tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersAmy's Awakening Ch. 03

Amy's Awakening Ch. 03


We fell asleep in each other's arms and I purred like a kitten getting its belly rubbed. I couldn't believe how I felt or what I was going to do. Was I to stay in my marriage and continue seeing Sandy on the side whenever I could or leave my wife and become Sandy's full time? Of course I didn't know what Sandy felt or wanted for that matter and this line of thought was driving me crazy without knowing his feelings so I decided not to dwell on any of it for now. Of course my mind always went back to exactly that anytime there was even a second of me not thinking about something in particular. I still loved my wife, I thought, but this was more and I don't even know what to call it. Was I in love with him or was I just powerless to tell him no or was I so overcome by my new identity that she could take over my life. All these questions were driving me nuts and still no answers. I decided for the time being I would just enjoy being Amy whenever I had the opportunity.

It was three days later when Sandy phoned me, it was about 7 in the evening and I was just reading the paper waiting for my wife and kids to get home when I saw the name on my caller id and almost instantly transformed into Amy and excitingly answered the call. Hello I moaned almost breathless in my best Amy, it was funny how when this happened my whole body reflected her. I sat up straight, my knees together, my shoulders back, and my head slightly tilted. He said hey Amy how's my girl? I gushed very well now thank you. How's my baby I responded? He laughed a little and said he was feeling somewhat tense and needed to see me in the worst way. I giggled and told him I needed to see him too and that I was glad he needed me.

I asked when he would like to get together and he said now. I can't, uummm she's due home any minute and I can't get away. He just laughed and told me to meet him at the corner where he picked me up that first time out. Sandy I can't I moaned please don't make me. He just said relax kitten and get dressed and come meet me, you'll figure out something to tell her. So I got up and went to my hidden stash and picked out a white leather mini skirt and a short sleeve red silk blouse with a cowl neck and decided on a Victoria Secret matching red bra, thong and garter belt set and completed the outfit with white stockings and red 5" stilettos. I slipped into my v-string and glued on my silicone breast forms, then got dressed and did my makeup and my fingernails, praying she wouldn't get home while I was doing this, put on my long blonde wig and styled it and grabbed a white clutch to throw some essentials, like makeup, drivers license, and cash into and I was headed out the door.

I was so excited driving downtown that I forgot all about her getting home, oh well I thought I would deal with it afterward. I arrived and parked in a nearby garage and walked out to the corner. I loved walking down the sidewalk, my heels clicking and the breeze blowing up my skirt; it was so erotic to me. I was only there a couple minutes when Sandy pulled up and got out to come around and open my door. He guided me into his passenger side seat, I sat down, remembering to keep my legs together, and pulled my legs up and around into the car. I leaned over to open his door for him as he got there, he got in and he leaned over as he put his hand on the inside of my thigh and pulled me to him as he leaned into me and our lips touched. I felt like my insides were going to explode from the passion in our kiss. I moaned into his mouth as we kissed and he ran his hand up the side of my neck holding my head with his hand as our tongues explored each other's mouth.

As we broke our kiss I moaned oh Sandy I've missed you so much. He squeezed the inside of my knee and told me he'd missed me too and that I looked so fucking hot. I blushed and told him he looked good enough to eat, to which he replied well then get to it as he pulled my head into his lap. I didn't resist his urging I unzipped his fly and pulled out his engorged member, it was already coved in his precum. I ran my tongue all over it, licking off all I could get. Yummy I moaned. He moaned as I slid him into my eager mouth. In seconds my head was bobbing in his lap, moaning as I sucked. He kept trying to arch his back to get all of his cock into my throat but was unable to get past the steering wheel. I sucked and licked and then all of the sudden the car screeched to a halt, he stopped on the side of the road and threw the car in park and screamed oh fuck as he exploded into my mouth. I swallowed all his cum and continued sucking, milking his cock of all his juice. I loved feeling him cum in my mouth but I also loved taking his seed into my body.

