tagNovels and NovellasAnnie's Education Ch. 11

Annie's Education Ch. 11


The rest of my punishment was conducted without incident. I didn't see much of Alex, and for that I was glad. I still had not come to terms with what happened the night we were together in Master's chambers. I also hadn't seen Aidan, and was truly worried about him. Mistress' voice saying he wouldn't come to 'serious' harm wherever he was kept playing in the back of my head.

The morning after my last day of punishment, I awoke to feel Master stroking my hair. I had slept at the foot of his bed ever since that one night, curled up at his feet. The need to have him inside me was incredibly strong and I think he sensed that for no other woman was brought to his room while I was there. I'm sure he had the other girls in a variety of ways, but the days of fucking them in my presence were gone.

As I opened a sleepy eye I saw him staring at me intently. Nothing showed on his face so I couldn't tell if he was looking at me with concern, care or indifference. There was no way of ever telling what was on Master's mind at any given moment... "Good morning, Master," I yawned.

"Good morning, Annie. High time you were awake. Your punishment has ended, as I'm sure you are aware. Get up and go to the stables for your grooming then report to Mistress." Master swung his feet over the side of the bed and walked to the armoire. Nothing further was said. It was clear I had been dismissed.

The house was quiet as I made my way to the stables. Aidan was busy sweeping out one of the stalls as I came in and I ran over to him.

"Aidan…I'm so glad you're okay." I went to put my arms around him in a friendly hug.

"You forget yourself Annie." He roughly pushed my arms away. "Or did Master now give you permission to call us by our first names?"

I stared at him numbly. Of course. He was trying to avoid further punishment for both of us. "I'm sorry sir. Please forgive me." I hung my head in shame.

"I'll overlook it today since you haven't been quite yourself lately. Or have you?"
His voice had a slight tinge of jealousy to it and I snuck a look through my lowered lashes. Like Master, his face was an expressionless mask.

I made my way into the grooming room and assumed the first position so he could start shaving my pussy. My nipples were already erect and my pussy was moist and hot with anticipation. While Rafe was more than capable of performing this task, he never played with my clit or slid a finger or two deep inside my pussy like Aidan had. Today, however, was different. Aidan went about the task almost robotically, avoiding my clit all together. There would be no more teasing I gathered, at least not here. My heart sank as I watched him silently shave me. When he was finished with my pussy, he motioned for me to turn over and began to wax my ass. This was going to be very different from now on, I realized as he tore the first strip of wax from my body with a ferociousness I had never encountered before. Hurt and confused I turned my head and looked over my shoulder at him, unbidden tears streaming down my face.

"What is it?" Impatience ran through his voice like a raging river.

"Sir…you're so different with me now…not like…well…before."

"I don't understand Annie. My job is to groom you and that's what I'm doing."

"Yes sir, but before, well, you were…well…" I struggled to find the right phrasing for what I wanted to say. Somehow I knew telling him I wanted him to play with me; to tease me like before just wouldn't sit well.

"I was what? More playful? More tender? Teasing? My job Annie, as I said is to groom you, that's all. That point was made vividly clear to me over the last month." Aidan went back to the task at hand, although not quite as roughly.

Of course, I thought. He blamed me for his punishment, that's why he was so cold and indifferent to me. Feeling satisfied with what I thought was the cause of the change in his demeanor, I turned my head back around and waited for him to finish. After the last strip of wax had been removed, he unbound my hands and walked out of the room. While I may have been satisfied with the reasoning behind his personality change, I wished the old Aidan was back. The one who seemed to delight in teasing me, in bringing me to the edge of orgasm only to let me slide frustratingly back from it without release. I missed the Aidan who would laugh and joke as he performed his job, the one who would be whistling as I came into the stables. Whatever had happened to him in the last month had taken that Aidan away. As I left the stables without another word from him, I wondered if I'd ever see that side of him again.

Making my way to Mistress' office, I found the house to be waking up. Servants were going back and forth hurriedly, and the manor seemed to come alive with a under current of excitement. I ran into Philip coming down the stairs.

"What's going on?"

He stopped at the foot and kissed my cheek. "Morning Annie. Nice to have you back. Well, almost nice." He grinned sheepishly and I looked down at the very apparent bulge in his slacks. As the hall clock chimed the hour, I realized now would be the normal time for him to come see me with Tristan and Jean Claude and I laughed.

