tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAmanda-Christina's Misadventures Ch. 09

Amanda-Christina's Misadventures Ch. 09


Deanna's plan of removing the girls' bikinis was successful. Amanda and Christina were now lying face-down on the deck of the boat stark naked with Alex, James and the Captain as their captive audience. However, neither Deanna nor Randi had envisioned themselves losing their swimming suits, too. The couples had been friends for years, but the girls hadn't even bared a breast in front of each other's husband, much less stripped completely naked. Some poor planning and an overindulgence of alcohol was about to change all of that in a hurry.

Deanna and Randi stood up above the girls and scanned the horizon to insure that there were no other boats nearby. Then the two housewives nervously looked at each other as they slowly reached behind their backs. The husbands and the Captain watched as Deanna and Randi unhooked their bra straps. Amanda and Christina wanted to see what was going on so they both flipped over on their backs. Now, right there in front of all the men, were the outstretched naked bodies of Amanda and Christina. Their full firm breasts and hairy triangles were out in the open for everyone to see and the girls made no attempt to hide their naked bodies from the men's hungry eyes.

The straps on both of the wives's bikini tops were now unfastened, but the women were still holding their bra cups over their breasts. Deanna and Randi were about to drop their tops, but they paused briefly to check out Amanda and Christina in all their glory. Even Deanna and Randi were impressed by the cute bare bodies that the kindergarten teachers were shamelessly flaunting in front of everybody on the boat.

Then Amanda urged, "Come on. I want to see some tits!"

Christina added, "Yeah, me too!"

Alex looked at the other men, and then he said, "So do we!"

Deanna and Randi let out a nervous laugh, and then they allowed their bikini tops to fall to the floor of the boat. The girls proceeded to shake their bare breasts at their husbands as the men clapped and cheered. Alex always wanted to see Deanna naked and he was thrilled to see her bare titties displayed right before his very eyes.

Deanna's breasts were about the same size as Amanda's breasts and Deanna had the most mouthwatering nipples Alex had ever seen. Randi had the smallest breasts among all of the topless girls, but they were firm with pretty pink nipples poking out. Alex and James appeared to be in a trance as each of them admired the bare breasts of their friend's wife, but Amanda wanted to see more.

She called out, "Pull down those panties. We want to see some pussy hair!"

Christina chimed in, "Show us bush!"

Deanna and Randi looked like they were stalling, as if they were debating whether or not they could go through with it. Amanda didn't want the women to turn back now so she took matters into her own hands. She sat up and put her fingers inside the waistband of Deanna's panties. The sandy-brown haired girl was mortified by the whole experience, but she didn't push Amanda's hands away. With what appeared to be the green-light signal to Amanda, she pulled Deanna's bikini bottoms all the way down her legs.

When Deanna's panties reached her ankles, she nervously stepped out of them revealing her neatly trimmed light brown bush to the men. Deanna didn't know what to do next, so she just stood there with a blushing face as the men admired Deanna in all her glory. The Captain was overjoyed to have the opportunity to freely gaze at such a beautiful naked woman, but Alex was thrilled beyond belief.

Alex had fantasized about seeing Deanna in the nude many times, but never in his wildest dreams did he expect her to have such an exquisite body. There wasn't a blemish to be found on the thirty year old's soft skin, and her breasts were natural and perky. Deanna's delicate pink nipples were perfectly shaped and so was her hairy triangle. The light sandy-brown hair between Deanna's legs was trimmed to perfection and it was obvious that Deanna sunbathed naked in her backyard pool because she had absolutely no tan lines.

Deanna fidgeted nervously as she stood there totally nude in front of the men, and then Christina yelled, "Let's not forget about Randi's pussy!"

Amanda blurted out, "Yeah, bare your bush girl!"

Randi didn't have the nerve to show her pussy all at once, so she turned her back to the men before slipping her thumbs into the waistband of her bikini panties. She slowly inched her bikini bottoms down and treated the men to a view of her fine ass. Alex smiled proudly as more and more of Randi's butt crack came into view. He could tell that the other men were impressed with Randi's perfect ass and he never realized how exciting it would be to have other men admire his wife's naked body while he watched.

