tagSci-Fi & FantasyAphrodisia Ch. 08

Aphrodisia Ch. 08


Jamie and Sonya had only taken three steps into the bathroom when they started hearing the soft little moans of Elisha and the wet lashing sounds as Gwen's tongue lapped at the girl's juicy pink pussy. The noise made Jamie whirl Sonya around until she was trapped between the wall of the bathroom and his panther-like sun bronzed muscle. Sonya's eyes smouldered with anticipation and her gaze lifted to her younger lover's. She soon reached out along the wall to slip her hand behind the shower curtain and turned the dial to fill the room with the noise of a powerful hot spray.

"W-we should get in." She barely managed to pant out the words.

"I don't think we're adequately sweaty enough." Jamie teased. His own words were filled with heat and promise.

"What do you..." She was going to finish with 'suggest' but never got the chance as his mouth closed against her own and they shared a deep, thoroughly intimate and loving kiss.

Instinct claimed her mind and she lifted one of her long shapely legs to wrap around him, the heel of her foot digging into his firm behind as her arms wrapped around his shoulders and her fingernails dragged across his back.

She felt wonderful against him. Slender, silky and soft all at once. The small curves of her breasts pressed up against his chest and their hard little dark pink peaks rubbed across his skin. The shift of her leg had slid his pulsing cock up against her eager waiting pussy and the little movements of her hips as she wiggled that amazing ass of hers practically begged him to take her.

Slowly, he pushed against her. The feeling of his thick length parting her saturated lower lips and pleasantly stretching her horny pussy drew forth a moan from the woman. A storm of bliss swirled within them as their lips continued to wetly share each other and Jamie finally sank every inch of his cock inside her. The wet insides of her horny cunt seemed eager to suckle him further and he felt her hot nectar dripping down across his balls.

Her small breasts were smushed against his hard chest, her hard nipples tingling with delight as they poked against his muscular form. Long delicate fingers ran through his hair and she felt her nails dig into his scalp as he began to move inside her. Sonya felt the first ripples of climax flow through her as Jamie started to fuck her, an exciting build up to the thunderous peaks she knew she was bound for.

With lust consuming him she lifted her other leg to wrap about his hips, the long slender stems firmly encircling him. Her pussy opened further to his pounding cock in this position and she soon felt his own hands grasp her gorgeous ass to hold her aloft. His strength was unnatural and she found herself being held there effortlessly as their bodies writhed together. Jamie stood tall and confident as he fucked his lover up against the bathroom wall.

Her lungs burned and she broke their kiss to desperately gasp for air. Lolling her head back, she felt his lips nuzzling into the nape of her neck and her eyes rolled upward as she began to shake with the force of another orgasm ripping through her body sending shockwaves through her nerves. Jamie felt her pussy gush with her sticky sweet juices and he licked his tongue up along her neck. She heard the low growl of lust bubble up from deep within his throat and the sweet vibrations of the noise against her ear formed the catalyst of her next orgasm.

This time as Jamie felt her pussy convulse and her stunning body shudder between him and the wall he squeezed her firm ass and slammed his cock deep inside her. She screamed, her blissful cry music to his ears as his cock pulsed deep inside her and then began to spurt his thick cream into her hungry pussy.

As usual the effect on the woman was devastating, she spasmed and the grip of her legs weakened about him as she lost control of her body and gave in to the overwhelming pleasure. White hot energy burned through every cell as the demigod she loved so much climaxed within her.

For his own part, Jamie found himself standing upon shaky legs as he found his release. Sonya's tight pussy combined with the way her incredible slender frame shook against him was making him lose almost all sense of everything except her and the bliss she gave him.

When the pair of them came down from those dizzying heights they found themselves slumped up against the bathroom wall. Jamie had fallen to his knees and Sonya's legs had somewhat unravelled from about him. He blinked away the slight haze of the aftermath and kissed her shoulder, her neck, her cheek and then her lips at which point she opened her eyes and smiled at him. It was a smile that never quite failed to make something deep inside him sizzle with a need for her.

"Are..." Sonya tired to speak through heavy pants of breath and failed her first attempt before eventually trying again. "Are we sweaty enough now?"

"Yeah we're pretty gross." The bronzed herculanian demigod said to his gorgeous bright eyed lover.

