tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAmanda-Christina's Misadventures Ch. 08

Amanda-Christina's Misadventures Ch. 08


The Captain had plenty of beer and tequila onboard so the men made everyone few drinks as they headed out to sea. As the boat rolled over the waves, it made Christina's huge breasts bounce up and down. The guys stared at Christina's big boobs with great intensity hoping that the boat would hit a wave big enough to make Christina fall out of her top. Unfortunately, before Christina's breasts were ever bared to the men, the Captain stopped the boat. He dropped anchor not far off-shore and then he joined the men in the back of the boat to start fishing.

After downing a few Tequila Cocktails, Deanna said that she wanted to finish rubbing suntan lotion on Amanda because there was an even greater chance of getting sunburned out in the ocean. There were two fishing chairs in the back of the boat, a bench seat near the helm and a carpeted area in between. The floor appeared to be the only place that the girls could stretch out, but Amanda had reservations about lying on the floor of a fishing boat.

Amanda looked at the floor and asked the Captain, "Do you have any towels to lay on?"

The Captain, an older Mexican man with weathered skin, chuckled and said, "This may be a fishing boat, but I keep it ship-shape. In fact, I just vacuumed the deck before I picked you up."

Amanda and Christina glanced at each other, and then they stretched out on the floor of the boat. Deanna immediately untied the strings on Amanda's top and pulled it out from under her. Amanda was relaxed because of all the tequila she had consumed, but she was still uneasy about giving up any clothes in public.

As Randi unhooked Christina's top, she said, "Don't worry, girls. We're out in the ocean. No one's here except our husbands and the Captain...and he looks pretty harmless."

Deanna added, "Besides Christina, you were falling out of your suit in the pool and Amanda might as well not even wear a suit since everyone can see right through the one she has on."

Christina reluctantly said, "I guess you're right, but I want you to know that we don't usually dress like this in public."

Randi said, "Yeah, whatever," as she unhooked the top of Christina's bikini.

Deanna dropped both of the bikini tops on the bench seat, which was well out of the girls' reach. Then Deanna and Randi straddled the girls and began massaging suntan lotion into the girls' backs. As she rubbed her hands over Amanda's soft smooth skin, Deanna asked Amanda to continue with her story.

Amanda explained how humiliating it was to spend the afternoon in a crowded police station without a stitch of clothing on. She told of how frustrating it was to have her wrists handcuffed behind her back the entire time with no way for her to shield her bare breasts, naked bush and exposed butt from all the cops, criminals and locals in the lobby of the police station. Amanda went into great detail when she described how the female cop touched every inch of her bare flesh, and Amanda gave even greater detail when she told of how the cute Latino cop slipped a finger into Amanda's pussy and gave her an explosive orgasm while all the men in the station watched.

Christina added the part where she was forced to remove her clothes in the lobby of the Los Cufrado Police Station. She said that it was very embarrassing for her to strip naked in front of all those men, but she had to do it in order to give half of her clothes to Amanda. She further explained that giving Amanda half of her clothes was the only way the police would permit them to leave the police station. Christina said she still felt violated because there was no reason the police needed to humiliate her by making her take all her clothes off right out where everybody could see her.

Amanda and Christina were so mortified by the experience that merely talking about it made their faces turn red. However, everyone else on the boat was aroused from listening to the tale of the girls' public humiliation. They were all trying to picture the girls naked in front of a room full of men and the very thought of it was getting everybody on the boat excited.

Alex leaned over and whispered to Deanna, "Are you as turned on by this story as I am?"

Deanna whispered back, "I'm dripping wet between my legs!"

Then Alex and Deanna walked to the back of the boat where they were out of earshot of the girls.

Alex declared, "I'd have paid money to watch what those girls went through yesterday."

Deanna said, "Me, too! These girls are gorgeous. I'm no lesbian, but I'd love to have been the one who got to search that hot little redheaded girl in public and made her cum!"

Alex said, "Your husband and I would kill to watch you and Randi go at it with these girls. We'd reward you big time if you made that happen."

Deanna said, "Well, those girls keep saying that they can't control themselves when they drink tequila. I think if they have a few more drinks, we can get 'em naked."

Deanna paused for a moment and continued, "Although that wouldn't be anywhere near as exciting as it would to watch the girls be humiliated at the police station. Could you imagine seeing those cute young girls naked in handcuffs and squirming from embarrassment in front of all those men?"

Alex replied, "Yeah, I can imagine it...and it's making me as hard as a rock. It's a shame we can't make it happen again."

Deanna looked at the tent in Alex's shorts, thought about it for a moment, and then she said, "Maybe we can make it happen again!"

Deanna and Alex called Randi and James over while Amanda and Christina remained on the carpet. As the innocent girls laid on the floor soaking up the sun, the wealthy couples began plotting against them. The couples were accustomed to getting what they wanted through the exploitation of others and right now, the couples agreed that they all wanted to see the sweet kindergarten teachers stripped naked and humiliated in public at the police station.

