tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAn Evening of Shopping

An Evening of Shopping


I walk into the store with a huge smile on my face. Calling you a few hours ago was such a good idea. I thought that if you had a break that it might be nice to see you. Of course, way in the back of my mind a nice sloppy cock sucking was what I was after. You meet me in a parking lot at a shopping mall and I ask you to drive as I moved over. You did so and I direct you to a dark park where I thought we might be alone. That was when I started to suck your cock.

It was very exciting, to be in public but not at the same time. We were in the security of my car, yet windows all around us. You were kicked back in the drivers’ seat as I knelt over and slid your cock in my mouth. I felt it harden in my mouth as I purred and moaned; thrilled to feel your body react to my touch. It was so hot and almost dangerous at the same time. You asked me if I was ready for a mouthful of cum and I definitely was. Not a drop was missed as you came deep and hard between my lips. When I sat back up, I enjoyed the look of pure pleasure on your face as you smiled at me. Your cock was still hard as a rock, but it was not a good place to attempt to climb on. You know I wanted to, however.

You drove me back to my car and I decided to go into the store, as you went back to work. Your break was about over and you needed to be back unfortunately. So, now I walk into the store with a huge smile on my face. I walk around the store, picking up a few items that are needed at home. Somehow, I am drawn to the section of store where the bras, panties and nighties are at. I wander around looking at them and thinking of what I might surprise you with. I pick up two very nice ones and am mentally imagining them on my body.

At that moment, I hear a voice say “the one on the right.” It was a very nice soothing voice and it pulled me out of my daydream. I wonder what look was on my face as I gazed at the items in my hand. Obviously, I was still flushed since I attracted her attention. She was as tall as I am with very long legs that looked inviting in her miniskirt. She had very long dark hair and when I looked at her face, a very pretty inviting smile. Her eyes were green and the look on her face told me she had been watching me for a while. “It is very classy” she said and I looked at her puzzled. “The one on the right” she said and smiled. “If classy is what you are going for” she almost blushed at that statement.

“Oh, I am going for classy” I replied. “Definitely!! I have enough trashy at home already.” I say with an evil grin. She smiles and says that I should consider trying it on as she walks away and shops on her own. Maybe I was imagining an attraction, I think. I watch her for a few minutes and realize that she periodically looks over her shoulder to see if I am. She seems uninterested and I assume that it is just the mood I am in after that hot cock sucking in my car. I put the two gowns in my cart and continue on with my list.

I eventually head over to the dressing room, deciding that the advice from the lady was probably good. I leave my cart outside the door and get let in by the dressing room attendant. She is heading back out to return stock to the floor and has to put them down to give me a tag with the number on it. I take it and apologize, heading into a quiet dressing room. No wonder – she was going out on the floor. “I will be back in a few minutes if you need anything, Ma’am” she yells to me. I acknowledge her and put one of the gowns. Looking in the mirror, I decide that it is nice but I want to see the classy one now.

I put it on and look into the mirror again. It is very classy and the fabric feels wonderful against my skin. I realize that I am quite horny and can picture your nice hard cock after you came in my mouth. I look in the mirror again and think of how much you would love this gown since it is a lot different than others that I own. I seem to momentarily get lost in a fantasy in my mind. I picture the scenario of when you would see it on me for the first time. I can see the look of desire on your face as I try to keep it on as long as possible.

“Was I correct?” I hear a voice call out. This is the same voice that pulled me out of a daydream in the store. I stand quietly for a moment, trying to decide what to say. Before I say a word she speaks again, “I thought the classy one might be you, may I see it?” I step out of the changing room into the hallway and see the dark haired woman standing there. I am a little embarrassed and she notices this. “Oh, I hope I haven’t imposed.” She says “and that does look wonderful on you.” I smile as the red fades from my face. She steps toward me and reaches her hand out to touch the fabric. “mmmmmmmmmm” she purrs “the fabric is so soft.”