"Can you move your legs?" She wiggled her toes trying to get some feeling back in them.

"Not with any certainty, no." He truthfully replied.

"Well we're stuck then." Her arms settled comfortably around his shoulders.

"What shall we do to pass the time?"

She answered by letting her smile melt against his lips and the bathroom was soon filled with the soft wet suckling noises as the two lovers made out until they could walk once again.

After Jamie and Sonya emerged from the shower on shaky legs with thoroughly satisfied expressions on their faces it didn't take very long to get ready for the day ahead. Gwen and Elisha hurried things along by showering together and when they arrived back in the bedroom they saw that Jamie and Sonya were dressed once again and had just finished putting new sheets on the bed. Twenty minutes after that you wouldn't have known that an impromptu orgy had taken place in the house and the four lovers were all ready to leave.

Just as they were about to walk out the door the phone rang and Sonya rushed over to answer it. Everyone waited, listening to one half of the conversation as Sonya first frowned at the phone before her expression brightened.

"Ok I'm getting that this is a good news, bad news situation." Jamie said after she had put the phone down.

"Well I suppose it is." Sonya started.

"Start with the bad news." Elisha suggested as she rested up against the doorway.

"Ok well I can't go with you guys to the cellar. Ok I can if you really want me to of course but the good news is that with you breaking Professor Brown's jaw the other day he can't take any of his classes. Since I know all the subject material and there's no one else they want me to pick them up for a week or so until he's alright again! But they want me there now so..." Clearly Sonya was over the moon about this turn of events but a little troubled about the prospect of leaving them all.

"Sonya that's brilliant!" Jamie stepped over to her and scooped her up into his arms, she latched onto him with enthusiasm and squeezed back appreciatively.

Seeing that Elisha and Gwen were looking at the pair of them with slightly confused expressions Jamie put Sonya back down and explained.

"Sonya has wanted this for a really long time." He explained.

"Yeah but I don't really have the qualifications for a university to accept me as a teacher and I couldn't go get them because I needed to take care of my kids. So this is a really big deal for me guys. I mean just say the word and if you want I'll come with you but..." Sonya started uncertainly.

"Don' be silly!" Elisha said, Sonya's explanation having brought a smile to the girls lips.

"Yes of course you dope. You go, we can handle it." Gwen added, a beautiful smile rising on her own features.

"Jamie are you sure?" Sonya asked finally.

"If you don't go I'll chase you there myself. Take your car too, we can manage. Elisha says she knows a guy with a truck. Right 'Leesh?" Everyone looked over to the red haired girl.

"Sure do!" She confirmed.

"Well alright then, wish me luck." Sonya said as she slipped out of Jamie's arms and grabbed her bag.

"You don't need it but good luck anyway." Jamie said as he watched her head for the door.

"Good luck to you guys too! Stay safe." Sonya said as she looked back to the three of them. Each of them stepped over to kiss her goodbye before she left.

"And then there were three." Gwen said in her best spooky voice whilst reaching out to them and wiggling her fingers ominously.

Elisha and Jamie laughed as they all heard Sonya's car move out of the driveway and disappear down the road.

"Alright so 'Leesh do you wanna call this guy you know?" Jamie suggested.

"Sure, won't be a second. I take it she's left a spare set of keys for us to lock up?" Elisha asked as she headed for the phone.

Gwen hopped over to a nearby bowl situated on a small table next to the couch and pulled a set of keys out from it to jingle them at Elisha and Jamie.

Again Jamie was relegated to listening to one side of a phone conversation as Elisha dialled up her friend.

"He says it's no problem." She said finally after hanging up he phone and turning to the pair of them.

"Great. In that case let's get going." Jamie moved toward the door.

"Hey we're going to have to get a taxi aren't we?" Elisha suddenly realised.

"Yep, there's a rank a couple of streets over though so it's not gonna be a problem." Gwen reassured her.

"Well I was kinda hopin' to suck Jamie's cock on the way there." Elisha said downheartedly.

This admission made Jamie trip out the doorway and stumble out onto the street.

"Not unless we get the worlds most open minded taxi driver sweetie." Gwen said with a twitter of laughter as she patted Elisha's butt on the way out of Sonya's house and locked up once they were out safely.

