tagRomanceAt Last...The Story Continues

At Last...The Story Continues


Please read the intro to this story entitled "At Last" Thanks to everyone who sent in a comment. Please let me know what you think.

..."Do you want me?" I ask. My hand is caressing my stomach, moving slowly up to my breasts. I open the dress more to reveal both breasts. I lower my eyes and make a circular path on my nipples with my fingers. My other hand is slowly making its way between my legs.

You do not answer out loud. Your eyes give the answer. You just watch me breathlessly, wanting to feel me. I ask you again, "Do you want me? Do you want it?" You finally answer "Yes, I want you. I want to taste you all over" as you walk towards me. It is clear that your patience is at an end.

You quickly remove your shirt, dropping it on the floor. You kiss me deeply as you slide my dress to the floor and press me backwards within your embrace to the bed. Your kisses move lower as I feel you slip your fingers into my panties....seeking out my engorged clit, before you withdraw your fingers to slide my panties off and down my hips and legs.

I run my fingers over you head and back as you gently bite my ear lobes. “You smell so sweet,” you whisper in my ear as you trail kisses all over me, as if to devour me with your mouth…The press of your lips against me tells me that your need for me is deep and is a match for my need and craving for you.

You move down and bite my shoulders and collar bone. Were losing ourselves in each other. I can feel your control slipping but you are determined to make this intense pleasure last. You kneel in front of me, and lift my breasts from my bra, letting them spill over the front. Hungrily, you push them together and take hard nipples into your mouth.

I can’t resist touching myself. You are making me feel so good... almost like I’m about to cum from the intense sensations of the wonderful nipple sucking you are giving me. Your mouth lightly nibbles the aureola around my nipples while you are squeezing my breasts to fit both nipples into your mouth at once.

I want to come so bad but I remove my fingers from my now dripping pussy and put them in your mouth... “I’ve got to taste you,” I hear just before you slide onto the floor between my legs. You search and find my pulsating clit. " Mmm, yes, baby" I moan as you find my sweet spot. You move your fingertips in circular motions around and around my clit, making me even hotter and wetter.

I scream as you I bury your head in between my legs... You open my legs up wide and place them on your shoulders. You then spread my thick pussy lips apart with the tip of your tongue, licking my slit up and down... until you find my wet hole and begin to tongue-fuck me. “Yes, yes, yes” I pant. You are driving me crazy, but I Iove every single moment. I run my fingers over your head, pushing you down a little further as I begin to fuck your face with my hot, wet pussy. You circle my clit with your tongue and I can't take itanymore. I explode, climaxing, moaning ..." oooh, baby, yess " I’m cumming all over your mouth, tongue, and chin....

Your dick is rock-hard and you’re ready to slide it inside me ….. but I want to suck you first, so I sit up and take most of your tool in my mouth. I suck the swollen head deliberately and slide my wet lips down your shaft. Up and down, up and down. Then I place my fingers around your hard dick and massage it up and down as I continue to suck the sensitive head and a few inches down the shaft. I decide to taste your balls, so

while jerking your erect dick... I move down to your balls and take each one into my mouth, sucking them gently. Mmmmmm... it turns me on so much and I can tell you like it too as you press your hips into my face. I start sucking on your shaft again... this time furiously. You can't take it anymore. You want to feel my hot pussy around youso bad you say, " I wanna fuck you baby... "

I lie back with my hips at the edge of the bed as you spread my legs and slowly begin to push your throbbing hard dick inside of my hot, wet and waiting pussy. I can't wait to feel all of you …. but you continue to just push the swollen head inside until I open up a little more and then at last, you introduce the entire length of your cock to me..

Your mouth felt good but this is so much better. You are filling me up. The friction is so sweet I can hardly stand it as you grind into me in interims of slow and sweet to hard and rough. But without me saying the words, you know how I want it...how like it I want it hard, deep. You show no more mercy as you wrap my legs around your neck and you grab onto my shoulders with your hands.... and begin to ram your throbbing cock in and out of me. With each thrust, I begin screaming your name, “Rob, Rob, Rob….” My eyes are closed and my head thrashes from side to side as you pound into me.It seems that the more I scream, the deeper you push... the stronger you ram into my pussy and opening me up... until your final thrust sends shocks throughout my body and soul... as I cum all over your cock... again and again.

I open my eyes and see that you’re shuddering as you too are about to cum. You pull out, grab and squeeze your dick and begin shooting your hot sperm all over my stomach and breasts. As you are still spasming, I bring my mouth to your cock to catch the few last drops... and just when you thought you could cum no more, I suck on your dick hard and make you cum again as you now scream my name with pleasure...

We both fall back on the bed and lay there exhausted in each other arms...

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