tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAn Expat Story Ch. 03

An Expat Story Ch. 03



This is a story set in the India. It involves nonconsensual activities and power inequality. As such, racism, abuse and rape are part of the story. If you are not comfortable with these topics, I urge you NOT to read on. Thank you. Please note: all characters are over the age of legal consent.

This is a part of the Robert Hamilton expat series. I will not recap previous chapters in the current chapter. So, for this story to make the most sense, please review prior chapters.

In India, time plays tricks on you. The days flew by much as they had when Robert Hamilton had first come to the country on his expat assignment for mega corp. The untimely death of his poor old cook Sunil was both a blessing and a curse to young Robert. It was a blessing in that he now had his housekeeper Piya alone (and she could cook too!) – and he was saving a ton of money from his monthly stipend. It was a curse because the pesky police officer would come by the home every few days and inquire if Robert intended to throw the lowly Piya out on the street where she deserved to be. Robert had no such attention.

One day, Robert had a bit of a headache and returned home early. His house was eerily quiet when he entered. He called for Piya, but she did not answer. He searched the house, but she was gone. Robert became worried if she had robbed him. He checked a few of his valuables, but everything was in place. On his desk in his home office was about 4,000 rupees in cash (~$75), exactly what he'd left there. He figured if Piya had robbed him, she'd definitely taken the rupees.

With his head still pounding, he laid down to rest.


Piya returned from the market with fresh vegetables and cow meat. Piya was a Buddhist, not a Hindu, but she still respected the cow – and strictly observed her vegetarian diet. She had heard that Western men liked the cow meat – and enjoyed it fried in a pan and then stuck between bread. She had no idea if Robert liked this food, but she was trying.

After doing some cleaning, she slid away into Robert's office. She had watched him on the computer that night he played porn. Sometimes he would leave it up on the screen and she could see it. Today, she was in luck. There, on the screen, was a movie of a white man fucking an Indian woman in a sari. Piya was enthralled. She studied the video. She saw how the woman moved, what position she put her body in to invite the man. Piya vowed if she had the chance, she would do this – anything to keep Robert happy. If Robert was happy, he would not get rid of her.


In the evening, Piya began preparations for dinner. She made a small aloo gobi for herself that she could eat in the kitchen. And she layed out the supplies she would need for the cow patty for Robert.

When it was ready, she want up to his room. He snored softly from inside. Piya knocked and could hear the sheets rubbing against each other. Robert opened the door and looked like he'd been run over by a car. Piya stood looking at him.

"What?" he said rather shortly to her, but she didn't understand his words. Piya lightly tapped the watch on his wrist.

"Ah, right. I'm coming." He turned into the room and put on a few clothes, while Piya went downstairs to fix his meal.


Downstairs, Robert waited in the dining room for his meal. He could hear Piya talking loudly to herself in the kitchen and what heard like some kind of prayer wail. The smells were delightful, but he couldn't quite place it.

Piya walke into the dining room looking nervous. She set the plate down in front of Robert and looked at it. And looked at it. And looked at it. Piya was filled with dread that she had somehow gotten it wrong. And Robert unleashed a belly laugh. She'd made a hamburger – a real, honest-to-god hamburger. He dove for it and took a giant bite out of it. It was cooked well done, but that could be forgiven. He was in heaven and had a smile from ear to ear. Piya quickly disappeared into the kitchen to eat her aloo gobi. She was pleased with her effort.


Robert spent most of that evening in his office watching porn on the computer. He was incredibly turned on. Piya walked by the door and heard the noises. She moved on to the guest room and laid down in bed, falling asleep.

Robert was horny. Around 10:30pm, he headed for Piya's room. He was going to force her to give him a blowjob. On entering, Piya was asleep on the bed, but the lamp was on. There was a magazine on the bed with a Bollywood actress on the cover. Robert moved the magazine to the nightstand. He called out, "Piya" and she stirred slightly, but then rested back into her slumber.

He gently shook her shoulder and she bolted up in bed looking startled. And then a smile appeared on her face when she saw Robert. She tried to look sexy.

For Robert, her look was intoxicating. He pulled his pants down letting his hard cock spring free. Piya stared at his hard cock as she lightly touched it, and then she pulled away. Robert was pissed, until she reached up, and pulled down the shoulder on her sari, to expose her breast to him.

"Oh fuck, she's hot," thought Robert. Robert was going to take her. He pulled his clothes off and then proceed to rip off her sari. He reached between her legs and felt some wetness. Robert, unaware Piya was a virgin, figured she was good to go. He was horny and there wasn't going to be much foreplay. He climbed between her legs and unceremoniously shoved his cock in. Piya screamed and squirmed in pain. And then bit her lip. If this is what it takes to make him happy, she'd do it.

Robert was horny as hell and wasn't going to last long. He ground into her for a few minutes and quickly proceeded to dump his cum e into her. As Robert came back to his senses, he realized something was wrong. Tears were streaming down her face. Then, he noticed that Piya had bit her lip so hard that it was bleeding. Then he looked down at her blood on his cock. It hit him.

He feel to his knees in front of her. "Oh god Piya, I'm sorry, I didn't know." He jumped up to get a washcloth and towels. He came running back over to her and gently used the washcloth to wipe her up. He was being so tender.

And then Robert moved behind her, put his arms around her and held her. Saying words into her ears that she did not understand. Piya fell asleep.


The next morning, Piya awoke in an awful pain. She saw the clock and was in a panic. It was 8:30am. She was late to make breakfast for Robert and he would be late for work. She tried to move and hand grabbed her from behind, pulling her back to the bed. She lay flat on her back. Robert hovered over her, pushing her hair away from face. Robert motioned for her to say in bed.

She heard him go out the front door. She did not know if she was to lay in bed the whole day or not.

About 40 minutes later, she heard the door open and several feet coming up the stairs. Robert came in, followed by a Western doctor and an Indian nurse. Piya had seen the doctor before, he operated the very expense private clinic near the house. Robert and the doctor were talking. Then the nurse instructed Piya to lay back. Robert looked very concerned. Piya was embarrassed, but knew better than to disobey Robert. She'd do anything to keep Robert happy.

The nurse, was explaining to Piya that Robert did not realize she was a virgin and Robert was very, very sorry. She explained that Robert was paying them to make sure she was OK. The doctor gently looked around Piya's pussy and then spoke to Robert. The nurse told Piya that there was no permanent damage and that this can happen the first time. She told Piya that it would never be that bad again, explain to her about arousal and getting wet, and then she told Piya that she could go the police and press charges for rape, although they wouldn't believe her. Piya responded in a loud voice, so loud that all stopped talking and looked at her, "I was NOT raped. I stay."

Robert asked the nurse what she said and the nurse translated. Robert gave a sad smile. He felt bad. He asked the nurse to translate one last thing, "Tell Piya that she must learn English. I will hire an instructor." The nurse translated and then the three left the room.

She could see Robert picking the 4,000 rupees up off the desk and handing them to the nurse. To Piya, that was a lot of money. Then, he turned to the doctor and handed him a piece of paper. She realized she had just cost Robert a lot of money. She would make it up to him.

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