tagRomanceAn Ordinary Man's Life Ch. 02

An Ordinary Man's Life Ch. 02


Dear Readers,

First off, I would like to apologize for any confusion I have caused in regards to the title of this story. I of course knew that the title was not 100% accurate to the plot of the story. The title was actually chosen in order to throw a little bit of irony into the equation. The basic idea was to have fun with my story. If you feel the need to throw some blame around, please blame my odd sense of humor. Furthermore, though it really need not be said, Todd is no superman. He does have in his possession though a relatively unique personality for someone his age. There are certain parts of the story for which I have taken artistic liberties. This IS a fictional story after all. Thank you for choosing to continue reading my story, and as always, feel free to comment. Also, constructive criticism is always best. Don't just tell me that I suck or that I made a mistake and I suck, tell me why you think I suck, and how you think my story can be improved.

Last but not least a big ʹThank Youʹ goes to my editor, Compleeter, who did a great job making my story a much better read.


Todd could feel his 8 inches harden in less than a second.

They rushed to Todd's room and undressed immediately.

ʺYour mother helped me to clean out my rectum for you. She is very friendly and completely uninhibited also.ʺ

ʺI know." Todd said. "She is a great mother, and from what I've overheard between them, a wonderful wife and great lover to my dad. My God Andromeda, I can't believe how much has happened to us in just two days. It's almost like a fairy tale.ʺ

ʺNo Todd, nothing like that, it is reality. Look my love, it doesn't really matter whether a couple knows each other for two years or two days when they love each other as much as we do.

ʺYou know we were immensely attracted to each other from the very first moment. This is a rare occasion. That we have quickly established this special bond is hard to fathom. And we both felt it at the same time, also a rare occurrence. I believe it's a combination of a lot of factors. The mutual attraction I have already mentioned. Then there is the fun we have together all the time, as well as the familiarity and comfort after a very short time. Then came that moment when we found out that our sexual chemistry was out of this world. But it was not only the sex Todd. We were emotionally involved from the very first second. Also our age difference didn't seem to make any difference at all. Think about our first kiss and how both we reacted to each other. When I held your steel hard cock in my hand at your front door I thought for a moment that I wanted to strip you, push you down and mount you. I've never felt like that before, and it truly seems that you felt the same urges.

ʺAnd then there was yesterday when you tortured my nipples, then you pushed your cock into me part way, and you tortured my nipples again before moving into me a bit more, and once you were completely in me and we kissed, I knew immediately that we had a special bond. There was no other choice but for us to fall in love with each other. Most other couples need years in order to achieve the same outcome we have established in a very short time, period.ʺ

Todd nodded emphatically, agreeing with Andromeda. There was no need to add anything, even if he had been able to do so. This thought seemed to create a need for more kisses between them, until they had to break for air again.

Still breathing hard, Andromeda said, ʺHoney, it's time to make me completely your woman. I can't wait any longer to have your wonderful cock in my ass. ʺ

ʺMe too, honey, but you will have to guide me on how to do it properly. I don't want to hurt you.ʺ

ʺLet me tell you something Todd that you can use in your future sex life, because after we have done this, I'm sure you want to do it with every woman who is willing. You know, I don't keep you away from other women like Samantha. As we have already agreed there is no future for us together with you away at college for years and me here at work. We all have our needs.

ʺThe most important thing about anal sex is that the woman in question wants to be an active participant, and that the act is not only for the enjoyment of her partner. Putting pressure on her for this type of penetration will rarely result in much fun for her and a lack of enjoyment is not good in the long run. I once read a book where a man performed an anal seduction over a period of two months. He very carefully implemented his will and ideas into her head, slowly but surely, until the woman eventually thought the idea came from her own mind. The bottom line is to patient with your partner.

ʺFor example, look at your parents, they have been married for almost 25 years and they still enjoy anal sex regularly. Another important thing is that both partners have to be comfortable with this special act. I am quite sure that there was never any pressure from either one of them towards the other. Some people may feel the need to do it, but this is because they have been pressured or emotionally made to do it. There are a lot of reasons why a person may not want to have anal sex. Some examples might be; upbringing, religion, medical issues, bad habits, bad hygiene, unreliable partners, fear of physical harm and so on.

