tagSci-Fi & FantasyAn Immortal Slave Ch. 03

An Immortal Slave Ch. 03


~Readers, this it part three of the Immortal slave series, and I'm again starting off where I left off in the last one, so if you haven't read the first two, you should go do that first before reading this, or you may get lost. Also, comments are appreciated. Makes me feel like I'm not the only one who wants this story to continue!~


Okay, so when I woke up, I found myself slung over some demon's shoulder like a sack of potatoes. I opened my eyes and tried to look around but my body was so sore it was rather hard to do so. However I did manage to see that the creature carrying me was a lava demon, as was the one behind him. I wondered why she would need the assistance of two demons that are well known for their tolerance of extreme temperatures. I let out a groan as I was shifted rather roughly on his shoulder; however that got them to chuckle.

"Lookie, lookie, he's awake."

"I can see, in fact he looks rather confused. It's fairly entertaining."

They were having such a casual conversation about me, laughing as I tried to look around and figure out where we were going. A left turn, through a door and then decent. It was a long walk, before I heard a heavy metal door being opened, then I was tossed in and hit the floor hard and rolled, ending up on my belly. I suddenly noticed that I was back in my pants. That was nice. I sighed and struggled to sit up. Damn, my muscles and joints were killing me. I rubbed my neck and looked up to notice a beaming Rurita.

"Welcome to your new room. I would have rather kept you in my room, but you know, you're so yummy and fun I don't think I'm willing to let my husband get his hands on you just yet. Besides I'm sure you'd be able to survive the night in here."

She was purring, and even winked at the end, but that last thing she said worried me. Survive the night? What the hell was I going to be suffering through this time?! I looked around and noticed the whole room was solid metal, and most of it seemed rather thin- other than the door, due to the soft, warm glow it was giving off from heat. It was rather nice, better than the shockingly coldness that normally comes with metal. I did however notice that the far wall had chain restraints and that worried me. I heard Rurita laugh and then the door was closed, and then latched shut. As if I could break through a foot of the world's strongest metal know in all of existence. Right... I'm not fucking Superman you know.

Either way, as the night wore on I grew rather bored of my surroundings. Too bad for me I didn't realize that the strange light was getting brighter, or that the light was coming from the walls. One of the demons came in and dragged me to the wall by my hair; my struggles to break free of his grasp only seemed to piss him off more. He instead grabbed me by the throat and slammed me into the wall. Winded, I had no urge to fight back anymore. The demon smirked and flicked the collar, and this time I KNEW that it tightened, because suddenly it was skin tight. Having been focusing on the collar, I didn't notice that I was being chained to the wall. The chains went across my midsection, pinning my arms to my side and allowing movement of my legs and my head- which was rather unpleasant to do now that the collar was so tight...

It wasn't long after that did I suddenly start to notice the walls were rapidly heating up. By the middle of the night the walls were so hot it was unbearable. The heat and pain actually got so intense that I had passed out. I woke up the next day on the floor freezing. Rurita was there, I eventually realized that, and she looked rather happy. Probably happy to see I survived the night. She started rubbing my arms and back, warming them up. After about an hour or so, I had stopped shaking so bad.

"D-don't leave me here again..."

I was still a bit cold so I was shivering still, just not as bad and not very often. She smiled, stroking my cheek. She planted her lips on mine and kissed me passionately, one of those times where if she wasn't such a bitch I may have actually enjoyed it. This is, until her tail started to pull my pants off. They were down to my ankles when she stopped kissing me and focused on stroking and playing with my cock, massaging it and essentially, getting me hard.

"You should do all the work; it'll get your blood pumping and help warm you up."

She was purring, and obviously not suggesting. That was an order. She put my hands on her hips and slid in. I tried to shove her off me and her tail lashed across my face. I shook once, before I thrust deeply into her. I was taking the fast road to becoming her sex toy, and was too scared to defy her. I really didn't want to spend another night here. She leaned back in ecstasy, lost in the pleasures I was unhappily giving her.

She had me take her fast and deep, her tail coiling around my cock lightly, tightening every time I was about to cum. She sure knew what she was doing. I was practically hammering her, almost on the verge once more when she got off me. By then my balls were throbbing and I had been moments from release, I groaned. She moved to straddle my head and without a word lowered herself to my mouth.

I tried to turn my head then, but she had a tight grip on it and I discovered that I couldn't move, not an inch. She started to rub her sopping wet pussy against my lips, her claws sinking into my head painfully and her tail tightening against my dick. I gasped and found myself eating pussy. Giving in I started to lick her folds, sucking on her clit and lapping up the juices that dribbled onto my lips and chin.

I flicked my tongue inside her, licking away. God how I hated myself, but sometimes I actually hated the fact that I was her pet and not her lover, a part of me really wished that were true... And then the rest of me told me to quit giving in and just make her hurt. I growled in frustration and bit down on her clit, she purred at first, but as I kept adding pressure her purrs soon turned into cries of anger and pain. She tried clawing at me, but that only got me to bite harder.

I could tell she didn't like it when the pain was turned on her, because after popping my jaw open she cracked several of my ribs with her tail, slamming it on my chest several times. I wiped my mouth off and spat to the side.

"Fuck you bitch."

I managed to get out. She didn't seem to appreciate my response; because I blacked out shortly after. I eventually came to, kneeling on the floor- facing the bed; my hands were chained above me with my legs chained to the legs of the bed. I wouldn't have been able to stand up if I wanted to. I lifted my head groggily, only to see something I had never expected, and I don't think I would have ever been ready for...

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