tagLoving WivesAnn's 2nd Trip

Ann's 2nd Trip


This is the next chapter in Ann's evolution from an everyday married woman to a hot wife! For a better understand about her story, I would recommend reading 'Ann's Business Trip.'

For the commentators that posted about my 1st tale, I do thank you for taking the time to give me advice. Many of you left suggestions on how to improve the storyline. I have tried to incorporate those into Ann's 2nd trip. The others, I couldn't do much with as I didn't wish to move away from the basic premise of Ann's story.

Ann was fired up. Every since she had returned from her business trip, she had been sexually charged. She was all over Steven every time they were alone. She had told him just the barest of details about her time with James & Bob at the motel.

Steven waited for Ann to talk to him about that night. After about a week, they were in bed and she started to relate what happened.

"Honey," Ann related. "Being with the two of them was one of the most intense times in my life. It was just like I lost total control of myself. Having one inside of me and one in my mouth was such a turn on. I felt like a total slut."

"Why would you feel like that," inquired Steven.

"I think it started by the way I decided to dress. First, most of my outfit was somewhat see-through. When I arrived at the bar, every man in there stared

at me like they had never seen a woman before. I felt nervous, but excited.

Then these two good looking guys showed up and were my escorts.

After a couple of drinks, we danced and I felt one of them lift my skirt up showing my bare ass to everyone there. Then all three of us danced together and it was at that point I knew I was going to fuck them. I believe that everyone else in the bar knew it too.

When we left and got on the elevator, I sucked on their cocks briefly and to top it off, I took off my skirt on the way to my room. Anybody could have seen us."

"Would it have mattered if they did?"

"No, I guess not. It was so hot, all I wanted to do was to get them in my room, we barely had closed the door and we were all over each other. It was just raw pure sex and I enjoyed it immensely. The only bad part was when Bob try to do my butt. However, I did get control and things finished well."

By this time Ann felt Stevens cock was rock hard. "This has really turned you on, hasn't it?"

"Yes honey, I'm about ready to explode. Get on your hands and knees. I want to fuck you deep and hard!"

With that, Steven's cock did and the both of them finished with highly satisfying orgasm's.

A few days went by and Ann's mind kept returning to the sex she had with Gary, James & Bob. What bothered her most was Bob trying to penetrate her anally. She decided to try it with Steven just see what it was like. That afternoon, Ann bought some KY jelly anticipating that this would be the night to go for it.

That evening Ann pulled out all the stops to get Steven in the mood. Going out to dinner, she had worn the lace half blouse that she had on in the bar on her trip. She then struggled into her tightest white jeans. Slipping on her heels, she inspected herself in the mirror.

"Yes, this will definitely work," thought Ann.

Her tits could almost be seen through the lace. Her hard nipples were trying to poke through and when she lifted her arms up, the bottom part of her breasts could be seen.

Twisting a bit, she saw that her tight ass was well defined with the seam buried deep enough to provide an outline of each cheek.

Dinner was a huge success. Between the lace blouse and tight pants, Ann had Steven totally enchanted. Watching her walk in and then to the bathroom, Steven saw Ann's ass cheeks twitching back and forth and he felt his cock go hard.

Of course this did not go unnoticed by other men in that eatery that night. Many left with their cocks stiff and wondering what it might be like to be with Ann. The waiter was always close by to refill their drinks. Steven was very proud that his wife was so attractive.

Arriving at home, Ann put on her sexiest nighty and crawled into bed. Snuggling up to Steven, she whispered into his ear, "Would you like to make love tonight?"

Steven replied, "Yes my darling, I always love to have sex with you."

They started to kiss with their tongues pushing into each other's mouths.

Reaching down, Ann grasped Stevens cock and stroked it up and down.

Steven grew hard and he moved his mouth to suck on the turgid tips of Ann's breasts.

Ann's excitement grew and moving Steven's mouth away, she slid down and kissed Steven's prick. Feeling his excitement, she took it into her mouth and proceeded to deep throat him. Ann felt Steven tense up ready to come.

She lifted he head up and asked, "Would you like to try something different tonight?"

Steven was puzzled. "What do you mean?"

"I would like for you to do me in my ass," replied Ann.

"Are you sure," asked Steven.

"Yes darling I am. Every since Bob tried that back in the motel, I have wondered what it would be like. I even bought some special lubricant for us to use."