They had no trouble finding a taxi and although there was no distinct 'no cocksucking allowed' sign visible Elisha thought it would have been frowned upon by the cabbie. So she instead contented herself by cuddling up to Jamie in the back seat and fondling his cock through his pants where the driver couldn't see. When they arrived at their destination Jamie saw the large open backed truck outside a terraced house and guessed that was their destination. Elisha's friend was a portly middle aged fellow named Chuck who they learned was something of a roadie for a few local bands in his spare time. Much to Jamie's surprise one of these bands was Elisha's. Once the keys to the truck had been handed over to Elisha they all bundled into the front and Chuck waved them goodbye as they took off for the countryside where the gold was hidden.

"I didn't know you were in a band 'Leesh." Jamie asked as Gwen scooted a little closer to him on the wide front seat.

"Aye, I'm lead singer. We got a drummer and a guy on electric and a guy on bass too. Jus' started ourselves up though so we're ne' brilliant at the moment." She pulled the steering wheel about to turn a large corner.

"Well you've got an amazing voice 'Leesh. What sort of music you playing?" Curiosity had apparently got the better of him.

"Kind of a schizophrenic sorta mix 'tween classic rock 'n old blues music. I also tend teh throw a lil Irish folk in there too which makes things interestin'." She said.

"Maybe Jamie could be your agent?" Gwen suggested as her had slowly slid up the inside of the boy's thigh.

"I know nothing about music Gwen." Jamie protested, though he certainly didn't protest to what her hand was getting up to.

"Nah, yer just a super powered god-boy. Other than that yer useless." Elisha said with a wise nod of her head that made her pixie styled haircut bob appealingly.

Jamie decided to take his revenge simply and quickly. He delved into Elisha's mind to find all kinds of interesting thoughts rolling about in her head. Some of which were the tunes of songs her band had and would play which Jamie found himself impressed with. He quickly sank deeper past her conscious thoughts and into the darker more base parts of her mind. It didn't take him long to find what he was after and when he did he gave her a gentle mental nudge.

"Uh!?" Elisha's surprise made him grin to himself. He watched her eyes close as she reached out to hold the wheel of the van to steady herself. Her knuckles whitened as she gripped onto it tightly and suddenly lunged forward against it and stuck her ass back against her seat as her pussy convulsed and she experienced a rather delightful if somewhat minor orgasm.

"Ffuuuuuck!" She moaned as her breath released and her muscles relaxed.

"Jamie! For fuck sake love she's driving." Gwen chided, though from the way she was looking at him it was clear she wanted a turn at whatever he'd done to the redhead.

"Sorry Gwen. I wouldn't willingly put you two in any danger. I promise. Look I'll show you. 'Leesh, let go of the wheel and the pedals." He instructed.

Elisha looked somewhat apprehensive but did what she was asked after Jamie gave her an encouraging nod. When she released the wheel she kept her hands close in case the van veered out of control but to her surprise it remained steady on its course. Then as she took her feet from the pedals they continued to move as they would had she been driving.

"Wow. So I could have had my hands free this whole time?" Elisha asked incredulously.

"Well yeah I guess. It doesn't take much effort really. It's kind of like running a small background program on a computer." Jamie explained.

"No Jamie, yer not gettin' me, love. I could have had my hands free this whole time." She repeated as she turned around and lifted her legs up on the seat to face him properly. Her hands moved out to stroke her fingertips over the sizable bulge that had formed in his pants along the inside of his right thigh.

"Hey I was getting to that!" Gwen complained making Elisha stick her tongue out at the woman in an imitation of Sonya.

"What if a police car drives by and sees no one's driving?" Gwen asked.

"Can't do anything about that. Well, at least not with the pair of you distracting me." Jamie admitted and reluctantly Elisha put her hands back on the wheel.

"Fine." She said with a cute pout of her cherry red lips. "What was that you did to me just now anyway?"

"I just found the pleasure centres of your brain and started to tickle." Jamie told her as Gwen unzipped his jeans and hooked her fingers into his belt to tug them down his legs.

"You can do that?" Elisha seemed impressed.

"I can do lots of things. I could make you think you were a zebra if I wanted." He teased. Gwen's nimble fingers slid inside the front of his pants and gently teased out his cock which immediately sprung up to attention.

"Or fuck any girl you like?" Elisha said rather bluntly.

