tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAn Opportunity Not To Be Missed Ch. 23

An Opportunity Not To Be Missed Ch. 23


Mandy had decided enough was enough with Mr Nasim and persuaded her father to let her take driving lessons from someone else. He didn't ask too many questions as Mandy just pretended that she couldn't get along with him, saying that he wasn't a very good instructor and she thought a more experienced person would be better.

Besides this they were all wrapped up in the preparations for the forthcoming family wedding to worry too much about it. Mandy's cousin was getting married and had asked her to be the main bridesmaid. She was thrilled at being asked and even more excited over the thought of the expensive made to measure dress she was going to wear. She had been for a couple of fittings and although she wasn't going to see the dress until the actual day she couldn't help being excited at the thought of wearing it, she just knew she was going to look like a fairytale princess.

After all the preparation the day finally came and everyone met at the brides house to get ready. The dresses had arrived earlier that day and the dressmaker was there to assist in getting both Mandy and her cousin ready. Along with Mandy there were two other bridesmaids, both youngsters whose dresses were bought off the peg, they arrived at the house all dressed and ready to go.

The brides family were quite wealthy and a good deal of time and money had been spent on every detail. The ceremony was to be held in a small local church with everyone then going on to a big swanky hotel after for the reception and evening party.

With everyone waiting downstairs the bride finally appeared at the top of the stairs in her full white dress. There were the usual "ooooh's" and "aaaah's" from everyone as she came down. She looked lovely as all brides do, but as she came down the stairs all eyes switched to Mandy as she came into view behind her. The few men that were there could only stand in dumbstruck silence unable to quite believe the wondrous sight that greeted them.

She looked just about as amazing as it was possible for a girl to be, nobody could deny that they had never seen anything quite like it in their lives. She was not only stunningly beautiful in her bridesmaids outfit but also just about too sexy for words. She lit up the whole room as she stood there like some sort of fairytale Princess, the sort that grown men can only ever dream of.

Her face was a picture of pure beauty, her hair all gathered up on top of her head with pretty blond ringlets dangling either side of her face.

Her dress was a very pale shade of lemon, a colour that went so well with her lovely golden skin. The top half was a perfectly fitted bodice made of silk subtly embroidered with very fine lace. It fitted tightly around her slender waist and the two lace trimmed cups fitted the beautiful shape of her huge round breasts perfectly. Being strapless it seemed to be a gravity defying miracle the way it held out her obviously hefty bust in front of her. Her shoulders were completely bare, her flawless young skin was so smooth and taut. All that hung around her neck was a delicate silver chain with a tiny matching cross that sat comfortably just above her exposed mountainous cleavage.

The bottom edge of the bodice section stopped either side at her waist and followed the line of her hips down the front forming a "V" shape just below her tummy. The lower part of the silk dress flowed tightly over her ass showing off its steep outward curve from the small of her back and its gorgeous shape to perfection. From mid-way down her thighs it cascaded out freely all the way to the floor, as she took each step down the stairs she gathered the front of the dress in her hand just above the knee giving a teasing glimpse of each white stocking clad foot in matching white heels.

Not only did she look unbelievably sexy but she also looked extremely elegant, the fairytale dress combined with her youthful sweetness gave her such purity that she had an almost virginal look about her. These attributes combined made her a truly amazing sight to behold, there wasn't a man there who wouldn't have given anything to plunder this "virginity." To say she outshone the bride would be an understatement, she looked so gorgeous that hardly anyone even noticed the most important person of the day.

Anyway they set off for the church and on their arrival they had to pause for a few photographs before going inside, strangely enough there were quite a few people taking pictures, mostly men, and mostly of Mandy...

The church service went well and the deed was done, all the women thought the bride looked wonderful, but every man from 18 to 80 didn't seem that interested, most of the time none of them could take their eyes off the unbelievably gorgeous bridesmaid.

After the service everyone gathered outside for yet more photographs, and again it seemed that there were a lot being taken. The truth was that the way Mandy looked in her exquisitely made dress, and the way it displayed her fantastically voluptuous 20 year old body, was just something that every red blooded male there couldn't resist taking pictures of.

