tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAmerican Pickers: Peggy 02

American Pickers: Peggy 02


This story can be read alone but would be enriched by reading Chapter 1.

Note: this is a fantasy and real rape is heinous crime.


Peggy was overwhelmed by Pretty Boy's good looks, charm and obvious show of wealth. She never expected to be in a position like this.

She is in a nightmare, a man she trusted Nate, aka Pretty Boy, lured her into his penthouse lair and together with four of his followers they are getting ready to start the rape assault.

Poor Peggy is lying on Pretty Boy's master bed, her black lace bra and panties having been cut off, surrounded by a gruesome rape team headed by Pretty Boy along with his followers; Tom, Lisa, Wee Willy and Magpie.

Peggy finds herself in a frenzy of pushing and pulling. Her arms pinned behind her back as Magpie puts Velcro handcuffs on her. Someone has forced their fingers into her fat ass and the pain is unbearable, this is the first time her ass has been abused. Her legs are being held apart and then both her ass and her hairy cunt are getting finger fucked at the same time.

Pretty Boy grabs her blonde hair and lifts her head off the bed until she is looking at him. Her face is covered in tears and she is starting to withdraw into her mind. Pretty Boy slaps her face several times to bring her back and then laughs as he sees she recognizes the pain.

"Okay, let her rest for a minute while you all get undressed," says Pretty Boy.

One by one they all undress until everyone but Pretty Boy is naked; all the men have erections and Lisa's nipples are huge.

Pretty boy starts giving orders. "Lisa I want you on the bed so Peggy can eat your cunt." They flip Peggy over and shove her face into Lisa's shaved cunt. With her hands tied behind her back she can offer no resistance.

"Magpie put the nipple clamps on Peggy, the tight ones, the ones with the chains."

"Willy I want you to fuck her ass and if you don't make it bleed then Tom will be making yours bleed." This is a warning to Willy from the last rape; he was too gentle on the bitch and needs to be brought back into line.

Pretty Boy has a hold of Peggy's hair and pulls her face out of Lisa's cunt; then drops the bombshell.

"Peggy, I have your daughter Madison in the other room if you don't do everything we say then she is next."

"No, you're bluffing!" says Peggy, "you didn't have time to get my daughter!"

"Actually it was Tom that picked her up when we left the restaurant; she thinks you invited her to join us at my penthouse. Right now she is sipping some nice wine in the living room and enjoying the view."

"Okay you win, I will do whatever you want, just leave Madi alone; please I am begging you." "Peggy you have exactly two minutes to make Lisa cum, now start licking and sucking."

Peggy has never been with a woman before and although she is shy she is focused on one thing, making Lisa cum as quickly as possible. And then the pain hits her, it feels like someone has pushed a baseball bat into her ass.

Willy knows he has to give this bitch a good ass fucking in order to redeem himself in Pretty Boy's eyes. Even though Willy's cock is only four inches long it is as thick as a can of Coke. With no lube he has to use all his 250 pounds to literally force his cock into this virgin ass.

Peggy screams, "no, no, please it hurts too much."

Pretty Boy looks down at Peggy, "you are down to one minute, do really want your daughter to take your place?"

Peggy is frantic and her sucking and licking continue with a new urgency; even with all the pain she is feeling. Willy keeps forcing her body forward, allowing her tongue to reach deeper into Lisa's pussy each time.

Lisa is close, just on the verge of climaxing from the unbelievable tonguing of this newest bitch. She loves the extra pressure of Willy pushing Peggy further into her cunt. At the same time Lisa is pulling and tugging on her nipples as hard as she can.

Willy is just as frantic, he can see Pretty Boy watching him, checking to see if there is any blood on his cock as it goes in and out of Peggy's ass. Willy reaches down with both of his hands and grabs her hips and then really turns up the fucking.

Everyone is watching three people trying to achieve results but for different reasons, one to save her daughter, one to save his own ass and one to have an orgasm.

