tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAnother Naked Husband Party

Another Naked Husband Party


This is a sequel to "A naked husband party." You can read that one first if you want but it's not necessary.

It had been a few months since my wife Karen and her friends had organized a "naked husband party" where the guys had to go naked and were at the mercy of the wives. There had been five other couples there and it was a night I will never forget.

When Karen brought up the idea of having an even bigger version of that party I was intrigued. We've had some wild times together and she certainly knew my boundaries, although she wasn't against pushing the envelope now and then.

Naturally she brought this up with the other couples, namely the wives, and got a positive response. The only thing else I could get from Karen was that she and the other wives had to approach this issue delicately with those they wanted to invite, at first asking if they had ever been to a bachelorette party and how they felt about male nudity.

The guys were to be at our house at 7:30 on the nose. The ladies were to arrive at 8:00, so none of us guys would know for sure who would be there. The same was true for some of the ladies, as the only thing a few of them knew was that a bachelorette-style party was being thrown and it would most definitely be a "hands on" event, if they wanted. They also knew it would feature just regular guys, rather than professional strippers.

Five of us guys were married, and our wives were directly involved in planning this party. Two of my single friends, Jerry and Ted, were there. Both of them had been at the mercy of Karen's wily ways before so they had some idea of what was going to happen. There was a ninth guy whom I didn't know, whose name was Chris. He was apparently a neighbor of one of the couples.

The guys and I sat in the basement drinking, while waiting for things to start. We were all pretty nervous, especially Chris as he probably had the least idea of what was in store for us. We could hear the ladies arriving and sat quietly trying to make out some of the voices.

We waited until about 8:30, after all of the ladies had a drink or two into their system, when Karen came downstairs and retrieved our costumes from a nearby closet. They were all identical, a tiny g-string, tear-away stripper pants and a dog collar. I think we were all a little apprehensive, especially after seeing the collar. Karen insisted we put them on immediately.

Even though I wasn't erect, the g-string barely covered my package. I knew it would get worse as soon as I got hard. I could tell it gave Karen a thrill to check out each guy's g-string and make like she was checking the fit, while her hands casually graced their dicks and balls. The pants went on next and thankfully were a fairly loose fit. Chris started to get cold feet and asked Karen what was going to happen that night.

"Look guys, you're probably nervous but relax, it's nothing you can't handle," Karen said. "I've made sure the ladies all understand the ground rules. No pictures and nothing excessive, no ball busting or anything like that."

Karen went upstairs to check on the party while us guys waited in the basement. She corralled all of the ladies into the living room and led us guys upstairs into the hallway. She insisted that I should be the last one to enter the living room.

As we stood in the hallway waiting for our entrance, it sounded like most of the women had been drinking before the party. From what I could see, they were all well-dressed.

Kevin was first in line and became nervous when he looked into the living room and realized his wife had brought one of their neighbors with her to the party. He pointed this out to us and my mind raced as I thought about who else might be there. Karen called out Kevin's name and he entered the living room to stand front and center before the crowd as the ladies cheered.

"Ladies, don't you think Kevin looks a little overdressed for this party?" Karen asked as the ladies cheered. "Ok Kevin, take it off!"

Kevin did as he had been instructed, yanked off his pants and tossed them to the crowd. The ladies cheered again. Karen had him turn around, clad in only his g-string and collar, so everyone could get a good view. She then slapped him on the ass and told him to step aside.

That's how it went as the other guys were announced. As I got closer to the living room I could see that there were at least 20 women there, quite a bit more than I had anticipated. I spotted a few of the wives but many women whom I didn't know.

My friend Bill nearly freaked when he saw his wife had brought one of his neighbors and someone she worked with to the party. As I neared the living room door I could see Kim, one of our neighbors from down the street. She was a girl next door type and total MILF.

Then Karen called my name and I entered the room. The ladies cheered. As I stood there in front of them, I noticed my own boss, Kara sitting right there in front of me on the couch. Alison, one of my coworkers, was sitting next to her. Kara's mouth fell open in a state of shock. Alison was also surprised. They both looked at each other, mouths hanging open, then back at me as I flung my pants aside.

Alison practically exploded with laughter, then cheered and clapped before her gaze went straight to my g-string. She then she looked up at me and smiled. Kara shook her head and looked at Alison, although I thought I caught Kara also taking a look at me.

Karen said it was time to mingle and she put on some music. The ladies wasted no time in grabbing a partner and finding some room to dance. Alison approached me with a gleam in her eye. She always was a knockout, very slender with a tight body and gorgeous face with shoulder length hair. Alison and I had always gotten along really well. Kara was also very attractive with long dark hair, a great smile and what I suspected was a nice body hidden beneath the conservative clothes she usually wore.

