tagGroup SexAnother Week on the Lake Ch. 04

Another Week on the Lake Ch. 04


Author's Note: This is a sequel to "A Week On The Lake" and "Snowed In." A few of the characters in this story appear in the "Lucky Cable Guy" stories also. Readers of my previous stories will already be aware that sometimes my group sex scenes involve guys messing around with each other, "so if that doesn't seem like your particular brand of vodka, help yourself to as much food as you like, and have a safe journey, no hard feelings. Otherwise, come with me."

Special thanks to SpotInTheSand for story consultation and editing. Check out his stories. They're excellent.

Additional thanks to Stonehammer69 for ongoing story consultation and idea brainstorming. He's also got a couple of stories posted so go read them and tell him in the comments to keep the chapters coming!

* * * * *


We didn't put our clothes back on when we gathered around the bar. It was after midnight. Jack hesitated about accepting another drink.

"You guys can all crash here tonight," Roger said. "Plenty of places to sleep with Kaylee and all out of the house."

"There's nobody at the cabin anyway, right?" Sophie looked at Jack.

"Nope, Maggie won't be back until the morning, and we don't have our Border Patrol shift until noon."

So we had another drink out on the deck, the music having been turned back to rock and classic rock. We talked and laughed and flirted for another hour before Jess declared she needed to sleep. Roger showed us to the empty bedrooms before following his wife to bed, and Eva and I slept naked, my hand tight on one of her wonderful round boobs and my cock nestled in between her luscious ass cheeks, on a king-sized bed in a bedroom that was easily the size of two bedrooms at Jack's cabin.

I woke before Eva and headed back down the hall in search of a bathroom. I found a bathroom with an enormous walk-in shower with no door or curtain. There was a tiled bench along one side and shower-heads everywhere. Katrina came in while I was peeing and leaned naked against the outside corner of the shower watching me until I was done.

"Good morning," I said, shaking the last few drops of pee from my slowly hardening cock.

"Last night was a lot of fun," she said. She sat on the toilet while I washed my hands and smiled at me while she peed.

"Yeah, it was a blast," I said as I toweled my hands dry.

"I hope we get to do it again."

"Are you guys coming to the bonfire?"

She stood up and flushed and began to wash her own hands. "Of course," she said. "I just meant all of us here. Like last night."

"Oh yeah, that would be great," I said. It would be. But I was also thinking that I'd really like it if Kaylee were around next time.

"Do you want to take a shower with me?" Katrina smiled and slipped her fingers around my cock, which was now almost fully erect.

"That looks like a hell of a shower," I said.

"Leave the door open in case anyone wants to join us," she said. There was certainly plenty of room, and I got the feeling that Hank and Donna had built this bathroom for sharing with guests.

She turned on the water and it cascaded down from four heads in the ceiling, although there were others in the walls that she didn't activate. The water warmed quickly and she walked right in and let it rain and pour down her gorgeous body, wetting her dark hair and flattening it to her neck and upper back. I watched her rinse her body until my cock was as hard as it could get, then I joined her in the hot cleansing rain.

I barely had time to get used to the temperature before Katrina leaned over and started sucking my cock. The pouring water made it almost impossible for me to keep my eyes open where I was standing, so I slowly backed up, in the direction of the bench. It wasn't completely out of the range of the water, but it stopped pelting me directly in the face. I wanted to watch Katrina do her work.

"I hope you don't mind me saying, Katrina," I said. "Wow, fuck that feels good. You are really, really good at sucking cock." I felt more than heard her grunt in reply, the tiny vibrations shooting through my rigid pole. She had almost my entire length in her mouth and she was pushing on farther. Without a trace of a gag she swallowed my cock, deep-throating the swollen head while her nose pressed into my pubic hair and the tip of her tongue extended enough that I could feel it lightly touching both of my dangling balls.

"She really is an excellent cocksucker, isn't she?"

Katrina didn't even flinch, but I jerked my head up and around to see Roger standing in the entrance to the shower, his own cock standing up hard and straight. He strode into the water and rinsed his body and his hair before turning and presenting his cock to Katrina. Katrina took me out of her mouth and jerked me with her fist while she swallowed Roger. Roger's cock was smaller than mine by a good inch or two, and she swallowed it even more easily than she'd taken mine.

"Oh fuck yeah," Roger gasped. "Suck that cock. Then suck Will's again. Jack is on his way. You're going to have more cock than you can handle."

