tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAn Evening Adventure

An Evening Adventure


The weather has warmed for a bit and Ed called and said he had an itch to get out and have a little fun. I knew this meant I was in for some sort of adventure. It was about 10:30 pm and I asked him what I should wear. Surprisingly Ed told me that we would get me ready to go out when he arrived. So I jumped in the shower and was just getting done when the doorbell rang. I knew it must be Ed so I didn't bother to dry off or grab a towel.

I went and opened the door wet and naked , I saw the big grin on Ed's face as I opened the door. As always he loves the sight of a naked female all wet from the shower or pool and I have to agree. I think a naked dripping wet female is very hot. I offered him a drink and asked him what I should wear, he said he had my outfit with him.

Apparently he has been listening when I talk about my fantasies, things that get me hot and some fetishes I have . He showed me handcuff's , a leather dog collar and a leash. I knew that he had read the story I had given him which was written by someone who inspires me to take risks. She had a leash used on her in the same way and had told me I should give it a try.

He told me this was to be my outfit for our little excursion. Immediately I could feel the tingling between my legs. I absolutely like the thought of being naked and restrained, unable to cover myself, which is why I had given him that story to read. I was so ready to get this evening started now that I saw my outfit. It was warmer out then it had been recently, maybe in the upper 50's so I knew I wouldn't freeze.

I was still wet from the shower and said I would have to dry off before going outside. Ed sat and had a drink as I went in and dried my hair and toweled myself dry. Soon I was done and back in the living room anxious to get going but still nervous and apprehensive.

He put the collar around my neck, then he had me put my hands behind my back and he handcuffed me. I saw that this leather leash was one of the longer and wider ones. He looped the leash thru the ring on the collar which was on the back of my neck, then ran it between my legs brushing his hand against my inner thighs and pussy as he reached around and attached the leash to the handcuffs, causing me to jump from his touch. What a feeling when he put tension on the leash.

This was going to be fun, I knew I was going to be very excited every time he tugged the leash. I asked Ed what else I would be wearing and what shoes he wanted me to wear. I was shocked when he said you are wearing your outfit and you will be barefoot. I wondered what the hell did he have planned now. I assumed he was going to grab me some emergency clothing but when I asked he said no. He told me he had nothing in the car and we were not taking anything with us.

Soon I was outside naked, barefoot, handcuffed and on a leash that made me feel all tingly when pressed against my pussy. My nipples quickly grew hard as we got into the cool night air. He led me to the car and soon we were driving down the road.

We were headed toward a small downtown area, it was after 11 pm and there were some people out on the sidewalks but it was not as busy as it would have been earlier. Soon Ed pulled into a parking lot and he turned the heat on. I then realized he was putting the top down on the car. Now anyone walking along could easily see me that I was naked in the car. We got some great responses as a few people looked into the car as

we drove ever so slowly down the street. We then headed to the outskirts of town and to the convenience store we had visited before. This time however Ed parked nearly a block away on a residential street and walked me on the leash up the block and to the store. We had a car pass by as we were walking and then we saw it went past us some and then turned around.

I got nervous and wanted to run into the bushes but Ed held is ground and all I did was cause the leash to press very tight against my pussy when I tried to slow down to look for a hiding spot . I could feel myself begin to get wet from the sensations that this situation was causing. I was nervous about the car coming back but I was turned on knowing I had no way at all to cover myself.

The cool air of course was adding to my exhilaration as was the leash bumping and rubbing my pussy lips.. It turned out it was just some teenagers coming back for a better look at me. They slowed to almost a stop as they passed and ogled my naked body. Soon we reached the store and the clerk was obviously stunned to see a naked woman , in handcuffs and on a leash. As I said earlier we have been in this store before and so I wasn't worried too much about the clerk calling the police.

He was enjoying the view though, no doubt about that. We walked up and down the different aisles as the clerk watched in disbelief. Another customer had come in and soon seemed not to care about shopping but just about watching my every move. Ed suddenly put tension on the leash and I squealed from the feeling. I could see the wetness on my inner thighs.

We were in the store for a few minutes when Ed seemed to find what he was looking for. He had a squeeze bottle of chocolate syrup in his hands and soon it was all over my breasts and belly. I can't explain why but this excited me so much. It seems Ed noticed because he squirted more all over the front of me and on my pussy and inner thighs. I swear I thought I was going to have an orgasm right then and there.

The guys in the store were all smiles as they watched in awe. Soon I was a mess but I didn't care I was so turned on, but I was handcuffed and couldn't touch myself as much as I wanted to. Soon we headed up to the counter and Ed went to pay for the syrup but the clerk refused to take any money. So Ed told him he could rub the syrup on my breasts if he wanted to. Well in seconds his hands were on my breasts smearing the syrup all over.

I was dripping wet, I wanted to touch myself so badly but I couldn't. Soon we thought we better get going as the police tend to stop in the store off and on during the night. Although I am finding out that a naked female can get away with much more than I ever thought possible, even here in the USA. So with me naked, handcuffed on a leash and covered in chocolate syrup we headed out of the store and the opposite way from the car.

I soon saw the car wash a short distance up the road. We walked up there and into a do it yourself bay. Ed deposited a few quarters in and soon I was being sprayed by the cold water. He made sure that it was on rinse only and he kept enough distance so as not to hurt me with the water from the pressurized nozzle. I screeched and soon I noticed a guy standing at the end of the bay looking at us.

I was all wet but free of the chocolate syrup. We left another young man stunned at what he saw. We walked back to the car and headed back to my place. Soon we were inside and I was just so turned on that I needed relief and fast. Ed was obviously very aroused from all of this as well. I knew what would happen next.

I grabbed Ed's hand and led him to the bedroom, where I laid on my back, legs spread wide as I directed Ed's head between my legs. He worked his tongue all over and in my pussy brining me to a incredible orgasm. Once I was able to breathe again, I helped Ed get undressed and then licked and sucked his cock until he came. We only had oral sex that night and Ed left shortly after we had both got off.

As soon as he was gone I took my little pocket rocket from the drawer and had another orgasm as I replayed the evening in my head. I have so many little desires and fetishes, I will be sure to Ed learns about them all.

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