tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAmy, My Exhibitionist

Amy, My Exhibitionist


Chapter 1 – CB's First Encounter

"Did you finish the quadratic equations and the factoring?" Amy asked me. She was the math wiz in the group.

"Yeah, they weren't too bad this week. You probably breezed through them. How about Mrs. Sovern's English assignment? I can't write about a significant experience from childhood! Do you get what she's after?"

Others call smart, conscientious seniors like us, 'nerds', but everybody (including ourselves) called us CB's: 'College-Bound.' We were the kids who joined the science club, the photography club, dressed in frumpy clothes, and got good grades. We were studious, shy, awkward seniors.

I was at Amy's house studying. She was on her bed and I was sitting on the floor. Both of us were reading and writing notes for a report due soon. As she was reading, she would roll around, from her back to her tummy and back again to get comfortable. Her skirt got folded up underneath her stomach so when she rolled onto her back I could see her panties from my position on the floor. What I saw caused me to stare openly. They were not little-girl, cotton print panties. They were pale blue, lacy, very exciting - and very weird – this was Amy the CB!

Amy was slender, average height, with small breasts. Her dark blond hair was kept straight. She was attractive but not beautiful - wide, sensitive eyes with long dark lashes - the girl who will become a librarian or bookkeeper. I was taller and thin too, not handsome, not ugly, with a toothy grin. I was on the cross country team, the only approved sport for nerds, which at least kept me fit. Of course, we wore glasses.

I'd often go over to her house to study or hang out. I thought of Amy in a truly platonic way: a friend, another good student, a science and math nut, never a GIRL. I had a rich fantasy life, masturbating to conjured images of Playboy Playmates and the beautiful but inaccessible girls in my classes. I'd never brought Amy into those scenarios until…

"What are you staring at? You were staring at my panties, weren't you?" she asked, sitting up and adjusting her glasses.

"Uh, No! I mean, yes, sorry" as I averted my eyes. "They looked pretty, that's all. It caught me by surprise so I couldn't help staring. Amy, I apologize, it won't happen again," I offered in a sincere, conciliatory tone.

"No!" she blurted, "I mean, don't be sorry. Did you say, 'pretty'?" Then she paused, frowned, staring into her lap.

"How many dates have you had?

"Two, maybe, I said, sheepishly, "Why do you ask?"

"I've had one real date in my entire high school career and it was a disaster. Three dates between us. Pretty pathetic for 18 year-olds poised for college," she said, pushing up her glasses. "I mean, when is a dork like me ever going to date, go steady, much less fall in love and have sex? So maybe I fool myself a little. I wear a pair of sexy panties that make me feel like a girl, feminine, in hope... hope that someday, somebody, some boy would see. I mean, see me as a girl."

The vision of those panties coupled with this conversation caused a stirring in my pants as it dawned on dorky me that Amy was a real girl, not just a sexless student friend. "If you're a dork, I'm an even bigger dork," I said, "and I don't think you're a dork. And, yes, I did say they looked pretty. I liked seeing them."

"You did?" There was a long pause. "I… I guess I'm flattered." Then she sat up and swung her legs over the edge of her bed. She slid her buttocks forward until she was at the edge, with me sitting on the floor in front of her. Even though she was nervous, she pulled her skirt up toward her waist, spread her legs a little, and then leaned back on her left arm, holding up the skirt with her right – a little clumsy, but very effective.

I got erect instantly, both excited and troubled by the strange mix of anticipation and fear I felt. I stared. I examined the small bulge in the lacy, blue panties formed by her pussy lips. I saw the cleft between the two lips and was fascinated. I instinctively wanted to reach out and touch and stroke, but I was too paralyzed, awed to do anything.

I raised my eyes to hers and saw an 'I-don't-know-why-I'm-doing-thislook', but she was still smiling, going through with it. I brought my face toward her knees to look a bit closer when she finally asked, "Do you like what you see?" then smoothed her skirt back down. The raging hardon I had was being painfully cramped by my pants.

"Yes, yes, of course I do!"

"It was kind of exciting showing off my panties for you. I kind of liked doing it. Maybe the CB's can help each other be a little less nerdy. Would, ah, would… would you like me to show off for you again sometime?"

What a question. "Yes!" And then I quickly added, "Maybe you could find a pair of even sexier panties to wear. You know the ones that are silky and thin?" I might be a nerd, but I wasn't stupid.

