tagRomanceAt Last! For Two Friends Ch. 2

At Last! For Two Friends Ch. 2


I wake up the a knocking at the front door, an insistent, urgent knocking.

I must have fallen asleep while watching the movie, I was having an awesome dream of Rach and that beautiful, luscious body of hers.

I rub my eyes as the knocking at the door is getting more urgent, I look at the clock and realise that it is 3:00 am in the morning.

I stumble off the couch towards the front door, there is another knock, this time a voice says "Jim are you there?" I realise who it is and my heart skips a beat, It is Rach, although I do have to wonder why she is here at this god awful hour of the morning.

I hurry to the front door and drag it open, and standing in front of me is my beautiful best friend and she has tears streaming down her face and she is shaking although it is still quite warm outside.

"OMG Rach Baby" I say "Are you OK?"

She rushes to me and flings her arms around my neck and bursts into a huge torrent of tears. I can feel how upset she is, she is shaking uncontrollably, I pick her up by bringing my arm up underneath her legs and take her to the couch where I had been not five minutes ago dreaming of her holding that beautiful body of hers against me.

I hold her for what seems like hours until she calm down enough to let me go.

"I am sorry for it being so late and waking you" she say "I did not know where else to go. "

"Oh Rach" I say "It's OK. I am worried about you though. Wanna talk about it?"

"hmmmm OK, but first can I please have a cup of coffee?" you say.

I jump up off the couch and head for the kitchen to make us both a cup of hot java.

When I come back she has turned my television back on and is now watching the late night music video channel, curled up on my couch with a quilt around her legs.

I walk over to the coffee table and place our coffee cups down on it and then sit down on the couch at her feet, she swings her body around and rests her head in my lap, it is a comfort thing for her, but it is so much more for me, I only hope that my cock doesn't give me away and have a mind of it's own and start to grown on me.

"Can you tell me about it?" I say.

"It's Jason" you say, with so much bitterness in your voice.

I sigh inwardly knowing that it has finally happened, the bastard had shown his true colors.

You tell me what happened. "I went home this afternoon and showered and changed and headed over to his place to make a romantic meal for him. I really missed him this past two weeks that he had been gone". you say.

"I waited for hours for him to come home and finally at 11:30 I rang his mobile phone to find out where he was. A female answered his phone. I asked if I could please speak to Jason, I hear in the background, Darling... it's someone for you.

He comes to the phone and when he realises it is me he stutters and sounds a little nervous. I did not get a chance to ask what was going on, he blurts out... Rach... I met someone while I was away... it's over between us... I'm sorry. I was so shocked I just hung the phone up and jumped in my car and have been driving around for the last 3 hours".

I pulled her up close to me and held her as she starts to cry again.

I say "Oh Baby I am so sorry that he did this to you!".

"Can I stay here with you for a couple of day please Jim?" you ask.

"Of course you can Rach.. take as much time as you need. "

I was on a weeks holiday as I had just recently got back from a long business trip myself, so the thought of having her here with me for some time was quite appealing.

"I need to go home and collect a few things.. OK?" you say.

"OK" I say "I'll wait up for you"

"Alright then" you say as you get up and head out the door.

While you are gone I go to my spare bedroom and fix up the spare bed and tidy up a little in there wanting for you to be comfortable.

An hour later you are back with an overnight back with a few of your clothes.

"Do you want to talk some more?" I ask.

"No". you say "I think I might go to bed, I am feeling a little tired".

"OK" I say as I walk up towards you and take you in my arms and rub your bottom lip with my index finger, I lean down and kiss you ever so gently on the cheek "Sleep well Rach".

"Nite" you say and then you turn around and head for the spare room.

All the while I watch as your firm, luscious arse wiggles while you walk, I get an instant hard on and sigh as I turn off all the lights and head to my room to masturbate while I think of you once again.

By now the thought of you only one wall away from me has got me really horny and my cock is throbbing and feeling as if it wants to burst. I strip naked and hop into bed and instantly my hand goes down to my big, fat, hard, throbbing 10 inch cock.

I clear drop of precum has formed on the tip of the head and I rub it into my cock as I squeeze it and rub it up and down in my hand. My breath is coming hard and fast by now and I am moaning knowing that you are in the room next to me, the thought of you maybe hearing me is getting me really turned on, I reach down lower and rub my balls with my other hand, they feel so hard and full, almost ready to burst a hot load of steamy white cum everywhere. By now I have nearly lost control so I slow down the pumping on my cock so that I can make my orgasm a strong one, it always works well for me to do that.

I bring my hand up to my mouth and suck on the index finger and then slowly lower it to the puckering hole just under my balls, by now my cock is a big, hot steal rod ready to explode, I rub my own asshole with my index finger knowing that is what I want so badly to do to your arsehole, meanwhile my hand is pumping up and down on my cock so hard that I could have friction burn on it. LOL. I insert my finger deep inside my arsehole up to the second knuckle and wiggle it around and slowly fuck myself with it... MMMMMM ohhhhhhhhhh I now moan... I can't help myself, it feels so hot.

By now my cock is constantly leaking precum all over my stomach, I pick up the pace in my stroking and fuck my finger in my arsehole a little quicker, I can feel my balls tighten as my cum makes it way up to the tip of my cock, ready to explode all over my stomach, I now do what it is that I usually do when I am ready to cum, and that is to think about your naked before me, bent over at the hips, showing me that luscious, tight firm arse of yours and your trimmed beautiful pussy. Except this time you have your hand on your arse cheeks and you are spreading them wide open for me to see. I can't hold on any longer I push my finger inside my arsehole a little further and stroke my cock alot faster and I exlpode the biggest hottest load of cumm all over my stomach and chest and the wall behind my head. I shoot four or five hot sticky loads all the while saying "OMGGGGG... I'm cummmminnnnnngggg... ahhhhhhhhhhh... Oh Babyyyyyy... this is for you Rach!!"

My beathing takes a while to come back to normal, the thought of you only metres away from me while I masturbate really took its toll on me. I am hoping that you did not hear me, but secretly, If I am honest, I hoped that you did. LOL

I drift off to sleep kind of at peace thinking that I should take advantage of you being here with me for a few days. I finally drift off to sleep and the last thing I remember thinking is tomorrow is another day!.

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