tagBDSMAn Aging Hand

An Aging Hand


Nathan felt the cold from the ceramic tile on his feet as he stood naked patiently waiting while holding his cock. After a few moments he felt some relief as a slow stream flowed splashing the warm yellow liquid onto Gretchen's breasts as she kneeled before him. He watched as the urine flowed down the slightly sagging breasts, over her stomach, through the curly dark patch of pubic hair and trickled onto the tile. Suddenly the stream sputtered to a stop and he moved around behind her. Again Nathan waited until the warm stream began again, this time splashing on Gretchen's back and running down over the bright red hand prints he had left on her ass.

The woman trembled as she watched her master hold his cock, guiding the flow of his piss over her body. It always pleased Nathan to see how much this pleased her, though he recalled, in his younger days, he never could manage to urinate on her before he came. Just the sight of her submitting to him like that instantly made him hard, too hard to even think of peeing until several minutes after he came.

Nathan was in his mid-forties back then and Gretchen, who had just turned twenty, just came to work for him and his wife, Meredith, as a housekeeper. For the first several months of Gretchen's employment there, she worked solely as a housekeeper, coming to work each morning at eight and heading home by five. Things remained that way until one day Gretchen heard some strange sounds from one of the rooms and peeked in to investigate.

Without being seen, she watched at Nathan spanked his wife, leaving some large, red welts on her ass and thighs. What was shocking to Gretchen was that Meredith not only didn't seem to mind getting the spanking, she actually seemed to enjoy it. When the spanking was over, Gretchen watched as Meredith greedily took Nathan's cock into her mouth as she ran her fingers over her clit. As her two employers reached climax, Gretchen quietly slipped away.

Several days later Gretchen confessed to Meredith what she had witnessed, explaining that what she had seen had shocked her, but at the same time she couldn't get the image of Nathan's hand slapping Meredith's ass out of her head. Gretchen admitted that within an hour of seeing Nathan and Meredith, she locked herself in a bathroom and slipped one hand in her panties while she slapped her own ass with the other.

By the end of the day Nathan and Meredith invited Gretchen into their home where she could live as a housekeeper in most of the house while in the bedroom Nathan would be her master as she joined Meredith as slave. In the years that followed, the Gretchen and Meredith served Nathan, submitting to his every desire. When Meredith died, Gretchen remained in the house with Nathan as a live in housekeeper and in the bedroom as his slave.

Looking down at Gretchen now, Nathan smiled remembering how beautiful and tight her youthful body was. It was so incredible to enjoy both women, the lithe and inexperienced one next to the calm, experienced, yet still beautiful one. Of course now, twenty some odd years later, Gretchen was still very attractive, and though her breast were beginning to sag and Nathan could see the fine lines developing at her eyes and mouth, there was nothing more enjoyable to him than seeing her kneel before him.

Standing back from the showerhead, Nathan flexed his sore hand before turning on the water and waiting until it was steaming hot. As much as he loved using his hand to discipline Gretchen, it had become difficult for him. He could always use a riding crop or cat on her, but they both so loved the feel and sound of skin on skin. The sight of the red, hand shaped welts on her thighs and buttocks excited them both.

Feeling his hand tremble a bit, he eased into the warm stream of water and nodded to his slave who stood up, grabbed the soap and began washing Nathan's body. The hot water soothed his aching arm as he said, "I told you that spanking was going to hurt me more than it did you."

"Here, let me massage it," she replied, lathering up her hands and working her fingers over his muscles. She continued for several minutes until Nathan gently pulled his arm away.

Moving his feet apart he signaled to her he was ready. Gretchen kneeled again, lathered up her hands and began running them over his balls and cock. Beginning gently, she slowly quickened up her pace as Nathan's cock slowly hardened. When he was fairly hard, he turned and let his slave rinse off his cock and balls. She then moved her head forward, opened her mouth and began sucking on his balls while sliding her hand up and down on his cock.

After a few moments she pulled her mouth off his balls and breathlessly asked, "May I touch myself?"

"No, I want you to wait."

Gretchen moved her mouth up to his cock, sliding her lips over it and sucking the head while she pumped the shaft vigorously. Taking the hand she wanted to touch her pussy with, she reached up and began to caress Nathan's balls. She could feel her master begin to tremble so she quickened the pace of her sucking and pumping.

Feeling the pleasure building inside himself, Nathan began to move his hips back and forth, trying to push his cock deeper into her mouth. As he felt himself getting closer and closer to coming he moaned, "Now, touch your pussy, touch it for me."

Gretchen released Nathan's balls and pushed her hand down between her legs, sliding her fingers over her clit. The sensation between her legs seemed to inspire her as she sucked even harder. She could feel him trying to push deeper into her mouth, but she was able to control him with the hand stroking his cock so she didn't choke.

Nathan felt the sensations shoot through his cock and he arched his back and came just as Gretchen pulled her head away. She firmly held his cock, stroking it as it spurted over her face and breasts. Running a hand through the brownish white fluid, she spread it over her breasts before moving and letting the stream from the showerhead wash her off. She then carefully squeezed his cock milking every drop from him. Even though she had not come, she was happy to have satisfied her master. Standing up, she reached over, turned off the water and then grabbed a towel, drying him off.

Nathan trembled a bit as he walked back into his bedroom and climbed onto the bed, where he leaned back against some pillows. He looked over to Gretchen, who knew better than to dry herself off. "Now, make yourself come for me."

He then watched as his slave, still dripping wet from the shower reached her right hand down between her legs and her left hand up to the nipple on her right breast. As she toyed with her nipple, she slipped two fingers into her pussy and then moved them up to her clit. Her fingers then moved up and down on the clit as she pinched and tugged at her nipples.

"Come over here," Nathan said.

The woman moved to the side of the bed where Nathan reached up with his left hand and grabbed a nipple, pinching it hard between his thumb and index finger, smiling as she moaned. He reached up both hands but pulled his right hand back in pain while continuing to pinch her nipple as she continued toying with her clit. In a few moments she began moving her hips back and forth as she fucked her fingers. Nathan took firm hold of Gretchen's nipples and pulled them, stretching them out nearly an inch or so.

"Yes, yes," Gretchen moaned, "I'm coming."

Nathan reached down and quickly slipped two fingers into her wet pussy feeling it pulsing around him. He pulled her down to him with his other hand and took a nipple into his mouth, sucking it for a moment and then biting it. He felt the woman jerk at bit at the pain and then she seemed to sigh as he released her. Sliding his fingers out of her pussy he held them to her mouth and watched her lick them clean.

Gretchen returned to the bathroom and began drying herself off. When she returned to the bedroom still drying herself, she noticed Nathan had fallen asleep. Leaning over Nathan, she dabbed up a few milky droplets of cum that had run onto his thigh, noticing the slightly brown tint in the semen. Making a note to make an appointment with Nathan's urologist, she quietly slipped through the door and walked down the hall to her bedroom. After getting dressed she would go back in and get him tucked in.

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