tagBDSMAs the Master Wishes Day 04

As the Master Wishes Day 04


(The fourth of Slave's and my collaboration. Please enjoy it and don't forget to vote.If you didn't read the first three days, you may not understand the concept.)

Stephanie was surprised when her Master sent the email about her day. It was quite unlike him to allow her to go out to a park by herself. Yet in his usual fashion, he had her put on her new collar as well as a nice blue polo without a bra. A tight pair of white shorts with white socks and white athletic shoes completed the ensemble while her blond hair was tied behind her head. As Stephanie arrived at the park, she saw where her Master referred her to have lunch. A small brown sign was near the entrance to the walking trail that encircled the lake. As she grabbed the small knapsack with her picnic blanket and her sunscreen, she saw that the usual lunch time crowd was there.

She started her walk as she felt her nipples harden. Luckily, it was a dark enough polo that they were not as visible as they could be. Yet, she felt weird because usually her Master would have her plug in as she did the walk. Following the same trail without one felt free in a way although the thought of her husband next to her would have made it better. As she rounded the corner, she saw the picnic table that he wanted to have her relax at. She sat and took out the bottle of water as she looked for her suitor for that day. The water felt good going down her throat even though she saw a few sights that reminded her of what she really wanted down her throat.

A cell phone ringing caught her attention as she checked her knapsack. It read a strange number, but she opened the flip phone and answered anyway. She looked around as the voice on the other end told her to walk around the table. Thinking it was a joke, she asked who it was until he told her that if she didn't comply, her Master would be told. She quickly quieted down and rose up to start walking around the table. As she neared her knapsack, the voice on the phone told her to follow the trail marked by a green bandanna behind the table.

She turned and saw the bandanna in question and wondered why she didn't see it before. She walked towards it before the voice on her phone told her to untie the bandanna before proceeding. She did as she then followed the trail til she found a small clearing that was well hidden from where the table was. She looked around and couldn't see anyone before the voice on the phone told he to lay out the blanket. She asked if she could hang the phone up so she could, but the voice told her just to put the phone on her knapsack. She felt compliant as if her Master was watching. Once the blanket was spread out, she retrieved the phone and responded.

The next command was for her to take the blindfold and tie it over her eyes. The thought that she was going to be blindfolded while she was expected to comply was a massive turn-on. She quickly placed the bandanna on her eyes as she sat on the blanket. Soon, the phone was back to her ear as she asked him what was next. The phone then went dead as she could hear the voice behind her telling her to take off her shorts. She quickly let her hands reach down to the button on her shorts and undid them quickly. As she quickly started pulling her jeans off, she felt a presence right behind her. It wasn't until she felt her pony tail being pulled that she instinctively opened her mouth and allowed a cock to slide into her mouth.

She started to swallow the cock in her throat as much as she could while she felt her legs being spread apart and a finger or something being slid over the surface of her pussy. It felt as if her thong was moved to the side while the person was touching her there. She felt her shirt being pulled over her nipples as her mouth was being shoved full of cock meat. The person in her mouth seemed to have moved so he was more behind her as his cock went deeper in her mouth. Meanwhile at the other end, a tongue had seemed to replace the fingerAs she began moaning from the ministrations on her clit, she felt something pinching her nipples. They felt like plastic instead of the traditional clamps she was use to and her nipples were already erect before she had a chance to react.

The cock in her mouth was pulled out as she gasped before she felt the cock being slid across each cheek. She opened her mouth just to feel what felt like a man's testicle being slid in. She started sucking on it as it was also abruptly pulled out of her mouth and refilled with cock. She could hear the phone voice telling her how much of a dirty slut she was to allow herself to be teamed up on like that and how he was going to enjoying cumming all over her body as her Master wished.

The cock in her mouth started to twitch a bit as she opened her throat and took more of it in. She was close to trying to warn the guy, but it was too late as a shot of cum flown down her gullet. She could hear the phone voice telling the guy that he fucked up as the guy apologized while filling her mouth full of his cum. As the guy was told to leave, she could feel each little strand of it leaking from her mouth before she allowed her tongue to swirl over her lips. She then felt another presence as someone began to squat near her face.

She heard the phone voice asking what the hell he was doing. Her mind flashed as she thought about who was on top of her. She heard how the man responded that her Master would never know and that he always wanted to feel Stephanie's tongue on his dick. Stephanie allowed her tongue to slide out and begin to lick the other man's dick as she could feel fingers spreading it out for her benefit. It distracted her long enough to feel a condom enclosed cock sliding into her pussy.

There she remained for a good while sucking out the dick in her mouth while the man attached to the phone voice was fucking her rotten. She felt to condom sliding inside her deeper as the other guy egged him on to fuck that slutty pussy and how much he loved her slutty mouth on his dick. Stephanie reached up and grabbed his shaft and began to stroke before he began to cum all over Stephanie's face before sliding back. She then felt hands grabbing her ankles and pulling them wider while the dick inside her went deeper.

Before she had a chance to cum, she felt the condom enclosed dick slide out of her pussy and drops of something being sprayed right above her pussy. She could then feel someone slide behind her and tell her that the earlier transgression was a secret and that she was to go ahead and remove the blindfold at the count of ten. Stephanie waited until she heard quiet before she removed the blindfold. She could see no one around her, but there was a note on her Master's letterhead at the corner of the blanket that told her everything that had happened.

She also saw a water bottle in the corner of the blanket that she promptly drank from before she began to put her clothes back on. As she rolled up the blanket, she found a business card from her husband's ball team belonging to a public relations person with a name and a number asking to call when her Master returned.

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