"You're no better than one of Pavlov's experiments, you know that?"

His grin widened as he blushed. "Well, it's an easy thing to get used to. No sense in trying to pretend I'm not going to miss it." He reached down and shifted his slacks to a more comfortable position. "Now what was it you wanted to know?"

"This place is really humming this morning, what's going on?"

"Oh, the servants. Master is preparing for one of his entertainments. We've been told it will happen within the next couple of weeks."


"Oh that's right…you've never been to one, have you?" His face broke into a wide grin again. "You'll love it, I know you will."

"But what is it?" What I wanted to know was what would be the entertainment, but I suspected I already knew the answer to that.

"Can't tell. You probably won't be included in this one. But don't worry. When the Master feels you're ready, he'll let you know. Hey, aren't you supposed to see Mistress this morning? You better get going."

Were there no secrets in this house? Everyone but me seemed to know exactly what my schedule was. I turned to go down the hall as Philip made his way to the kitchen.

Mistress was bent over a microscope, writing hurriedly in a notebook at her side. I knocked twice before she looked up. "Oh Annie. Good morning. How does it feel to be back on two feet again?"

"A little sore Mistress. And I'm afraid my knees are a mess." That was an understatement. A month of crawling on my hands and knees outside in the dirt and across the cobblestones had left them red and chapped. Definitely not attractive.

Mistress smiled. "Well, we'll soon take care of that." She closed her notebook and went to her desk, taking off her lab coat as she made her way to her desk. She had on a sleek business suit, the color of the blouse matching her eyes, and her hair was up in a simple twist, held in place by two ornamental chop sticks. Her form fitting black skirt rode just above her knees. This woman, I thought, was definitely dressed to kill. Without saying much else, she proceeded to give me my daily injection of what I had come to call Serum X. It was a clear fluid and she got it from a mini refrigerator in the corner of her office. I peered around her when she opened the door and saw a number of like bottles, each identified with a series of numbers. Mistress caught me sneaking a peek when she turned around.

"Still curious about this Annie? I don't blame you." She gave me my injection as she continued to talk. "As I said, it's harmless; else I wouldn't be doing it otherwise. With the exception of last month, you get the same type of injection as all the other pets at the manor." She went back to her desk and began making notes in a lab book.

"Why was last month different Mistress?" As soon as the question left my mouth I remembered the rule about not speaking unless spoken to. It was easier to remember with Master, he commanded your obedience. Mistress however, seemed friendlier, more open somehow. I quickly lowered my eyes and apologized.

"I've told you before Annie, I'm not as stern as my brother. Curiosity is a natural thing, especially when it concerns yourself. And I'm not just talking about the injections now. Do you understand?

She was referring to our encounter at the start of my punishment, and I was sure she had heard about my episode with Alex in Master's chambers. My face flushed as I nodded, suddenly very self conscious about being stark naked in her office. My nipples were already erect from the morning chill, but I felt them harden further as I remembered how it felt to have her lips around them. To my embarrassment, that thought brought a familiar moistness to my snatch. Mistress came out from behind the desk and sat on a corner, next to where I was standing.

"I know you've been brought up to believe certain actions are morally wrong Annie. All we ask, all I ask, is that you remain open to the possibilities. Allow yourself to explore what's presented before you. If you find you don't like something, once you leave here, you never need do it again. Besides," she chuckled, "I'm familiar enough with the Roman church to know that this situation would be considered coercion and you wouldn't be held accountable for what takes place." She brushed the hair from my face as she continued. "Right now though, I'd like you to go upstairs and get dressed. Meet me at the foot of the stairs in 5 minutes. We've got a special treat for you to reward you for your model behavior during your punishment. The field hands were quite disappointed this morning when you weren't outside."

I smiled, thinking they weren't the only ones who missed the usual encounter. I wondered if I would be allowed to continue that now that my punishment was concluded, and just how I would go about asking. Again I flushed at my thoughts as I left Mistress' office and headed upstairs.

