tagNonHumanA Demon's Captive

A Demon's Captive


Sweat covered every inch of my body as I lay panting on the bed, ankles shackled to the corners and wrists shackled together attached to the headboard by a very short chain. My forehead rested on my forearms as I supported my chest off the bed by my elbows. I had been like this for several hours now, having been left here by the sadistic demon bitch I'm supposed to call mistress with only one remark,

"Soon enough you'll be begging for me."

That said she left me here to deal with a vibrating cock ring on full power, thankfully fully clothed. I somehow managed to stay flaccid this whole time through sheer will power alone, but my body was beginning to tire- and fast. Luckily my arms had gone numb quickly, but my body still shook with exertion as I continued my vigil. I refused to give that slut the satisfaction of seeing me give in. Around an hour ago it had started to hurt, the pain spreading through my entire being. My short black hair hung around my head, slick with sweat, making the crimson highlights shine. I closed my deep blue eyes and shouted the name I dreaded the most,

"ALAHIRA!" I almost screamed it.

It wasn't long before she showed up, and I had to admit, if the situation had been different, I may have found her rather attractive. She had a well rounded ass, slim hips and waist, a full chest, and the face of a goddess. She sauntered in the room wearing only a short corset dress that barely covered her top or bottom. Every step she took flaunted her dark slightly crimson skin. Her eyes flared a vibrant red with lust and her tail conveyed that lust. I grimaced, lifting my head to weakly glare at her. She giggled in amusement,

"See, I said you'd call for me, didn't I, Danan? I'm amazed you're still flaccid, after how long it's been."

I groaned, "I've got... More control... Than you think..." I got out, my voice strained from exertion.

She frowned, her tail twitching in irritation as she walked over to me. I watcher her undo my pants and reach inside. She stroked my twitching cock before taking the ring off, I collapsed from exhaustion, only to receive a stinging welt on my back from her tail. Winded, she laughed mockingly, her wings fluttering as she watched me gasp for air, amused. To add to it her tail coiled around my throat tightly, and my world started to go black. I feebly struggled against my bindings, before my body gave out and my world went black. I faintly wondered what torment I would wake up to this time... I started recalling how I ended up here, my own personal place in Hell. Yes, I really was in Hell.

~I had been walking home after having taken my rather drunk girlfriend home late one night after partying all evening. I had only had a few beers, hardly enough to do much more than faintly dull my senses, but even then I knew that she had been too tipsy to even walk, let alone drive home. And I wasn't planning on having a drunken girl on the back of my bike either. I remember hearing a woman crying for help, and I figured I'd see what I could do. There was Alahira, smiling devilishly at me. I knew I had made a big mistake, but before I could turn and leave something hit me in the head and I felt the world slowly slip away.~

A sharp searing pain in my groin snapped me out of my memories; I woke with a cry of pain as Alahira dribbled more hot wax on my tormented penis. She smiled, enjoying my suffering as I tried to ignore my pain, refusing to give her any more pleasure from it. My pants and boxers were on the ground now and although my wrists and ankles were still bound, I was now laying on my back, staring up at that perfect but evil face. Slowly she peeled the wax off and started to kiss my cock, licking and sucking on it.

I writhed beneath her the best I could, noticing her very wet pussy. I knew this meant another unpleasant fuck session for me. My body was still recovering from earlier and I couldn't stop myself from getting hard this time. She smiled and took more of me in her mouth, her forked tongue swirling around my shaft as she started bobbing her head, deepthroating me. I felt pressure well up in my balls as she kept on, then she stopped, and I knew it was only about to get worse. I pulled on my bindings hoping to break free, fully knowing that I couldn't no matter how hard I tried.

I felt myself slide in her; she was still tight even after who knows how many fuck-sessions we've had. I closed my eyes, turned my head, and groaned. My mind once more drifted to the past...

~I groaned, my head was throbbing, it was unpleasantly hot, and it smelled strongly of sulfur. As I went to put my hand on my head my hands stopped short, I then opened my eyes. My wrists were shackled together and chained to the headboard of a bed, I pulled my then free feet under me and sat up, wondering how I ended chained up to someone's bed and it wasn't mine. I had jumped when she first spoke,

"My name is Alahira, and I'm your mistress. Welcome to Hell Danan."

The way she said it sent a cold shiver down my spine as I realized I was dead... 24 and in Hell already...I believed in Hell, having summoned a few demons to do my bidding a few times, I guess I never thought I'd end up being the tormented though.~

I snapped awake in a cold sweat, my legs once more free of their bindings. I flexed them and shifted to sit up. My head was once more pounding and my body was screaming at me. I groaned and put my head in my hands. My clothes were once more in tatters, and the only way I'd get new ones was if I became her little slut. I groaned and lay on my side, relaxing and letting my body recover. I was surprised to have woken up on my own, alone this time. I wondered what she had planned this time, but was willing to accept the break. I strained with the chain, before sighing and giving up.

I jumped when she came in, then I turned bleach white as a naked guy with a rather large erection followed her in. She ordered me on my belly and I shook my head, terrified. Grabbing me she lengthened the wrist chains only to shackle my legs to the legs of the bed, leaving me stretched and bent over the end of the bed with my ass easily accessible.

The guy took his position behind me and slid one lubricated finger into my hole causing me to squirm. I began to beg for her to stop this, to get the guy to back off him, but she only cackled and settled on the bed and shoved my face in her crotch, demanding me to eat her pussy.

I struggled to get away from them before giving in and running my tongue over her pussy, sucking on her clit. My tongue dipped inside her, before pulling out to flick her clit again before tongue fucking her. Her moans picked up she came over and over, demanding I lick every drop of her spending.

Soon though I felt the rather large cock head press against my back door and I looked up to beg Alahira to stop the demon behind me, the demons strong hands getting a firm grip on my waist. Instead I just had my face shoved back into her wetness, and pain surged through me as the thick demon cock slowly inched inside my virgin ass, until I was practically howling in pain, Alahira then got up and moved off the bed to watch, dripping wet still.

I struggled frantically as the cock stretched my hole to the point I felt that I was being split in two, now buried up to the hilt, his balls resting against my ass. I looked over to the demoness, now fingering herself frantically as she watched. Soon the demon picked up pace, pulling almost all the way out until just the head was in then slamming all the way in, causing me to scream.

I could feel his cock twitching inside me as his release was on the way, and I screamed for him to stop, and his thrusting only sped up. Soon he came, his cum filling my bowels and he rather painfully pulled out and left me there, shaking from pain.

I noticed my ankles being undone and I was being flipped over before being chained back up like I was earlier. Mounting my regretfully hard member, she began to ride me, grinding against me and leaning in to kiss me, and if felt like my tongue was going to be torn out as she sucked on it and stroked the inside of my mouth with her rather long and creepy forked tongue.

She rode me for hours, moaning and howling in pleasure as I resigned to my fate and started thrusting up as she came down, and she had orgasm after orgasm, while leaving me at the edge the whole time. I groaned as she finally allowed me my release. I came hard, sending what seemed like a never ending flow of cum into her, before she collapsed on top of me, my cock still inside of her.

We were both panting as I drifted off, barely catching the last thing she said,

"We'll have to do this more often."

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