An Open Window


Finally the weather has cooled down a little bit, allowing for my favorite time of year. I love to open the windows and enjoy real air. Summers are so hot that the central air always runs and then winter requires a heater. There are just a few months when the windows can be opened and a breeze is such a nice guest then, pushing through the windows. The fact that open windows are not that common can explain how one can forget a very important detail when going about normal events each day.

My very creative mind combined with my strong sex drive mean that I often take a break during the day to play with my nice wet pussy. I have a lot of toys, more than most women you know in fact and this allows for a lot of variety. A telephone conversation with you, the sound of your voice, a discussion about the other night can start my imagination going and I get out a toy or two to think about it even more as I pleasure myself. This is common but part of what happened is out of the ordinary.

While talking to you on the phone, I snuggle into my bed. You can hear how relaxed I am and wish that you were there to snuggle in behind me, pressing your naked body right up against mine. You know that the closeness of you would set my body on fire. No other action at all would be needed for my nipples to become very hard, almost begging you to touch them. You would feel me press my ass back into you and my entire body tense up as I felt desire build for you.

I mention that it is nice out and that I need to close the windows before going to sleep in passing. The comment really has no significance or does it? We talk about your last visit and how awesome it was. I was so wet and impatient, dying to have you naked and touching me that you teased me. I see the benefit to patience, but seem to have little of it either way. It is time for you to go because of work and you tell me you will call me back later. As I tell you okay, and talk to you later, you hear the desire in my voice and know that I will get my toys out.

You go in to work and find out that you have a break, unexpectedly but you quickly know what you will do for the next 2 hours. Hearing my voice in your head, you start to drive to my house, watching the clock. It has only been 10 minutes since we hung up and if you drive straight to my house. Your cock hardens at the thought of it as you continue to focus on the road.

After I hung up the phone, I try to lay in bed and sleep. I find that our conversation is rolling around in my head and that brings back vivid images of the last time we were together. I do my best to push them from my mind, but find that I am really enjoying the thought of it. Thinking about how you teased me by blowing on my very wet pussy and how you sucked my clit into you mouth when I was sure I would bust from anticipation. The way that I came repeatedly as you licked and finger fucked me, one orgasm after another.

I fought it for a little while but once I got the image of your nice hard cock in my mouth and your hands on my head pulling me into you I gave up the fight. I get out of bed and go to pick out a toy or two, the images of your naked body still in my head as I do so. I select a nice thick dildo and a vibrating bullet and lay back in the bed. The soft light next to my bed is on and I decide to leave it that way. I start by putting the bullet right on my clit and feel the instant gratification of this. My body responds quickly and I keep the images in my head as I spread my legs farther and become lost in the moment.

I am partially under the covers but as I squirm, my body is slowly uncovered. The sound of wet fills the room and I notice that the smell of wet pussy is there also. I know how much you enjoy both of these things, which only makes me play more so. I am rubbing my very swollen clit and softly moaning, enjoying the feel of this toy and glad for the release. This will help me to sleep, I think, get it off my mind. What I don’t know is that you are on the way to my house right now.

In fact, you get to the house and remember that little detail about my window being opened. I am probably not asleep yet and therefore, didn’t get up to shut the windows yet. You think that you can sneak up next to my window and start to stroke to see if it gets my attention. Wouldn’t that be a surprise for me? You think. You call me just to be sure I am not sleeping and you can hear in my voice that I am playing. I do my best to hide it as I answer, but you have heard me enough to know.

The minute I figure out it is you, I go back to rubbing my clit and decide to let you listen as I slide that toy right into my pussy. The sound of your voice just drives me crazy. What I don’t know is that you are walking up next to the house to look into the window. You tell me that you need to get back to work and that you will talk to me later. I wish you could listen to me cum, I tell you and you say that you will imagine it. As I hang up the phone, you get to my window and see me lying there.

As you watch me through the window, you see my glistening pussy and can actually hear the wet. You know that I am going to cum very soon from my moans and actions. You look around for a moment and realize that an observant neighbor could see me easily and that I must have forgotten the detail of the open window. As you hear my breathing get more intense and watch me plunge the toy deep into my pussy, you forget that and merely watch. You feel your cock getting so hard in your pants, almost uncomfortable.

With that thought, I cum, deep and hard but I don’t stop at all. I force myself to continue playing and you laugh at that. How in the world did you meet a woman who has such a sex drive you think as you don’t take your eyes off me. You move into the window more realizing that I am not going to see you there. I am completely oblivious to the window at all. This view is much better as I spread my legs and literally fuck my pussy hard. You can see how pink it is and wet also. What an amazing sight it is. You thought you might surprise me but this is so much more interesting you think.

I am now using my fingers to rub my clit hard and fast as my other hand fucks my pussy hard. I threw the vibrating bullet to the side and already came a second time this way. I don’t stop again but keep going with more intensity. You can almost see my pussy throb from where you are standing and the smell of sex is coming out the window and hitting you right in the face. Out of instinct, you unzip your pants and your nice hard cock pops out. You reach down and barely rub it and it feels very good. At this point, I am oblivious to you but you are also oblivious to your surroundings. You almost forget you are standing in my yard looking in my window at me.

You watch me cum yet again, hear my moaning and realize that your cock is in your hand and you are stroking. It feels so good. Very softly under your breath, you encourage me. Telling me “oh yes, baby, make that pussy cum” and “fuck it good for me” with your hand stroking your cock with long deep strokes. You never take your eyes off of me as I cum once again. You can see the tightness in my neck as my pussy literally oozes wet around that toy. You notice that I seem to be slowing down and keep watching. You wonder if I heard your encouragement and briefly consider moving away from the window. Something stops you from doing so.

I look up and directly at the window. You see panic on my face for a split second until I realize it is you. A smile spreads across my face as I realize that you have been watching me and then I see your cock in your hand. “Oh what a nice surprise” I say. You smile at me and never stop stroking. I prop pillows under my head so I can watch you and slide that toy deep as I spread my legs as wide as possible. “Good view?” I ask and you just stroke faster. Great way to answer me, I think.

“Please cum for me” I beg “as you stand outside my window and watch me”. I see an evil grin spread across your face as you continue to stroke. The fan blows across my body and toward the window which blows the smell of my nice wet pussy right into your face. Just at that moment, you loose control. You start to cum right outside my window with your cock in your hand. I do my best not to stop with the toy because I know you enjoy watching but I want to get close to you so badly and feel your cum across my face. Patience, I think to myself. I know you will come inside soon. Once you do that, I can slide your cock into my mouth like I want to so badly.

You finally stop and I can hear your quick breathing. I know that your heart is beating very fast without even touching you. I watch as you attempt to regain control and realize what just happened. You start to look around to see if anyone has seen it also. It appears that we are all alone in our voyeur fantasy. “How about you shut these windows and I come inside?” You ask me as you start to pull yourself together. I smile at you, and get up to close them as you start to walk across the yard. You hope that I don’t dress in anything to meet you at the door. You are sure that is locked like it is supposed to be. You smile as you see me walk toward the large sliding door to let you in. Just as you had hoped, not a stitch of clothing on me and you still have another hour and a half. What a great way to spend a break.

C K & L

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