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Angela's Education


This is my first submission to Literotica. Like Angela I have much to learn. I look forward to your feedback.


Angela's heart jumped every time the phone rang. It had been over three weeks since she had heard from Devin. He had never neglected her this long before.

His voice was dry and business like, "My flight arrives 9:57 pm tomorrow. I will be in New York for four days. I expect you to be available. I trust you will present yourself appropriately."

Her whole body responded to the sound of his voice, her heart racing, heat flooding her loins. Her voice vibrated with need, "Yes sir." He rarely used her name, he forbid her to use his. He never allowed that level of familiarity.

When he hung up she nearly orgasmed. It had been so long.

He had given her almost 24 hours to prepare herself, longer than usual. She did not have a lot to do tonight but she did give herself a thorough enema, thinking to herself; one tonight, one tomorrow afternoon, I will be squeaky clean. He expected her to be available to him in all ways and he was a fastidious lover.

She had great difficulty going to sleep that night, her cunt aching and empty. She lay with her hands trapped between her knees, almost in tears. The next day she worked only in the morning and made arrangements to take the next week off from work. He may only be here for 4 days but she usually needed a couple of days to recover from his visits. Once she was back at her apartment she lay out her outfit and went to clean herself.

Her second enema made her feel more empty than ever.

She spent over an hour in the bath. She shaved herself, taking care that not a single hair remained. The sensation of the razor scraping over her sensitive skin jangled on her nerves. She was overwhelmingly tempted to touch herself, it would only take a second, but she fought the urge. He disapproved, calling masturbation self indulgent. Her legs were easy after that. She washed her hair and put in a deep conditioner and let it soak in. After her bath she spent 10 minutes rubbing rose scented lotion into her skin.

Her hair was always a challenge, thick wavy dark brown. Soft and slippery it was always betraying her. No matter how hard she worked to keep it pulled back into the conservative bun he demanded she wear in public, it seemed a soft tendril would escape to fall in a ringlet by her face or down her neck. It took almost 30 minutes before she was satisfied that it was perfectly smooth, with a complex sculptured knot pinned at the back of her neck.

Dressing was a ritual, first she pulled on the long silk stockings fastening the garter snaps. She buttoned the white silk blouse to the top button. It fit perfectly, her dark pink nipples showing through the sheer fabric. Her charcoal business suit fit her like a glove. The skirt hugged her round ass and long thighs, ending in the tiniest saucy flair just below her knees. The jacket accentuated her narrow waist and was a support to her breasts. She strung a narrow black mans tie around her neck and tied it in a simple knot. Her tie tack was the only color in her whole outfit. A single star ruby, a gift from Devin, he had said it was the the exact size and color of her clitoris.

As she left to go to the airport she stopped and looked herself over in the full length mirror. Her hands trembled as she smoothed her already perfect hair one last time. She wore no makeup and her face looked abnormally pale. Right before she left she slipped her feet into a pair of impossibly high spike heels. They hurt fierce to walk in, every step a foreshadowing of the pain she had been anticipating for weeks.

She arrived at the airport 20 minutes early. She parked and waited for him to call her cell once his plane was on the runway. His plane was on time and she pulled up exactly as he walked out.

When she caught sight of his broad shoulders, she forgot to breath. He was dressed in a dark suit. His dark hair turning silver at the sides. Her heart hammering in her chest she pulled up beside him. She adjusted the drivers seat to fit him perfectly, popped the trunk, and got out to meet him. He did not smile, his dark eyes appraised her carefully. He nodded curtly and stepping forward he took her hand he pulled her toward him and formally kissed her on the cheek. He placed his carry on in the trunk. Taking her arm and opening the passenger door he helped her into the car. When he released her arm an orgasm rocked through her.

At first he did not speak as they drove towards his apartment. She started to ask him how his flight had been but he responded curtly. "You will not speak unless I ask you a direct question." She almost responded but stopped herself, that had not been a question.

"Have you been doing your exercises?" When they had last parted he had given her an assignment to do a series of daily stretching and flexibility exercises. He had also been critical of her "soft pussy" and had told her to do 'kagel' exercises twice daily. These entailed of her clenching and relaxing her pelvic muscles to strengthen them.

"Yes sir."

"We will see if you have been diligent. Tell me of your other assignment." He had told her he to avoid orgasms during her wait for his next visit to her. He had also told her to keep count of her orgasms and their sources.