As Alison approached, she stopped for a moment to look me up and down. She motioned with her finger and I slowly turned around so she could check me out from all sides.

"I like what you're wearing Mark," Alison said with a laugh. "You should wear this around the office sometime."

Her laugh and broad smile put me at ease a bit, although I was still worried about the boss seeing me like this.

"Karen said this party could get pretty wild, she didn't say anything about getting to see your dick," Allison said, giggling. "I had to talk Kara into it and said I didn't want to come here alone. It was your wife's idea."

Looking down at my package, Allison said it didn't look like I was very happy to see her. I sighed as she reached out and lightly caressed my balls through the g-string before moving to my dick. Then Allison pulled Kara from the couch and insisted she say hello to me. Kara could barely look at my face and her gaze was more focused on my chest.

"Oh come on, check him out, don't be shy," Alison insisted. With that, Alison grabbed my package again and I let out a moan. "See, he likes it. Go ahead."

Allison grabbed Kara's hand and placed it on my package. It was a thrill to have my two colleagues checking me out like this, treating me as a toy, and my dick grew even more. Kara pulled her hand away but Allison resumed groping me with a smile on her face. Allison's other hand grabbed my ass and she got Kara to do the same.

Two women whom I didn't know approached and said they wanted to dance with me. We found a free area and I started to shake my thing. Alison and Kara were watching and I could feel my dick getting harder. I looked around and there were a couple of women around each guy, caressing them and rubbing against them as they danced. These two ladies did the same with me and I was soon rock hard.

When the song ended everyone changed partners. I could see Karen and our neighbor Kim having their fun with Chris, stroking his dick through the g-string and rubbing against him. Allison made her way over to me and we started dancing. Rather than rubbing up against me, she stood a few feet away admiring the view.

Looking down, my dick was pressing hard against the g-string and it was pulling away from my body. The base of my shaft and plenty of pubic hair were exposed. Alison took a long close look at this, then looked up at me and smiled. She wanted to see me dance and I obliged, shaking my dick and balls around for her enjoyment. Her gaze never left my crotch.

After one more song, Karen announced it was time for the unveiling. All of the ladies cheered. Karen called each guy's name one by one, then read a woman's name from a slip of paper she pulled from a hat. Kim and my friend Tim went first, with her tugging on his g-string to release his raging hard on. The women cheered as his dick sprang free.

When my turn came Allison caught my gaze, crossed her fingers and smiled. Then Karen pulled a slip of paper from the hat and read Kara's name. Kara looked shocked but Allison laughed. Kara just sat there for a moment, but with encouragement from Alison and the others she stood up and approached me.

Kara didn't drink much but I could tell she had been drinking since she got there, probably to steady her nerves. She hooked a finger into my g-string, and her gaze went from my eyes, down my body and to my package. She then pulled down the g-string and set me free. The ladies all cheered. Alison howled. Kara blushed but took a good look at my equipment before going back to her seat, my g-string in her hand.

"Well ladies, don't let all this man meat go to waste," Karen told the crowd. "It's all hands on dick."

The women cheered and I was soon surrounded by a couple of them. Our neighbor Kim approached and introduced me to a gorgeous young woman named Natalie. It turns out Natalie was 19 years old, attended a local college and was Kim's part-time babysitter.

I said hello and extended my hand, but Kim grabbed it and held it to my side. With Kim's encouragement, she and Natalie then caressed and stroked my bare dick and balls. Kim was gauging my reaction to their handiwork, but Natalie's gaze was transfixed upon my dick.

Looking around the room, every guy had a couple of women around him giving him the same kind of attention. Karen was playing with Jerry's dick while one of the wives focused on his balls. Alison was handling Steve's dick and even Kara was getting into things by caressing his balls.

It didn't take long before Alison approached me and Kim and Natalie went off to play with someone else. Alison wrapped her hand around my dick and I let out a moan.

"You've got a nice dick Mark," Allison said with a smile. "Maybe you'll show it around the office some time."

She gripped my dick tightly and waited for an answer. I just bit my lip and nodded my head. Allison waved Kara over to us.

"I think Mark should dress like this around the office, don't you think Kara?" Allison asked. "Think about it, wouldn't it be fun to have a nice dick to play with whenever we want?"

I didn't know if she was joking or not, but the idea of this turned me on more than I could've imagined and I moaned loudly with Allison's hand still wrapped around my dick.

Kara laughed nervously, her eyes focused on my dick. Then, without any encouragement, Kara reached out and stroked me. I moaned loudly to encourage her. I had to put my hands on both of their shoulders to steady myself.

Karen then announced it was time for "the auction." All the guys were sent out of the room. Most of us used it as a chance to go to the bathroom, although it wasn't easy to do with a stiff dick. While we were gone, Karen handed out random envelopes to each of the ladies with various amounts of play money inside. The ladies could bid individually or as groups on which guy they wanted to "own."

