tagMind ControlAmerica's Playboy Ch. 02

America's Playboy Ch. 02


Look into my eyes, you are getting very sleepy and your eye lids are very heavy.

"Maybe he hypnotizes them, Boss," said Vito. "Maybe he uses some kind of mind control to get them to do whatever he wants." Now it was Vito who had Julio's focused attention.

"Yeah, yeah, that's what I was thinkin', Vito. It's got to be somethin' like that," said Julio.

"I had a friend who could give hypnotic suggestions. He started hypnotizing girls to put them in a trance so that he could feel them up. Then, he graduated to hypnotizing girls so he could get them to give him a blowjob. He even had a women strip naked once right out in the middle of the street. She was the mother of a kid I used to play with. It was so hot to watch this woman remove her housecoat, her panties and her bra and stand there naked with her eyes closed and her head forward until my friend gave her the command to come out of the trance." Julio, Mario, and Angelo listened to Vito in stunned silence.

"Yeah, so what happened when he woke her up," said Angelo.

"She couldn't believe it when she woke up. He was laughing his ass off and she was so embarrassed. She didn't know what to cover first. We were just kids. I don't know how the Hell he did it, but he did."

"See? That's what I'm talkin' about," said Julio. "Mind control and hypnotic suggestions is probably how he gets all these broads. He probably hypnotized them to think that he is a young stud." Julio looked at Vito. "Where is this friend now who hypnotizes women? Maybe, he could show me how he does it, so that I can try it, too."

"Oh, he moved away. I have no idea where he is, Boss. This was twenty years ago."

"Hypnosis. Yeah, yeah, I never thought of that and now that you mention it, it makes perfect sense," said Julio. "That hypnosis shit is very powerful stuff, very powerful. Sure, sure, it could be that. He could be a master of hypnosis. That could be how he gets all these beautiful broads. How else could he get them?"

"Remember that hypnotist we went to see last year and how he was able to control all those broads that he called up on stage from the audience? They were every day average women and he had them sitting with their legs spread to give the men in the audience a nice up skirt view and he had other broads unbutton their blouses to give them a nice down blouse view of their bras," said Mario. "Then, he had that one broad take off her blouse and bra while she was on stage? Now, that was hot. I didn't think she'd do it, but she did. That was fuckin' believable watching her strip."

"Yeah, my wife was mad at me," said Vito. "I told her it was a family show. She almost died when she saw that one broad fall between that guy's knees on stage, unzip him, pull out his cock, start strokin' him, and take him in her mouth. Good thing the hypnotist stopped her 'cause she was ready to really start giving him a blowjob. Only, I was disappointed. I would have like to watch her finish him off. She made me wish that was me up on stage."

"Yeah, yeah, I remember that, but are you sure that wasn't part of the show? Maybe he paid her to get topless on stage and maybe he paid that other broad to suck the guys cock. Maybe, the whole thing was a setup. She did have a nice rack, though," said Julio. "Who was that broad that was giving that guy a blowjob?"

"That was Joey Bananas' girlfriend."

"Nah, you kiddin' me?"

"Yeah, seriously, it was Boss."

"Oh, yeah? He's an empty suit anyway, but she was a good looking broad. I wouldn't mind getting a blowjob from her," said Julio.

"Nah, Boss, the hypnosis looked real to me," said Vito. "They can really do that shit. It depends on the person, though. Not all people can be hypnotized. There are some people that just can't be hypnotized." Vito looked down at the newspaper photo. "Maybe, he's with these three beautiful broads because he is able to hypnotize them."

"Yeah, now that I think more about it, it did look real to me, too," said Julio. "Her eyes were closed and everything. Even though she was standing, she looked like she was sleeping. She looked like she was in a trance. And they advertised that guy as a doctor, Dr. Vinnie, yeah, that was his name, Dr. Vinnie. So, he must be a medical doctor of hypnotism or somethin' like that or maybe he's a brain surgeon to have control over a broad's mind like that and for her to remove her bra in front of everyone like that without being embarrassed or ashamed, you know and to get the other broad to give the guy a blowjob in front of her boyfriend."

