tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAn Apartment with Benefits Ch. 25

An Apartment with Benefits Ch. 25


Chapter 25 Dinner with more Old Friends

I had fun next morning. I had made and eaten my breakfast before Susan surfaced. Whether she had really slept in, or waited until she hoped that I had gone out, I don't know. I had sat quietly in the kitchen until nearly ten o'clock, reading, but with the laptop open and ready to watch. I heard her in the bathroom so by the time she came into the kitchen I was a few minutes into the recording. I had just got to the stage where she had answered the door. I started laughing.

'Good morning honey, what are you laughing at, U-tube again?'

'Come and have a look,' I said. 'It's not U-tube. I am not sure they would accept it. I was just laughing at Mark's face as he follows you across the lounge with you just holding that hand towel in front of you. He loves your bum.'

She groaned and visibly shivered. 'No, please no. You are not watching that are you? Just let it go. That was yesterday. Tell me something interesting. What are your plans for today and tomorrow?'

''Oh, come on. This is really funny. I think my favourite bit is where you lay on your back, without panties on, wave your legs in the air and ask him to put your stockings on. I know I said you should flirt with him but...'

I just managed to avoid the honey jar that was thrown at me from across the room. Luckily it was plastic, not glass, so didn't shatter on landing against the wall. Wow. This was serious, she had never got anywhere near resorting to violence before. Throttle back Alex, I said to myself.

'Hey, sorry, sorry. I was just taking the piss. I am not upset. You know I like to take the mickey out of you. It was just in fun. Really. Come on kiss me. Let us make up.'

'Keep your f... yes I'm going to say it you bastard, keep your fucking hands off me. I may never let you touch me again. You set me up last night. You invited him two hours early when you were going out and then kept an eye on me on the laptop to see whether I had screwed him. Well guess what, I wish I had. If I had his number now I would be ringing it and inviting him to move in and fuck me because you would be moving out.'

Oh fuck, I think she was upset.

'Listen honey, I may have got this so wrong, but you know I have screwed two or three girls this week, some of whom you have even had to watch. I know how much you love to flirt, especially when you are embarrassed, and yes, I thought I would get you embarrassed and then you would get a real hoot out of it. And yes, I did tell you no sex or sucking until later, because it is true that you would get a reputation for screwing around if the two of you had done it while I wasn't here. You were able to get your rocks off with him last night though and probably enjoyed it all the more because you had to wait for it.'

I put my arm around her. I could see she was no longer in a throwing mood, she was slightly mollified by my argument.

'I am not trying to excuse myself any more but I wouldn't have teased you if I hadn't seen you enjoying yourself. When you were dressing after showering, you looked at the camera and then put the panties back in the drawer. You even smiled at the camera.'

She started to cry. Oh shit.

'What's up now?'

'Do you really think I am a slut? Is that what I am? Will you be whoring me out in a couple of weeks?'

I am no good with tears but I think these were put on. I hoped.

'Not until after Christmas, I am just setting up the website.'

She was looking around for something to throw. Luckily she was nowhere near the knife drawer.

The tears had stopped being replaced by a glint that I hoped was fun.

I grabbed her, kissed the tear tracks, and held her tight. I didn't even try to finger her ass under the t-shirt she was wearing. That was unusual.

'It's time for another long chat. Put the coffee on again while we talk about what's happening to us. Let me make some points and I want you to say good or bad after each one, okay.'

'And then what happens.'

If there are more bads then goods, we have to talk about whether we want to continue this life style. So answer truthfully, think about your answers.'


'We are living together.' 'Good.' That was a relief. First hurdle over.

'We have a nice flat.' 'Good.'

'We have a new job. I say we because there is something for us both to do but separate them if you like.' 'No, Good.'

'We have made some really good friends and some fun acquaintances.' 'Good.'

'We are having more sex than ever.' 'Good.'

'We are having better sex than ever.' 'Good.'

'I am taking the piss out of you a lot.' Long consideration. 'True, not sure. You saw how I reacted earlier.'

'I love you.' 'I think that's true. Sometimes it's good. Sometimes I hate you.'

'You love me.' Another long pause. 'Bastard, you know I do. Good. Okay I get the point. Alex is screwing the world so all's right with the world.'

'That's not entirely fair, but 'Good,' is what I say to that, and you are not doing too badly yourself for sex either. Truce honey? I will try not to laugh too much at you. How about I ask you before I embarrass you, humiliate you, or get you to do something really sexy.'

'Bad, you know I don't enjoy it nearly as much. You know I love to be exposed and shocked. You know how much I fucking loved teasing Mark last night. You know how much I enjoyed fucking him last night, and you know me too well.'

