tagBDSMApartment Number 69

Apartment Number 69

bySatin Kitty 69©

“Apartment number 69…Mmmm hard to forget, but where is it?” you think to yourself as your footsteps carry you down the street. You are getting overheated wearing your long dress coat, but you had to hide the raging hard on that has been distracted you all day. You would have given in a long time ago, but for the instructions still ringing through your mind about not touching your cock until you got there. “Apartment 50…Oh good, I’m almost there.” A pulse of your almost painful erection reminding you of the reason for this walk. Tonight you get to meet her, this mysterious woman in black. You had chatted for months, each night you would tease yourself as images of her floated through your brain. You ached to hold her, and tonight you get to live out that fantasy. She had been single all along but had not been interested in meeting until now, and you feverishly hope that this wouldn’t be the last meeting.

As per her instructions your cock had remained unattended all day, but your balls and ass had become the focus of your overwhelming desire. Even as you stood on a street corner waiting for the light to change you wanted to reach down and rub that pulsing neglected part. But you resisted, you didn’t want to disobey her. You wanted to please her, hoping that she would tease and pleasure your body as she had your mind. “Here it is”, your cock nearly jumps with joy as your heart begins to beat fast from both anticipation and nervousness. She had become the woman of your dreams, untouchable and perfect, and tonight she would see you as you really are and you hoped the reality would please her. You are too nervous to notice much else besides the metal number 69 attached to the door as your shaking hand reaches for the bell.

A few minutes pass before the door opens a crack, and you hear her voice “Wait two minutes, then open the door, step inside and lock it behind you. Come and find me, don’t worry I’ll leave a trail.” You stand there shifting from foot to foot as you nervously count down. Your erection quivers with anticipation, almost seeming to increase in intensity as you get closer to zero. “Five…four…three…two…one…zero” you step inside pushing open the door just enough to let you inside. You carefully shut the door again, making sure to lock it.

You look around, it seems like a regular apartment, but then a bit of red catches your eye and you glance down. You gasp, and try to control your moan and the urge to rub your throbbing cock at the sight of a trail of lingerie leading down the hall and around the corner. You are about to take a run to the end, but you notice a note attached to the nearest piece. It is a blue satin nightie that obviously wasn’t intended to be slept in. Attached to the tie in the front is a white card that reads “Remove your shoes and coat. Then follow along the path. (Don’t forget to bring everything with you after obeying the attached card)” You eagerly obey, taking only a moment before finishing and reaching for the next piece. Your hand softly holds the sheer and filmy material of the panties that contain the card “Remove your socks”. As you progress painfully slowly down the hallway, your arms get fuller and fuller as your body becomes more exposed. On the door handle leading off the hallway is a garter belt and a blind fold . The instructions on the former informs you to “Take off all remaining clothes”, and on the latter “wear me & don’t peek”. You obey, then opening the door you step into the next room.

You feel hands lightly stroke your fingers, and then take the pile of cloths and silk and satin from your hands. You are standing there naked, wearing a blindfold and wondering what excitement awaits you. Your sight is gone and your other senses become stronger. The scent of a woman is near by and so tempting; the perfume of her skin and her juices tantalize you, tempting you to reach out but you resist not wanting to anger her. At the unexpected light touch of her finger running from your neck to stomach your knees almost give out; never before has your skin been so sensitive. It is as if your entire body is attuned to her presence and eagerly waiting for any pleasure she has planned. Your entire body, not just your throbbing cock, aches for her, to know her, to pleasure her, for her to pleasure you…anything! Oh you want it so bad your cock is actually moving on its own, straining to reach her and all she has done is touch your hand and one stroke…no that isn’t true, she has teased you mind and body with her words and voice for so long…

Your thoughts are interrupted by that voice you know so well, the one that ran through your head for hours after each call. “Tonight I will show you pleasure beyond what you have felt from your own hands, but you have to promise to listen and be a good boy. Do you promise to listen and obey?”

Oh yes! How you want her, how you want to tease her, you want her so much that you nearly burst and cum at the thought of a night of pleasure with this woman of your dreams. You want to scream out “Hell yes!!”, and you resist the urge to move in the direction of the voice while you answer “Yes, mistress”.

Her fingers begin to dance a teasing, stroking pattern over your back and chest. You stand there breathing in her scent, as your entire world is reduced to her and this room. You mind races with the possibilities. Maybe tonight…

Ohhh….your mind explodes and thoughts of the future are replaced by the sensations and need of the present brought rushing through you full force by a light stroke over you ass and cock. You want her to rub your cock, but your ass also yearns for attention. Her sultry voice whispers “You like that don’t you” in your ear, her lips are so close they brush against your lobe sending more fireworks through you. As the fingers of one hand begin to stroke your thighs so close to your tightened balls and insanely firm rod, her other fingers tease your nipples briefly before tracing down to your ass again. The need and sensations build, and build, and then suddenly a hot wet mouth encloses on your hardened nipples…OHHHH how much you want it there or anywhere, you never imagined that a mouth could feel so good. You didn’t care as long as she didn’t stop. The world could be ending tomorrow and you would only care about tonight.