Her face colored, "Sir, I have had 6 orgasms. Two while I was washing myself, two while doing my kagel exercises, one in a dream, and one tonight when you touched my arm."

He snorted in derision, "Washing yourself. Exercising. You have no discipline." He did not speak again as they drove. She sat quietly, trembling in delicious anticipation of their arrival to his home. She could tell he was in a dark mood. She knew he expected perfection and accepted no excuses.

His apartment was a penthouse on the top of a tall building looking over central park. She had spent many days of agony and ecstasy there. As they rose up in the elevator she forced herself to breath, her stomach fluttering, her face flushing with excitement.

He unlocked the door and standing back he let her walk first into the dark apartment. As soon as she heard the door close his hands were on her, roughly slamming her face first against the wall. He leaned hard against her trapping her, his knee spreading her legs apart. He roughly ran his hand up between her legs, jamming his fingers up into her. She let out an excited warbling cry of excitement.

His voice in her ear sounded furious. "You want fucking orgasms? You fucking whore, pussy addict. Your fucking cunt rules your emotions." He held her pinned there for what seemed an eternity. She came and came, groaning, as he finger fucked her over and over. When he finally let her go she sagged to the floor. He knelt over her chest and stuck his fingers in her mouth. "Clean off this cunt juice." She slowly thoroughly licked and sucked each of his fingers clean.

He stood, "Get up." and walked into the front room. She followed trying to have good posture and be meek at the same time. He sat and looked up at her his eyes stormy with anger. "Kneel and listen." She dropped to her knees. "Our relationship has reached a turning point, it must progress or end."

She looked up in alarm "Oh sir, no."

"Silence." His voice cracked through her like a whiplash.

She gulped and tears began to leak down her face. Oh god please don't let him leave me. She lowered her eyes to his feet.

"I find you pleasing in many ways. You are exceedingly attractive. You are very motivated and inventive sexually. You are willing to accept my authority over you. But I find your constant state of sexual excitement is a distraction to your perfect obedience."

"This next four days I propose some very rigorous lessons. If you learn well I will have an offer for you. I need you to agree to put yourself into my hands completely. No leaving until the fourth day. If you agree you may say "yes sir."

A wild rush of excitement cascaded over her. "Yes sir." Her voice trembled with emotion.

"You will be afraid, you will want to stop many times. You will be angry and you will want to leave and I will not let you go until the lessons are finished. You will be in pain and beg me to relent. If you still want to give yourself to me say 'yes sir'."

An orgasm throbbed in her core making her voice tremor, "Yes sir."

"Stand up and strip yourself naked, fold and put you clothes away neatly. Until I tell you different you will not speak a word, not even if I ask you a direct question. You may make any noise you want but you may not speak a word."

Soon she was kneeling in front of him nude, her hands clasped passively behind her back. Her breasts quivering with her nervous short breaths. "Come here and suck me off, I need a clear head."

She crept to him and with infinite respect she unzipped his pants and took him into her mouth. He was not fully erect but soon he swelled and began to press against the back of her throat as she licked and sucked his growing erection. He reached down and one at a time pulled the pins out of her hair. When her hair tumbled down over her shoulders he tangled his fingers in it and began to force her head down deeper over him. She gagged and tried to swallow him deeper into her throat. He thrust repeatedly and stiffening, he forced his swollen penis deep as he pumped hot bitter semen into her throat. She choked and struggled to swallow all the come filling her mouth. She knew he would be angry if she got any on his suit. She continued to suck on him gently milking every last drop from him.

He stood and held out his hand, he pulled her up. "Good, you certainly do a good job of that. Are you ready for your lessons to start?" He had a rare smile on his face.

Glowing with his praise she almost answered his question but stopped herself just as she was about to say "yes sir". She nodded.

"I am pleased you remembered." His voice still soft and warm from his recent climax. Suddenly serious he tipped her chin so she was looking up at him, "Come." A wave of dread and fear swept over her. Her legs began to shake as she followed him into the room he called hers.

Her room was stark, a bed with a post on each corner. An entertainment center with a large television, a chest of drawers with more bondage equipment than clothing. A video camera standing on a tripod in a corner.