She looked at me curiously, pausing, and then just, "Okay." As she said that she took on a knowing, bright look in her eye. We knew we'd both crossed a line; from a platonic, academic relationship to something sexual, though nothing had happened - yet.

I ran home quickly that afternoon, in spite of the crowbar of an erection in my pants. I raced to my room, closed the door, undressed, flopped on my bed, gripped my cock, and with a few strokes masturbated, giving myself exquisite release. From that point on I started taking a lot of showers, beating off. And each time I saw Amy slowly pulling her skirt up to her waist. I saw her panties slowly come into view with juicy pussy lips hidden behind the lacy triangle right in front of my face. I imagined myself touching, stroking, and even licking, although at the time the thought of putting my mouth there was more repulsive than seductive. But deep down, we CB's knew we were onto something.

The next time I went over to Amy's house, homework was only an excuse. We worked for a little while, both of us jittery with anticipation, before I bravely said, "Well, are you going to show off for me again? I really want to see your panties." And then I tentatively added, "…and your pussy."

Amy smiled and slid her legs over the edge of the bed like the last time. Her desire to show off, to exhibit herself for approval, overcame her natural shyness. She slid her hips forward on the bed in front of me and slowly reached for the hem of her skirt. She pulled it up to her waist, looking at my face the whole time. This time, she separated her knees wide and remained sitting while I stared between her legs.

She was breathing quickly when she asked me if I liked what I saw. "Does it turn you on?"

I was in heaven. She had done what I asked and found a pair of panties made out of silk or nylon. They were plain white and thin enough for me to clearly see the outline of her mound and pussy. My heart was pounding in my chest.

"I can see your pussy lips," I squeaked out. "It turns me on a lot!" I was erect, throbbing, and dripping into my briefs. I glanced up at her face and she was smiling.

"Okay, you like looking up my skirt, but do you like me?" she asked. "I mean all of me? Do I turn you on?"

"Yes, I like you a lot. I like you as a person because you enjoy showing me your panties and your pussy, you know what I mean?"

"I'm not sure, but this is sort of fun, so you tell me what you like the best." Then she stood up, removed the skirt and did a slow, slightly clumsy spin around. The panties were cut high at the hip and were narrow across her butt so that her ass cheeks were on display. My friend had a wide, curving heart-shaped ass and I never knew it! Hidden under the usual baggy culottes or frumpy skirts were truly shapely hips and legs.

She sat back down on the bed and leaned back onto her elbows, grabbed the front of the waistband with her fist and pulled the fabric tight against her little pussy while thrusting her hips out and forward against the thin material. "It feels good when I do that," she whispered. It obviously excited her to pull the material tight against her labia while I watched. It filled my brain with hormonal lust. I was close to exploding.

I slid forward a bit so my head was almost directly between her knees. Now I could clearly see the outline of her entire genitalia. "Amy!" I whispered, "I can see your pussy lips through your panties - a pretty mound with a line through the middle. There's a little a bit of pubic hair near the top and there's a darker spot down here," and I reached out and gently touched her right in the center of her sex, where she was slightly wet.

"Oh, that tingled," she breathed, rather than said out loud. "Touch me there some more."

While still sitting, I began cautiously stroking her slit through the tightly stretched panties with my index finger. She began to breathe harder so I stroked a little harder and faster. She lifted her hips off the edge of the bed and began to strain and moan.

"Your pussy is so pretty," I said, and cautioned her to quiet down a little so her mom wouldn't hear us. "I can use both hands if you like," I offered in my own clinical way, "but do you have to groan so much?"

"Yes, use both hands," she said staring down at my face. I boldly reached between her legs with both hands and put the four fingers of my right hand on her mound and used my thumb to stroke her. I stretched my left hand under her butt and used that thumb to stroke in unison with my right.

I looked up to see her face, but now she was arching back, straining towards the ceiling. I whispered to her how soft and sexy her pussy was, how I loved how it looked and felt, stroking her faster and faster. Finally, she gasped and let herself flop backward onto the bed, breathing hard.

"Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!" she almost yelled as she enjoyed the first orgasm that she didn't give herself.

"Can I see yours now Blaine?" she asked, sitting in front of me on the bed. She was waving her knees open and closed, giving me shots of her damp crotch. "You've seen me in my underwear and touched my vagina. Now I want to see your penis.