ʺBut those are only hypothetical concerns for us. We both want this and we're both comfortable with it.

ʺA nice start would be like you did yesterday, just rim my asshole with your mouth, lips and tongue while your fingers play with my pussy. Then use the lube, a lot of it. First use it on your fingers and then on your cock. I find that three fingers is usually enough to dilate an asshole gradually. As you know, I have previously fucked men with a strap-on.

ʺSome women like to train their sphincter themselves for anal sex, and there is nothing wrong with that idea. Using different sized butt-plugs or dildos regularly over a period of time can normally make rectal penetration quite easy and less painful.

ʺI prefer a more personal method to get myself prepared. I don't want my sphincter to stay stretched out over a long period of time from using toys. Now, you might ask, when is my asshole ready for your cock? I'll certainly tell you, don't worry, and with a little experience you will know it as well. Let's begin, I'll guide you." She quickly went to her hands and knees.

For the first part of her preparation, Todd needed no guidance. He repeated the same enthusiastic rim job he had performed yesterday, relaxing her anus in the process. She gasped repeatedly as his tongue assaulted her rosebud more energetically as part of his actions, trying to enter it.

At one point she yelled for him to stop his fingers from sliding in and out of her pussy, simply because she had gotten too excited. She didn't want to come before his cock was in her ass.

Andromeda gasped as she said. ʺTodd, normally I would enjoy your fingers fucking me while you ready my ass. But at this point, that means I would cum before your cock enters my ass. I want to try something different this time around. I've never had a so called anal orgasm, perhaps this is a myth, and I want to know for sure. You know I've only had anal sex with five men before tonight and I was never really emotionally relaxed with any of them. Now my whole bottom is on fire thanks to your wonderful touch and I feel a whirl of heat and excitement in my bowels. It's a new experience and I'm curious to see if I can experience this anal orgasm I've heard about. At the moment I can think of nothing I'd like better than to have your wonderful cock in my ass. But for now, I'm ready for your fingers my love.ʺ

Todd's left hand remained on her pussy as his right hand continued towards the digital assault on her anus. First one finger, then a second and a third, all equally lubed, entered her ass. She was really tight. He began rotating his fingers in a circular motion, slowly and carefully. As a side effect of her excitement Todd felt his cock getting harder than ever before, throbbing in anticipation of her lesser used orifice.

She moaned loudly in response, quivering sensually, she pleaded. ʺOh yes, that's it, keep doing me.ʺ

While Andromeda tried to relax her sphincter she remembered her last time with Leo, approximately seven or eight months ago. As you already know she wasn't very keen to have anal sex with customers. With her former husband to be (You know the one, the runaway groom.) she did it a few times at his request, but he was clumsy and it wasn't really exciting for her. In her younger years with her married lover it was a regular thing. Normally it was fun, but it certainly was never mind-blowing.

However with Todd it seemed her ass had been waiting her whole life for his cock. Her arousal reached new dimensions. She was amazed at how expertly Todd dilated her anus with his fingers. She'd learned from Todd's massage yesterday about the sensitivity in his hands. She felt him relube his fingers every few moments.

ʺMy love, I'm ready. The last little bit of this joyful exercise you will have to do with your not so little cock. Aim the head at my sphincter and push in with slow, steady pressure. I'll try to relax and press back like I have to go to the toilet, but don't worry, I'm absolutely clean.ʺ

Todd, having no doubts at this point, removed his fingers and placed the head of his thoroughly lubed cock at her semi-gaping hole. Her anus, which despite his preparatory efforts, was still not quite open enough for his girth.

He applied pressure as she had instructed with his very hard cock and with surprising ease the first two inches plopped into her ass. His steel rod didn't bend one millimeter as Andromeda moaned out loud and pushed her ass softly back against him. Her outer and inner sphincter immediately tightened behind the broad ridge of his glans, clamping down on his shaft.

He had a fantastic view of his cock in her delicious bottom and the feeling was better than anything he had ever expected.

ʺStop Todd, oh my god you're in my ass. Stay still for a few minutes. Let me get used to your girth.ʺ

ʺDid I hurt you my love? ʺ Todd asked.

ʺNo Todd, not at all, you feel fantastic. It's just that it's not every day I have such a thick cock in my ass.ʺ Andromeda giggled uncontrollably.