Pulling her panties down forced Randi to bend over. She didn't bend her knees when she pushed her bikini bottoms all the way down to her ankles, so her bare ass was pointed right at the men. While she remained bent over, Randi lifted her leg to the side so she could kick her panties off and when she did, Randi unknowingly flashed her precious pink pussy lips to the men from behind, too.

Bending over put Randi in a vulnerable position and Deanna couldn't resist reaching over and running her finger up and down Randi's ticklish butt crack. That made Randi giggle and she quickly stood up. Then it was time for the tall blonde to show everybody her pussy. Randi nervously turned around and presented her bare body to the small group of people.

When Randi turned around, Deanna gasped and said, "Whoa, Randi! I had no idea that you shaved down there. I can actually see your camel toe!"

Deanna slipped her hand between Randi's legs and gently caressed Randi's pussy, right in front of everyone. Randi was totally embarrassed, but she spread her legs a little anyway. Deanna used her fingers to spread Randi's moist pussy lips so that she was showing everything Randi had to the men.

Deanna said, "Wow, smooth as a baby's butt...and you're wet, too! Is this getting you excited girl?"

Randi blushed crimson red. She wanted to put her bikini back on, but Deanna snatched it away from her. All Randi could do now was stand there and let everyone see her bald beaver. There was a period of silence as the men thoroughly examined every inch of the naked blonde beauty. Alex even nodded at Randi, secretly instructing her to spread her legs a little wider, affording the men a better view of smooth snatch. Randi obliged, but it only intensified her embarrassment.

Randi stood there motionless for the longest time, but when she could no longer withstand the humiliation Randi said, "Well, I guess I'd better finish putting suntan lotion on Christina."

Then Randi kneeled down beside Christina so the men could no longer see her pretty pink pussy lips.

Deanna added, "Amanda still needs lotion, too," and then she kneeled down beside Amanda.

It was really difficult for the men to fish with four naked girls stretched out on the floor of the boat right beside them. Especially since the girls were rubbing suntan lotion all over each other's exquisite bare body. In fact, it was so difficult that the men didn't even bother to bait their hooks. They just pretended to fish while they watched the girls rub their hands all over each other's exposed flesh. The show that the girls were putting on was so erotic that the men weren't sure which was bigger, the rods in there hands or the rods in their pants!

The men couldn't believe how exciting it was to watch their wives caress another woman. Even more amazing was the fact that their wives couldn't believe how much fun it was to caress another woman. It was making for a very interesting afternoon and a very memorable fishing trip.

As the men watched, Deanna continued putting suntan lotion on Amanda's naked body. Amanda was lying on the floor face up when Deanna straddled her and squatted down. Deanna ended up sitting on top of Amanda and Deanna's bare pussy was resting directly between Amanda's legs. Their pussy lips were almost touching each other.

Deanna didn't want to go right for Amanda's breasts so she started on Amanda's shoulders and worked her way down. Soon Deanna had both hands on top of Amanda's bare titties and Deanna could feel Amanda's hard nipples pressing against the palms of her hands. Amanda looked up at the sandy-brown haired beauty and stared at Deanna's firm bobbies dangling above her.

She admired Deanna's perky breasts for awhile, but eventually Amanda couldn't hold back. She scooped up some excess lotion from her own bare flesh and began rubbing it into Deanna's breasts. Deanna closed her eyes, moaned and licked her lips to show how much she enjoyed Amanda's soft touch on her bare titties. The men found the expression's on Deanna's face almost as exciting as her completely nude body.

As Deanna and Amanda fondled each other's breasts, Randi and Christina were taking it a step further. Randi was straddling Christina and as she applied lotion to Christina's big titties, Christina couldn't stop looking at Randi's shaved beaver. Christina was intrigued by Randi's hairless pussy and she wanted to know what it felt like to touch Randi's smooth pleasure place.

Overcome by curiosity, Christina reached out and touched Randi's bald beaver. Randi's face turned bright red as she faced the men that were watching her. Although she was highly embarrassed, Randi didn't stop Christina from exploring her smooth hairless pussy. Christina was like a kid on Christmas as she toyed with Randi's bald beaver.