"Come on Amy, it's embarrassing," I protested.

"Do you have an erection? It's okay, I want to see it."

I was completely, painfully rigid - frightfully embarrassed about the whole concept of exposing myself. Nevertheless, I did as she asked, unbuckling and pushing my pants down, staying sort of hunched over, trying to hide the erection throbbing in my briefs.

"Blaine, stand up straight," she instructed, "The whole idea is that we have to do this with each other, together, if we're ever going to learn about sex, right?"

I stood up, kicking my pants off my feet. My stiff penis pointed toward my right shoulder making a long, curving bulge in my briefs from my crotch right to the edge of the waistband.

"Ooh! I had no idea they got that big. I wonder if there's enough room in me," she said. It doesn't hurt, does it?"

"No. It's just what happens when a guy gets turned on." 'Enough room in me?' I said to myself.

"I turned you on? Looking at your erection in your underpants is turning me on," she said, and then she reached forward, stroking it tentatively with the flat of her hand. I jerked back a bit at the sudden stimulation.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to startle you. I can see the shape of your thing - your cock - is it okay to use that word? But I can't see enough. I want you to take off your underpants."

My hormonal lust was winning over the embarrassment I felt, and her hormones had clearly bested her sensibilities. I put my thumbs in the waistband and tugged them down and off, standing back up with my rigid cock bobbing and swaying slightly.

"Ooooh. It's so big and beautiful," she said, admiring the view. "Keep still." She stared for a few minutes. "Now stand sideways." I turned ninety degrees to the right. "Now cup your ass cheeks with your hands." I reached back and did as she said which caused my hips to naturally thrust forward.

"It really sticks out far!" At which point she reached up with her left hand and gripped it with her long, cool fingers. "It's so warm and soft and hard all at the same time!" she cooed, and started stroking up and down the shaft.

"Uh, Amy that feels really good. You're going to make me cum if you keep doing that."

"Really?" she said, enthusiastically. "Does that mean I'm giving you a hand-job like the cheerleaders talk about when they brag about their jock boyfriends?"

"Yes!" I managed to croak out as I got closer and closer. "A little faster."

"Turn toward me so I can use both hands." I turned and she cupped and massaged my balls in one hand and stroked with the other. I began to grunt and groan, straining forward and came suddenly in several jet-propelled spurts that hit her right under the chin.

"Wow! That was impressive! We need to do this more often … so we can really learn about sex, Okay?" she said. "You head home, but let's do this again next week. It's a date?" she said, smiling brightly.

"Yes, it's a date – more than a date."


Chapter 2 – My Exhibitionist

When I got home, I masturbated and came again with visions of Amy's beautiful pussy visible through thin, tight nylon panties swirling through my head. I stroked my penis to orgasm daily, and we arranged to study together often. Now she knew she had a power over me. She loved exhibiting herself, getting off, feeling my eyes and fingers on her body.

She wasn't horny like I was - at least not in the same teen-with-hormones-raging way. She was searching for the appreciation and lusty admiration that an awkward, average-looking, CBgirl just doesn't receive. She wanted stares up her skirt, gaping looks at her crotch and her breasts, just like a curvy cheerleader. She wanted my attention as a sexual person, and as smart as she was, she figured out how to get it. She teased, she acted helpless like a vulnerable little girl, and she took off her clothes with a wanton willingness to display herself.

At school, we talked and decided her panties weren't sexy enough, so we went shopping at the mall one evening. We avoided anyone we knew because we were on a mission to find sexier panties – thin, tight, and translucent. We found a pair at JC Penney of all places. They were made out of a silky nylon, cut high at the hips, curved down in front so they were lower at the navel than at her hips. They didn't have one of those cotton crotch liners either. Amy bought three pairs: black, white, and pink.

For our next homework session, she said she wanted to show me her new panties while walking around as well as sitting in front of me. I masturbated to an imagined Amy in sexy panties several times in the days before our 'date'.

"I think taking my clothes off - a striptease? - would be a good thing for both of us, don't you?" she said brightly, like a teacher in front of class. Once behind her bedroom door (if her mom only knew!) she arranged her desk chair about 5 feet from the bed. She had me sit on the floor again with my back against the bed. She had on a tight sweater and her school skirt, little white socks and black shoes.