She spared us guys the embarrassment of having to witness the auction, although she also did it so none of the women would be embarrassed either. I was glad to have a break from all the attention and give things a chance to settle down.

When the auction was over, us guys were summoned back into the living room. By now my dick had softened a bit but my balls were aching. We entered the living room one at a time and Karen attached a leash to each guy's collar before leading him to his new "owners." Karen and a few others had purchased Jerry. Alison and Kara had pooled their money to purchase me and I had no doubt whose idea it was.

I sat down on the couch in between them and Allison proceeded to kiss my neck as she caressed my dick back to its full hardness. She admonished Kara for not joining in, and soon both women were stroking me. They seemed to be enjoying themselves almost as much as I was.

They used a variety of techniques, tracing the outlines of my dick with their fingertips, then focusing on my balls before wrapping their hands around my shaft. Kara worked the base of my dick while Alison focused on the tip. I nearly yelped when Alison bent down and licked the pre-cum that was oozing from my dick.

They took great pleasure in keeping me close to the edge of an orgasm without letting me get there. If they sensed I was getting too close, they would go back to kissing my neck while rubbing my thighs and chest for a bit before going back to caressing my dick.

Looking around the room I saw each guy in a similar predicament, with their "owners" taking great delight in pleasuring them without release. I noticed Karen throating Jerry a couple of times and challenging his other owners to do the same.

"He's gonna come," a woman yelled across the room. "He's gonna come!"

We all looked to see Chris, his dick getting stroked by three women, starting to convulse and he soon shot his load. Two of the ladies jacked him off while a third caught it in her glass. The ladies cheered and laughed.

"Is that what you want Mark?" Allison whispered to me. "Do you want to come for us?"

Naturally I said yes and nodded, my balls felt like they were going to explode.

"Well then, what are you waiting for? Don't let us stop you," Allison said.

She and Kara removed their hands and I knew what they wanted, although I was so worked up I didn't care. I started stroking my dick slowly at first, but then more aggressively as I could tell I was ready to go.

Allison made sure everyone knew I was about to come. I was embarrassed but there was no way I could stop now. Allison caught my come in her wineglass and I kept stroking as load after load erupted from my dick. The ladies cheered. Alison kissed me on the cheek, then held her wine glass to examine the results.

"My god Mark, you sure you're not a horse?" Allison said. "Kara, look at this."

Kara seemed impressed and said I must be one horny guy.

"I guess you just bring out the best in me," I said with a laugh.

They were both amused at this. Allison used her finger to swirl my come around in her wine, then took a sip and offered it to Kara. I was shocked to see Kara take a sip, sample it, then take a good healthy swig. Allison proceeded to clean me off by wrapping her mouth around my dick. She pressed Kara to do the same and Kara reluctantly wrapped her mouth around me as well.

As this was going on I could tell the other guys were coming as well. The last one to go was Jerry and Karen insisted he stand in the middle of the room to stroke himself off. Karen had a glass ready to go, but that the last-second she opted to wrap her lips around his prick and swallow his entire load.

Everyone cheered as she milked him dry. A few of the ladies gasped and looked at me, but I just cheered along with the others. Frankly, I would have been surprised if she hadn't sucked him off.

The ladies all gave us a round of applause afterwards. The other guys got dressed to go home, but I figured I might as well stay naked. Ted and Chris each left with a lady, Jerry with two of them. Allison gave me a hug and a kiss on her way out, along with a big smile. Kara also gave me a hug, then held up my g-string in her hand and said, "see you on Monday." She winked at me and she and Allison left.

After everyone left, Karen and I crawled into bed. She was so turned on from the party that she was sopping wet even before I went down on her. We soon got into a 69 so she could revive my dick with her mouth, then she climbed on top and rode me for a nice fuck.

The next day, Karen told me that when the time came to remove my g-string, she had actually pulled someone else's name from the hat but had already planned on having Kara do the job. Karen had also figured that Allison would want to bid on me, so she made sure that both Allison and Kara had plenty of money in their envelopes to win me in the auction.

I was nervous as hell when I went to work on Monday. Allison came right in to my office, gave me a big smile and a hug before laughing and saying she didn't recognize me with my clothes on. For the rest of the day, each time she passed me in the hallway she'd give me a wink and a smile.

Kara came in later with a folder she wanted me to look at. When I opened it, there was the g-string she had taken off me from the party. We both laughed before Kara took the folder and g-string back and indicated she would be keeping it.

"I'll file this under g," she said with a smile. "It'll be in my office in case you need it again."

I didn't know what to say to this so I just laughed nervously and she left. Each time I passed her in the hallway that day I thought for sure she was blushing.

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