tagLoving WivesAmy Lynn The Story Ch. 03

Amy Lynn The Story Ch. 03


I had a feeling that night, laying there in my empowering glow, that we were going to have a talk about this sooner or later, and it turned out to be sooner.

"Honey," my husband started as we ate our breakfast the next morning, "we haven't, well."

It took him a while, but he finally told me that, while what we have been doing was fun and obviously disturbingly too exciting for him, he wanted to just have a normal night. Not just a normal night, but more normal nights than not.

I hadn't realized that we had been playing like this so long, nearly nine months now. Then it dawned on me, we might not have had regular, missionary position sex once during this time. All this time I was so wound up in my fantasy, I forgot reality for a while.

Our date night came a couple of nights later. I went all out for him. I got my nails done, a hair cut, wax, anything I could do to be extra sexy, extra feminine that night. I bought a special selection of lingerie, one that he would drool over.

I was going to be his, however he would want me, that night.

When I got home he was already to go.

"I made reservations for six, we have to run," he gently turned me around at the door.

We arrived at a very nice, very quiet sushi place and ate a wonderful meal. I told him about my day at work, that I was probably going to get another promotion before the end of the year. He talked about problem bread making and that he was due for his physical.


We lingered there for a while, just chatting, before heading out the door for a movie and then home. It was nice to just spend time together, we hadn't done too much of just that lately.

When we got home we sat together on the couch and I dutifully found his favorite type of porn on pay per view, and slipped out of my clothes, revealing my new lingerie.

"Why do you like to see two girls anyway?" I asked him, though it always turned me on for some reason.

He just snickered and didn't answer. I sat back down on the couch next to him, his arm draped over me.

We watched almost the whole porn without him making any kind of gesture, move towards me. I looked up at him with puppy dog eyes.

"Don't you want me?" I started moving down between his legs, unsnapping his pants.

He moved his body, allowing me better access. I pulled the pants down, then off, and slid his mostly soft cock into my mouth.

Normally I hated letting him watch a porn while I was giving him a blow job, but I was doing my best to be the doting wife tonight. His cock stiffened slightly as I started to slowly kiss up and down the shaft, holding his balls with my hand.

Usually when I suck him, he gets hard very quickly, but it was taking a lot of work to even keep him hard tonight. I reached around, touched him any place I thought was sexy, but to very little avail.

"Am I not turning you on?" I pulled my mouth from his shaft and kissed the inside of this thighs, "is there something I can do for you honey?"

I unbuttoned my bra and slid my breasts around his cock and tried to stimulate him, but he wasn't responding.

"Too much sake?" I asked as I pulled back up next to him.

"I don't know, this hasn't happened, you know," he looked away embarrassed.

This hadn't happened. Well, twice after drinking way too much, but other than that, in eleven years, he had never not been up for the occasion. I was actually devastated. I had prepared every thing I could to make this his day, and it felt ruined.

I reached down and stroked his cock to try to get some response, but he eventually pushed my hand away. Even the porn, two of the most beautiful girls in the world making love to each other wasn't working, at least not for him.

I rolled onto my back on the couch and slid off my panties and looked into his eyes.

"Honey," I turned off the television, "I'm really hot, does that help?"

I pushed my fingers between my lips and spread myself out to show him my pussy. I started playing with myself, rubbing my clit, my lips, pushing inside, my other hand holding my breasts.

He just kept watching. I wanted to scream at him to do something, anything to get turned on. I hadn't had a cock inside of me in months and I just now had realized it. How I wanted him to fill me, his hot shaft opening me up. I was getting wetter and wetter thinking about it.

I begged him to fuck me as I rubbed myself to prepare. I told him how much I needed him to fill me, how I wanted to be fucked. I needed to be fucked.

Finally he lowered himself down towards me to kiss me. I could feel his soft cock between his legs, and again I was devastated. I wrapped my legs around his hips and pulled him towards me, rubbing myself on whatever I could find.

We kissed for a while, fondling each others body, me trying tirelessly to turn him on. I bit his ear lobes, licked his neck, rubbed my wet lips all over his cock, but nothing would make him hard. I tried rolling him over and riding him, but again, nothing, not even hard enough to try to push it in.

"What's wrong?" I begged, "I want to turn you on honey"

For his sake, he was trying. He tried stimulating himself but it wasn't working.

I slowly worked my way up his body, my wetness dripping all the way. Across his belly, his chest until it was inches from his face. I needed to come so bad, I played with myself in front of him, over his eyes so he could see, hoping to turn him on, but every time I looked back he was still playing with himself, still soft.

I couldn't resist any longer, I lowered my hips down onto his face and covered it with my juices. His tongue quickly finding my sweet spots I rode his face, his tongue and his nose were at varying times deep inside me.