Steven was almost speechless. This was quite unexpected. However it did not take him long to react. Turning Ann over, he kissed the back of her neck and slowly migrated down to the curvature of her taut ass. Pulling her cheeks apart, he licked at her star burst opening and inserted his tongue. As he was probing her, his fingers found her very wet pussy.

Flicking Ann's clit, and slipping another of his digits inside of her, caused Ann to go into overdrive. Lifting his head, Steven then placed first one, then two fingers into her anal opening. Ann, feeling some discomfort, reached into her night draw and handed Steven some of the anal lube. Steven applied the slick lube all over his fingers and Ann's butt crack. Once again his fingers probed inside. This time he was able to get three inside and he felt her opening widen.

Ann was squirming under his anal attack. It felt good, yet she felt pressure. She turned her head and said, "I think I am ready honey,"

With that, Steven placed his cock against Ann's asshole and slowly pressed in. Feeling resistance, he pushed harder. All of a sudden, his dick popped through her sphincter and he slowly flexed his hips back and forth. Reaching around Steven returned his fingers to Ann's cunt and clit.

Ann felt very strange. Steven had his cock deep in her ass and was playing with her pussy and she was turned on in a perverted way. She felt her passion building.

As Steven drove back and forth and fingered her, she came and let out a primal scream. Steven moaned and came deep inside. He rolled off of Ann, laid on his back catching his breath. Beside him, Ann was coming down from her high.

Ann finally spoke. "Steven, that was one of the intense orgasms I have ever had. I am not sure I would want to do it every time we have sex, but every so often would be a nice change of pace."

"Ann, having you in that fashion really did it for me. Just as long as you are ok with it, I will be happy to do it again."

With that, Ann and Steven went to sleep.

As Ann drifted off she thought, "I could have never imagined this a few years ago. I was such a normal woman and now look at me, dressing to tease, sucking and fucking other men and now tonight giving up my ass.

I have really changed and I think that I like the new me."

Over the next few months, Ann continued to tease as much as she could. Her office attire changed somewhat. Gone were the really long skirts, concealing blouses and sweaters. In were shorter skirts more translucent tops and form fitting dresses. By this time she had ceased to wear pantyhose. She wore thigh hi's, gartered stockings or she would go just bare legged. Higher heels accented her marvelous figure. She came close, but did not violate the company dress code.

Outside of the office, Ann was far more careless. Buttons left undone, hemlines that slid up without adjustment, bending over at opportune moments revealing a bare breast or a provocative ass cheek. Ann often

wore short shorts, hi heeled sandals and very small bikini tops.

Every so often, a denim mini skirt would replace the shorts. She would wear a miniscule G-string or nothing at all.

All of this drew attention from many men. When she knew that she had the attention of a gentlemen, she would smile at them. Riding the train to and from her job was especially fun. Her hemline would ride up and she would cross and uncross her legs. This had the tendency to bare her thighs. Sometimes, she would let her legs drift apart just a bit letting show her panty covered pussy: that is on the days she wore panties.

On some days, Ann would have to stand. When the train was full she would be pushed against some of the men. At times she would be touched and she could feel their erections pressing against her body. These were the times that she went home to Steven wanting to be fucked right away.

Ann was often propositioned to slip away to enjoy closer relations. She reveled in all of this attention and was very tempted at times. However she felt if she was going to enjoy being with another man again she would want Steven to be close by. Just for protection and maybe participation.

Of course, Steven noticed the changes in Ann. He was very proud of the sexpot she had turned into. Their sex life accelerated from once or twice a week to almost every night. He liked what she was wearing on a daily basis, Ann told him every time that she had exposed herself and had been touched.

It was time to explore again.

Steven had been very excited about her adventure with the men while she was gone. His only regret was that he did not have a chance to watch and participate. He now thought of a way.

"Honey, how would you like to go out of town for some fun?"

Ann, hearing a certain tone in his voice figured out that his definition of fun was more sex. She did not object to that at all.

"What did you have in mind?"

"We will leave it as a surprise."

Steven knew of an adult theatre in a nearby town. He thought that once Ann got there, her natural passion would take over and he finally would get to watch her in action with other men.

"Be sure to wear something skimpy for our drive there" said Steven.

"He certainly has a one track mind," thought Ann. "Hmm, let's see what might work."

