipped through them.

"Before we came here there was a small dungeon party that she hosted. It was disastrous. Several people that showed up were not invited and were inebriated. You know how Ms. Kathleen feels about mixing scening and drinking. Not a wise choice. She was livid and at THAT time swore she wouldn't have another. I think.." Mitchell paused and looked down, blushing slightly at his own gossip.

"What?" Amanda encouraged him to continue.

"I think this will be YOUR coming out party, per se." Mitchell dug his toe into the carpet.

"Oh?" Amanda blinked. True, she still wasn't too known by the Dominants, who, when they called, assumed that she was a submissive. However, the submissives that did show up knew within the day of their arrival who she was and that she would be taking part of their training. Ms. Kathleen made it known very quickly if they didn't.

"I shouldn't have told you," Mitchell said with a sigh. "You don't need that kind of pressure on you."

"However," Amanda replied as she idly flipped through the Cds, "I am very grateful for the heads up."

Mitchell nodded and slipped quietly from the room.

Amanda shook her head, smiling. She turned back to the guest list and looked with new eyes at those that had RSVP'd. She noticed several names that were common to her that had replied earlier than the others. Dominants that she had talked with quite often over the months.

So many things to do. They were down to the last two weeks. This week there were only two guests and Ms. Kathleen was taking care of them personally. The back field was done and chalk marked out into individual camp grounds. The bunkhouse would be useful for the toilets and showering facilities. The weather had been iffy but was predicted to be spectacular in the coming weeks. The dungeon itself had gone through a thorough detailed cleaning, with the help of visiting guests, and was prepared for the training sessions. And even with all that done, the check list of things to be done seemed endless. Even as she slipped the first of the CDs into the drive to begin her task from Mitchell, she opened up her email once more to collect even more replies to the invitations.

Ms. Kathleen poked her head in the door of Amanda's room several hours later, smiling. "Got a moment, Miss Amanda?"

Amanda looked up and cocked an eyebrow at the tone. Ms. Kathleen hardly ever called her by that name. "Did you need something, Ma'am?"

"Don't Ma'am me, you little brat girl. Just come tell me why there are sterling silver roses sitting on my desk with your name on the card and not mine." Ms. Kathleen winked and slipped back out.

Sterling silver roses dredged up a powerful memory and she closed the application she was working on to go see if her hunch was right. She rose from her chair and stretched her arms above her head and then touched her toes. There was something about sitting so long that made her want to stretch out like a cat any chance she got.

As she entered Ms. Kathleen's den, it was apparent from her first impression of the over indulgent bouquet that her hunch was correct. She shook her head slowly and smiled weakly at Ms. Kathleen before crossing to pull the card out.

"Looking forward to seeing you again, or rather, you seeing to me again.-Gregory" Reading the card, Ms. Kathleen shook her head and laughed softly. "He's persistent, isn't he?"

"No. I honestly think he's just a very ‘needy' person. Definitely high-maintenance. He needs to find someone with enough energy to match his." Amanda sat down in front of Ms. Kathleen's desk and fingered the petals of one of the buds. "Can I ask you a personal question?"

Ms. Kathleen looked up from her paperwork and smiled. "Sure hon. What's on your mind?"

Amanda paused for a few moments, choosing her words carefully. "Do you love Mitchell?"

Ms. Kathleen compressed her lips together and set her pen down. She steepled her fingers and gazed across at the younger woman. "That is a very interesting question. Before answering you, may I ask what it was that made you ask it?"

Amanda again paused, looking at the flowers, looking at her hands, looking anywhere as if seeking her words to come from air. Then in a rush, she finally replied, "I think I'm falling in love with Sean."

Ms. Kathleen smiled deeply. "It happens. But you have more than a kink relationship with him, don't you? I think Sean is a wonderful man, Amanda and I hope that he makes you very happy. As for my relationship with Mitchell; yes, I love him very much. He's been my companion for almost twenty years now. Oh we do have differences of opinion now and then. I hate the idea of a conventional marriage and he agreed long ago that he wasn't interested in that sort of union. So we live, love and laugh together without the strictures of society. It is what makes me what I am today; that much stronger because I have Mitchell with me."

Amanda listened and heard the true depth of feeling in Ms. Kathleen's words. She understood that the bonds were there if not with conventional ties.