"Just bring it," Katrina said before she inhaled my prick again.

Just as Roger had promised, Jack arrived, his huge thick fuck-pole waving in the air in front of him.

"Tyler has got his hands full out there," Jack said with a chuckle. "I promised him the three of us would fuck you good and hard."

Jack stood behind the kneeling Katrina and she turned her head to lick the side of his cock head. Roger and I moved in a little closer and she soon had three cocks bumping into each other above her open mouth. She sucked us one at a time while she stroked the other two. I was used to my cock coming into direct contact with Jack's so I was able to relax and enjoy it when Katrina rubbed my cock head against Roger's and slathered both of us with her swirling tongue.

We all enjoyed her expert sucking and licking for a few minutes before she stood up. "Turn the water off. There's lube in the drawer just to the right of the sink."

Katrina directed me to sit down on the bench, and she went back to sucking my cock while Jack and Roger covered their own cocks with lube and poured more down Katrina's ass and onto her pussy. Katrina's moan onto my cock when Jack started to sink his cock into her pussy was much more intense than it had been earlier.

"Fuck your pussy feels good," Jack grunted. He gradually worked his entire length inside her, taking several long slow strokes before he backed away. "Fuck this beautiful pussy, Roger. How's she doing on your end, Will?"

"Oh, she's doing fucking great," I said. She was working my cock in her mouth and throat and I was humping up to meet her strokes so that I was practically fucking her face while she wailed onto my rod at the feeling of Roger pumping his cock in and out of her pussy. "How's her sweet little pussy, Roger?"

"Fucking perfect," he said. "You have a fucking perfect pussy, Katrina."

"Climb up on that bench and ride Will's big cock," Jack said.

Katrina quickly crawled upward, my cock came out of her mouth and Roger's out of her pussy. Her tits dragged over my legs, then my stomach as she moved up and I was able to get one of them in my mouth as she dropped herself down on my cock.

"Fuck!" she gasped. "Fuck that feels good!"

"Ride it, Katrina," I groaned. "Fuck it. Fuck my fucking cock!"

Jack climbed up beside us and Katrina's cries of pleasure were quickly muffled by his cock. I had to reluctantly stop sucking on her tit to make room for Jack. Katrina wailed onto him and continued to pound herself up and down on me, burying my cock completely in her pussy every time she came down. Her screams became louder when Roger held her hips still and started to slowly ease his cock into her asshole. I could feel the added pressure of him filling her, as inch by inch he buried his cock in her anal cavity.

I squeezed both of Katrina's big tits and she sucked deeper and harder on Jack's cock while Roger began to pump his cock in and out of her ass.

"Oh my god that feels so fucking good," Roger groaned.

Katrina pulled Jack's cock out of her mouth. "Yes!" she screamed. "Fuck my pussy and ass!" She started to buck her hips back and forth, alternately driving my cock, then Roger's deeper inside her. The three of us held relatively still while Katrina moved her body between us, fucking and sucking our cocks.

I watched in awe as Katrina worked, delighting in the ripples of pleasure her squeezing pussy was producing in my cock. Katrina howled and moaned onto Jack's cock, her big tits bouncing with her efforts.

"Oh fuck," I moaned. "Oh fuck, Katrina! Your pussy feels so fucking good."

"Suck my fucking cock, baby," Jack said. "I'm so close. I want you to swallow my cum."

"Oh fuck oh shit, I'm cumming!" Roger howled. I could feel the movements of his cock through the thin barrier of Katrina's clenching pussy-walls. Roger stiffened and held Katrina's hips still as he started shooting his hot spunk into her bowels. With just the head of my cock still in her pussy, Katrina reached down and started furiously strumming her clit until she screamed onto Jack's cock. She managed to push back into Roger just enough to dislodge my cock from her cunt, and a clear stream of cum gushed from her pussy, splashing all over my stomach, my cock and balls, and my thighs. Roger may have finished spunking in her ass, but his cock was still buried there.

"Oh fuck that was so fucking hot!" Jack gasped. "I'm gonna cum!"

I sat back on the bench, slowly stroking the iron-hard length of my cum-covered cock and watching Katrina work her throat as she swallowed spurt after spurt of Jack's cum. She had about half of his big prick in her mouth, and she was twirling her wrapped hand around the rest of his shaft while he held her head in both hands and unloaded a huge torrent of spunk down her throat.