"Get shackles, I want you to have cuff on each ankle and each wrist." She got the leather straps and brought them to him. "Lie on the bed." Soon both her wrists were tied to the top corners of the bed. He got out a spreader bar and fastened her ankles spread very wide. "Your stretching has made you more flexible." He then strung a rope through the rings in her ceiling and attached it to her ankles. Soon her legs were lifted high and wide. He continued to lift until her hips were raised about twelve inches above the level of the bed, only her head was laying on the bed. She was not held too tightly. She could move her hips around. She was squirming with pent up sexual energy. She always found being tied up very hot, her pussy was hot and throbbing.

"You are always distracted by your lust. You have orgasms all the time. Tonight you will learn about your fucking pussy addiction. You will learn the limits of your fucking pussy and then you will learn that you can go beyond that limit further than you could ever imagine."

He got the video camera and set it up to take a panoramic view of her hanging helpless, her legs open, her pussy wet and empty. He turned on the television and she could see herself. She moaned. "You moan and grunt like a pig with your appetites."

"I have bought you a gift to help you learn." Walking to the bureau he got out a box and coming over to her face he pulled out a large dildo. She could see that there was something sticking out of the base but she had trouble figuring out exactly what it was. He also pulled out several long lengths of silk straps. "Your assignment is to have orgasms, all the orgasms you can. You can scream, howl, grunt your way through dozens of orgasms. But I want you to count them. I want you to learn exactly what your limit is."

He reached over and ran his fingers over her pussy. She jerked and moaned. "Groan you little pussy addict." and he began to push the dildo into her. She squealed and came hard. Once he had the long plastic cock in her he took the attachment and she felt it push against her clitoris. She jumped and jerked at the odd sensation of the hard plastic knob pushing on her. He then took the silk bands began wrapping them around her waist and between her legs trapping the dildo inside her, pressing the knob down harder on her throbbing cleft. "Keep count you little cunt whore." And he leaned down and turned a knob on the dildo and deep throbbing vibrations erupted through her. The knob buzzing against her clitoris like an angry bee. She erupted in orgasms, one after another. She screamed and arched thrashing her hips violently side to side. He stayed and watched for a while. "Keep count." And he walked out of the room. The climaxes shook her, building higher, her screams turning to deep rhythmic grunts.

It had seemed like hours. She could not move anymore. She sagged limp and dripping with sweat, her hips still flinching and jerking in response to the vibrations turning her insides to mush. He came in and reaching between her legs he turned off the the vibrations. "Did you count?" She nodded. "All of them?" She began to sob and shook her head. "Do you see what I mean about being distracted by lust?" She nodded tearfully.

"You can rest for a while." She felt a wave of terror. 'Rest?' 'Rest?' that meant she wasn't finished. She involuntarily began to struggle against her restraints. He walked out and she collapsed in to terrified weeping. She must have fallen asleep because she was ripped awake by the vibrator being turned on. "No, please, oh god no!" He turned sharply. "One more word from you and I will gag you." And once again he left her alone to contend with her responses. This time she was slower to build but her orgasms seemed to tear her apart, she couldn't fight it. They crashed over her, she moaned and cried until her throat was raw. She did not move around so much, just her hips rocking in the irresistible primitive rhythms that were pulsing through her. She did her best to relax and flow with it, too exhausted to fight.

When he came in to turn off the vibrator the second time she was vaguely saddened but fell deeply asleep almost instantly. She did not protest when he came and turned her on again. She settled back into the groove, letting the feelings build, trying to survive the explosion, resting best she could between orgasms. She began to feel she could do this the rest of her life, she had no sense of the passage of time. When she became aware that the vibrations were gone, she did not know if he had come in and turned it off or the batteries had run down. She drifted to sleep.

Much later she woke to him lowering her hips down to the bed. He unwound the silk straps and gently removed the dildo from her. It made a sucking sound as he pulled it out. Her hips automatically jerked and spasmed. "Still want more orgasms? You greedy little pussy?" He was actually talking to her cunt. She started to giggle hysterically before collapsing into more tears. He released her from her bonds. She groaned with pain as she moved her legs and arms. He covered her with a blanket and left her to sleep.

Morning light was coming through the windows when she woke next, she went into the bathroom and peed, her urine stung as she voided her bladder. She was incredibly thirsty and padded softly into the kitchen to get a glass of water. She froze when she saw him sitting at the table drinking a cup of tea. He was wearing a dressing gown of dark silk. She began to tremble. He was looking at her.