What an exceptional woman, Todd thought happily.

Without speaking they both started moving again.

Deeper and deeper his fat cock slid its way into the depths of her bowels. The head of his cock was so deep inside her it felt like it was making contact with her intestines.

They both shared a tremendous sense of sexual fulfillment.

Andromeda suddenly cried out in ecstasy. Somewhere deep inside her she felt his fat cockhead. The tremors of excitement in her bowels and his rigid dick had combined to push her excitement to new levels.

Todd couldn't believe the sensation he felt when his cock was finally buried fully and his pubic bones made contact with her full, round bottom. He had to be careful not to clench his fingers too hard in her delicious ass flesh while he impaled her.

Keeping her skewered, he bent forward, kissed her back and took her dangling breasts in his hands, twisting her hard nipples gently between his fingers.

ʺJesus! My love, this is completely awesome! It's so unbelievable. I'm in your tight, beautiful butt. How does it feel? ʺ

ʺI feel fuller than ever. Yes, completely awesome! I believe I'm on the verge of an anal orgasm. Amazing too! Fuck my ass now, I'm ready.ʺ

They moved together in a musical symphony. Their carnal noises turned into a frantic breathing. Todd stroked back and forth into her with increasing speed until he fucked her ass hard and fast. With every movement his big heavy balls bounced off her drenched cunt. He tried to keep his hands on her breasts but this proved impossible. He supported her lively rotating hips instead, kneading her hot flesh.

Soon they were both overwhelmed with exceedingly ecstatic passion. Both lovers were moaning and groaning desperately, experiencing extraordinary pleasure from the friction between his cock and her ass.

Inside her it felt like his spear was getting longer and longer, traveling up her spine, meeting her brain, where it sent all her erotic senses into overdrive. Her orgasm was out of this world. Her body became a bundle of convulsing flesh and electrified nerves as her orgasmic cries turned into uncontrolled outbursts. Massive amounts of pussy juice drenched his balls.

Todd was in the same state of sensory overload. Her asshole clenched around his cock spasmodically while his balls spilled out the essence of his masculinity through his cock. Nor was he any less noisy than his lover.

Intensely she felt the heat of his cum as it flooded her insides. This only served to make her climax even stronger.

And then came the heat wave and burned their emotions and passion to ashes, literally.

They almost fainted and collapsed on his bed, with his cock not surprisingly, still deep in her ass.

For some minutes Todd was unable to keep his weight off her body, though it didn't really matter because Andromeda was in no state of mind to register it. They both lay together in a tangled heap, recovering gradually over a short span.

Slowly they became aware again and Todd's cock deflated and slid out of her ass. As they lay on their sides breathing heavily and huddled together, they were unable to speak for some time.

Once they regained the ability to speak it happened simultaneously and they both exclaimed the same words.

ʺAmazing! Incredible! ʺ

They just laughed together.

Andromeda grinned and said, ʺI don't want this to be a daily occurrence but you can bet your life, it will happen often.ʺ

ʺI feel the same, honey. Often is fine with me, but not daily. Pacing ourselves will make us even more eager for our next round of anal action with your sexy ass.

ʺSpeaking of which, how is your sweet asshole. I hope I didn't damage or destroy it.ʺ

"Not on your life, though it is a little sore, but nothing too bad. Wanna look at it? ʺ

Before he could answer she knelt before him and using her hands she spread her ass cheeks and brazenly showed him her backdoor.

ʺIt's almost completely closed and a little red though certainly no visible damage. Let me get you something, be right back.ʺ

A minute later he came back from the bathroom with a big jar in his hand.

ʺIt's a powerful ointment for abrasions. It's very good and it doesn't irritate the wound or the skin. Let me apply it to your delicious rosebud.ʺ

He got behind her again and used his index finger to collect a big glob. First he applied the salve on her asshole and then very gently placed some of it in her still somewhat slack anus.

She flinched a little bit at his touch but soon felt the substance begin to cool and sooth her bottom. His finger felt good also.

ʺIn an hour or two it should be better.ʺ

ʺThank you my love, ʺ she giggled and kissed him.

After another energetic tongue battle it was time to get back to some other serious matters.