When Jack had finally finished cumming, Roger was able to gently pull his somewhat softened cock out of Katrina's asshole and help her sit down beside me.

"Oh fuck, that was awesome!" Katrina said, her gorgeous tits rising and falling on her chest as she caught her breath. "I can't believe how much cum you just shot down my throat, Jack. It tastes so good."

"That was amazing, as always, Katrina," Roger said. He leaned over and kissed her, and Katrina opened her mouth for his tongue as they shared the taste of Jack's cum. When they broke their kiss, they smiled at each other and Roger washed his cock before leaving the shower. I noticed as he turned the corner that he was already nearly fully erect again.

Katrina tapped me lightly on the thigh. "Hey," she said. "Stand up and put your cock in my mouth. I want more cum."

Jack chuckled. "You two have fun. I'm going to go see what's going on out in the living room."

I stood up and Katrina grabbed my cock around the base and began licking her cum off of my shaft and balls.

"Oh yes, Katrina," I moaned. "Can you taste your delicious pussy all over my cock?"

Katrina just moaned in response as she started to work her way down my shaft, until she had swallowed my entire length again. She pulled back with a short gasp, a trail of saliva hanging from my purple cock head through the air to her lips.

"Fuck my face," she said. "Cum right down my throat."

She swallowed my cock again, and grabbed my wrists, directing me to move my hands up to the back of her head. I held on and fucked her face as directed. My balls were bouncing off of her chin as I fucked her mouth and throat. She was leaned over now, with just her ass on the bench, her neck and back more or less parallel to the floor as I worked my thick fuck pole in and out of her mouth.

"Oh fuck yes here it comes!" I barked. "I'm gonna fucking cum!"

Katrina groaned onto my cock as my balls suddenly tightened and began to churn. My first cum of the day lurched hard through the length of my cock and exploded into Katrina's mouth. I pulled back until just the head of my cock was still between her sucking lips and she swallowed over and over again as I fired huge thick ropes of cock cream down her throat. My vision darkened and I began to wobble on my feet as the last few spurts of cum burst from my cock. Katrina continued sucking and swallowing until it was all gone, and I finally plopped down beside her on the bench.

"Holy fuck," I gasped.

"Good morning to you too, Will," she said. I could taste my cum when she kissed me and I could feel her hands stroking my cock, not giving it a chance to soften. I reached between her legs and she moaned into my mouth when I sank two of my fingers into her sopping wet pussy. "I want you to fuck my ass," she said.

She stood up and retrieved the bottle of lube from where Roger had left it on the other side of the shower. I could see Roger's cum slowly leaking from her asshole when she leaned over to pick it up. She stood up and handed me the lube and lifted her big tits on her chest. "Fuck me hard, Will," she said. "Fuck me rough."

"Rough?" I asked, smiling and raising one eyebrow.

"Yeah," she said. "Spank me. Pull my hair. Slap me. Choke me. Fuck me."

I left the lube on the bench and stood up slowly. My cock stood out hard and tall in front of me. "Grab my cock," I said.

As Katrina's fingers slipped around my shaft, I weaved mine into her wet dark wet hair and took it in my grip. I pulled her head back, forcing her to look up directly into my face as she squeezed and stroked my cock with both hands.

Katrina growled. "That's what I'm talking about," she said. "Do whatever you want with me. Use me."

This was not something that Eva and I had ever dabbled in at home. Not that we never had rough sex of course, but Katrina's specific instructions and her obvious enthusiasm had my imagination running and my cock throbbing in her hands. I pulled back on her head a little harder and grabbed one of her big tits in my free hand, squeezing harder than I normally would. I let go and gave the other plump breast a similar squeeze before letting go and slapping it, bringing my hand up briskly from below.

"Fuck!" Katrina gasped. "Harder. Slap my tits harder!"

"When I'm ready," I said. "Open your mouth."

She obeyed immediately, and I grabbed the same boob I had just slapped, squeezing hard as I probed my tongue into her open mouth. She moaned and her tongue moved to meet mine. We twirled our tongues together without allowing our lips to meet or close. I jerked her head back hard and slapped her other breast and leaned over to drag my tongue up from her collar-bone and over her exposed throat. I opened my mouth and let my teeth drag against her skin and felt her moan in my jaw.

I let go of her hair and turned her body away from mine, spinning her roughly by the shoulders. "Put your hands flat on the wall," I said. "Push that perfect ass out."

