tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAn Unorthodox Sales Contest Ch. 09

An Unorthodox Sales Contest Ch. 09


The next day, a Thursday, the girls gathered. May was to show up with her husband after I called her requesting a man to help me with a "manly" chore at my house. Her husband, Jerry, is all man. Nice build, great smile. He'd always been easy to talk to at parties or even in the grocery store. And, while he was never overtly flirtatious, there was always something about him that made me want to tug surreptitiously at my neckline to make it more revealing or to put my hand somewhere where he could pick it up and hold it as we talked.

I'd paid particular attention to his cock at the meetings. As he slid it into Freddie at the first meeting and then Suzanne later I'd watched it disappear and reappear. I had watched his ass as his cock slid in and out. I'd take that cock any day -- maybe twice on any day. But I'm getting lost in my fantasy (again!).

In fact I've lost part of my story. Let me take you back a couple of weeks . . . . .

Following our initial get girls togethers, I'd begun talking with the others. My main question was have you ever played with a man's dick until he came. It didn't have to be a husband. Most were a bit horrified at the idea. Some told me that they'd touched "it", but the idea of purposely masturbating a man just to give him pleasure or watch the cum spurt was anathema. Most said that included blow jobs. For myself, I had never done it. I'd give Bob a blow job now and then although I didn't usually let him cum in my mouth. Now I began to wonder what it might be like. The thought of making Bob hard, then continuing to stroke him until he came was very appealing. Bob did it for me occasionally, but I'd never thought to do him.

I did find two who had. One said she'd done it for a boy friend in her teen years to avoid having him practically rape her. The other, once we got to talking about it, said she did it fairly often. It was just one of those things they did to keep things interesting. She told me that they had found a spot on the crest of a high hill near here where she would tie him to a tree naked. She'd use her hands and mouth on him for long periods. She sometimes had a climax herself when he came.

They would go to the crest of that hill with nothing but sex in mind carrying bondage items and other toys. When they got there, they'd either flip a coin or perhaps one had lost a bet. The winner would choose what was to happen. Usually they'd end up fucking on a large flat rock that capped the hill. She wouldn't tell me which hill it was. That was their secret. I didn't push it. I could understand why they wanted that for themselves.

I had asked if anyone ever had happened on them. Sure, she had said, but they were always polite enough to move on.

After compiling this good gossip level information, I had decided that we all needed to learn how to pleasure our husbands better. At the same time, we'd learn things we could pass along to them as to how to give us more pleasure. Sounded like a great adventure to me. When I presented it to the girls, they were in enthusiastic agreement.

We by now admitted that our husbands must masturbate, though we didn't know when or where. We agreed that we'd not interfere with that, but that we'd like to know what they did so we could do it to them as well. We'd also show them what we did for ourselves. However, the idea of just saying, "Husband, I know you masturbate. Show me how you do it" wasn't the plan. The trick would be to find a husband who wouldn't mind showing us the various things he did for himself. Perhaps with that and some explorations on the web, we'd learn enough. We didn't have to know everything, after all.

May had volunteered Jerry. I had volunteered Bob. Candy thought Mark might do it.

This brings me to the present. Though I must clue you, dear reader, into one more important part of this plot. All of our houses have security cameras. Management had gotten spooked some years ago by a break-in. To provide better protection each of our houses had been wired with security cameras. The cameras were generally off, but they could be activated by a security officer at central security if they suspected something. They have a dim red light that glows if the camera is active so we don't feel spied upon. We can also use them ourselves with our own computers. If the camera recognized the requesting computer as belonging to the owner of the house, the light does not come on. It was this latter function that I was taking advantage of today. The girls were gathered in Cheryl's house next door watching on our computer hooked, of course, to their large HDTV.

Alone in my house I called Jerry and asked it he would mind helping me move some furniture complaining that Bob never wanted to help. Of course he'd help, he said. I told him to bring May to help me think about where the furniture should go. Sure, he'd said and the two of them were at my door in minutes.

I was wearing one of Bob's old dress shirts and barefoot. Just a housewife knocking about her house during a day when her husband was out of town.

Jerry was in day-off dress. He was always sexy in my eyes, but he came in wearing a beat up pair of khakis, old tee shirt, and topsiders without socks. He didn't even have a belt and his hair was mussed. I wonder if May had done that. All in all he was perfect. I couldn't wait to see how long he'd last.

We had a general plan of how things were to go, but no specific script. We believed we could play it by ear. I had let Bob in on enough of what I was doing to get him to help me install strong eye bolts in the ceiling where they'd be useful, but not especially noticeable.