She jumped into my arms, wrapped her legs around me and kissed me deeply. I think I was back in favour. I might try and get Darren to give me a copy of last night's tapes though. It would be a fond memory in years to come.

'You asked me what plans I had for today and tomorrow. You will be pleased to hear, I hope, that I have no plans for today and the only thing organised for tomorrow is our first real board meeting. We will get to see how the first month has gone and hopefully meet the electricians and the accounts people. It is all outsourced but they work on our accounts and they will give us the first real idea how much money we are making. Shall we go out to dinner, just the two of us, tonight. I am confident that we can afford it. Anywhere you like. How about that nice French place, a couple of streets away. Le Jardin, I think it is called. Make a booking for eight o'clock. Why don't you wear that green satin sheath dress we bought in the sex shop. You know the one with no sides.'

She laughed, 'You may not like it as much. I have found some matching satin cord and put two more straps down the sides to hold it together so that I can walk more easily. It still shows that I am not wearing anything underneath, but not quite as readily. Anyway, you will still like it. I will book the table.'

'If we aim to leave just before seven we can have a quick glass of bubbly at the wine bar in the same street.'

We did exactly that. The dress looked fabulous, and much more practical. Two thin three-inch long straps connected the sides between her hips and her waist. It was easy to see she had nothing on under it but it wouldn't just fly open if she moved quickly or a light breeze started. I could feel her preen herself as I helped her out of her coat in the wine bar. I ordered two glasses of French champagne and stood back and watched the other customers looking at Susan. The men were lusting and most of the girls seemed to be jealous, constantly trying to get their man's attention back. We left at eight and walked three doors along to Le Jardin. We were astonished to see Gordon and Elise just being seated. Elise waved and Gordon who was still standing came over to greet us. The Maitre d' waited while we exchanged kisses and started to move us towards our table.

'Will you not join us?' asked Gordon. 'Emile, can you find us a table for four? I would much rather have this gorgeous lady at my table rather than the far side of the restaurant.'

We were happy to join them and share a bottle of bubbly. I was able to tell Gordon that I had been recruited by the flat owners to be one of the management team, in charge of the tenants. He was delighted for us and said if there was anything he could do to help just let us know. I thanked him and said I was not even sure what he did. He laughed and said he owned a property company specialising in flats. If we wanted to lease any, he would usually be able to find us some. I told him a little about the company and told him to buy a membership to VSX when he would be able to watch what we did and would get an idea what sort of flats we needed. He suggested that he had a block, a bit like the one we were in, that had six flats, very close by. The advantage of a whole block was that the other residents wouldn't get upset to find that one or two of the flats were being used for porn and were being offered free. He made a good point. I told him I would bring it up at the meeting tomorrow and get back to him. While we had been talking I realised that Susan had been relaying to Elise the story of the set-up last night. Elise was part shocked and part excited. I heard her say what a nice young man Mark must have been not to get carried away with the situation. As Gordon was describing the flats, I heard her whisper, 'It was just as well that he didn't invite Gordon round under those circumstances. He would have had you in bed before you would get a chance to get in the shower. He would not have been able to stop from jumping on you. You don't have a copy of that broadcast do you. Gordon would love it, and so would I.'

'No,' I heard Susan whisper,' but I will try and get one.'

We had a lovely meal and vowed to come back. The conversation had flowed and we all had a terrific time. Gordon eventually agreed to share the bill but asked us to come again as his guests next time.

Before we left Susan excused herself to use the ladies. I think the whole restaurant went quiet as we watched her walk the length of the room. I suddenly realised that the two new straps at hip level were no longer there. It was open from her ankle to her armpits. She walked slowly, I am not sure whether to stop the dress flapping open or whether to allow every one time to look at her.

Gordon was quick to get to his feet and help her back into her chair. 'My dear, you must excuse me, I hadn't realised sitting there how truly spectacular that dress is. Or should I say how truly spectacularly you wear it.'

'Well thank you kind sir. It is the first time that I have been brave enough to wear it.'

'In that case it is my good fortune to be in the right place at the right time. I would be honoured if you would wear it next time we go out.'

Susan laughed and nudged him in the ribs with her elbow. 'You dirty old goat, you just want to see my body, but if it keeps you happy, and Elise agrees, I will happily wear it for you again.'

Elise smiled, and said, 'Of course I will be delighted if you wear it. It certainly looks very different without the two lower straps doesn't it.' She winked at Susan to show that she was aware that somehow Susan had removed the straps since she arrived. Susan blushed a little but Elise only grinned at her.

I raised my eyebrows, 'Yes, how did you do that?'

I continued for Elise's benefit, 'Susan added those straps to the original dress herself, and now they have gone.'

'Velcro. I can do them back up if you like.'

'Heaven forbid,' said Gordon. 'Can we offer you a lift home?'