Lisa lets out a scream as she cums, grabbing Peggy by the hair and holding her face into her cunt until the orgasm ends.

At the same time Willy is slamming into Peggy as hard as he can, relieved that he finally sees blood on his cock; he doesn't want Tom to fuck his ass again, the last time was too hard to bear the shame. And then with a final thrust Willy cums in Peggy's no longer virgin ass.

Pretty Boy is pleased, although you would never know it by the sneer on his face.

"Lisa, clean Willy's cock off with your mouth and then get dressed and follow me."

For Lisa this is a regular event, they all use her as a cum dump and she loves it.

"Tom, I want you to make sure Peggy here learns how to give a blow job and Magpie I know you have wanted to fist this bitch since you saw her, just make sure you don't do any serious damage."

"Willy, when you are up to it I want you to fuck her ass again, and this time try to last longer than a couple of minutes."

Peggy's eyes are about to bulge out of her head but she doesn't say a thing; all she can think of is she has to spare her daughter of this horrible treatment, this horrible rape.

Her body is shaking in fear and her nipples have lost all feeling from the clamps, her ass feels like it has been turned inside out and the blood on the bed shows her that some damage has occurred; she can't imagine how much more she can take, but she doesn't have a choice.


Pretty Boy and Lisa go into the living room and there is Madison, waiting patiently and sipping her wine. She is dressed very casually but she has a good body and bigger tits than her mother.

He can tell she is in awe of the luxury penthouse suite and the expensive furniture and city views.

Pretty Boy smiles and says, "Madi, can I call you that? I want to welcome you to my home, do you like what you see?"

It is a rhetorical question as he could see she is just as impressed with his looks as she is with the suite.

"Um, yeah you have a nice place. Where is my mom, she said I was supposed to come here and meet her."

"Your mom is entertaining some friends of mine right now, she asked me to keep you company for a little while. Let me fill your glass again and you can tell me all about yourself."

Pretty Boy heads into the kitchen leaving the 'girls' alone for a several minutes; this is all part of the plan. Lisa will make Madi feel comfortable and ease any anxieties she may have.

"So, what have girls been talking about while I was gone?"

"You of course," says Lisa, "Madi wanted to know how you could afford such a fancy shack. She thinks you're a movie star or something because you are so good looking."

"Well thank you Madi, you are very beautiful yourself. Your mom says you just turned 18, is that right?"

"Ah, yeah just last week."

Sitting on the couch with Pretty Boy on one side of her and Lisa on the other Madi is beginning to feel the effects of the wine. As she slouches back into the couch Pretty Boy leans over and kisses her on her lips, slowly and tenderly. Madi is slightly shocked and then closes her eyes and enjoys the moment.

Pretty Boy is still kissing her when Lisa reaches out and starts to squeeze and rub Madi's tits; making the nipples hard and more accessible.

"Oh, we shouldn't be doing this, I don't even know you," says Madi.

"Would you like to go see your mom now?" says Pretty Boy

"Yes please."

As they get up off the couch Pretty Boy put his arm around Madi's shoulder and pulls her into him. Lisa is on the other side and has her hand on the back of Madi's ass gently caressing it as they walk down the hall.

Madi knows she should say something but it feels so good and the wine has made her so relaxed. What Madi doesn't know is that Pretty Boy put something in her wine to make her feel this way.

They wind down the hallway until Pretty Boy stops at a hall closet; he opens the door and then pushes a release button. Suddenly a secret door opens up and he pushes Madi inside and then he and Lisa follow.

This room is dimly lit but Madi can see a large window looking into a bedroom. It takes her a moment to figure out what is happening and then she realizes her mom in on the bed with three men and she is having sex with them.

She can hear all the moans and groans coming from the room and the sights are making her sick.

One man has his fist right up her mom's pussy and is pumping it in and out in a slow and deliberate way; a sinister smile on his face indicating he is really enjoying the torture.