Katrina shook her luscious bottom in front of me and I slapped both of her jiggling globes a few times with my cock. I moved around to stand beside her and slapped her left cheek hard with my open right palm.

"Mmmmmm," she groaned. "I bet you can spank me harder than that. Make it hurt."

THWACK! "Don't you dare tell me how to do this," I growled. THWACK! My second slap burned my palm and left a matching red glow on Katrina's other ass cheek.

She gasped wordlessly at the first and shrieked with the second, standing up straight involuntarily. I enjoyed the bouncing of her flesh in her motion, the jiggling of her boobs and of her reddened bottom. She quickly resumed her position, breathing in long gasps. "Please spank me more, Will," she begged. "You're making me so fucking wet!"

My cock lurched and I was surprised my the wave of desire that flooded over me. A thick bead of pre-cum oozed out of the tip of my cock.

"Clean this up first," I said, pointing at my bulging purple cock-head.

Katrina quickly moved and lowered her face to my cock. She shot her tongue out and twirled it around the tightly stretched skin of my cock-head, licking up the clear ooze from the tip until I grabbed her hair again and jerked her back to her feet.

"Back up against the wall," I said, giving her a shove in that direction.

In seconds, Katrina resumed her stance, and again I slapped my cock against her ass-cheeks several times before moving to her side and bringing back my hand. I finally noticed Eva standing in the entrance to the shower, watching me with an amused grin, but also with the fire of lust in her eyes. There was cum dripping down the insides of her thighs.

I winked at my girlfriend and slapped Katrina's ass again, even harder than before. THWACK!

"FUCK!" Katrina screamed, her body once again arching from the shock of the pain flowering on the skin of her bottom. My right hand tingled in its own glow of pain, but my cock was so fucking hard from this new excitement that I knew I had to give her at least one more before I finally gave her the fuck she had been asking me for.

One more. As hard as I could. THWACK!

"AAAAAHAAAAAAAGH!" Katrina screamed, and this time she started to cum and squirt as she tumbled against the shower wall and sank to her knees in front of it. I smiled at Eva again, noticing her gaze had transitioned into a slightly detached look of overpowering lust, amusement having given way.

While Katrina recovered from her spontaneous orgasm, I lubed my throbbing cock. When I turned back to her, she was sitting on the shower floor with her back against the wall. I leaned over and slipped my fingers around her throat as she gasped for breath. Squeezing gently, I guided her back to her feet. There were already tears running down her face, whether from the spanking or from her surprise orgasm I didn't know.

I slapped her cheek with my free hand and her eyes focused suddenly and burned into me. "I'm going to fuck your ass now," I said.

"Yes!" she gasped.

I slapped her again, once a little lighter than before on her cheek, then a sharper one on one of her big swinging tits. "You're going to eat Eva's pussy while I fuck you," I said. "And don't you dare cum before she does."

"Fuck yes!" she growled and I switched hands on her throat and squeezed a little harder and slapped her other plump breast.

Eva had moved into position already when I dragged Katrina, squirming and moaning, back to the shower bench. Her pussy and the insides of her legs were shiny with her recent expulsion of juices. My cock swayed in front of me, rock-hard and rippling with veins, and glistening with a liberal coating of lube.

I grabbed Katrina by the back of her neck and forced her face down into my girlfriend's waiting, cum-dripping pussy. I had no idea if it was Tyler's or Jack's or Roger's or some mixture, but watching it ooze out of Eva's pussy and seeing Katrina latch her mouth onto it sent a shiver of perverse joy up my spine. I slapped Katrina's ass again as she arranged herself on the bench so that she could comfortably access Eva's pussy while still presenting her luscious ass to me to be fucked.

"Suck your boyfriend's cum out of my pussy," Eva moaned. "He fucked me so good and came so much!"

Katrina's answer was a muffled groan into Eva's pussy as I spread her ass cheeks wide with my hands and pressed my cock head against the opening of her asshole, still stretched from Roger's enthusiastic work a few minutes ago. It was still a lot of pressure to stuff my bigger head into her ass, and Katrina and I groaned together with the effort. She pushed back against me, but without taking her mouth away from Eva's pussy, so I was doing most of the work. But that was fine. I slapped her ass again and stuffed a few more inches of my well-lubed cock into Katrina's ass. Her moans were becoming screams by the time I was fully buried inside her, although muffled by Eva's cunt.

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