Ms. Kathleen leaned forward and lifted Amanda's chin, looking into her eyes. "Now, let me ask you a question. Do you feel that your love for Sean will impede your passion when it's comes to work?"

Amanda thought carefully before replying. There had been a couple of male submissives over the past year that had specifically come to Ms. Kathleen's for sexual tutelage in how to please a woman first before their own sexual needs were met. Ms. Kathleen had handled these cases but had allowed Amanda to study her techniques. Amanda knew there may come a time when she would be asked to train a male submissive in this way. She thought about Sean and how he may feel about the situation, and realized that Sean would be supportive as he had always been if this was a way that her career as a Dominant would be taken. "I think that I would be a bit more hesitant about some things, however, what I currently do in my work," Amanda paused and looked directly into Ms. Kathleen's eyes, "in all aspects of my work, shouldn't be affected."

"Good girl," Ms. Kathleen released her chin and changed the topic. "How are the reservations coming?"

Amanda smiled. "Most everyone has responded enthusiastically. I am very interested in meeting your old friends, Judith and Allen."

"Ah ha!" Ms. Kathleen laughed. "I just bet you are. You don't get a chance to meet too many people that are switches here, do you?"

"I just can't imagine how they live their lives, on a day to day basis," Amanda stood up and gathered the vase of roses. "But they must be doing something right, the files say that they've been together for ten years now."

Ms. Kathleen's eyes crinkled as her smile grew. "Yes, they do seem to be doing something right."

"Thank you for the talk, Ms. Kathleen. I'll get back to my day reports now." Amanda walked to the door, shaking her head again at the roses, but with a smile on her face.

The next week came far too quickly and with a rush of preparations, the three of them were finally ready. Mitchell was to be in charge of a small army of caterers, hired through Ms. Kathleen's endless contacts of businesses that were kink friendly. Amanda was to be in charge of the tent sites and the RVs that would come in as well as the chosen few that would be accomodated in the house and the bunkhouse. Monday and Tuesday were scheduled for the training sessions, discussions, and seminars. The vendors would arrive Wednesday and leave Thursday afternoon. Thursday evening would be a semi formal fetish dinner. Then Friday and Saturday would be the demonstration scenes and play sessions. Only those that had responded would be allowed entrance. Ms. Kathleen had stipulated that in the invitations because she really disliked the people that didn't have the courtesy to respond.

Saturday was spent in going over all the details and resting up. Mitchell had fine tuned his culinary efforts with the huge barrel barbecue pit and had overstocked the pantry. Ms. Kathleen had fretted over every tiny details, but now had that serene look of being totally prepared. Amanda sat across her at the kitchen table sipping a late afternoon glass of iced coffee as Mitchell prepared them a very light dinner. The first guests would arrive the next day, mostly the ones that were planning on coming in Rvs.

Sean was going to be working this week, but he made plans to be at the dinner on Thursday and would be there with her on Saturday. Amanda knew that he wanted to be there all week, but also knew his professional responsibilities wouldn't allow him to have an extended leave of absence as his practice was extremely busy. They had both reluctantly agreed to save the time that he did have off for a small vacation further along in the summer. Amanda smiled because she remembered his passionate statement that he would "leave my damn pager at home."

Ms. Kathleen sipped her juice and sighed deeply. "I honestly think we are all ready. The catering staff will be here tomorrow morning and will receive their instructions about the event. Thank goodness they have their own recreational vehicle for accomodations. I don't think we could fit 6 more people in anywhere, unless they went into a tent on the far side of the field. And I just don't think they would appreciate that."

Mitchell laughed from the kitchen as he turned the salmon steaks in the broiler. "I don't know Mistress. From what I've heard they are pretty resourceful. They are usually called out to the local Renaissance Festivals because they don't mind being called wenches." Mitchell shut the broiler door and brought out tossed salads, placing the chilled greens before them.

Ms. Kathleen lifted an eyebrow and then winked at Amanda before tightly squeezing Mitchell's ass. "Yes my darling wench, you would know about such things." Mitchell gasped sharply and looked back at Ms. Kathleen.

"Yes, Mistress," he said huskily.

Ms. Kathleen swatted at him and laughed. "Don't burn the salmon dear."