Of course in her usual innocent and naive way Mandy was blissfully unaware that more cameras were focused on her than the bride, and also unaware of the affect she was having on just about every man there.

For a while everyone was left hanging around outside the church waiting for the cars to take them to the hotel. It was quite a crowd and the glorious sunshine meant that everyone was quite happy to wait around chatting for a while. Mandy of course stuck close to the bride as was her duty and as the cars arrived she stepped back to one side to allow the newly married couple into the main car.

As she did she thought she felt a hand brush lightly across her ass. She thought nothing of it, there was a big crowd and it was probably a simple accident. Then she felt it again only this time she knew it wasn't an accident as it lingered for a few moments before withdrawing. She swung around to see a few people gathered behind her, it could have been any of them and Mandy didn't want to make a fuss, instead she hoped that her reaction was enough to put off whoever it was.

A few seconds passed and she couldn't believe it, she felt it again, but this time not only did it linger but it also gave a cheeky squeeze. Mandy quickly turned to see a hand suddenly pull away, it belonged to a little old man in a flat cap standing looking the other way in an attempt to make it look as if it wasn't him.

She couldn't believe the nerve of the dirty old sod, but rather than cause an embarrassing scene she simple moved away and went to get in the car which had now arrived for her.

As they got to the hotel and the reception got under way everyone started to relax thanks to the free alcohol being handed around. The food had been served, the speeches done, and now people were happily mixing and chatting with each other as the lights dimmed and the music for the evening party got started.

It was all taking place in a huge function room on the ground floor of the hotel. At one end was the dance floor with seating around the edges and at the other was the bar where most people were hanging around.

Mandy, of course, was receiving rather a lot of attention, she thought how nice and friendly everyone was and couldn't see the obvious reason why that would be. Some men were freely chatting her up even though their wives were in the room, this was the affect she had, causing seemingly rational men to act quite out of character and suddenly become like love-struck schoolboys. Mandy of course couldn't see it, she knew men found her attractive but had little idea of how irresistible they all found her, she was just happy to be having such a nice time talking to so many "nice" people.

While all this was going on Mandy was unaware of the two fat old men sitting over in the corner on their own. They were members of the grooms family, distant uncles that nobody really knew too well, mainly because they never really mixed with the rest of the family, they preferred to keep themselves to themselves.

The only thing most people agreed on was that they were, to say the least, odd! They were brothers, not twins, but very similar in appearance. Both in their late fifties, and both fat unhealthy looking characters, with greasy hair combed across their balding heads that looked as if they must have cut it themselves. The strangest thing everyone thought about them was that they both lived together, they always had ever since their mother died when they were still quite young. They were rather weird looking, sort of backward and a little scary. Their clothes were obviously very old and clearly the wrong size with their huge bellies straining their shirt buttons and hanging over their uncomfortable looking trousers. They had fat necks covered in unshaven stubble that bulged from their tight shirt collars looking like they were almost being strangled.

Their names were Roy and Kenny, and they were a right old couple of perverts. They had come to the wedding excited at the prospect of being in the close company of so many attractive women in fine and sexy outfits bought especially for the day. There were indeed many good looking women there, and all of them very eye-catching in lovely summer dresses or nicely fitted suits, a true feast for the eyes of a couple of dirty old men. The truth was however that they had obviously spotted Mandy as soon as she arrived, as did everyone else, and hadn't been able to take their creepy old eyes off her ever since.

Being brothers and closer than most they shared an almost unhealthy obsession with women. Being odd looking old and very fat they spent much of their time fantasising over them but very little of their time actually in the company of any, so today was a real treat for them both.

The only satisfaction they ever got normally was from watching pornography on the TV, reading it in magazines or surfing for it on their computer. The closeness they had meant that they had no secrets from each other, they were equally as disgusting and perverted, one would think nothing of it if the other got the urge while maybe watching TV to wank himself off. They couldn't help themselves, whether it was going out at night and peeping through bedroom windows with their binoculars, or stealing ladies underwear from washing lines, or even just parking their car in town to sit and watch all the women walking by, it was a subject that was constantly on their minds.

