American Heiress Episode 8

Stephanie briefly participates in the Golden Age of Porn
247 words

Part 9 of the 10 part series

Updated 05/22/2024
Created 04/24/2024
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It is August of 1978. Stephanie has reached her destination at the end of her road trip on her motorcycle: Los Angeles, California. She gets a modeling contract with agent Jim South's World Modeling Talent Agency located in Sherman Oaks, California. Jim tells her that she is a sexy and beautiful model with a lot of talent. She starts modeling in lingerie and semi nude to fully nude. Eventually, for an increase in pay, Jim offers Stephanie the option of making a lot of money and becoming a celebrity in Hollywood doing movies which turn out to be pornographic films. Stephanie becomes a porn starlet, not a star, named Roxella Peters and enjoys a brief period in July and August of 1978 doing porn movies. The parts she gets in the films are minor or secondary; but she works with the biggest porn star names of the Golden Age in the late 1970s. With the money she makes Stephanie moves into a luxurious Malibu Canyon house with porn star Paul Barresi. After a little over one month, Stephanie quits the porn business. She then dumps Paul Barresi her lover whom she had been living with and Stephanie returns to the East Coast back to New York where she will start college in September.


This is a work of fiction. It is a multiple episode series about a young woman's sexual adventures on a road trip across America. All characters are 18 years of age and older.

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AnonymousAnonymous7 days ago

Best episode in this sexy series

AnonymousAnonymous7 days ago

This is very well done. You have an excellent VO (voice over) talent; you have a sexy and erotic voice that makes any hetero man hard as rocks and on top I can tell you're smart and sweet you are a different refreshing talent in Literotica audio thanks for doing what you do

AnonymousAnonymous7 days ago

This was awesome! Love the 70's porn clips and porn music and you cumming in real time. Great story you are so creative your audio stories are so good! Can't wait to listen to more from this series

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