All right, I'll confess, I didn't tell Bob the whole truth. In fact much of what I told him wasn't the truth at all. But a girl's got do do what a girl's got to do.

As usual May had on a short, lightweight top that allowed her flat stomach to show and a pair of very short shorts. Her cheeks were easily visible from the rear. She, too, was barefoot.

May and I started talking about the furniture, then she noticed an empty bag and a receipt from a local shop. "Did you make that bra sale," she asked.

"I did. And I think I found at least one that's actually comfortable," I said.

"I can never find just what I want," she said. "I want something that shows cleavage and has those pads on the bottom of the cup to push you up a bit. That's what Jerry likes to see. Isn't that right," she said sexy smile and a wink addressing the last comment to Jerry. Jerry looked the faintest bit uncomfortable, but agreed without reservation.

"I think I know what you mean. That's what I got," I said unbuttoning my shirt. Both she and Jerry were in front of me. "Jerry, you don't mind a bit of girl talk for a minute do you?"

"No," he said, the dear, "you two go right ahead." He was watching me unbutton.

I finished unbuttoning. Jerry took a breath and looked away. I laughed at his discomfort. "Oh Jerry, you can be one of the girls today and look at my bra. Maybe you'll learn something."

"You never know," May assured him, "and I certainly don't mind."

Jerry looked back. "Ok, maybe I will learn something." Now he stared. May had given explicit permission. He wasn't going to miss a thing now.

"They never fit me quite right," said May continuing our interrupted conversation. She felt the bra on the underside of my breast. "How much padding does it have?"

"Well here," I said, "try it on. I think we're about the same size." I dropped the shirt. May nodded assent and pulled her shirt off. I had only the old dress shirt of Bob's on. Panties, yes; shorts, no.

"Should I leave," Jerry gulped.

"Oh, Jerry, you've seen a girl without her bra on before. Make yourself useful and undo this catch." I presented myself to him, but didn't turn my back. He'd have to reach around to undo my bra. "Show me those bra-catch-release tricks all you boys know."

Without my shirt I was now standing in front of him in bra and panties. May was wearing short shorts, no top, no shoes. That Jerry was hard was quite evident. He had to brush against me in order to reach around to my back. I loved the smell of him this close. He fumbled a bit. I moved even closer crushing my breasts against him. He succeeded and the bra came off in his hand. I stepped back.

"Look what you've done," I made him look at my hard nipples. "I like having a man take my bra off. Let me see you put it on May."

He stepped behind May and after some maneuvering of the bra and her breasts managed to get it on her. It was obvious that men learn to take them off, but never learn to put them on. May reached behind her as he tried to get the bra in place. She found his hard cock and gripped it tightly.

"You seem to like doing this," she said with a broad smile.

Then she said, "this bra feels good. I'll have to stop over there if the sale is still on. You can take it off, Jerry."

Jerry handed the bra to me. "Just put it over there. I don't really think I need it today after all," I motioned toward the couch. He tossed it in that direction.

I had still had my panties on to give an illusion of modesty. May still had her shorts on. "Since your wife and I don't have our shirts on, how about our man showing us his chest," I said moving close enough that my breasts brushed against his tee shirt. I took the hem as May moved in behind and ran her hands up under his shirt pushing his arms up. The shirt was off seconds later. My breasts brushed against his chest while May's were crushed against his back.

I stepped back just far enough to enable me to run my nails down his chest. "Nice," I said. Looking down I said, "May, do you mind if I see what seems to make his pants fit so poorly?"

May released his arms and looked around from his back. She ran her hand down the front of his pants. "I can't imagine what this could be," she said coyly now stroking his cock. I joined her.

"Honey, let me put these on so we can do a better job of examining the problem," she continued now with the soft cuffs in her hand.

Jerry was in no shape to argue and within a few minutes and some awkwardness on our part we had his hands secured and had a line from the cuffs strung through the eye bolts in the ceiling. He never protested. He stood, arms partially raised, staring at two half naked women. The bulge in his pants persisted.

"I think I know what that is," May said brightly as she unsnapped his khakis. The old zipper slid down easily. The tops of his black briefs made me catch my breath.

The khakis dropped leaving me to gaze on those black briefs against his fair skin. His cock struggled for release. He looked at me. I thought he'd cum in his pants.

May straightened dragging her tongue from his navel to his mouth. She kissed him. "Don't cum yet. We're just getting started."

By now the others were crowding into the door. Jerry's confusion and surprise brought giggles from the new arrivals.