Alex and James wanted to know what their wives planned to do and Deanna replied, "Randi and I are ready to do whatever it takes!"

Alex ran his fingers through Randi's hair and said, "You're a good wife. I see a big diamond necklace in this for you."

Randi put her finger in the waistband of her bikini, stretched it out in front of her and said, "If you put a big diamond around my neck, then you can also put something big in here, too!"

That made Alex smile as James leaned over to peek down into Randi's outstretched bikini panties. Alex didn't say a word as James peeked down into the front of Randi's bikini. It appeared as if Alex was proud to show his wife's pussy to his friend. Then Deanna and Randi returned to where Amanda and Christina were lying on the floor.

Amanda looked up at Deanna and Randi as she asked, "Where'd you girls go? You're not finished with us are you?"

Deanna winked at Randi, and then she replied, "We went to get you girls another drink...and no, we're far from finished with you!"

Deanna set down a couple of tangy tequila fruit drinks in front of the girls, and then Deanna and Randi kneeled down next to them. The men went back to fishing, but they kept a watchful eye on the girls. Amanda sipped her drink while Deanna gently rubbed suntan lotion into Amanda's back. As Deanna rubbed Amanda's back, she gradually slid her hand further and further down until Deanna slipped her fingers under the waistband of Amanda's panties.

Amanda didn't object so Deanna continued working her fingers around over Amanda's butt crack. Deanna pushed her hand deeper into Amanda's bikini bottoms and in the process, she pushed Amanda's panties down, too. Soon almost all of Amanda's fine ass was showing, much to the delight of the men. When Deanna noticed a sudden look of concern on Amanda's face, she immediately pulled her hand out of Amanda's bikini bottoms and began caressing Amanda's butt cheeks from the sides. Amanda relaxed again, appearing as if she was completely unaware that most of her butt crack was on display for the men to observe.

While rubbing the sides of Amanda's butt cheeks, Deanna carefully began pulling on the strings that held Amanda's bikini bottoms on. Deanna smiled at the men, who eagerly anticipated the removal of Amanda's panties. After a few minutes of careful manipulation, Deanna was finally able to untie the bottoms of Amanda's bikini. Amanda wasn't even aware of what was happening until Deanna yanked Amanda's panties out from under her.

When Amanda finally realized that Deanna had removed her bikini, Amanda yelped, "What are you doing? You pulled my suit off! I'm naked and all the men are looking at me! Please give it back!"

At that exact moment, Randi had reached her hands into Christina's panties. When Christina heard Amanda scream, she got startled and lunged sideways to see what had happened. With Randi's hands inside Christina's bikini bottoms, the waistband became overstretched and the plastic clips holding Christina's panties together snapped. Even Randi was shocked as she held up the remains of Christina's swimming suit. Now both Amanda and Christina were lying on the floor of the boat totally naked.

Randi said, "What a shame, Christina. Your panties are ruined."

Deanna took Christina's bikini bottoms from Randi's hand and said, "We'll have to find a way to fix these later."

Amanda and Christina were now lying face down on the deck of the boat with their hands behind them in an attempt to hide their bare butts from the men. Deanna took the bottoms of the girls' bikinis and tossed the on the seat with their tops. Then Deanna and Randi kneeled down next to Amanda and Christina, and they started applying suntan lotion to the girls' legs.

Amanda spoke up, "You can't just leave us lying here naked! We'll get arrested."

At that moment, the Captain got up and stood above the girls as he explained, "They can arrest you for being naked in town, but there's no law against being naked on a boat. You girls are safe out here."

Deanna said, "See girls, there's nothing to worry about."

Amanda responded to Deanna, "If there's nothing to worry about, then you and Randi should take your swimming suits off, too. Otherwise, Christina and I are going to put our suits back on."

Deanna said, "It's not necessary for us to be naked. Besides, Christina's bottoms are ruined."

Christina said, "I'm sure I can fix them with some fishing line."

Amanda said, "There you go. She can fix her bottoms so once again, either your suits come off or our suits go back on. It's up to you."

Randi said, "But then I'd be naked in front of Deanna's husband. I don't know if I want James to see me in the nude."

Alex spoke up, "Remember, Randi...you said you'd do whatever it takes!"

Christina asked, "What's he talking about?"

Deanna intercepted, "Oh nothing. Just a little inside joke."

Then Randi looked at Deanna and said, "We did say that, but do we really have to go through with it?"

Deanna and Randi looked at their husbands' stern expressions and answered, "Yes, I guess we do."

That put big smiles on the men's faces. James had always wanted to see Randi naked and Alex often fantasized about seeing Deanna in the nude. Originally the men just looked forward to watching the girls strip Amanda and Christina in public, but now it appeared that all of the girls on the boat were going to be naked. The men didn't know how the afternoon was going to end up, but they sure liked the direction it was headed!

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