"Yes." Jamie said hesitantly. "If I'm honest I think I'd have been happy just living out the rest of my days with Sonya. Then Gwen showed up and practically mauled me." He winked at the auburn haired beauty who smirked back at him. "Then there was the whole thing that happened in the cellar with you 'Leesh. You know I didn't have any control there. If I did I sure as hell wouldn't have embarrassed myself that much. Now I'm just the luckiest guy in the world. I don't just want to go about screwing any girl that crosses my path. I just wind up in a lot of weird erotically charged situations. I blame Allison. She...Oh fuck!"

Jamie was interrupted as Gwen's fingers gently began to massage his balls and her lips wrapped about the end of his cock, giving it a long wet suck.

"Ah, sorry. I was going to say I guess I can't really argue with a goddess and since she's made my life about five bajillion times better I wouldn't really want to if I could. Besides you three are insatiable enough for about fifty guys so going out and building an enormous harem would probably kill me." He said with a small chuckle that quickly turned into a groan as Gwen's lips descended over his length. The thick swell of his cock head push up against her throat and she held him there in her warm wet mouth for a few moments letting her tongue absently lap at the sensitive underside of his shaft.

"Well just so you know Jamie I'm not gonna be jealous or anythin'. Bein' with you is amazing and I'm quite happy to share so long as I can fuck you whenever I like. It's strange but I guess your love goddess knows how I work better than I do. I thought you might be controlling my brain at first but now I realise it's all just me. I love bein' a part of all this. Sonya, Gwennie an' you. Not only are yeh all givin' me the best sex anyone's ever had but I pretty much love yeh all too." Elisha said aloud more to herself than to Jamie as the sultry vixen currently sucking his cock had understandably caught his attention.

The wet sucking sounds that filled the van and the first faint smell of Jamie's cum as it started leaking out of his cock made Elisha's pussy flood with juices. She squirmed on her seat as they drove out from the city and turned her head to watch Gwen pop Jamie's cock out of her mouth and give it a long hungry lick from base to tip.

Gwen felt his fingers glide through her silky hair as her head bobbed up and down in his lap. She glanced over and saw Elisha rubbing her legs together and licking her lips in anticipation of Jamie's release. His intoxicating scent filled the truck, the smell was a rampant aphrodisiac to any woman Jamie had a connection with. Likewise as Gwen continued to suck his cock he caught the appealing aroma of wet pussy in the air too.

They continued to drive like that and as they moved on to the empty country roads that parted the vast fields outside of London Elisha finally gave in. No longer caring if the police caught them or not she let go of the steering wheel and hiked up her skirt to plunge her fingers deep inside her tight pussy. Jamie immediately caught sight of this and did as before, allowing the car to drive itself as the two women lost themselves in a sexual frenzy.

Gwen felt the familiar pleasant pulse deep inside his cock that signalled he was about to cum. Jamie didn't even warn her, knowing full well that a team of oxen couldn't pull one of these women away from tasting his cream.

"'Leesh? I'm about to..." Was all he managed before his voice careened into a low groan.

The look on his face told Elisha everything however and she immediately moved to kneel on the seat and lower her face to flick her hot wet tongue over his balls. When Gwen noticed her she willingly relinquished Jamie's cock from her mouth to kiss and lick along its length, a movement Elisha joined with gusto. They would give him up only for each other for the love between them went almost as deep as the love they felt for him.

So Jamie watched as these two stunning women licked, kissed and sucked at his cock. It only took a single moment before his head lolled back on the seat and an explosion of his cum burst from the tip of his shaft. The first stream shot directly up into the air and arched just before hitting the roof of the van to splash down over Elisha's brow and dribble down along her jawline to her chin. The second was gobbled up by Gwen as her lips quickly sucked up the head of his cock and she swallowed his seed with a ravishing hunger. The taste set of a chain reaction in her body as every inch of her was wracked with indescribable bliss. She came violently and quickly, each wave of orgasm shattering her senses as it passed through her.

The impact that his taste had upon her made Gwen arch her back, lifting her lips from his cock. Jamie watched as a long white drop of his thick cum dripped from her lips down her chin. Elisha saw her opportunity and pounced. He felt the wet heat of her mouth quickly engulf as much of his shaft as possible before it sent another thick stream of cum directly down her throat.

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