Ann went through her clothes, selecting a short denim skirt and a partially see-thru blouse.

"No bra today, but maybe a thong," she said to herself.

Picking out a lacy thing that really didn't cover her pussy, she slid it up over her legs. The skirt she put on was light and bouncy.

"If there is a wind today, I will have to be real careful" she thought.

Picking out a blouse, she tied the ends together leaving it unbuttoned. Completing her attire were a pair of hi-heeled shoes that accented her bare legs.

As Ann moved about the room, she could see in the mirror that the blouse would gap showing her breast with its perky nipple. "That will tease the guys for sure," she murmured as she finished her packing.

Finished with their packing, Ann and Steven got into the car. As Ann slid into her seat, her skirt rose up showing the gusset of her panties. Steven could clearly see the slit of her pussy. Ann went to tug her skirt down, but Steven stopped he saying that the more skin the better. Ann smiled and left her skirt where it was.

Pulling out onto the freeway, it wasn't long before they came up behind an 18 wheeler.

Steven looked over at Ann and said "here is your first opportunity to have a bit of fun with this guy"!

Ann didn't say anything. She just slumped down in her seat as her skirt rode up even higher. As they pulled even with the truck, she put her left foot on the dash. This had the effect of opening Ann's legs and showing her panty crouch to anybody looking. And the trucker was looking! Ann looked up at the grinning trucker and felt a thrill go through her body. She knew her lacy thong hardly covered her and the view was as if she was wearing nothing at all.

Steven, noticing her display reached over and slipped his hand in between Ann's legs. Slipping a finger under her panty, he started to rub her clit.

Ann moaned and let her legs fall apart. Bring her hand up to her chest, she spread her blouse. She was now showing all of her breasts to the trucker. As Steven played with her pussy, the gusset slipped aside revealing her cunt and Steven's manipulations to the driver.

Ann gasped and had a mighty orgasm.

As she settled down, the 18 wheeler blew its horn in appreciation and sped off down the road.

Ann smiled at Steven and said "thank you honey. That was wonderful."

"My pleasure darling. Are you ready for some lunch?"

That would be great" said Ann.

Steven guided the car into a truck stop area parking where Ann would have to walk in between a number of trucks to get to the cafe.

As Ann slid out of the car, her skirt rode up revealing her panty crouch to an on looking man. She flushed quickly pulling it down as he smiled at the display of legs and lacy panties. Steven told her to go ahead as he wanted to check some things under the hood of the car.

Ann was walking in between 2 trucks when a gust of wind caught her skirt, blowing it up around her waist. Walking behind her, the same man had seen the whole show. He whistled at Ann. Ann turned around and asked "was that nice, whistling at me?"

The trucker smiled and said "when I see someone as hot as you I just can't help myself."

Ann laughed and said "thank you. By the way my name is Ann. What do you go by?"

The trucker responded, "My name is Joe.

"Well. I'm happy to meet you Joe."

Ann surveyed the guy standing in front of her. " He's about 40 and very good looking. Seems like he works out judging by his shape and he looks well endowed considering the bulge in his pants."

Ann began to feel a bit turned on.

About this time Steven came walking up and introductions were made. After chatting for a few minutes, Steven ask Joe in he would like to join them for lunch.

Joe immediately agreed. Anything to stay close to this sexy chick and her husband seemed to be cool.

The restaurant was full; mostly men. Ann drew a lot of attention as the waitress led them to a corner booth. Most of the women that came in here wore sloppy jeans and T-shirts. Ann's revealing attire was a real change and most of the guys felt their penis's stiffen a bit.

Steven, then Ann and Joe slid into the booth. Ann felt her skirt shifting up but didn't worry about it. Most of her legs were exposed. As she settled in, she noticed Joe's eyes wonder over her body. Her blouse had gapped a bit and most of her breast was out.

Steven shifted towards Ann and his leg lodged flush against Ann's. Ann's hand moved and rested on Steven's upper thigh, her fingernail scratching close to his crouch. Steven's prick came to life.

Ann whispered into Steven's ear. "Joe is so handsome, can I play a bit?"

"Go right ahead sweetheart. Play all you want!"

Joe, reading a menu missed all of this by play. What he didn't miss was Ann moving a bit closer to him and her hand coming to rest on his leg. Joe was a bit confused. It looked like Ann was coming on to him with her husband sitting right there.