Mandy is completely unaware of the affect she is having on these two sweaty old men as she took to the dance floor with everyone else. This gave them the opportunity to have a real good long ogle of her.

"God just fuckin' look at her," Kenny said to his brother, "just imagine gettin' yer hands on them fuckin' tits."

"Yeah I know," replied Roy, "what I wouldn't give to pump my spunk up that. Jeez just look at the fuckin' ass on it too."

She looked just incredible as she maneuvered around the dance floor, as she turned her back to them they both fixed their gaze on her ass. The lemon coloured silk of her dress stretched teasingly across its outward jutting shape, the material was so fine that you could clearly see each cheek give a sexy little jiggle with every step she took.

"Ooooh fuck yes," whispered Roy under his breath as he allowed his eyes to devour Mandy's extreme curvaceousness. "I may have to go up to our room for a quick wank if this keeps up," he said to Kenny gesturing towards the tent in his trousers.

"Yeah me too," answered his equally dirty and perverted brother, "I tell you, there's a real chance that she's gonna make me come right here in my trousers if I'm not careful."

Roy quietly laughed and nodded his head in agreement at his brothers comment.

They had booked themselves a room so they were free to drink as much as they liked, and they liked to drink a lot, hence the fat bellies and general unhealthy appearance.

Mandy meanwhile was still blissfully unaware of their attention as she moved her way around the dance floor. She was more concerned with the little old man in the flat cap that she encountered earlier. He had reappeared and was standing at the edge drinking a pint of beer watching her every move. The expression "undressing her with his eyes" came to mind, and it made Mandy feel uncomfortable, especially as he didn't seem to be bothered by the fact that she was aware of his ogling and clearly unhappy about it.

He had to be pushing 70 years old if not more and seemed to be swaying from side to side somewhat, it was clear that he had obviously had rather a lot to drink.

After a few minutes Mandy got tired of his constant staring, anyone would think he had never seen a woman before, and so she left the floor to go and sit down.

With her family all up on the floor dancing Mandy found herself sitting alone still aware of the dirty old man staring at her. It wasn't long before he staggered drunkenly over towards her, she could see him coming and grew more nervous. With nowhere to go she just sat frozen to her seat in the hope that if she ignored him he would leave her alone.

Within moments he was standing over her still swaying slightly from side to side, she could smell the stench of alcohol on him. She tried to pretend he wasn't there but he was standing so close that it was impossible to ignore him.

"W...would you l...like to dance y...young lady?" he slurred.

Mandy looked up at him and smiled politely as she declined his "offer". He was still wearing his flat cap and she noticed the ruddy red complexion of his craggy aged old face, a look that must have come from years of alcohol abuse.

As he hovered over her she noticed him blatantly staring straight down her cleavage, almost drooling over it. She grew more uncomfortable as he didn't seem to take the hint, instead he continued to stand there admiring the spectacular view. As Mandy's looked down she couldn't help but notice his groin just inches from her face, it was then she noticed the huge bulge pointing north in his trousers.

Just as she began to panic some of her friends and family came back to join her and one of them ushered the old man away.

"Don't worry about him," a friend told her, "he's quite well known for being a bit of an old perv' but he's harmless enough."

All the while Kenny and Roy had been sitting not far away watching the events with some interest, understanding exactly how the old man felt. The sight of Mandy had got them also aroused to the point that they couldn't decide what to do. Go upstairs for some quick relief or stay and enjoy the terrible tease of watching her some more.

As they sat there they hadn't noticed the old drunk standing beside them.

"What you wouldn't give for 5 minutes alone with that eh?"

His voice startled them and they were momentarily embarrassed at being caught out, that was until they realised it was the like-minded old man.

"I don't reckon them fuckin' tits are fake y'know," he went on with a drunken slur in his voice, "what a lovely pair, she's so young too, I bet they're nice and firm......just like her ass."

