tagLoving WivesAn Early Christmas Gift

An Early Christmas Gift


It started out as an innocent kiss, and I didn't mean for it go any further than that, but we were drunk and things got out of control. We couldn't resist ... I'll never forget what happened...

Last night my husband, Mick, and I threw our annual Christmas party, though Christmas was still a few weeks away. We had all our friends over, Mick's best friend, Ross, included. Everyone was dressed festively, and I was decked out in a little velvet Santa's helper outfit, complete with a little hat, a red knee length skirt with soft white fringe and a matching red v-neck blouse. The evening was going wonderfully, people were having a great time, dancing, drinking, singing, and chatting...

I had been horny all night. Begging Mick for a quickie, but he was too busy entertaining our guests to take a minute to pleasure me. He kept saying "Later, I promise," but his later and my later were in two different time zones. Around eleven o'clock I tried to get Mick to come upstairs, but he was busy setting up the stereo for some new tunes.

Now I don't think Mick turning me down had anything to do with my actions, because I think what happened next would have happened regardless; I was that horny.

After I left Mick to play with his stereo, I went to the kitchen to get another drink; rye and coke, my favorite. Ross was in the kitchen and offered to pour it for me. I was pretty tipsy, so it was probably best, because I would have spilled it. When it was mixed Ross handed me my glass and I took a long drink from it, half emptying it. "Thanks Ross," I said, "it's perfect." And then I proceeded to kiss him. Not just a peck, but a long, deep kiss. His tongue tasted of beer and his lips were soft and willing. When we parted, Ross looked around nervously, so I whispered to him, "Its okay, no one saw." No one but Mick, Ross and I knew about the threesome that happened a few months earlier, and none of us had really talked about it since. I, too, was nervous, and my heart pounded. I could feel my pussy moisten and tingle, and I knew if I didn't get satisfaction soon I was going to go insane.

Excusing myself, I picked up my drink and headed for the bathroom. I needed to catch my breath, so when I got there, I closed the door, sat on the counter beside the sink and finished my drink. My head was swirling from the alcohol, and from the kiss. I couldn't stop thinking about it, and the more I replayed it in my head, the wetter my pussy got. I had to do something or else I was going to burst, so I slipped off my panties and shoved them into the vanity drawer. I then pulled up my skirt and slowly inserted a finger into my vagina. I could hear people outside the bathroom door, and it excited me even more. My body was telling me to rush and get myself off quickly, but I wanted it to last, so I slowly fingered myself making sure to avoid my swollen clit because I knew as soon as I touched it I would go off.

"Occupied!!" I yelled as someone fumbled with the doorknob. "Hey! There's someone in here!" I shouted again when they didn't stop trying to open the door. Finally, I lowered my skirt and opened the door. "Its occupi......ed." It was Ross. He glanced behind him, I assume to make sure no one was watching, and then shoved passed me and closed the door, locking it.

"Ross? What's going..."

He cut me off "Shhhh," he hushed, and then kissed me, long and deep, passionately, wanting, needing. When he stopped kissing me he whispered in a raspy voice, "I've wanted this for awhile now, since... well, since our threesome." And then he kissed me again, pressing his body against mine, and mine against the cold tiled wall. I could feel his hardness growing, and it turned me on even more than I had been before he came into the room. His hands slid down to knead my ass, massaging it through the fabric of my skirt, working their magic and eventually working their way onto my bare flesh. His rough hands were on my bare ass and it was driving me batty. I needed him to touch me, to pleasure me.

Ross gently pulled away, but not too far. Our noses were touching and our eyes were locked together. His hands came up and he started to slowly unbutton my blouse. I was glad he did, because if I had had to I would have fumbled with the buttons; my fingers were trembling. Cupping my breasts in his hand, he brushed my already hard nipple with his thumb, through the thin fabric of my mesh bra, sending shivers down my spine. My nipples are very sensitive and it took him no time to figure it out. I reached behind my back to undo my bra, letting it fall loose on my shoulders, allowing Ross better access to my soft round breasts. He lifted my bra up and lowered his hot mouth down, taking in my nipple. It was bliss.

