Any Chance We Could Ch. 18


"Let me rub against your battery pack for awhile, and then I think we need to go. There are three women who want you." Veronica said.

"By all means," I said.

We all visited the bathrooms before leaving and I noticed that Hazel took Emerson's hand as they walked to the valet area. She held it while they waited and she moved to the center of the seat after getting in. I also noticed that Hazel raised herself up for a bit before sitting back down. Before Kim got in the back seat, she walked over and lightly kissed me on the lips, and hugged Veronica, Ashley, and Katrina, saying her 'nice to have met you' and 'wonderful seeing you again' remarks before turning to get in the car. I then noticed that Hazel had her arm across Emerson's chest and her head on his shoulder.

Our car arrived as Ashley asked, "Can I ride in front with Dad?" Since there wasn't a negative response, she got in front and was in the middle of the seat before I got in.

As I was pulling away, Veronica leaned forward and said, "These are for you from all of us."

I put my hand back, palm up and felt some damp, soft cloth put into it. As I closed my hand and pulled it back, Ashley said, "Those're our panties. Smell each one and guess who was wearing them."

"And if I guess correctly, what's the reward?" I asked.

"A face to pussy encounter," Katrina sniggered from the back seat.

Ashley held each one in turn up to near my nose. I asked for a redo. The first one I correctly guessed as Veronica's. Having spent a goodly bit of time in face to pussy encounters with her, her scent was easy to recall. The second and third ones were tougher. I finally caught a hint of Katrina's perfume and was confident I was right but played dumb. "Nice idea, whose is it?" I asked.

"Mine, but you only get the encounter with the first one, darn!" said Katrina.

"I'll tell you what, if you want to watch..."

"Or help." interjected Veronica.

" can" I finished.

"When?" asked Ashley.

"Maybe tomorrow evening," I replied before asking, "Can I put my hand up Ashley's skirt now?" I asked.

"What's taken you so long," Ashley asked.

"The wet panties contest. I need at least one hand to drive, sweetheart." I said.

Ashley spread her thighs a bit, pulled my hand to the inside of her left thigh and said, "Hi."

I moved my hand and fingers slowly up her thigh until I got above her stocking top. I reached her pubic hair then stopped again and began to lightly touch just the hair. "No fair, Dad, get out of my hair," she said to laughter from the back seat.

"OK" I said as I moved my hand down to her knee.

"You know what I meant. Get those fingers back up here!" she playfully demanded.

I did and began to lightly stroke her labia and spread her lips a bit. "You are very wet," I said.

"We all are. You tend to do that to us, all of us," said Katrina from the back. "Mom's very wet right now too."

"And so are you sweetheart, very nicely wet," added Veronica.

Ashley grabbed my wrist and pulled the side of my hand hard against her labia, which she spread with her other hand. "Oh, there, that's nice, very nice, God that's good, move a little, harder against my clit, ahh, that's what I wanted. Don't move your hand, but don't take it away, please," she asked.

As we pulled in the garage Ashley's breathing was returning to normal. I opened the driver's side back door for Katrina and she took her time scooting across the seat, spreading her legs, pulling her skirt up to give me the maximum enjoyment of her uncovered hairy pussy. "Very nice, Katrina," I said.

"I know," she replied.

As I walked around the car, I opened the door for Veronica and got the same excellent show of garter hose, wet hairy pussy, a caress of my cock and a very long warm hungry kiss.

Ashley slid across the front seat after I opened her door, saying "I enjoyed that, thanks."

As we got in the house and headed upstairs, Ashley and Katrina began shedding skirts, leaving blouses, bras, heels and hose on.

"Dad, I want Ashley to make love to me, would you like to watch and help?" asked Katrina as we reached the top of the stairs.

"Let me think. What should I do Veronica? It does sound erotic and maybe I could give a running commentary. Hmmm." I said.

"Oh, stop it Dad you know you want to," said Katrina as she smacked my arm.

"Well, okay," I said, "especially if you're going to beat on me."

"Yeah, I'd like to beat on you with my hand or my mouth," interjected Ashley, "Or both."

Veronica waited until we got to our bedroom and helped me take off my jacket and unzipped my pants as we watched the girls kiss and fondle each other. I stepped out of the pants and hung them and the jacket in the closet and began to remove my shoes, socks and shirt. Veronica took off her skirt and blouse, removed her bra but left the garter belt, hose and heels on.

"Now Katrina, what did you have in mind?" asked Veronica.

'Dad, sit at the head of the bed against some pillows and spread your legs."

After I did, Katrina unbuttoned her blouse, removed it and the camisole. She climbed between my legs and leaned back against me, spread her legs, bent her knees, ran a finger slowly up along her pussy lips as she asked, "Ashley, do I look tasty?"

"Maybe, let me turn down some lights and I'll refresh my tongue on just how tasty you are."

Veronica sat next to me at the head of the bed as Ashley climbed between Katrina's legs. I said "Wait. Lean forward Katrina." As she did I unfastened her bra and she let it fall down her arms and dropped it on the floor.