Christina said, "Wow, Randi. Shaving your pussy makes it easy to find your little clitty. See? My finger's on it right now."

Randi squeaked, "Umph, yes...um...yes, I'm well aware of where your finger is."

Christina added, "And shaving makes it so easy for me to slide my finger between your pussy lips. I can easily feel how wet you are. Can you feel my finger rubbing back and forth between your legs?"

Randi took a deep breath and replied, "Oh...um...yeah. Yes, I can feel your finger."

Christina continued, "And shaving makes it so easy for me to slide my finger in your love hole. Can you feel that? Wait, let me move it in and out a few times. There, now it's really up in there. Can you feel it?"

Randi moaned, "Yes...oh, yes. I can feel it. Mmm...I really like the way you're wiggling your finger around inside me. It feels really good!"

Then Christina looked over at Amanda and she was shocked to find Deanna's face down between Amanda's legs. Amanda's eyes were closed and her fists were clenched. She was obviously experiencing some intense sexual tension.

Randi asked, "Would you like me to do that to you?"

Christina replied, "Would I? You bet!"

Randi simply smiled at Christina's eager response and then she moved down as Christina spread her legs wide apart. For the men, it was truly a sight to behold. Amanda and Christina were lying on the carpeted boat deck with their boobs exposed and their legs spread wide as Deanna and Randi buried their tongues deep into the kindergarten teachers' pussies. Deanna and Randi were on their knees with their backs arched and the men walked around behind them to check out the view. Their wives's beautiful butts were up in the air and with their knees somewhat spread apart for leverage, Deanna and Randi were displaying their pretty pink pussy lips from behind, too.

The Captain looked at the two men and said, "I don't know how you can resist that!"

Alex and James glanced at each other and said, "We can't," and then the men simultaneously dropped their swimming shorts, freeing there rock hard rods.

The men were about to mount their wives, but then they paused for a moment and looked at each other. Without saying a word, both men knew exactly what the other was thinking. Alex quickly got down behind Deanna and inserted his manhood into her wet waiting pussy. James followed suit and pushed his erection into Randi's smooth bald beaver.

Amanda reached up and began caressing and pulling on her hard nipples as Deanna moved her tongue around over Amanda's love button. Deanna also slipped a finger inside of Amanda's pussy and began moving it in and out. Deanna's finger followed the rhythm of Alex's strokes as he made deep thrusts into Deanna's pleasure place. Alex wondered if Deanna knew who was behind her, but Deanna knew exactly who it was. Alex was considerably bigger than her husband and she thoroughly enjoyed the sensation that a big cock gave her.

Randi was wiggling her tongue around as far in Christina's pussy as she could and it was driving Christina wild. Christina's moans almost turned to screams when Randi used her fingertip to rub Christina's little clitty. The sexual stimulation went on for a while, but then, one by one, the girls began reaching orgasms. Amanda climaxed first, followed by Christina which permitted Deanna and Randi to stop what they were doing and concentrate on what was going on inside them.

The guys reached around and grabbed the girls' boobs as they continued slamming their erections inside Deanna and Randi's pussies from behind. The next girl to have an orgasm was Deanna, who's pinnacle of pleasure was met with loud screams. A few seconds later, Alex let out a big grunt as he pulled out and sprayed all over Deanna's back.

Randi looked like she was ready to cum, but she wasn't quite there yet. Christina was still lying below Randi and when she noticed that Randi was on the edge of an orgasm, she reached up with her fingertip and started massaging Randi's love button. With James still pounding away behind her, Randi couldn't hold on any longer and experienced an earth shaking orgasm. James continued slamming up against Randi's bare ass while he pushed his penis deep into her pussy from behind. Then, a few seconds later, James shot his load inside of Randi.

At that very moment, Randi was thinking, "That felt really good," while James was thinking, "I sure hope she's on the pill."

The Captain looked down as the naked couples untangled from each other. He hoped that this wouldn't bring an end to all the public nudity. While the Captain wasn't a mathematician, there was one equation that he was very familiar with...girls plus tequila equals nudity! The day was young, the girls were hot and the tequila was plentiful. Therefore, the Captain assured himself that there would be more nakedness before this fishing trip was through!

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