A short fat man is standing on the bed straddling her mom and pulling on a chain that is attached to her mom's nipples; everytime the tall man can't get his cock to go down her throat he pulls hard on her nipples making her mom scream and opening her throat.

The last man has her mom's head off the bed and angled down so he can fuck her mouth; his cock is really big and Madi is surprised when it completely disappears down her mom's throat.

Madi is in shock and although she doesn't want to look she can't seem to stop. Then all of a sudden she lets out a blood curdling scream.

If Pretty Boy had not been behind her she would have collapsed to the floor.

"You bastard what are you doing to my mom."

"Madi, your mom asked these men to fuck her, in fact she begged for it. I just wanted you to know what kind of a slut your mom is."

"No, I don't believe you, let me talk to her."

Just then Tom who had been fucking Peggy's throat lets out a long moan as he cums in her mouth. Peggy is struggling to breathe and only when she has swallowed all the cum does Tom pull out.

Peggy's face is a mess, covered in tears and cum, all she can do is cry; cry from the pain being inflicted upon her and the humiliation of being so abused.

Madi turns to slap Pretty Boy in the face but before she can strike Lisa punches her right in the stomach and Madi falls to the floor.

"Why are you doing this," Madi screams.

"Because I can, the sooner you realize that the sooner you can both go home."

"Please, don't hurt my mom anymore, use me instead."

Pretty Boy reaches over to the wall and pushes a button. On the other side of the room a red light comes on above a fancy wall mirror. Now the rape team knows they have an audience and it is time to turn up the action.

They turn Peggy over and now she is on her hands and knees facing towards the mirror. Magpie gets behind her and resumes fisting her cunt, shoving his arm in so far half his arm disappears.

"Please, no more, I can't take it," shouts Peggy, but this only stimulates the men more.

"Willy, get over here and start fisting her ass while I fist her cunt," says Magpie.

"No!" comes the screams from both sides of the glass, mother and daughter alike.

Tom grabs Peggy's blonde hair and pulls up hard causing her mouth to open up. He inserts a wire device into her mouth forcing her jaws open wider and keeping it open.

Willy is lubing up his fist and showing it to Peggy, the smile on his face says it all, he is going to cause her pain.

On the other side of the glass Madi is screaming and crying trying to get Pretty Boy to stop this madness.

"Madi, do you want me to stop them hurting your mom?"

"Yes, yes, tell them to stop, I will do anything for you!"

"Well, why don't you get undressed while I watch your mom getting fisted in both her cunt and ass at the same time."

"No, stop them first, please!"

"You better hurry; it looks like Willy is almost ready to fist her ass."

"Okay, look I am taking all my clothes off!" Madi is ripping and tearing at her clothes in an effort to get them off as quickly as possible. In a matter of seconds she is standing completely naked.

Her young body, so appealing, quivering in fear as the pair take in all she has to offer. Soft pert breasts with big nipples, a partially shaved pussy with just a hint of a blonde patch, a firm ass with a butterfly tattoo on her lower back.

Pretty Boy reaches out and pushes another button, this one an intercom. "Willy, hold off for a minute, Magpie you can take your fist out now and Tom I want you to remove the mouth retainer but leave the nipple clamps on."

Madi watches as her mom is slowly brought back from where ever her mind has taken her. She is emotionally and physically exhausted, her body shaking from all the abuse. Her face is covered in cum and tears and there is blood coming out of her well fisted pussy, which is still wide open refusing to close on its own.

"Tom, have Peggy sit on the bed facing us with her legs spread wide open."

Pretty Boy is still giving orders; he wants Madi to see that he is in control.

He reaches out and slides a finger into Madi's cunt, gently pushing it in and out, watching her face to see what reaction it will cause.

"Now Madi, what are you going to do for me?"

"What can you possibly offer me that I can't take from you?"

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