Freddie took immediate possession of May pulling her away from Jerry. "Finish stripping her," she said to Jenny. May's eyes sparkled as she allowed Jenny to position her facing Jerry. From behind May unbuttoned her shorts. Jenny continued by pushing the shorts down leaving May dressed as was I in only panties. Jenny slowly slid the panties down as Jerry watched. Looking from one to the other I could see them both drip with excitement.

May stepped out of her panties. Now naked she allowed herself to be locked to the bannister as the others had the day before.

Freddie stepped up to Jerry's side. "We are going to fuck your wife with these dildos," she waved her arm toward the table now covered with toys, "but first you need to have your cock released. Which of us would you like to do the honors?"

Jerry looked around, gulped, and nodded finally toward me.

I started toward Jerry, but Freddie stopped me. "I think we need to relieve you of those panties first. Claire, would you do the honors?"

Claire's fingers were warm as they grasped the waistband of my panties. I held my breath as she exposed me to Jerry. I had trimmed myself to leave a soft covering that would reveal as well as conceal my pussy. Nothing, however, could conceal my hardened clit as it pushed through the bush that remained.

Stepping out of my panties, I moved to take possession of Jerry's briefs. I pulled them slowly down. I knew I was the center of attention and I wanted everyone to share the passion I was feeling. I watched from inches away as the waistband of his briefs uncovered his hard cock. Finally I pulled the waistband below its tip. It sprang up. I tried to catch it in my mouth, but its bounce made me bob for it. Finally catching it in my mouth while holding the waistband I took possession and sucked it. I tasted the droplets of cum that covered the tip.

"Don't suck him off, Georgeanne," Freddie warned.

Reluctantly I released his cock and finished removing his briefs. He stepped out of them. Just as I began to stand, I took his cock in hand, then sucked it into my mouth as far as I could. I let him go. I could taste the droplets of cum that had dripped into my mouth.

Freddie and Jerry now faced each other. Freddie took control. She pulled her shirt off and dropped her bra. She rubbed her breasts lightly on his chest as she held his cock in her hand. "I remember this cock deep inside me. It felt really good. I loved it when I felt you cum. Today, though, we're going to watch you spurt. But," she said, "you aren't allowed to cum until your wife cums. You're going to watch while we fuck her. Candy will take charge of your cock. She's not supposed to let you cum until it's time. If you do, we'll punish Candy. You got that?"

Jerry uttered a dry, "yes." His eyes were everywhere. Almost a dozen women were looking at his nakedness. Several of the women were naked or near naked. A woman stroked his cock and he was going to watch while his wife was fucked by these women. For her part his wife stared back at him from her restraints obviously looking forward to whatever was to happen.

Yesterday's oak table was moved behind her. It would serve today as it had yesterday to push our bound captive's hips forward. Barb and Caroline pulled her legs apart fastening her ankles to the legs of the table. Her pussy lips parted as they did. Jerry watched everything, riveted. His cock bobbed with excitement. Cheryl turned on the dildo. It's vibrating was the only noise in the room. She brought it to May's erect clit. May jumped and twisted as Cheryl touched the clit lightly. Now the noise of the table banging against the wall as May's hips drove it this way and that was added to the vibrating of the dildo.

Freddie stopped. "No . . . ," May was crying. "Fuck me, fuck me." Her eyes closed as she thrust her hips forward seeking the dildo.

Her eyes opened in pain and surprise when the first of the nipple clamps found a tender nipple. She watched, struggling, as Freddie gently took the other breast in her hand and caressed it lovingly all the while holding the other clamp open just a hair's breadth from her nipple. Caressing the breast, pulling on the nipple, then sucking on the nipple, Freddie at last attached the clamp. May struggled and twisted increasing her efforts at escape as she realized that her clit was next. Eyes wide, "No, no, not there."

We held her tightly and stood where Jerry could have a clear view. Candy stroked him with long strokes. She pinched the tender skin below the head of his cock lightly, then stroked more. He was going wild as he watched his wife in her heavenly torture. When the final clamp bit her clit, May cried out, "Oh my god", over and over as the dildo entered her.

Freddie started the clamps vibrating so that all of May's body would be engulfed in the impending climax. Barb used the dildo with newly acquired expertise to bring May to a deafening climax. May struggled with her eyes closed, then opened them just in time to watch cum shoot from the dick in Candy's hand. "Don't stop, don't stop," he said encouraging Candy to continue the now violent stroking of his dick. Cum spurted and dripped. Streaks and puddles of cum were everywhere in front of him. Finally he hung limp on his ties. Only his cock showed a bit of life as it continued to twitch and drip.

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