"Did you learn anything about yourself last night?" She sagged to her knees and tears streaming down her face she nodded. "Your fucking pussy owns you doesn't it?" A sob broke from her. "We have pretty much established that you can't resist your fucking pussy. It has a mind of its own. It comes all the time. It comes when I touch you. It comes when you exercise, wash, sleep, even when I beat you. It doesn't ever seem to stop coming. Your fucking pussy is an force of nature." He began to laugh. "Come here you poor girl. Your pussy must be a terrible burden for you to endure."

She looked at him confused, and began to move toward him hesitantly. He grabbed her wrist and pulled her onto his lap. He kissed her, deeply insistently. His hands going to her cleft and caressing her clitoris. She sighed and moaned. He laughed and said "See you little cunt whore, already you are getting all excited again, even after last night." She hung her head feeling terribly ashamed, wanting desperately to beg his forgiveness for being such a cunt whore.

"Get a glass of juice and go take a shower and wait for me in your room. Our next lesson will be on how to learn to live with this pussy of yours." The juice was unbelievably delicious. She was hungry but did not expect to eat anytime soon. She showered thoroughly and quickly shaved herself again.

She was horribly afraid while she waited for him sitting curled up on her bed. She gasped with fear as he walked in to her room. He was carrying a cane and that dildo again.

"I am not going to tie you for this lesson. You must learn to be in control of your body." She was trembling in great shuddering shivers. "I want you to lie back and spread your legs. We know your pussy will have its orgasms. Today we will learn how to resist the loss of control you seem to experience when your pussy comes."

He had her lay back and put her hands face up and open on the bed on either side of her head. "Don't move. This is about keeping control of your body no matter what your pussy is doing. Failure will be punished severely." He lay between her legs and spreading her lips open he began to lick her clitoris. He had never touched her pussy with his lips before. She gasped, her hips jerked and lunged. She had to struggle to hold her hands still and flat.

He stopped and yanking her to the foot of the bed, he had her bend over. "You better take this seriously." and she heard the cane whistle through the air before it seared into her ass. She jumped and screamed. "No matter what your pussy is doing you will lie still." and he struck her again. She shrieked. He had never hit her so cruelly before. "You will be silent." He struck her again. Her legs collapsed. "You will control your breathing." He grunted with the effort of his blows to her ass. She was squealing and screaming hysterically. She was completely limp when he put her back up on the bed.

She lay totally still, to terrified to even tremble. His tongue and fingers played a riot with her. She tried not to let herself get excited but the unbearable heat in her ass just seemed to make things worse. To her terror she could feel herself building to orgasm. She unconsciously tried to get away from his mouth, he gripped her hips and forcibly held her still and vulnerable to his relentless tonguing. When the waves of sensation crashed over her she could not keep her hips from jerking franticly, and deep whimpers of terror boiled up from her throat.

"You did better than I expected for a first time. Get up and bend over." She wailed in hysterical fear and shook her head and panicked scrambled up the bed away from him.

He sat up and said in a very cool neutral tone. "If you refuse to cooperate with your lessons, I will send you home. Our relationship will be over." She shook her head violently and scooted to the edge of the bed and, still wailing, bent over presenting her red, sore ass to the cane once more. He said, "Hold on tight. This is an important lesson you need to learn." The sound of the cane as it moved through the air made her scream before it even hit her. The pain scorched through her brain, forcing her to convulse against her grip on the edge of the bed. He struck her four more times. "OK lets try again. You will do better if you focus on other things and not try to fight the feelings coming from your pussy. Let the orgasm happen, just ignore it." This time when he bent to lick her clitoris, he began to insert the dildo into her. It was almost more than she could bear. She tried to think about the pain of the cane as it struck her. She thought about how much she loved Devin, how afraid she was that he was going to leave her if she did not learn this lesson. The warmth and sweet strong feelings of pleasure rose higher and higher in her, she forced herself to relax, to breath softly, silently cursing her traitorous heart that was trying to batter its way out of her chest. She held her hips rigidly still, shivering with tension straining to hold herself unmoving. When he switched on the vibrations she convulsed a great giant jerk like she had been given a massive electric shock, and again froze rigid still as great waves of orgasm tried to tear her apart from inside. She could feel her clitoris pulse against his mouth endlessly.

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