Her tongue slowly encircles the tip of your nipple, as if teasing the head of a tiny cock. Swirling over and over around and around, each bump each push of her tongue nearly brings you off. Feeling the wetness and heat nearly makes your knees collapse and sends your head spinning as blood rushes to your near-bursting cock and standing nipples. Her tongue leaves your left one and traces a fiery path to your right nipple. Forming slow, oh so painfully slow, circles around it, each circle slightly smaller, bringing her tongue closer to what had become the centre of your existence. Her hands continue to tease your cheeks and thighs, promising much more to come. Her lips enclose your nipple holding it, lightly sucking on it as you moan and catch yourself before your legs give out. The fingers leave your cheeks, their absence is noticed but your focus still is her mouth, her wonderful pleasuring mouth.

A moment later soft silk slides over your cock. The smoothness makes you moan and thrust. You thrust is answered by a slap across your cheeks, and a break from the sucking as her voice whispers “Don’t move unless I say you can”.

“Yes, mistress” you quickly respond hoping that her mouth would return to your body. It does, and you breath a sigh of both relief and overwhelming need. The silky material slides over your cock teasing you as her hand rubs your long hard shaft. Her sucking mouth pulling your nipple to attention and her other fingers teasing your ass.

Her voice reaches your ears, “Do you like the feel of silky panties on your cock?” Your moans answer the quickening motion of her hand along your shaft. Soft and yet firm, her satiny grip rings your cock, finally running over your ridge and your throbbing head. She kisses your chest and slowly down to your stomach, light almost tickling kisses tempting you to respond. Your breathing is ragged and your moans and gasps fill the air. You want her so bad, you can feel soft material brush against your legs. “What is she wearing?” you wonder. Your thoughts are just a kaleidoscope of images and sensations.

“Take off your blindfold!” she orders, her sultry voice echoing through your mind. “I want to tease your sight, just as I have tease your other senses.” You open your eyes, you blink for you can’t believe what you’re seeing. Before you is a dream world inhabited by the goddess standing before you. She is dressed in black, her feet clad in black boots, black stockings cover her shapely legs held up with a black lace garter belt, and satin and lace panties conceal her tight ass and delicious pussy. A lace and satin corset envelops and squeezes her breasts, while flaunting her nipples which peek out of the two openings in the front on either side of the laced up middle. You eyes slowly take in the surrounding room, but never lose sight of that gorgeous body. The room has soft carpet and seems to be the back part of a store, as you glance around you notice that all the items are lingerie. It dawns on you that this lovely vixen not only has a sexy voice but also owns a lingerie store. You begin to wonder what other surprises are in store for you.

Her voice heightens your arousal with the first syllable, and your body commands your mind to obey as she tells you to “Lie down on that soft pile. It is my personal collection.” She points to a pile of silk, satin and lace of many colours. Your eyes focus in the somewhat dim candlelight. You step towards it eager to obey your mistress. As you kneel down on it showing off you ass before rolling over to sit down, you notice that it is not sheets but many delicate panties, bras, stockings, little night gowns and lingerie. You imagine what she would look like in each piece as your cock throbs harder and harder, as you sit down a drop of precum spills from your slit. She bends over showing her glorious cleavage and taunt nipples as she takes the white drop on to her finger. She brings it to her soft lips and lightly licks the precum off, and then kisses you. Her lips feel amazing as her tongue explores the depths of your mouth. Your cum mixing and making your taste buds dance with excitement. She pulls away, and then leans down to kiss your cock which holds another drop in its slit. Her tongue dashes after it, searching your slit, your head, your ridge as your moans fill the air. Encircling the ridge, pausing only to give some extra attention to bottom of your ridge, her tongue and mouth surround your throbbing, seeping member in an unimaginably hot and wet heaven. Oh no…you are coming close, you want to hold off but you don’t want her to stop. You want the sensations to go on forever.

She pulls away and licks her lips before kissing you again and feeding you your hot precum. She kisses your face, ear lobe, neck and slowly moves lower and lower as she presses you back so that you are now lying down. You stare at the ceiling, and then a movement in the corner of your eye makes you turn your head. You realize that a mirror has been placed off to the side, and you watch as her lithe body rubs against your legs and moves with cat-like grace as she kisses lower and lower. Both your eyes and your body tell your mind that she is getting closer to your immensely hard cock. A tingling of anticipation runs through your entire body before rushing and filling your cock, making it throb with an intensity you have never known before. Precum is seeping steadily now, you watch it flow over your cock, down to your balls. Remembering her kisses you ache to feel her tongue slide between your lips delivering the sweet yet salty treat.