ʺTodd, I'm going to need probably three or four days to get my affairs in order. And your dad asked me to come to his office on Wednesday about the job he offered. Do you think you can endure that much time without me? ʺ

ʺI should because we are in the same boat. I'm sure you will miss me as much as I miss you. ʺ

ʺDon't mention it, I'm already lovesick thinking about our time apart.ʺ

With a lot of playing with each other, they showered together and after dinner she left the Walgren home. She wanted to start her retirement from prostitution early Monday morning.

Todd missed her the whole night.


Samantha had called twice on Sunday trying to get a hold of Todd. His parents answered with a little white lie as he had asked them to do.

ʺSorry Samantha, Todd is not at home.ʺ was their reply both times.

Monday through Thursday at school was almost the same each day with a few exceptions. On Monday Samantha told him how much she had missed him over the weekend, on Tuesday they went together to Denny's Café after school and on Wednesday she told him how horny she was after all the stolen kisses they shared. In Todd's mind she clearly wanted him to fuck her.

Of course, Todd was tempted to fuck her immediately, being the horny young man he was and after having gone more than two days without sex but, he had promised to spend time with a friend who wanted to share some programming ideas with him. Morgan Dexter was a good friend and almost as good in programming as Todd himself was.

He begged off from going out with Samantha and asked her to wait until the senior prom. He knew she wasn't a happy camper. She was well used to having her way around guys and getting them to do as she wanted them to.

On Thursday she gave him the cold shoulder but he basically couldn't have cared less because on Wednesday evening Andromeda had called and told him she would be back the next afternoon. His indifference made Samantha even angrier. How could this dense guy ignore a chance to spend time with such a popular girl like her? She lost her temper at this point and hastily cancelled their date on Friday evening.

Todd asked her at that point whether she was sure she wanted to cancel, and her reply was a petulant yes, with a shrug of his shoulders he decided that he didn't really care either. A few weeks ago he had bought two tickets for a concert that had since sold out, performed by a popular band, and he was sure Andromeda would be more than happy to go with him.

When he came home after school that day he was incredibly pleased to find that Andromeda was already there.

The simple closing of the front door provoked a female tornado that jumped into his arms. Todd was reminded at this point of how effective his ongoing weightlifting program was as he caught and held on to his wonderful little twister.

For the next few minutes they kissed and muttered all the little words that two people in love with each other say about how much they miss each other.

ʺWhere are my parents? ʺ Todd asked.

ʺAt work silly. Your dad graciously decided to give me a key to the house. I cried and promised him around my tears I would die before I would break his trust. Also, I'm now one of his employees. Next Monday is my first day at work.ʺ

ʺThat's my dad, good as always. By the way, he has an extraordinary insight into human nature. Believe me you are worth it, we both think so, my mom too. Let's sit on the couch; I have to tell you something.ʺ

He told her what had happened at school and how Samantha tried to control him and how he handled her. After he mentioned the concert and the band she kissed even him harder.

ʺTodd, oh my God, that's my favorite band. Thank you, thank you so very much.ʺ

They didn't go straight to the bedroom, for there was no need of that. They knew now they had all the time in the world for each other.

Todd ate a small sandwich and drank a coke while Andromeda told him that her departure from her previous 'employment' had been approved and the owners of the company wished her luck.

ʺI can't express how relieved I am. For at least the last two years my job was a burden to me. Todd, you are my love and my greatest fortune has been to meet you.ʺ

ʺMy love, you're welcome. You are my greatest love and fortune also.ʺ

After Todd finished his snack they showered together. Finally having extra time, they weren't in a rush to do it quickly.

Todd was the first to wash Andromeda with the luxury shower gel. He did it thoroughly, soaping her from head to toe. First he pampered her beautiful backside where he paid a lot of attention to her magnificent bottom and the deep asscrack with its delicious rose bud. Two or three times he shoved two soapy fingers gently in her anus and moved them there for some moments. It was an exhilarating task for him and Andromeda got quickly excited. Changing to her front side he was once more amazed how firm her not so small breasts still felt in his hands and when he kissed them properly he was happy how long and hard her nipples became between his sucking lips. Loud lustful moaning was her reaction. Eventually he reached her pussy and travelled with his fingers through her soaking wet slit, more to arouse her than to wash her; it didn't take long under his stimulating efforts until she shuddered in a small yet pleasant orgasm.

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