Ann leaned into him and said, "don't worry about it. Steven is fine with all of this."

Ann's fingers danced along Joe's leg. Finally, her hand encountered his rapidly hardening member. Ann stroked Joe's jean covered cock for a moment and then withdrew.

Joe looked down at Ann. Her top had opened wider and he could now see breast with its rock hard nipple.

Ann smiled up at him and asked, "do you like what you see?"

'Hell yes, I would sure like to suck on that beautiful tit."

"That might be arranged," laughed Ann.

About then the waitress took their meal order and in short time they were done.

Leaving the café, the guys both had their arms wrapped around Ann's waist.

As they walked back towards their vehicles, Ann spoke to Joe.

"You know Joe; I have never been a cab of a big truck like yours. Care to give us a tour?"

"Ann, I would love to do that just for you and, of course, your husband,"

replied Joe.

Joe, still not sure where this was going, took Ann and Steven to where his truck was parked. The wind was still blowing off and on lifting Ann's skirt.

Joe was given flashes of her upper thighs and her skimpy thong. Joe felt his cock enlarge once again.

Ann asked, "Is this where we go up Joe?"

"Yes, why don't you go first then Steven and I will follow."

Ann smiled to herself knowing what Joe really had in mind. Up she went and when she reached the door, she found it locked. Looking back down, she saw both Joe and Steven looking at her tempting bareness revealed by her fluttering skirt.

Joe climbed up after her. Leaning in, he unlocked the door and opened it. Ann could feel his hard cock pressing into her butt. Wiggling her cheeks,

Ann crawled into the cab her dress flipping up to her waist.

Joe could not help himself. He leaned forward and kissed Ann's succulent cheek his tongue lashing her bare skin. Ann thrilled at Joe's advances. Moving forward, she slipped across the big seat and sat close to the passenger door. Joe sat beside her and Steven was directly behind the steering wheel.

Ann's hemline settled at the top of her panties, showing the moist gusset. Her pussy showed through the lace drawing Joe's attention. Joe decided to go for it. Putting his arm around Ann's shoulder, he pulled her into him and kissed her parted lips. As he extended his tongue into Ann's mouth, his other hand came to rest on Ann's bare leg.

Steven was watching all of this with awe. Here was his wife kissing a stranger as he caressed her legs. He loved it as his cock became hard as steel.

"How far would she go with him sitting there," he wondered."

As Ann and Joe finished their kiss, she looked up and saw a curtain at the back.

"What's behind the curtain?"

Joe, still stroking Ann's leg, said "that's where I sleep.

"Oh good, can we go up there?"

Without waiting for an answer, Ann scrambled up and Joe was right behind her, his hands full of her ass.

Stretching out, Ann wrapped her arms around Joe and kissed him, her tongue probing his mouth. While Ann did this, Joe pulled her skirt to her waist and began to deeply massage Ann's cheeks. He ran his finger down the string portion of her thong, stopping for a moment to prod around her rear hole. Continuating further, Joe was able the skip his digit under her and

into her very wet pussy.

Ann was in total heat. She lifted away from Joe, took off her blouse and skirt. As she was removing her thong, she looked at Joe and told him to 'get naked!'

With a quick look at Steven, who was grinning from ear to ear, Joe quickly removed all his attire and sat there, his erection standing tall and proud.

Ann reached out and curled her fingers around Joe's cock and began to stroke it. Looking at Joe with the glaze of passion, Ann asked Steven "Is this OK with you?"

Steven, having already released his prick, looked at Ann and said, "Yes it is darling, enjoy yourself!"

Ann immediately knelt in front of Joe and brought his cock to her mouth. She kissed the head of his erection and licked up and down his hard phallus.

Ann looked up at Joe and asked "May I suck your cock, please?"

Joe, lost in lust, did not reply but just wrapped his hands around Ann's head and pushed his prick into Ann's open mouth.

Ann's lips tightened around Joe's stiffness, sucking deeply, as it penetrated further and further.

Steven was watching Ann as she bobbed her head up and down on Joe's cock. She was bent over with her delectable ass and slit sticking in his face.

Leaning forward, Steven licked from the top of her crevice to her open pussy. Pausing at her clit, he compressed his lips over his teeth and sucked them over her pleasurable protrusion.

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