"Yeah, her husband wasn't happy with that guy. He ran up there with his sports coat to cover his wife's tits, but too late. Everyone already saw them," laughed Angelo. "And Joey Bananas was pissed. He pulled his girlfriend up and started yelling at her. Then, he was yelling at Dr. Vinnie, back stage when the show was over. That's how I know the whole thing was real, Boss. That's how I know it wasn't a setup. Her husband and Joey Bananas was as surprised as everyone else who was there watching the show."

"That was a good show," said Mario. "I wonder how he does that shit, though. He doesn't even wave anything in front of their eyes and he doesn't even say those words, look into my eyes, your eye lids are getting very heavy, so heavy that you can't even keep them open," said Mario waving a shiny keychain in front of Angelo's face. "He just whispers something to them and they put their heads down and are in a trance."

"Yeah, it's scary how fast he's able to get them to go under," said Julio.

"Imagine hypnotizing a broad to get her to do anything you want. Badabing badaboom, I'd be knockin' boots all night with her, if you know what I mean," said Mario while looking to his friend Angelo. "I've give her a suggestion that every time I said the word kneepads, she had to fall to her knees and suck my cock wherever we were, even if we were sitting in the Olive Garden Restaurant having dinner."

"I love that place. They have great food," said Angelo. "Now, I'm hungry for lunch. Do they have takeout?"

"It's ten in the morning. You just ate breakfast and you're already thinking of lunch."

"Four donuts is hardly breakfast, Mario. You made me hungry talking about the Olive Garden," said Angelo.

"You're thinking about food and I'm talking about blowjobs," said Mario. "What are you a fag?"

"I'd get my wife to cook and clean better," said Vito. "Yeah, I'd hypnotize her to keep a nice house like my Mama did."

"Cook and clean? What the fuck? Stupido! What d'ya got shit for brains? Cook and clean? What is she your mutha? I'd get her to do more than cooking and cleaning," said Julio. "If I could control broads with hypnosis shit and mind control and shit like that, the only thing I'd have her cleaning is my cock in her mouth with her tongue."

"I'd love to know how to do that, to control broads like that," said Angelo picking up the newspaper to stare at the photo again. There are some women in the neighborhood that I'd like to try that."

"Oh, yeah? Who," said Mario?

"That Maria who lives down the street, she's pretty."

"What the one with those three bratty kids?"

"Yeah, her."

"It figures a fat fuck like you would be attracted to another fat fuck. She's fat."

"So? She's not that fat. She's still sexy. She has a pretty face and she's got a big, round ass and big tits. I've love to hypnotize her and make her my sex slave."

"Yeah, you two would make a pair. You could hypnotize her to marry your fat ass and the both of you could get fatter together," said Mario laughing. "You both could eat at the Olive Garden every day with her three bratty kids."

"Fuck you," said Angelo to Mario.

"Fuck you," said Mario to Angelo.

"Hey, you two know it off. You're both like little fuckin' kids," said Julio. He turned his attention back to Vito. "That's what I figure is going on with this guy. That's got to be it," said Julio pointing his fat, stubby finger while chewing down on his cigar. "He uses magic or voodoo or some hypnotic trance with hypnotic suggestions to control them to give him sex 24/7."

"Maybe, he drugs them, too," said Mario. "Maybe, with the drugs, they think he's a younger and better looking man."

"I dunno. That could very well be," said Julio, "but it's got to be something like what Vito said about that hypnosis stuff. That's very dangerous shit. The military used hypnosis in the way they used brain washing in Korea and Viet Nam to get what they want from people back in World War II. Now, the terrorists use it. They hypnotize someone and then call them on the phone years later. They say a code word like kaboom or abbra kadabbra some shit like that on the phone and the person walks through a crowd of people with a bomb strapped to his ass before detonating it."

"Holy Mother of Mary of God," said Angelo making the sign of the cross. "If I ever saw a terrorist in the neighborhood, I'd plug him full of holes first and ask questions later. Better I kill him first before he kills me."

