tagMind ControlAn Accidental Love God Ch. 06

An Accidental Love God Ch. 06


Chapter 6: At the Doctors

"Doc, you cannot touch me."

I know that is a strange way to start a doctor's appointment but Dr. McEvoy is a woman and if she absorbed anything that came from my sweat glands she would turn into – well a horny women who would not rest until she had my cock inside her. I needed her advice, not sex.

"Oh shit." She responded. "It happened to you I see."

"Ummm ...what?"

"You're an incubus now, right?"

"Right in one, doc." I thought.

"How did you know?" I asked.

"It happens to about 10% of my patients here. I am very familiar with it. I have the same problem from the female side" She replied.

"Ummm... you've got what problem?"

"I am a succubus. The female 'demon'". She put her fingers in a quote symbol. "My pheromones leave men ... well most men... at my feet. They'd do anything to have sex with me. You'll notice that I use hand disinfectant before I touch you. That neutralizes the pheromones. That way I can touch male patients. Either that, or I use latex when I touch you."

"Oh... well...oh... " I stammered.

"You have lots of questions..." she said.

"To say the least..."

"Ok, to start, we are immune to each other. The pheromones neutralize each other. So I can touch you and..." she took my hand... "no effect, see."

"Second," she continued. "You are immune from sexually transmitted diseases, including AIDS. We don't know why, but you'll meet Jack eventually. He is a gay guy with the same...errr... issue you have, not that it does him much good. He is a biochemist and researching this to find an AIDS cure. Last thing to note, your pheromones help people channel the energy of sex for healthy, positive effects. Sex keeps you young at heart for normal folks. For people us and the people we have sex with, or impact with our pheromones, it keeps them young in reality. Have you noticed any physical changes in your wife?"

"Well yeah, actually. The age lines around her face are gone, no more crow's feet around her eyes and her neck boobs and butt are all firmer, like I remember them from when we were in our 20s."

"I expected that and I can see the changes in you, too. For me too... I mean, how old do you think I am?"

Every male reader just cringed in sympathy for me. This question is second only to "Does this dress make me look fat?" in the hierarchy of male terror. Dr. McEvoy looks young but I knew she had been a doctor for some time so....

"Err... I am not too good at guessing age... 40?"

"Hurumph... that high?" she frowned. "It's been awhile so I'll need to get out and use the powers tonight. I'm 75."

"What? You're shitting me!"

"Believe it. I can show you my driver's license if you like. What else have you been seeing?" she asked.

I took a long time to explain the details, including my wife's desires, the women at work, the incident on the plane with Ms. Obesity 2012 and my fucking two women to close a deal and make money. I let out the guilt of selling sex for money and cheating on my wife.

She took a long look at me when I finished. "Wooo... that's a lot. You did not strike me as the type of guy who would use the power for money."

"I did not strike me as that type of guy either. But the temptation to get rich like that, to get out of the rat race grind... well it was too much. When Jose said something about a smart guy making money off this my head started spinning with ideas and... well I did it."

"You don't intend to cheat anyone right? They'll get what they bargained for?"

"Of course! I didn't lie or cheat. I just sealed the deal."

"Ok, that is good" she said "and you've given all those women a healthy shot, including that woman o the plane. Maybe she'll start to lose weight."

We continued our discussion. Dr. McEvoy told me to start attending a support group for incubus and succubus folks. It would be nice to be around people who understood and would not be impacted by my pheromones. I would like to give a woman a hug with having her immediately trying to rip off my pants.

"What about family?" I blurted, thinking of my sister. Incest is not my thing. Besides, my sister is gay and in a long term stable relationship. I did not want to mess with that at all.

"Oddly enough it does not affect anyone we share genes with. Must be some sort of evolutionary protection against inbreeding" Dr. McEvoy speculated.

We finished our chat, the doctor did her exam and pronounced me good to go. I left her office and went to the elevator. Dr. McEvoy's offices were on the top floor of an office tower. The floor contained several other businesses. A woman from another office labeled "O'Hara Productions" approached the elevator at the same time as me. I could not help but notice her. She was a long legged redhead with a very short skirt and red stiletto pumps. Her hair cascaded in glorious curls to the middle of her back. In a few weeks I would see her on our local PBS station as the lead female dancer in the local production of Riverdance. Dancers move with a grace and sophistication that I find irresistible, so, of course, my brain immediately leaped to how hot I found her and how much I would love to have sex with her. It was not a voluntary thing I my part.

Now thinking about having sex with a woman is not cheating, in my book, anymore than thinking about knocking over bank is an actual robbery. Before the advent of my little problem, this woman would have been nothing more than a pleasant diversion in my day. Not today though. The pheromones poured off me, seemingly by the gallon, before I could gain control.

Of course, the pheromones had their effect and she smiled at me in a flirty way. I made sure she entered the elevator well ahead of me. We both reached for the lobby button at the same time and our hands brushed.

As you expect, constant reader, her eyes immediately went out of focus. When focus returned she turned to me.

"You're in for the elevator ride of your life" she growled in a sexy Irish brogue. She slammed her hand against the emergency stop button and threw herself at me, plunging her tongue into my mouth.

I tried to push her away, all the time trying to tell her to stop."

"No... erk... wait...mmmm... muh... muh... married"

She pushed back from me. "I don't give a fook if you're married. I am going to fook your brains out."

She pressed back against me and grabbed for my pants. Like any normal guy who has a gorgeous woman throwing herself at him, I had a raging hard on.

"You say no, but your body is definitely saying yes" she purred as she caressed my cock under my pants.

"Off fuck..." I moaned in pleasure. "We really should stop.... I mean... I'm married. So... please.... Don't... please stop... Please don't stop"

The pleasure had gotten too much for me. She smiled and unzipped my pants, going to her knees and taking me into her mouth. She teased the head of my cock with her tongue then licked down the shaft.

"Nice and hard for me." She purred.

She stood and kissed me passionately while I slipped my hand beneath her skirt. I thought of her cumming as I touched her swollen clit and, almost immediately, she was shuddering with pleasure against me. I pressed her against the wall of the elevator car and lifted her legs then plunged my cock into her wetness.

I had not done it standing up in years - middle aged back and all that. The pheromones were doing their bit for my heath and strength, however and I fucked her with abandon, holding her up as she wrapped her long powerful dancer's legs around my waist and shuddered with orgasm after orgasm.

I had enough sense left to think "You'll be completely satisfied" before her contractions overwhelmed me and I came spewing my spunk inside her.

We both were taking some time catching our breath when a disembodied voice crackled in the elevator car.

"This is building management. Are you two ok in there?"

"Two?" I thought. "How the hell did he know that?"

I looked around the car and saw the security camera. They probably had it on tape.

"Ummm yeah... we're fine." I sputtered.

"Ok," the voice came back. "I thought so. I am releasing the elevator now."

I quickly pulled up my pants while the redhead straitened her skirt.

"That was the best sex I ever had. Thank you." She pecked my on the cheek and walked out of the elevator as the doors slid open, leaving me red faced and hoping the video did not find its way to a porn site.

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