"Please watch carefully and tell me if I'm doing anything wrong," she said, and started removing clothing one piece at a time. She took off her sweater revealing a plain white bra. She reached behind her back to undo the clasp and shook the bra off her shoulders while moving slowly back and forth in front of me. Amy was a wanton hottie disguised as a future librarian! An awkward, nerdy girl can be very hot when she thinks and acts like she's hot.

Though all I had thought about till now was her pussy, I loved her breasts. They were small, still developing, but her nipples were quite long and aroused, with dark, conical areolas about the size of half dollars that were mounded and firm. She pranced around without her shirt on asking me if I liked her breasts, all the while rubbing and pinching those long nipples.

"Your breasts are very sexy, Amy."

"Not too small?" she asked, pushing up her glasses.

"The size doesn't matter. I like the way they're shaped and the dark area around them."

She smiled at my compliment, and said, "Ooh! Well, then I want you to touch them please," and she leaned down to me, with her chest thrust forward. I reached up and gingerly took a nipple between each thumb and forefinger. I squeezed very gently.

"Mmmmhh, that's nice. Pinch them harder. Pull on them too."

I thought I pulled and pinched hard enough to hurt, but she seemed to love it, 'mmmhhing' and 'aahhhing' as I massaged them.

"Now, here's your special treat," she said backing away. She pulled up the skirt flashing me with her new panties. She danced around pulling up the skirt in front and back, obviously getting a kick out my wide-eyed admiration. She put her ass in my face and bent over to touch her shoes giving me a view of her sexy little package from behind and underneath. She faced me again and put one leg on the chair while she held the front of the skirt up and began stroking her slit with her middle finger. The white panties were so tight and translucent that I could see everything. My penis began to throb against my shorts.

She finally stopped in front of me while I was still sitting on the floor, unzipped the skirt from the side and let it fall. Directly in front of me was a vision, Amy clad only in those revealing panties, short white socks and shoes.

She put her hands on her hips and thrust them forward right into my face. Her stomach was flat like any thin young girls' should be, and the flatness of her stomach enhanced the vision of her mound and pussy not 12 inches away. The dip in the front of her panties between her navel and crotch accentuated her puffy pussy lips. I could clearly see both lips separated by the little valley between. There was some curly blond pubic hair crushed against the fabric.

"You like this?" she whispered as she teased her nipples and gently rotated her hips in front of my face. "Do you want to touch me again and give me one of those orgasms?"

"Oh yes," I croaked, reaching up to gently stroke her. I leaned forward, resting my face against her right thigh while reaching up to draw my finger up and down her slit with my left hand. I could smell her musky sweetness and was enthralled. I stroked gently from the top of her mound where the valley began to the soft spot centered between her legs where I felt her getting moist. I lovingly and patiently stroked her while she began to breathe more quickly and softly said "mmmmhhh, that feels so nice."

The cleft actually became deeper and wider as I stroked, her lips separating inside the panties. I began to feel the little prominence of her clitoris. Whenever my finger moved over it she breathed in quickly, almost gasping. I began to stroke a little harder seeing the pinkness of her pussy lips showing through the thin fabric and the moistness along the entire length.

"I can feel your warm breath on my pussy, and each time you rub me here," she said, touching her clitoris through the panties, "I feel like I'm in heaven. I want to feel your tongue on me. Will you kiss me there?"

"Kiss your pussy?" I asked, and a thrill went through me as I said the words.

'Yes, kiss me … and lick me - through my panties."

This was new and exciting - a little disgusting and dirty, but I really wanted to. I didn't mention something important about myself before, and that is that I have a big tongue – almost Gene Simmons big, long and wide. I learned, after being mercilessly teased as a kid, to keep it my mouth except for the dentist.

She stepped away a few inches and then bent both knees slightly, bringing her crotch down onto my waiting mouth and tongue. I reached up with my chin and stuck out my tongue and licked the smooth, damp fabric from her vagina to her clitoris. I moved my tongue up and down getting the fabric wet and transparent. I planted several long wet, kisses in the center of her panties. I stiffened my tongue and massaged her clitoris through the fabric until she jerked away moaning. My sexy librarian collapsed on the bed, with her legs spread wide, cupping her crotch while she had a convulsive orgasm.

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