"Ross..." I moaned softly, he looked up, his eyes dancing.

A knock at the door, "Occupied!" I shouted, almost too harshly.

"Okay," a familiar voice responded, "have you seen Ross?"

"Um, no, I think he went outside." I lied and gritted my teeth to prevent from yelping in pleasure as Ross bit down softly on my nipple.

"Okay, thanks." And then the footsteps as the intruder walked away to go look for Ross.

Ross continued to pleasure my nipples as he reached down and touched my soaked pussy. "Mmmm." He said as he stroked my cleanly shaven mound, which was extremely slippery from all my excitement. He motioned for me to sit on the counter, so I did. He pulled me gently to the edge and got on his knees. He started by gently rolling his tongue over my soft flesh. It was ecstasy. His tongue was prodding my hole and flicking my button. I was holding onto the counter with one hand, while my other hand was in his hair, lightly pressing his face closer to me. I was on the brink of explosion and he could sense it, because he stopped licking and got off his knees. "Not yet," he whispered smoothly, "soon though."

He stood between my legs and kissed me again. The taste and smell of my wetness on his face, mixed with the taste and smell of beer was intoxicating. I reached out and undid his belt, then the button and zipper on his pants and pushed them down; they dropped easily, taking his boxers with them, to the ground. His cock was big, and ready for whatever was to happen next. I rubbed the head of his throbbing member with my thumb, wiping the pre-cum off the tip and then slowly licking it off my thumb. It was sweet and good. He moved away, just for a second, and opened the drawer in the vanity, reaching in, passed my panties and picked out a condom. I took it from him, wondering how he knew where to find one, opened it and put it on him.

Slowly, he entered me, causing me to moan. He kissed me deep to muffle me and to keep our affair a secret from the rest of the party goers. He began to fuck me... in and out; in and out... it was wonderful! I could feel myself tighten around his swollen cock as I started to climax, my entire body going into spasms of pleasure. He fucked me harder and harder, slamming himself deep into my core.

I started coming down from my climax, my body relaxing a bit, until he started rubbing my clit, slowly at first and then increasing the pace until I couldn't take it anymore. My body screamed in ecstasy and my hot cunt squeezed his huge cock until he was moaning too. He came hard, sweat dripping off his brow.

Ross carefully withdrew his cock from my steaming pussy, and removed the condom. He tossed it in the toilet and flushed it away. I didn't know what to do next, so I just sat there, in awe of all that had just happened and watched him as he put his pants back on. Once he was done getting dressed he suggested I do the same. After I was dressed we just looked at each other for a minute, until I leaned in and kissed him on the cheek and whispered a meek "Thank you." He smiled and kissed me once more, his tongue still tasting of beer and pussy. And then he left, slowly opening the door and sneaking out just as he had sneaked in.

I waited awhile before coming out, and when I did, Ross was nowhere to be seen. About five minutes later I heard Ross come in from outside and then heard Mick mumble something to Ross that I couldn't make out. I hoped Ross wouldn't tell Mick about what had happened between us, because I thought it would be best if he heard it from me first. I knew Mick wouldn't be mad... or at least I hoped he wouldn't be.

A few hours later, after all our friends had gone home, and the few who were spending the night were tucked into their makeshift beds on our living room floor, Ross approached me and whispered "Sweet dreams, loverly," kissed me on the cheek and headed off to bed himself.

Mick and I headed up to our bedroom, where I decided to tell him about what Ross and I had done. I was nervous, but I knew he needed to know, and that I had to be the one to tell him.

"Mick, honey..." I said shyly, "I need to tell you something. Um, Ross and I..."

"I know." He said gently.

"What? How?" I said, shocked.

"Well," he grinned, "I set it up."

"What?" I repeated. "You did?"

"Yeah, I thought you would like that, did you?"

"Yes..." I smiled.

"Merry Christmas sweetie," he smiled back.

"How can I thank you?" I asked.

"Don't worry, I'm sure you'll figure something out," he smirked.

So, I proceeded to give him the best blowjob I'd ever given him... but that's another story.

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