The brothers both looked up at him puzzled by his last comment.

"Yeah I had a crafty feel earlier," he boasted. He then pondered for a moment as if in deep thought, "she looks just like a girl in a porn video I once saw."

At that it was as if a bomb went off in Kenny's mind, of course, how could he have not realised? The overweight slob grabbed his equally overweight brother by the arm and pulled him quickly to his feet.

"E...excuse us," he turned and said to the old drunk as he hurriedly dragged his brother away.

"What you doin'?" asked Roy somewhat annoyed.

"Look I brought some videos for us to watch later and if I'm not wrong I think she's in one of 'em."

Roy suddenly realised what he was saying and instantly knew the one he was talking about. "Oh my God! I think you might be right!"

They got in the elevator and hit the button to take them up to their room, it was a huge hotel and they were on the sixteenth floor, the journey felt like a lifetime for the two excited brothers.

When they got there they hurriedly rummaged through Kenny's case for the video. Soon it was in the player and the two of them watched with their mouths wide open as they found themselves watching the gorgeous bridesmaid that they had been drooling over all day straddling some old man on his bed as naked as the day she was born.

For a few moments neither of them could speak, this was their favorite video and they couldn't believe they hadn't recognised her when it was clearly so obvious. It just never entered their minds that it could possibly be her, never in their wildest dreams would they have ever expected to meet this girl in the flesh.

The two fat sweaty old perverts giggled like a couple retarded idiots before they gathered the video in it's case and went to take it downstairs.

"What you going to do?" Roy asked his brother excitedly as they stood in the elevator on their way back down.

Kenny paused a moment, "well I thought you were going to tell her how we're her biggest fans," he replied, and, well, I don't know."


"Yeah you."

"Why not you?"

Soon the brothers were bickering amongst themselves over who was going to approach this girl. The problem was that they were both completely inexperienced at talking to women, despite their old age and rampant appetite for the opposite sex when it came down to it they found the prospect of talking to such an incredibly gorgeous young girl like Mandy quite daunting.

Then as they arrived back at the party they caught sight of the little old man still eyeing her up from a distance. The two fat old brothers turned and smiled knowingly at each other, it seemed they had both had the same idea. From what they had seen of him earlier he clearly hadn't got the same hang-ups as them at talking to her, in fact he didn't seem to care what she thought.

They went and spoke to the old man and told him how he was right about her being in a porn video and they had got a copy with them.

After some discussion between them they had decided the brothers would go back to their room with the video and just wait. The drunken old boy convinced them that if they left it to him he would get her up there for them.

As they departed the two brothers took a quick look at Mandy and nudged one another excitedly. She had gone up to the bar and was standing ordering a drink, they had never seen a more gorgeous creature in their lives. The exquisite dress she wore seemed almost fluid-like as it cascaded over her unbelievably sexy figure, her huge bust and firm inviting ass looked mouth watering good. It seemed impossible to think that this stunning beauty would soon be with them in their room.

After a few moments they scurried off and the old drunk sidled up to her with his beer glass in his hand. Mandy could smell him before she saw him, she spun around and there he was with a stupid grin on his craggy old red face.

"I knew I knew you," he said before she could speak, "there's a couple of guys having a bit of a video show upstairs....and guess who the star is?"

Mandy's blood suddenly ran cold, this was her worst fear, today of all days she didn't want this subject to raise it's ugly head and yet here was someone telling her that he not only knows who she is but that there is a copy of the video in the hotel.

She was terrified she couldn't let anyone know of it's existence let alone risk it finding it's way down here to the party.

She didn't know what to say, the old man just stood swaying from side to side staring at her incredible cleavage. With the lace cups of her dress moulded perfectly to each wonderfully rounded breast all he wanted to do was touch them with his dirty old hands. Such things of beauty seemingly offering themselves out so proudly as if deliberately tempting and teasing. They were so big, so obvious it was like they were inviting all to take the dare and just grab them.

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