Clothes felt very foreign and constricting after a month of being naked 24 hours a day with only a collar. I chose the shortest skirt possible along with a loose fitting blouse. My brassiere was the most difficult to adjust to. Thirty days without one probably hadn't done their firmness much good, but it felt so nice to have them loose and unbound. Now the lace seemed to dig into my flesh, the straps creating red marks after only a short time. The silk of the stockings felt cool and luxurious on my legs, almost soothing on my knees. The shoes however, were the worst. After being barefoot for so long my arches screamed in agony at being forced to bend and stretch to accommodate the high heels. The balls of my feet also began to ache shortly. I teetered slightly as I maneuvered down the hall and downstairs. I found Chloe waiting with Mistress, a broad smile on her elfin face.

"About bloody time!" teased Chloe, giving me a good morning kiss on the cheek. Whatever scent she was wearing was intoxicating. Not quite floral, and not quite spicy. Somehow the odor was something in between, an olfactory siren song that seemed to call out to me to seek out the places on Chloe's skin where she had applied the perfume. The image of the two of us in a passionate embrace surfaced unbidden and I felt myself flush for the umpteenth time that morning.

Chloe took one arm and Mistress took the other as they led me out of the house and towards the waiting limo, where Rafe stood at attention, his tight leather pants and black shirt making him look more delectable than usual.

"Good morning ladies, Mistress." He helped each of us into the car and closed the door behind us. The partition separating the back seat from the front was up so we could see him, but as far as I knew, he couldn't see or hear us. Unusual, I thought. Must be a girls' day out or something.

"We're headed into London Annie," began Mistress as Chloe poured her a glass of champagne from the magnum that was in the corner of the back seat. "After being exposed to the elements for so long, Master and I decided you needed some pampering to bring you back among the living." She took the flute Chloe offered her and slid her free hand up and down Chloe's leg. "I must say, I heartily approve of your outfit. Tell me, do you find the clothes restricting after being naked for so long?

"Yes Mistress. The blouse is loose enough that it doesn't bother me so much, but the bra is killing me." Chloe offered me a glass of champagne before pouring one for herself. Okay, I said to myself, she's obviously here to serve. Surely that can't be her only function.

"I imagine," continued Mistress, "that the shoes are quite unbearable as well."

"Yes Mistress, actually, they are."

"We've got plenty of time before we reach our destination," she purred as she slipped out her own shoes and slide a foot up my calf, "go ahead and make yourself comfortable."

My mouth went dry at the feel of her foot along my leg and I slid out of my heels, wiggling my toes in relief.

"So, Annie, tell us about yourself. We know some of your background, but not all of it. I would very much like to know just what makes you tick." Mistress had finished her champagne and held the glass out for Chloe to refill.

For the rest of our journey to London that is exactly what I did. I told them about growing up in a strict Catholic household, the pain of losing my parents at an early age, my misadventures in dating, what and when I had done sexually, and how I passed my time while living with my elderly aunt and not going to college. As I was telling them about meeting Amber, the limo pulled to a stop.

"Oh good, we're here." Mistress handed turned to Chloe and whispered something in her ear as she slid her shoes on. Chloe nodded and exited the car. "Now Annie, a day of pampering awaits. I'm sure by the time we go home you'll be feeling like quite the spoiled kitty."

I slid my own shoes back on and followed her out of the car. We were in a fashionable section of London's West End, at some sort of town home. We walked up the stairs and Chloe opened the door, stepping back to allow us to enter. An extremely handsome dark haired gentleman was descending the stairs and his eyes lit up when he caught sight of Mistress.

"Alys! How lovely to see you again. This is her?" he nodded in my direction.

"Yes, poor thing," Mistress replied as she stroked my hair. "I'm afraid she's had rather a rough time the last month."

"Well Annie," said the stranger as he took my hand and led me up the stairs, "don't you worry about a thing. We'll have you feeling human in no time."

We ascended the stairs, Chloe and I in silence as Mistress and the man I began to call The Proprietor chatted and caught up with each other. He seemed to know all the pets of the manor quite well. They spoke openly, not caring what Chloe or I heard, obviously secure in the knowledge that what was said wouldn't be repeated. As we walked, I tried to figure out exactly where we were. It certainly appeared to be an ordinary town home, but I was positive this wasn't the case. I hadn't seen any other people around, and assumed, like most upper class British homes, that the servants were adept at doing their jobs without being seen or heard. When we reached the second floor landing, The Proprietor directed me to one room across from the stairs.