I think again that maybe I am reading too much into this. After all, girls are much different than men and do this type of thing all the time. I can’t think of a time that a woman followed me into the dressing room, I must admit. “Let me see something” she says as she leads me back into the dressing room. She stands me in front of the mirror and stands behind me. She moves her head to the right, looking over my shoulder at my reflection in the mirror. She has a look on her face that is similar to what mine was as I thought of sucking your cock just a moment ago. “Oh yes, that is definitely you” she purrs.

As she says this, she steps closer to me and presses her body against my back. I can feel her warmth as she does so and I can feel electricity pass between us. I am definitely not imagining this, I am sure. Just as if she read my mind, she reaches her hands around to my shoulders and gently touches me. She massages my shoulders and then slowly drifts her hands down in front of us, rubbing across my nipples. She watches in the mirror as my nipples respond to her touch. I am mesmerized by the reflection of us in the mirror also. She moves her hands down slightly and cups my breasts in her hands. “Those are so nice” she whispers in my ear. I moan as I hear nothing else at all but her voice.

Her hands continue on the outside of the gown, down my belly and across my hips. She moves very slowly as we both watch this seduction. I instinctively press my ass up against her body and her hands move down further. The gown is short but long enough that she would have to reach under it to get to my pussy. She doesn’t know that I have no panties on and that I can feel my pussy begin to drip down my leg at that very moment. As she gets to the hem of the gown, I press my body forward toward her beautiful hands. I want her to touch me so badly that I can barely stand it. She must see that desire in my face because as if on cue, she slides her hand under the gown.

A smile spreads across her face as she is greeted by a naked, shaved, soaked pussy. She slides her fingers gently across my pussy and feels me sigh a breath of relief. I want to be touched so badly that I can barely stand it. “Oh my – is your pussy wet” she says “Care to tell me what caused that?” I smile at her and press my hips forward more, almost begging her to slide her fingers inside me. She pulls her hands back as she continues to tease me. This reminds me so much of how you are with me that my expression changes. She notices this and stops for split second. “Everything okay?” she asks. I smile and look at her with the desire on my face again which comforts her.

She returns to petting my nice wet pussy as we move together in front of this mirror. “I was thinking about my boyfriend” I tell her. “He just dropped me off at this store and went back to work. Your touch reminds me of how he touches me.”

“That is a compliment” she says and at that moment, she slides a finger right into my soaking wet pussy. My pussy lips are so swollen from the teasing that I wonder if it was a mistake and her finger just slipped. “That feels so good” she purrs and I realize that there was definitely not a mistake. I spread my legs and push my body back against her as she watches in the mirror. She slowly, methodically finger fucks my pussy and the smell of sex begins to fill the room. I start to moan and ride her hand as she slides in another finger. This starts to make me louder. She leans into my ear and says “shhhhh, enjoy quietly so we don’t get interrupted. I want to feel you cum on my fingers.”

I look into the mirror again and the look of desire on her face as she watches me enjoy her fingers is amazing. I grind my body onto her hand and against her body. Feeling the wetness of my pussy and hearing the sound of it as she fucks me right there in the dressing room. I do my best to stay quiet but can’t be completely silent. She seems to enjoy watching me attempt to do so and fucks harder and faster. Just as I am sure I am about to cum she slows down and speaks in my ear. “Your boyfriend? You say he just dropped you off? Where did he go?”

“Back to work” I tell her and try to get her to start to fuck me hard again with her fingers. She takes a cell phone out of her pocket and while she continues to gently fuck me with two fingers, she extends it to me.

“Can we call him?” She questions. She feels my pussy start to throb around her fingers as she asks that question and she smiles. “No cumming until he is on the phone” she says. I tell her that it is no problem; I can cum over and over and over." I am almost begging her to let me cum and so she does. I purr with the release and feel the orgasm travel through my body. The feel of this woman’s hand is amazing. “Now, the number?” She inquires. I take my cell out and call from there to assure you answer.