As she approaches your cock your anticipation grows and you moan “oh please mistress lick my cock”, but her lips trail past it to continue down your thighs. Your thoughts of disappointment are minimized by thoughts of what’s in store; you know now that she is in control, that she will pleasure you as it pleases her. Your body is indeed hers, you know that you will never disobey her, and that no pleading or requests will make her relinquish her control. As she nears your toes, she swings her body around and kneels over you facing your feet which have become her mouth’s playground. She moves to the other foot and then slowly begins to trace a steamy path back up your calf to your knee and then painfully slowly up your thigh. The slow pace is tantalizing in so many ways. The sight in the mirror of her body over yours, the feel of her tongue and lips, the pressure of her breasts on your thighs and then cock, and most of all the scent and vision of her pussy and ass through sheer material as is slowly approaches your eager mouth.

As your outstretch tongue is almost in reach her voice carries to you the message of “Be a good boy and pleasure my pussy. If you are good I might just allow you to lick my ass.” You moan “yes, mistress, I’ll be good.” She sits up just out of reach, and pulls off the sheer covering. Her cheeks and the front is still bound by the satin and lace garter, but her clit, lips and ass are now uncovered. You ache to pleasure all three, but you know you should follow your mistress’ instructions so you focus on the clit and lips as they come closer. Her own tongue and mouth are now teasing your balls, lightly licking and sucking on them. You want her closer but you don’t want her to stop. Your shaft rubs against her cheek as you feel more precum dripping down. A few moments of torturous ecstasy push you higher than you have every been.

“Mmmmm…tease my ass.” She commands you as you feel a wet finger rub against your own puckered opening. Your tongue strokes upwards, licking from her pussy to ass, and slowly circles and tastes that nice sweet bud. Her mouth traces down your shaft, pausing to lick and suck your balls and stroke the spot behind them before running over and around your own treat. Sensations of a pleasure unknown till now rush through you as someone else teases that sensitive opening for the first time. Your mouth and tongue now focus on her winking ass, as you feel her finger tips rub against your hole pressing lightly. Her tongue and rubbing fingers bring even more moans to your lips as your body is filled is a need to be entered. Your eager opening sucks at her fingers.

“Do you want to feel my fingers slide inside that pouting ass of yours?” she calls out, teasingly pressing her finger tip against the rim. Her tongue goes back to pleasuring your cock making you beg “please mistress, fill me”. You feel more pressure against your ass, then cool wetness. The swirling dancing finger slowly slides in as she deep throats your pulsing cock. Her hot wet mouth slides over your dripping head and throbbing shaft, as your own tongue licks a path back and forth between her clit and ass. Stroke after stroke she explores your depth as your tongue reaches into her luxurious openings. A lightening bolt of pleasure rips through you as her finger strokes deep inside, rubbing your prostrate with slow teasing motions. The pressure and speed increases as do the answering waves of pleasure.

Suddenly incredible sensations break free and rush through your and her body, exploding along the way. You almost cum, but you hold off, moaning loudly into her pussy. You eagerly lick and suck that delicious nodule of pleasure as she licks your head and ridge with greater urgency. Her free hand runs over your thighs, cupping and squeezing your balls. Her soaked lush lips bright against her creamy skin and black outfit, slide over your probing tongue. You ache to fill her open pussy, and push your tongue in. You feel her pull your tongue in, the muscles clenching as she moans around your cock. Her mouth vibrating with the sound as she deep throats you. Suddenly the momentum builds, you feel your mind almost leave your body yet be completely immersed in the sensations rushing through you from your skin, cock mouth, every inch of your body. Your balls tighten, her teasing pulling hand barely restraining their need. You continue to build, tasting her juices, your vision filled with her ass, your cock buried deep in her mouth. Oh…that feels good, having her slide her mouth over and over along its length. You feel her lips brush your balls as your head fills her throat. You can’t stop it, nor would you want to. The pleasure that has been building, pushes you far above mere mortal bliss, as waves of overwhelming and pure pleasure crash through you. You cum hard, each pulse of cum brings a new intense wave of pleasure. You slowly float back down to earth, as the voice of an angel of pleasure whispers “your ass and body are mine tonight to pleasure”, and she directs your eyes to a strap on lying beside your bodies.

To be continued …

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OH Mistress

I can't wait to read the next chapter.......
One of my fantasies....

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