Finally, I grabbed for the wall, my hips shuddering, gyrating up and down until I exploded in pent up desire. I pulled his head deep up between my legs, smothering him with my sex until I could hold him no longer.

I fell back exhausted. He moved up and started kissing me, but I could tell we weren't going to do much more tonight, and we both drifted off into sleep.

Over the next few days we talked about it. He didn't really want to say much, only that he was going to the doctor soon and that maybe she could help. I didn't want to push anything, so until then, I didn't make any advances. I was waiting for him.

He didn't make any either. Whether he had performance anxiety or just didn't feel up to it, I never really could find out. It was nerve wracking. Here I had re-awoken this desire to be filled by his shaft, his seed, and he wasn't cooperating.

Finally, after an excruciating wait, his doctor appointment came.

"So what did she say?" I asked right as I opened the door, hoping he had a solution.

We talked about what the doctor, how he had gotten turned on by the digital exam and she said it was normal. She offered him something like Viagra, but said that if he was getting excited some of the times we were together that he should focus on those times before taking it.

Then he did something that changed our relationship forever.

"Then she asked if that was why I had shaven my pubic area," he unbuttoned his pants revealing not only a very pretty pair of panties, but his completely shaved cock and balls.

"Honey, she was right, I need to focus on what you are doing that is turning me on," he finished taking off his pants and held out for my hand, taking me to our bedroom.

He had lit candles on the dressers and filled completely emptied the room of clutter. The scent of perfume was all around. And, laying on the bed was my strap-on.

He immediately went and picked up, walking towards me.

"Can I help you put it on?" he asked, handing it to me.

I was so surprised I didn't know what to say. While I was hoping we were going to try to make our sex life normal again, here I was, about ready to come standing up with my husband offering to make it more deviant than I had ever imagine.

I shook my head yes and slowly, he removed my skirt and nylons, placing the strap-on over my hips. He carefully inserted the inner shaft inside of me and finished latching the straps. I barely moved, afraid that if I did, I would explode. I managed not to come, as he finished undressing me, leaving me in nothing but the harness.

He stood up and removed the rest of his clothes. He pulled my body up to his and we kissed for what felt like hours. I could feel his hard cock pressing against my hips, but every time we moved and it twitch against the strap-on I felt electricity shooting through me.

I reached down to touch him, he was so smooth and silky. I didn't know his cock could feel so good, I rubbed it up and down, feeling his little wet juice making it slippery. Oh how I had wanted that cock inside of me, but afraid to ask lest I break the mood.

He bent down to kiss my breasts, sucking the nipples deep into his mouth, oh how that made me wet and he knew it. Then slowly, with small kisses all down my belly he knelt in front of my shaft and pulled in gently into his mouth.

I looked down at him, my hands rubbing through his hair, behind his ears. His sucking motions sending the inner shaft in and out of my pussy, rubbing me unbearably close to orgasm with each thrust. His hands reaching behind me, rubbing my ass, pulling my deeper into his mouth.

Just as I was ready to explode we gently fell back into the bed and kissed more, fondled more. I felt all over his clean shaven body, the silkiness turning me on more and more with each touch. I tried to roll him over on his back, but he resisted.

"No, I want to see you," he moaned as he spread his legs and rolled back, giving me a sexy view of his clean package.

I squeezed a little lube onto the strap-on and positioned myself between his legs. His face contorted almost immediately, he was so sexy, so vulnerable. He held his legs up while I slowly position the shaft, pressing it against him. In and out just a little at time, his face in agony.

"Fuck me," he groaned as I continued to slowly insert the shaft, a little at time until I felt a pop and the whole thing flooded in.

I came, almost right then I felt my body shuddering, writhing. I looked down at his face and he was staring up at me. I started pulling the shaft in and out, pushing deeper and deeper inside of him, reaching frantically up to push my lips on top of his.

We gyrated and groaned, I felt him twitching under my weight, finally his wet seed spilling all over our bellies, but we kept going, kept kissing. I didn't want it to stop.

I reached down for his hips and pulled them against me, thrusting again and again until I finally had a second explosion, this one even stronger than the first. I shook wildly as I leaned back and pulled his hips up in the air and against me, sending the shaft as deep inside as he would take me.

His face was a mixture of pain and pleasure, but mostly pleasure. Drool dripped down his face but he looked unable to wipe it, he looked paralyzed.

I dropped back as my shudders subsided into little shakes, and we laid next to each other for the rest of the night. I don't know how much we slept or how much we touched each other, but it was certainly a sexy mixture of both.

"Honey," I whispered my head resting on his shoulder, "I think you need to keep shaving."

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