"Annie, you'll be in here, your Mistress and Miss Chloe will be in the adjoining suite." He opened the door to a cozy bedroom, done in a soft green and rose motif. There was a chaise lounge by the bay window that overlooked the street, a rather large four poster canopy bed, and an armoire. Across the bed was a white satin robe, with a pair of slippers resting at the foot of the bed. A door along one of the inner walls obviously led to the adjoining suite.

"Annie, disrobe and slip into the dressing gown and slippers. Then join us in the bathroom through there," Mistress pointed to the door. "Chloe and I will be waiting for you." She ushered me into the room and closed the door behind me.

As I turned around, I noticed a mirror on the wall next to the entrance of the room. It was attached to the wall, and looked very plain and inappropriate when considered with the rest of the furnishings. As I began to undress, the room seemed to become overpowered with Chloe's perfume. I turned, expecting to find her in the room with me, but I was alone. The scent was extremely strong and intoxicating. My hands fumbled with the buttons of my blouse as I inhaled the heady scent deeply. Flashes of Chloe and I appeared before my eyes like some sort of Andy Warhol-esque slide show. The two of us helping each other undress; suckling at each other's breasts; playing with each other's clits; in a 69 position. My hands slid over my breasts, taking my nipples between my fingers and rolling them as the images continued. Chloe lapping at my cunt. Chloe fucking me with a vibrator. Chloe in a strap on, forcing me to suck her plastic cock like I had sucked on Alex's. My box became hot and wet, my clit throbbing as my hands traveled down my stomach, sliding between my nether lips and finding my clit. I knew I should stop, that what I was doing was forbidden, but I couldn't help myself. A flicker of light in the mirror caught my attention. No wonder the mirror looked out of place…it was a two way and I was caught, literally red handed. I heard a click and Mistress' voice filled the room.

"It's alright Annie. Please continue."

The scent filled the room even more as I tried to fight off my embarrassment at being caught and comply with Mistress' command. As I breathed the perfume in I found it wasn't difficult. More and more graphic images of Chloe and I began to flash before my eyes as I rubbed and tugged at my hot, throbbing clit and plunged two fingers in and out of my pussy until a ravaging orgasm coursed through my body, making me cry out in a mixture of frustration at not having something thicker than my two fingers inside me and ecstasy from the orgasm that was pounding through me.. I sat on the edge of the bed, panting heavily as Mistress' voice filled the room once again.

"Such a good girl Annie…such a very good girl. Now go to the bathroom please. Chloe and I will be waiting."

I slid into the dressing gown and placed my feet into the slippers. Opening the door I entered a rather large bathroom, much larger than I expected. A wall length mirror was on the wall that should have been the front of the house. I had seen a series of windows on this floor, so I assumed it was a false front and two way mirror, the window being on the other side. A sunken tub the size of a hotel Jacuzzi took up the rest of the room, one side of it going along the wall opposite the mirror. There was no toilet or sink. A series of hooks were on the wall next to the door that must have lead into Mistress' suite and two dressing gowns were already hanging, identical pairs of slippers on the floor directly below. Mistress and Chloe were already in the tub, which was filled to the brim with bubbles. Chloe was quietly soaping Mistress down as Mistress held her arms out, holding a champagne flute in one hand. I hung my robe up next to theirs, placing my slippers underneath, and stepped into the tub.

The water was wonderfully warm, not too hot or too cold. The bubbles were scented, and a deep breath told me it was the same scent Chloe was wearing, but not quite as strong as it had been in the bedroom. I sighed as my body glided into the water. I had no idea such a simple thing could feel so luxurious. Bathing during my punishment had consisted of Rafe taking a sponge and hose to me; more like a substandard shower really. This, well this was pure heaven. I seated myself on the other side of Mistress and picked up a sea sponge, preparing to wash her back. "No, Annie. You will not serve me today. I've decided that today is for you." Mistress set the champagne down on the edge of the tub and turned towards me. "You impressed both Master and myself by your actions and compliance during your punishment. Very much so. As a reward, we've decided that you will be given a reprieve from serving your betters today. I've brought Chloe along to serve us today. Later, you will be served by some of the inhabitants of this establishment."

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