Oh my god, I squealed as I sat up wiping the cum from my lips and licking it off my fingers, I looked to the side and there were two guys watching us or should I say watching me suck him off. I just smiled at them and shrugged as I licked my pouty red lips. Sandy pulled away from the curb and sped off laughing. He said Amy I can never believe how good you make me feel. I'm glad you like it Sandy, I have to say I like it too. He then looked over at me and asked if I could get away for a weekend. I don't know I guess I could, why. He said he wanted to take me on a weekend getaway so we could play all weekend. I gushed that I would love that and asked where we would go. He said he usually went to Nashville once a month on business so that would be easiest for him. I told him I could say I had to go there too for business that we had to occasionally. He said great then we'll do it in two weeks. Ok I beamed, it will be so much fun being together all weekend and being Amy the whole time.

He was hard again and pulled into this park and got out and came around to get me out of the car. I got out and asked what are we doing here and he patted me on my butt and smiled. What? Here? I don't know what if we get caught? He just took me by the hand and led me to a hidden area. We stopped and he pulled me into his arms and kissed me very passionately as he ran his hands up and down my sides and hips, stopping at my ass and squeezing and pulling me into him harder. He was so hard; I pulled him out and squatted down in front of him taking his cock between my bright red lips. I sucked on him for a few minutes and he reached down and pulled me up, then turned me around and pushed me over at the hips. He pulled my skirt up and pulled my thong aside as he pushed the head of his cock into my hole. He rubbed his cockhead up and down my entrance smearing precum all over my opening and then pushed into me while pulling using my hips and he was in. He moaned as I squealed, partly from the pain mostly from the rapidly approaching orgasm I was feeling. He rocked in and out of me, using my hips as he pounded my pussy. It felt so good to have him inside me again that I didn't even feel myself cum but the mess in my thong was evident. As he fucked me I moaned and begged him not to stop. Oh Sandy cum in me baby please cum in me. I want your seed deep in my pussy baby, yes. He tensed up and shoved his engorged cock all the way inside me and grunted as he exploded, drenching my insides with his cum. Spurt after spurt of his thick white juice painted the insides of my body as he grunted his release.

As he let his spent cock slip from my hole I turned around and grasped his member and kissed him before dropping down in front of him to clean him up. I licked and sucked all of his delicious cum from his softening cock as he just basked in his due reward. I grabbed a pad from my purse and slipped it into my thong as we straightened ourselves for our short drive back to my car. As we drove I hugged his arm between us and waited for my unwanted departure. When we got to the garage and then to my car I sat up as he got out and came around to open my door.

I got out making sure to show off a lot of leg allowing my skirt to ride up high on my thighs. He smiled as the hand that wasn't helping me out went to my exposed stocking top and rubbed my thigh. He cooed oh Amy you are so sexy. I lit up as I wrapped my arms around his neck and brought my lips to his, kissing him so deeply and oh so passionately. Sandy you make me feel so sexy and desired I purred. His hand was resting at my lower back and butt and he pulled me into him pushing his very large very hard cock into my hip. I ground my hip into him. Oh baby I need you so much. He smiled as he turned me around and bent me over the trunk of my car pulling my skirt up and my thong aside and then unzipping his pants to release his pent up cock. I can't believe how hard you are after cumming in me twice already tonight. I love it but I can't believe it. He said neither can I you do this to me. Really Sandy I moaned as he pushed into me, oh yes, fuck me baby was all I could get out of my mouth. He used that engorged cock on me, fucking me so good, pounding in and out of me keeping me on my tiptoes even in my high heels. I should have cared where we were at but I didn't. All I could think of was that fabulous cock working my pussy. As he pumped his cock in and out of me I kept panting yes baby fuck me, fuck me hard. He had hold of my hips pushing and shoving all of his cock into my body. Then he grunted oh baby I'm going to cum so deep in you as he buried his cock to his balls and pumped another huge load of cum into me. He shot 4 or 5 spurts deep inside me and just held himself there wrapping his arms around my waist holding onto me as he started to soften and once again I turned and squatted in front of him to clean him up milking every last drop from his balls. I pushed my thong back into place and smoothed down my skirt as I stood and he pulled me up to kiss me.

Oh Sandy I beamed that was fantastic, I Love You, just kind of blurted out, then silence. I regretted it already, my head dropped down not looking up at him. He put his finger under my chin and lifted my head to look into my already teary eyes. It's ok Amy, I Love You too. I threw my arms around his neck and just squeezed.

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