As she leaned back against me I tenderly began to caress her breasts as Ashley settled her mouth on Katrina's inner thighs and began licking and kissing her as she slowly approached Katrina's pussy. The smell of Katrina's arousal was noticeable. My dick got harder, and Katrina began purring and jumped a bit as Ashley reached her clit with the tip of her tongue.

"You're hard as a rock aren't you handsome?" rhetorically asked Veronica as she moved closer to Katrina and me to begin caressing Katrina's other breast

Katrina turned her head and kissed me and said, "Pinch please"

We began to roll her very hard nipples between our fingers and gently pinched them. "Ooh, that's good Mom and Dad, that's good Ashley." Katrina then pulled her feet back a bit to better expose herself to Ashley's ministrations. Ashley then pulled her knees forward and raised her ass.

Veronica let go of Katrina's nipple and moved down the bed to get behind Ashley and began licking Ashley's pussy from the back and from the occasional "Oh" from Ashley I guessed that her asshole was included in the process.

"Fingers, Ashley, fingers now! Oh, yes!" she cried as Ashley began stroking in and out with one then two fingers.

Katrina turned her head back to kiss me while putting her hands over mine on her breasts and squeezing them. Our tongues intertwined. She broke the kiss panting while moving her hips into Ashley's face. As Katrina began to cum, Veronica began stroking two fingers into Ashley's vagina and licking her asshole. Ashley paused a second to say 'Ooohh God, Mom!" and resumed licking Katrina down from her cum high. Katrina began to straighten her legs, as Ashley began to push back against Veronica's face and came.

Ashley dropped her head on Katrina's stomach. As her breathing slowed she leaned toward me with her mouth open saying "Kiss me, taste your daughter."

I did and Veronica moved up to me. "Now kiss me and taste your other daughter."

"Mmmm. Girls, you both taste wonderful, sweet and musky. More later?" I asked.

Katrina turned on her side between my legs and wrapped her hand around my erection, then let go and pulled it out the fly of my boxers. "Magnificent," she said.

She bent and lightly kissed the drop of pre-cum then with her hand firmly around it she said "Ashley, you can go first."

Ashley settled beside me and bent down. She eagerly took me into her mouth down to Katrina's hand and began bobbing up and down. Katrina turned her face up, kissed me and kept kissing me until she felt me twitching. At that she broke the kiss to watch Ashley begin to swallow my semen. "God, that felt good, thanks to both of you," I said.

Ashley straightened up more and before kissing Katrina said, "Taste our Dad, Katrina."

"I like that," she said.

Ashley moved to the edge of the bed then stood up, saying, "I'm overdressed." She began unbuttoning her blouse, dropped her bra, unfastened her stockings, stepped out of her heels and took her hose off. She put her hand between her legs saying "I'm soaked, Mom, thanks."

"My pleasure," replied Veronica.

Ashley then leaned across Katrina's legs and gave Veronica's pussy a long deep lick. "Thanks, honey," said Veronica.

Katrina turned and kissed me again, then finally let go of my flaccid dick and climbed off the bed. She took off her heels and stockings, embraced Ashley and while firmly caressing Ashley's ass deeply kissed her lover. How they kissed only confirmed what I'd heard from their lips earlier.

You two are spending the night with us." I stated.

Veronica stood at the foot of the bed and finished undressing before wiggling her bare ass at me as she walked into the bathroom. I got up to join her and while I relieved myself Veronica leaned her butt against the sink. "I guess we crossed another line tonight, didn't we?"

"The blowjob and eating Ashley I assume?" I replied.

"Yes," Veronica said. "We've been kidding about them watching and helping, but what a turn on that was."

"Yes, it was, and I guess we should probably ask them about it." I said

When they climbed back in bed, Katrina snuggled in next to Veronica and Ashley next to me. "No jimmies?" I asked.

"Do you want us to wear them? Ashley asked.

"Not on my account." I replied. "Katrina did we offend you with Ashley sucking me and Veronica eating Ashley?"

Katrina replied, "Not me, I won't mind if you and Mom make love with us around, Ashley?"

"Hell, I'd love to watch, and even get more involved," she replied enthusiastically.

"Well, that answers that, doesn't it."

"Dad, are you and Veronica going to make love now. She didn't cum and all three of us did?" asked Katrina.

"I'm good, just snuggle with me," Veronica replied softly. "It's not always about climaxing. I draw great satisfaction watching those I love be pleasured and loved. All I need right now is to be hugged by my lovers who I love more than my words could express."

I wrapped my arms around my love and held her to me as our eyes locked upon each other. Ashley pushed her breasts into my back as she nestled against me with an arm reaching over me to rest on her mother's hip. As Katrina spooned against Veronica I felt Katrina reach around to rest a hand on Veronica's breasts. As our eyes continued to remain fixed upon each other, in the soft low light we had forgotton to turn off, I noticed tears of contentment and love flowing out of her eyes. I was amazed by how this woman who I was soon to wed freely gives love unconditionally. As I whispered "I love you" I scooped her tears onto my finger and then spread them on my lips. Veronica's eyes were aglow as she closed them. As I closed mine I hoped that our daughters had absorbed the important lesson about love that their mother had just taught them.

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