"How the Hell would you know if someone was a terrorist? Do you think they all walk around with white towels on their heads and are all named Abdula or Muhammad? Those guys look just like you or me. They look normal. You can't tell one from the other," said Vito, "and they've been living here as an average Joe like everyone else."

"Nah, it's easy to spot a terrorist," said Angelo. "Haven't you seen their pictures on TV after they get arrested? They all have those bugged out eyes. They all look fuckin' crazy. I could spot a terrorist."

"You're the fuckin' crazy one, Angelo," said Vito.

"You know, Boss," said Angelo, "this guy is loaded. That's how he gets these broads. He probably pays them for sex and buys them expensive gifts, cars and houses and shit like that. A broad will do anything if you buy her a car or a house."

"Yeah, well, I'm loaded, too." Julio reached in his pocket and pulled out a huge wad of cash. "I've got dough, plenty of dough, and I never get broads who look like that. I get skanks, sluts, whores, scumbags, and douche bags," he said pocketing his money.

"I know what you mean. No offense, Boss, your goomah is a good looking woman and your wife is a saint, but those two women don't look anything like these three broads in the paper," said Vito studying the photo again. "You never see broads this good looking and with this hot of a body on the street. It makes me wonder how this guy gets these broads, too. It's got to be mind control or some shit like that."

"Yeah, but Boss, this guy has connections. He can get them in magazines, on television, and in the movies. He can make them a star. He can make them famous," said Angelo.

"What's wrong with you? The Boss is connected. He can do all of that, too," said Mario looking up at Julio. "Can't you Boss?"

"Well, yeah, sure, I can do all of that, too, but not in the way that this guy can. But still there's something else going on here and I need to find out what it is. He's got something going that no one else knows about. He's using something to control these women," said Julio pacing back and forth with his hands dug deep in his pockets and his shoulders pitched forward along with his lowered head. "The only thing that I can think of is some kind of mind control."

"What else can it be?" Angelo looked at his Boss. "It's got to be that hypnosis shit, then. He controls their minds with it."

"The guy is eighty fuckin' years old. I mean, I could understand if the guy worked out like Jack LaLanne and was in really good shape, you know." He stopped pacing to ask his associates a question. "Is he still alive, by the way?"


"Jack LaLanne? Is he still alive?"

"Yeah, Boss, Jack LaLanne is still alive, I think or did he croak? I dunno," said Angelo scratching his head. "I don't see him no more on TV, except for his juice machine commercials, but the commercials were made years ago."

"Yeah, Boss, Jack LaLanne is still alive. Matter of fact, his wife Elaine LaLanne is still alive, too. She's in her late eighties or early nineties," said Mario. He's around 94. I think I read that he did nine hundred or nine thousand pushups to celebrate his ninetieth birthday. Then, he pulled a boat loaded with ninety people across the harbor."

"No fuckin' way," said Julio. "Imagine doin' shit like that at his age. That guy will never die. The guy must fuck for hours and hours." He waved his finger at Angelo who was about to guzzle his beer. "Look at you drinking beer so early in the morning. You should be takin' better care of yourself. It's that carrot juice shit that Jack LaLanne drinks and all those vitamins he takes. There's something in all that shit that will make that guy live to a 120." He looked at Angelo. "When's the last time you took a fuckin' vitamin?"

"Vitamin? I'm taking one now," he said taking a sip of his beer. "Don't they fortify beer with vitamins, now," said Angelo reading the label.

"What about you, Boss?" Mario looked up to his boss. "Do you take vitamins?"

"I can't. They upset my stomach," he said looking at his Captains. "So, now, don't fuckin' laugh, I still take my vitamins, but I take those Flintstone vitamins. They don't bother my stomach like the other shit."

"Flintstone vitamins?"

"Hey, they have the same things in the Flintstone vitamins that the Centrum vitamins have in them, only not as much, so I take two," said Julio to Angelo. "I read the label."

"No one lives to be that old, 120-years-old, Boss," said Vito.

"Jack will," said Julio. Ninety-four to Jack LaLanne is like fifty-four to the rest of us. He's in better shape than Arnold, the Terminator."

"He's here, Boss," said Angelo peering out the window.

In the next chapter Anthony meets the boss.


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To be continued...

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