tagLesbian SexAn Hour To Remember

An Hour To Remember


It had been weeks since Annette and Penny had been able to see each other. Finally, they were together again. Annette had been in need of her friend and the pressure inside her was such that she felt wet just being with her. Directly they got to the room, Annette begged Penny to release her pressure, but Penny refused, telling her to be patient – it would be worth it.

After they had both quickly bathed, Penny led Annette to the bed. At last, Annette thought – but she was in for a surprise, as once again Penny refused to touch her and just told her to be patient. The next sentence surprised Annette even more … "Do you trust me?"

"Of course I do," protested Annette, and watched as Penny reached into her bag and produced four lengths of velvet ribbon.

"Trust me with this, and I will take you somewhere you have never been before. It will only be for thirty minutes …" With that, Penny fastened lengths to each of Annette's wrists and ankles. She then got her lying in the centre of the bed and fastened each ribbon to one of the four posts. Penny checked to see that her lover was comfortable but couldn't move that much. Penny then said that Annette could stop anytime she wished just by calling out the word 'TEDDYBEAR' and Penny would immediately stop and untie her.

Annette was very nervous, but at the same time, she was curious to find out what her friend had in store for her. Just as she were about to question what was going to happen, Penny cut her short by giving her a long and passionate kiss. It was a kiss like no other, and seemed to suck the very breath from Annette. It sent her senses reeling, as all she could focus on was Penny's tongue probing her mouth. Just as she adjusted to this sensation, the wetness between her legs growing all the time, Annette felt Penny's hand begin to massage her breasts.

At first it was the merest touch – almost like a butterfly landing on the nipples. As the kissing continued, the touch got firmer and soon Annette's nipples were standing proud – like two cherries on a milk jelly. Penny began to lightly pinch and pull at the buds and it was almost as if she were tugging an invisible wire attached to Annette's clitoris. Annette felt herself throbbing and growing wetter by the second. She began to moan in delight and Penny increased her efforts. A gasp and a buck told Penny that her friend had climaxed, and she moved her mouth down to the aroused nipples, whilst her hands began the lightest massage of Annette's thighs.

Annette wasn't sure she could actually feel anything touching her thighs – so light and gentle was the touch. As Penny's mouth alternated between her breasts, sometimes sucking, sometimes flicking with the tongue and sometimes nibbling, Annette felt her need growing once again. Penny sensed this too and slightly increased the touch so that it was still light, but could certainly be felt. Up one thigh, down the other … each time, missing the part that Annette wanted, NEEDED, her to touch. Annette began to pant and gasp, trying to lift her pelvis towards her friend's fingers. Finally, just as she though she could bear it no longer, she felt Penny's finger trace her lips. She gasped and then screamed in delight as she felt Penny's finger entered her hole. In and out, quickly and Annette surprised herself by climaxing again.

She was given no time to rest as Penny begun to suck in earnest on her nipples and almost seem to play the piano up and down her lips. Annette began to pant and gasp as she felt another orgasm building. Penny began to work in earnest on Annette's clit. Her finger circled it, flicked it, stroked it and pressed on it. The need for release was building and Annette began to buck.

Suddenly, Penny stopped and moved so that she was looking deep into Annette's eyes. "You OK? Want me to stop … the 30 minutes are up. Or shall I carry on?" In the state she was in, it was all Annette could do to summon her brain to form the words, "Please … don't s…s…top"

Penny took her at her word and within seconds, Annette found she was experiencing a terrific orgasm. She yelled and screamed as the juices burst from her like water from a breached dam. Oh wow! Before she could even think about the slide down, she felt a new sensation overtake her. Penny had moved her mouth from her breasts and was now playing with her clit as her fingers began to explore her hole.

She alternated between sucking, flicking and nibbling on the clit whilst her fingers fucked at varying speeds. Sometimes so slowly they hardly seemed to move, other times at such a speed that it took Annette all her concentration to remember to draw breath. The wave crashed unexpectedly and Penny paused long enough for the after shocks to die a little before she started again. This time, Annette felt and heard the hum of a vibrator.

First it seemed to be near or on her clit, then at the entrance to her hole. She couldn't stand it. She was going higher than she had ever been before … she seemed to be in a different place. Annette was sure that she wouldn't be able to tell up from down let alone what day of the week it was. Her brain seemed to have stopped working – all her consciousness seemed to be centered in her now running pussy.

Penny sensed her friend was nearing the crunch moment, and thrust the vibrator deep inside her, probing for and hitting the g spot. At the same time, she pressed with her thumb on Annette's clit. She carefully watched the emotions fleeting across her friends face, and when she judged that Annette was nearing the pinnacle, gently began scratching at her ass hole.

That sent Annette way over the top and she started to gasp, scream and thrash about. Penny immediately stopped all activity, quickly undid the ties and gathered Annette into her arms. She rocked her and stroked her friend until at last all the after shocks had died down and the glazed look was replaced by one of consciousness in Annette's eyes.

"Did you enjoy that?" she asked, with a gentle smile on her face? It was all Annette could do to sigh a "oh yes," before she fell into a deep sleep, punctuated every so often with a little jerk as she relived the last hour.

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