Amorous Goods, Season 04 (2023) - The Stories

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Read all the supernatural tales about a special shop & its wares!
190 words
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Amorous Goods, Season 04 (2023) Author Challenge

Please see this announcement for full details about this author-created story event.

And now, the stories!!

Amorous Goods: A New Beginning by TabuWilson

Amorous Goods: Carter's Key by NoTalentHack

Amorous Goods: Scar Tissue by Small_Island

Amorous Goods: Seen in Sepia by HordHolm

Amorous Goods: The Magic Lamp by Lifestyle66

Amorous Goods: The Mobile Phone by Anton25

Amorous Goods: Right To The Edge by Outsider1505

Amorous Goods: The Rockabilly Travelling Pants by Rustyoznail

To find out more on Author-Organized Challenges – either to participate in current ones or create a themed writing challenge - see this thread.

A special thank-you to jaF0 for creating and organizing this extremely cool event!

We extend another huge thanks to all the authors who contribute both to this themed challenge and to Lit readers for their support via votes and comments. Without the readers, there could be no writers.

Thank you for reading these tales of Amorous Goods!

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TabuWilsonTabuWilson16 days ago

I submitted a story for this a week ago, on Oct. 31. When will it be published?

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