Mitchell smiled and hurried back into the kitchen, adjusting his apron once more. Amanda had discovered over the past two years that Mitchell had always loved to cook and had even tried his hand at being a sous chef before being in the service of Ms. Kathleen. Mitchell made each dish an art form of creativity. Once Amanda had thought this was a humiliating chore, but had come to realize that for Mitchell, this was just his favorite thing in the world. Mitchell was a well rounded individual with a compassionate soul and intelligent mind. He also had a wicked sense of humor and dry wit that had caught Amanda a time or two. They had become very good friends in their time together and thinking back over the conversation with Ms. Kathleen, she really couldn't see one without the other.

The next morning arrived with an unheralded rain shower. Fortunately, rather than turning things to mud, it merely misted the scenery around the back field area. The caterers arrived just after the rain had tapered off and Amanda was amused at the sight of the disheveled four women and two men that trundled sleepily out of the RV in sweats and college t-shirts.

Mitchell paused in the doorway next to Amanda. "They look a bit tumbled now, but just you wait Miss Amanda. I've seen these folks in action. Three of them are majoring in culinary arts and also have drama as a minor. The other three have years of experience, but look younger than they are."

"I'm not concerned at all, Mitchell," Amanda turned and smiled. "I'm sure you'll have them ‘whipped' into shape."

Mitchell groaned at the pun and went out to greet the servers as old friends, talking and laughing before leading them to a section of the field set up with the barrel barbecue and an open tent with tables beneath.

Amanda yawned and stretched and set out on her morning walk around the field. She had made this her morning ritual and it gave her the time to think introspectively about her life and rate herself on how she was doing. This morning, though, she inspected as she walked, crossing off things in her mind. As she made her way back to the house, she noted how festive things looked and in her mind it did look like a RenFest. Some of the same implements, such as the pillory, would be available, but on a slightly more serious note.

She was taken slightly aback as a huge Ford truck with a camper shell attached to it's bed came sailing across the field at a rather fast pace, two huge men laughing wildly in the cab. Her jaw dropped as they finally braked in one of the designated camp sites. But as she watched each man exit the truck, she realized she knew one of them and her mouth closed, her lips smiling brightly.

"Thomas!" She said as she walked closer. "And this must be your master, Mark." She reached out her hand and gave a quick squeeze to Thomas' shoulder.

"Wow, you do remember me. And don't you look great. How ya doin, Miss Amanda?" The big man smiled heartily and turned to the other man. "Yes this, wonderful human being that he is, albeit a CRAPPY driver, is my Master Mark."

Mark laughed so hard that he actually doubled over and slapped his knees. By the time he recovered, there was still moisture in his eyes from the tears of amusement. "What a pleasure to finally meet the person behind the voice." He kissed her hand and then clasped her shoulder. "Are we the first?"

"I do believe so. Ms. Kathleen is not up yet, however if you would like to join us for breakfast, we should be having it in the house in about thirty minutes or so." Amanda looked back at the camper. "Do you need any help with your hookups?"

Tom raised his hands in a shooing motion. "Naw.. I got that all covered." He walked back to the truck and started pulling out wires and hoses.

Amanda looked at Mark once more and remembered in her training that he was considered a ‘Bear' and Thomas was a ‘cub' and that they were a homosexual couple that had a 24/7 BDSM relationship. Thomas had been back a time or two and had persisted in being called "Tom" when he was away from his master. Separately, they were each an intimidating figure. Together they had to be formidable.

"No breakfast, we were up at 4am and got an early start of the day. By lunchtime though, we'll be hungry as bears," Mark laughed again, slapping his knees and then followed after Thomas, teasing him about crossing wires.

Amanda shook her head, amused and continued on her walk, noting that the one fence was now open for the convenience of the R Vers. She waved as she passed the catering group and heard Mitchell introducing her. Rather than stopping, she continued on briskly striding up the steps to the back door and slipping through the kitchen, relieved to see a full pot of coffee brewed.

By six o'clock that evening, the rest of the campers had arrived and were enjoying themselves in the backyard. The catering staff had turned into service wenches and two leather clad men, taking their duties seriously and being efficient in every way. With relief Amanda watched as they bustled through the catering tent, refilling ice tea glasses and clearing away the paper implements of a extremely informal picnic dinner.

She had met most of the guests as they had arrived and then Ms. Kathleen had relieved her of that task. She had watched carefully all afternoon, realizing how narrow her view of BDSM was despite her open training. It appeared that each individual couple had their own definitive relationship, and because everyone was so open minded, the whole group meshed well together.

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