tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAmazon Tamed Ch. 03

Amazon Tamed Ch. 03


Chapter 3 - New Roles Defined

It's the morning after, Paula put her former employer through a training session.

Paula woke up totally refreshed in Greta luxurious bed. Going into the marble floored bathroom, she was tempted to take a leisurely bath, but opted for a shower. There would be time for her to take advantage of Greta's luxuries but she wanted both of them to be ready when Keith came over.

Stepping into the dungeon she saw Greta was unconscious. Taking off the head phones, mask and removing the ball gag, Paula kissed Greta

"Time to wake up."

Greta's eyes flew open she was disoriented. "Please Mistress Paula release me I will make it worth it to you."

Paula decided to play with her some more. "And how will you do that?"

"I'll give you 50 thousand and I won't press charges."

"Well I need only 20 and Keith and I have arranged that. So I guess you have nothing to offer me."

"What do you intend to do with me?" The blond asked.

Paula attached a leash and a collar to her captive. "For now we are going upstairs to get you clean." She released Greta from the frame. "If you are a good girl I won't beat you up. You do realize I am the true Amazon here after last night?"

Greta looked down. "Yes Mistress."

Paula lead her outside to the back yard. "I want you to stand there legs spread, hands above your head." Paula searched the yard and found the garden hose. She set on hard spray and turned it on Greta. The water tingled and than stimulated Greta still sore pussy.

"I'll let you air dry" Grabbing the leash, Paula reclined on the chaise lounge. "On your knees slut."

Greta obeyed.

"While we wait you are going to give me a foot massage with your tongue."

The blond stuck out her tongue and went to work.

'That's good, your mouth is being put to good use now., isn't it?"

Greta glared and than jumped on Paula.

"You bitch I have had it!"

Paula was a little surprised but quickly rallied, using her strong legs she encircled Greta mid section.

"Give up?"


"Good." Paula squeezed

"Ow, please stop!"

"Still holding" Paula taunted her "You can dish it out but you can't take it. But when I am done. You will be a good submissive sex toy." Paula released her long enough to grab a pair of handcuffs which she then secured on her foe's wrists. She is almost there Paula thought.

An hour later Keith drove up. Striding up the long walk, he had a small bag which has a delicious aroma coming from it.

Paula opened the door, dressed in a silk kimono "Hello I see you brought breakfast."

"Well the first course." This time he struck grabbing her for a kiss.

"I am very hungry." Paula announced "Besides I will need my strength for tonight."

"I will make sure of it, where is your project?"

Paula grabbed his arm escorted him outside, Greta was tied by a leash to a pool railing and handcuffed sitting on the ground

"Hey slave, have you learned your lesson?"

"With fear evident in her eyes" Yes Mistress Paula."

Keith looked at Paula admirably "Well you did it."

Paula looked at him smugly." Did you doubt it?" She looked at Greta and then untied her leash from the rail." Slave we are going to enjoy breakfast while we discuss the future."

Over coffee and croissants, Keith said "I want to see where this relationship can go"

"So do I " Paula hesitated, 'But we are both tops would you serve my needs and follow my direction?"

Keith looked at her" I would have no problem being a slave at times to Mistress Paula"

"Good that I have found a modern man, now what to do with Greta?"

Keith felt Greta's pussy "She's wet." Addressing their companion. "Greta you know your place is not as a mistress and dom now; and that being rich does not give you the right to abuse people?"

Greta looked down" Yes" she confessed." I never felt so satisfied after what you and Mistress Paula did to me. I want to experience it again."

Paula grabbed her leash "We can continue your behavior modification. But I was joking about a permanent slave. That is archaic, but I would not object to a weekly session with you."

"Oh mistress that would be so great, I promise to stop treating others like dirt."

Keith looked at both of them," I think that is enough for now. Join us as a human being"

Greta manner changed , she was still humble but the fear had left. "Thank you." Greta felt relief in no longer having to put on airs. She had been spoiled but now felt more alive and open to possibilities.

"Remember we are in the same industry, so I will know if you have gone back to your old ways."

"I understand."

"Now I have two favors to ask of you."

"Name them."

First part of my arrangement with Paula is that she got to train you and I must say " squeezing her tit through the kimono. "she did an excellent job."

"Yes I did.

"But you remember the rest of the deal?"

Paula removed her kimono "I am your slave tonight, master"

"I'd like use of your dungeon"

"Yes, I certainty spent enough furnishing it. And it should be used."

"That's right, now here is the other question, I want to dominate both of you tonight. Any objections?"

"The two woman looked at each other "No objection" Paula said. "And I have my own request."

"Which is?"

"The next night , I am your mistress 1 on 1."

"I said this was going to be a beautiful friendship."

The trio spent the rest of the day relaxing by the pool. They discussed politics , all were glad that even though Romney would never approve of their sex lives; he had been elected as the best hope for solving the economic crisis. Greta was intrigued by Paul's environmental venture and said she would invest if the numbers added up.

"Not because you are my mistress" she laughed but it sounds like a good investment.

Later they enjoyed a light catered meal. .

"All right sluts!" Keith announced " Strip it's time for me to inspect you."

Both woman quickly took off their bikinis, "Now spread those legs" Keith inspected Paula first" So you really think you are my equal do you? Let see those teeth" He was about to stick a couple of fingers in Paula's mouth.

Paula stuck out her tongue instead "You won't break me."

Keith retrieved Paula's top and quickly tied her arms behind her back than used Greta's to secure her elbows.

Then going over to Greta who had no moved. "You are wet already aren't you slut?"

"Yes Master.

"You see Paula that is how you should be acting."

"Make me" she challenged

Keith forced her to her knees and than reattached Greta leash

"Now Paula you will start licking Greta ass and you will continue to do as I lead her around the yard."

Keith began walking with Greta and turned her this way and back, Even the agile Paula with limited control of her body and fell flat on her face.

'My you are clumsy aren't you, I think a good spanking will, inspire you." Keith start hitting her ass with an open hand.

"You are making me so hot, you are good at this."

"Say thank you Master"

"Thank you Master."

"Time to switch positions, Greta on your knees." Removing the leash he reattached it to Paula. "Now Greta you try it"

Greta was able to do it easier because she could use her hands to balance on the ground.

"See Paula how it's done." Keith taunted

"You made it easier for her." Paula pouted

Keith grabbed the leash" You keep telling us that you are the superior woman, but you lost this round. Now lick Greta's pussy as the loser. Greta stand up and put your hands behind your back., Paula on your knees and get to work."

The woman switched positions and Paula began servicing the blond.

"Oh keep it going" Greta gasped. She had been in the dom position before but this was sexually satisfying not like the cold hearted cruelty she had inflicted in the past.

Keith let them go enjoying the show, "Now Greta you service me, Paula stay kneeling."

While Greta gave him another fantastic blow job, Keith played with Paula's tits and pussy.

Paula was enjoying herself but was also thinking, "I am going to have be very creative with him after this, no way I am not going to be any less of a mistress to him."

Keith stood up," That was a fine start girls" Now I want you both to crawl to the dungeon for the main event."

Both woman began wondering what devilish idea Keith had next.

To be continued...

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