'Thank you,' said Susan. 'We are only a short way away, but nicer than walking if you have your car nearby. Will you come up for a drink?'

'Thank you. That would be lovely, wouldn't it Elise?' She just smiled. Judging by the way his hand was stroking Susan's back, under her dress, he was looking for more than a drink.

We got outside to find that not only had he got a car out there he had a driver as well. We thought he was well off but didn't realise it would extend to a full-time driver.

He directed the driver while I sat in the back between Elise and Susan. Gordon wasn't the only one looking for more than a drink. Elise had grabbed my cock through my trousers and was gently fondling it. I was actually pleased that we only took a few moments or I might have made a mess in my trousers. What a waste that would have been.

Gordon told his driver that he could go home as he was likely to be a couple of hours and would call Uber.

I offered them a couple of face-masks, as they had used them last time, and organised drinks. I did ask Susan whether she would like a tequila as I noticed she had bought a bottle recently and she gave me a very stern look, which Elise noticed.

'That was a pretty heavy look Susan. Can I assume you got a little drunk on it last night?'

'Well not last night Elise, but I certainly had too much a few nights ago.'

'She certainly did,' I added. 'You should have seen us on line, you must get yourself a membership. If I remember rightly, she said 'Never again' and yet next day I found a bottle in the cupboard.'

'Stop telling tales Alex and get those drinks. Elise and I will have a prosecco please. What will you have Gordon?'

I heard her whisper to Elise that she would try and get her that recording as well.

'Thank you Susan. Just a glass of red if I may.'

I was in the kitchen pouring the drinks when Susan came in to help me carry them. She gave me a strong elbow in the ribs and said 'Would you stop trying to embarrass me. Give me that tray and I will take the drinks in.'

For just one moment, I was confused. If she was that embarrassed about probably the two worst things she had done in the last couple of months why was she promising to give Elise a copy. Then I realised that the whispered criticism was just her excuse for coming in to the kitchen. When she walked back in and offered the drinks from a tray her dress would balloon forward, exposing herself completely. I thought it would be fun to warn her.

As she reached the door with the tray in her hands I said, 'Careful Susan, remember which dress you have on when you are holding that tray.'

She had the grace to look a little embarrassed before grinning and said, 'I have remembered. Thank you.'

I was close behind her when she offered first Elise her prosecco. I had carried my own so took the opportunity to join Elise on the sofa. Susan was careful to stand front on, and bend her knees to offer Elise her drink to minimise the amount that the dress gapped. When she got to Gordon's chair, after offering him his wine, she stood side-on to him, and leant across him to place her own glass on the side table. Her straight-legged bend opened the dress entirely, hanging straight down from her neck. Gordon didn't even hesitate before taking her nearest breast in his cupped palm, as if to support it's weight. She took her time fiddling with the glass and then happily accepted the seat on his knee that he offered. At this stage I stopped watching as Elise had already unzipped my cock and dropped to her knees in front of me. While she was tickling her tonsils with my cock I was slowly lowering the zip on the back of her dress. I was never going to undress her as quickly as Gordon was going to strip Susan but it wasn't going to take me a lot longer.

I had got her dress off and was admiring her undies, a silk chemise, g-string and stockings with a suspender belt when I heard Gordon cough. 'Alex I wouldn't normally ask, but I really don't want to rush this. Would you mind if we stayed the night and left in the morning. We can perhaps alternate for the use of the bedroom.'

'No need Gordon, you take the bedroom and I will make this sofa up into a bed. I am delighted you are staying the night. Help yourself to coffee or anything else you need, including breakfast in the morning. I see you have already helped yourself to the most important thing that you needed.'

He managed a chuckle, and added that he didn't think he would need anything else to eat for breakfast. I knew what he meant and hoped to be in the same position myself, replete.

Elise excused herself to go to the bathroom, while I made up the bed, but only after I had asked her not to undress yet, as I wanted to do that myself. I slowly undressed her, revelling in each abandoned garment and the newly bared flesh. I adored and licked and kissed my way to her core. There may be more noises coming from the bedroom than the lounge, but believe me we were having just as much fun and it went on for a lot longer. I heard Gordon snoring as Elise was getting her third, or maybe fourth orgasm. I was then awoken at about eight by Elise suckling on my cock. 'Quick,' she murmured. 'We will have to be off by nine as I know Gordon has a board meeting he will really want to attend. We have just got time for another of those lovely hard fucks like the first one last night. I love him dearly but he doesn't have your youth and stamina on his side any more. Come on Alex fuck me one more time this morning.'

And that's what we were doing when Gordon stumbled out for the bathroom and then a coffee. He winked and gave me big smile of approval. 'Well done my boy. That will keep her off my back for another few hours.'

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