You answer the phone and sound quite satisfied. You are almost back to work and were waiting for my call, quite surprised that it has taken so long. You can hear the desire in my voice and ask me if I enjoyed that as much as you did. I haven’t yet told you what I am doing when she takes the phone from me and starts to talk to you. You are puzzled but curious. She tells you that she was helping me pick out a nightie in the store for you. She tells you that she suggested that I try them on and that she found me in the dressing room doing just that. “She takes suggestions well, doesn’t she?” I hear her say to you.

She starts to fuck me hard and fast again as I hear her giggle and then say “Oh, I bet she is a good little cock sucker and you say you just got one? No wonder” she says. She listens to you for a moment and says “No wonder she is so horny. Would you like to hear?” She waits a moment and then puts the phone back in my ear. This allows her to focus on pleasing my pussy again. I start to talk to you but you can tell that I am not far from cumming. I tell you that her fingers are in my pussy and you can barely believe it. You pull over so you can focus on listening closely.

She whispers in my ear “Cum for him. Right there on the phone. Tell him that my fingers are fucking your nice wet pussy.” I moan and repeat her words to you on the phone. You tell me how hard your cock is listening to this. Would she let you come back to the store, you ask me. I relay the question and she says that she would love to meet you. As she slides in a third finger she says that I must first cum for both of you on the phone. You are talking to me in my ear as she talks to me over my shoulder. I begin to cum and you are very quiet. You listen to every breath as I try to cum quietly. She takes the phone from me and puts it down near my wet pussy so you can hear her fingers. She takes the phone back starts to talk to you again.

“Her pussy tastes wonderful” she says as she slides her fingers into her mouth. “You are on the way here, are you?” She says as she smiles. “I tell you what. I will help your girlfriend get decent, we will buy this gown and meet you out front by her car. How about in 20 minutes?” She massages my breast with her free hand as she smiles listening to you. “Okay, see you then.” She says as she hands me the phone. She leans forward and kisses me, the taste of my wet pussy still on her. She slides her fingers into my mouth, letting me lick them. “Don’t they taste great?” She asks.

I smile and moan, feeling my pussy throb already. “Get dressed” She says. “I will meet you by the register in about five minutes” I say okay and as I dress, I expect not to see her again. I walk to the register however and she is standing there waiting for me. I smile and she hangs up her cell phone. “Needed to let the sitter know I wasn’t going to be there for a while” she says. “Ran into some old friends” she smiles and leads me into a lane. She takes the gown out of my hand and says “I want to buy this for you. It is the least I can do.”

We finish checking out and walk out of the store. As we walk up to my car, you pull up in yours. You must’ve driven quite fast, I think. I see the look of excitement on your face. She holds up the bag with the gown in it and shows it to you. “You must be the man I just bought this for.” She says. “What do you say we go show you what it looks like on this woman of yours?” You step out of the car and she walks right up to you, putting her right hand right on your cock. It is begging to get out of those shorts and you are amazed at how forward this woman is. She looks over her shoulder at me and says “WOW, this is going to be a lot of fun, isn’t it?” I smile at her and nod.

“Let’s go somewhere a little more private” she says. I want to hear her moan out loud like she wanted to inside the store. Oh, and smell familiar?” She says as she puts her hand up to your face. You can smell my nice wet pussy all over her fingers and she feels your cock get harder in her hand. “Let’s go” she says. “I don’t live too far from here and I can always get my car later. I can’t wait to have you both naked” She climbs into the car and you walk over to open the door for me. You lean down and kiss me gently, touching my pussy under my skirt as you do.

“Unbelievable” you say as you smile and then shut the door. I watch you walk around in front of the car never taking your eyes off me as you reach for the drivers’ side door. I can feel my pussy start to throb again due to the anticipation of the night that lies ahead. I have some awesome things I want you to watch tonight.

C K & L

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