tagLoving WivesAt The Club

At The Club


My wife Josie and I decide to go out to a club, already kind of buzzed and feeling naughty. As we enter I grab us a couple drinks and we head to the dance floor and begin dancing, Josie grinding her body all over me as my hands caress her up and down. We are swaying together totally lost in the moment, lust building within us. I move behind her and she presses her ass against my semi-hard cock, moving it up and down my body. I start nibbling on the side of her neck, blowing softly where I've bitten, sending shivers down her spine.

As we are dancing I begin to notice that she is making eye contact with a man across the floor, looking right at him while she grinds away on me, teasing him. She knows how I feel about this and I'm starting to wonder just how this evening may progress. I move my hands all over her, grabbing her hips and pulling her against me. She can feel my cock pressing against her ass and she grabs my hands placing them on her breasts, still looking to make sure that he is watching.

I lean in and kiss her neck saying "I'll be back in a sec, I'm just gonna grab us a couple more drinks."

Walking towards to bar I glance back and see the man from the dance floor approaching her but I lose sight as I near the bar.

It seems like forever until I'm served but I finally get our drinks and head back her way. I slow as I approach, seeing Josie dancing with him. He's about my height and fairly built with short hair and a 5 o'clock shadow. She is facing away from him with her ass pushing against his crotch, his one hand slowly moving over her body. She catches my eye and gives me a sly smile. As the crowd moves I can see his other hand is inside her skirt, touching my wife's pussy.

Josie turns back around to face him as the song ends, kissing him passionately and running off toward the bathroom. I intercept her on the way handing her a drink. She is flushed and breathing hard. She tells me that she isn't sure what came over her but that she couldn't help herself when this sexy man came up and asked her to dance. She tells me her new friends name is James as we head back to the dance floor and make our introductions. He's a little awkward at first but when he realizes that I'm not about to start something he loosens up and we all dance together, Josie dancing back and forth between the two of us.

After a couple songs like this she turns to me, putting her arms around my neck and looking me in the eye. Softly biting her lip she asks me "Do you think James could come back to our place, baby?"

"Of course he can" I barely manage to stammer out as my heart skips a beat. I can't believe this is happening, we've talked about this before but we have never actually acted on it.

We arrive back at our house shortly after leaving the club, everyone laughing and stumbling up the stairs. I grab us all a couple drinks and we sit down in the living room making small talk, Josie sitting between James and I. As we talk I notice him putting his hand on her leg, slowly moving it up and down her thigh, gently moving the hem of her skirt higher. Subconsciously she spreads her legs slightly allowing his hand to move ever higher up her thigh. Our drinks are running low and I offer to go make us more.

I take my time making the drinks, giving them time to settle in. On my way back I hear some muffled noises coming from the living room and a distinct slurp. As I peek around the corner I see Josie between James' legs with her mouth about half way down the length of his cock. His eyes are closed but she notices me enter and winks at me with his cock still in her mouth. The sight in front of me is amazing, my loving wife taking a strangers cock in her mouth; I watch as Josie swirls her tongue around the head, moving her mouth up and down the shaft. She grabs it, jerking it while she sucks, taking it out of her mouth and rubbing it against her cheek and lips. Suddenly she moves her head down, engulfing his entire cock right to the base. He lets out an intense groan as her throat closes over his head and my beautiful wife deep throats his cock.

While Josie is doing this I am standing in the entrance way but I slowly lower myself to the floor and crawl behind her, lifting the back of her skirt and starting to lick her slit from behind. She is so wet that I can taste her instantly, her juices are everywhere. I lick Josie's clit a little and move back up to her lips, moving my tongue gently in between them, teasing her tight little hole. I move slightly higher begin to move my tongue around the spot right between her pussy and ass, this is always my favourite place to lick and kiss. I move up to her ear, Chris' cock still in her mouth. I gently bite her earlobe, whispering "Why don't you sit on that big cock baby, you're soaking wet".

Josie moans loudly around his cock, nodding her head. She takes his cock out of her mouth and begins moving up, sliding his cock between her breasts and down her body as she moves.

I stay where I am on the floor for the time being, just watching as my wife is about to be taken for the first time by another man. Josie reaches down and grabs his throbbing cock, guiding it to her opening. She sits there with his head just outside her pussy, sliding it up and down her slit. Finally, she lowers herself on to it letting out a soft moan as she does. Josie looks back, making eye contact with me. "Oh my god, John, he feels so good."

"Is he filling your pussy good baby?" I ask her, as she moans again, biting her lip and nodding seductively, "Yeah baby".

James pulls his throbbing cock out of her, lying down on the couch sideways. Josie lies beside him in the spoon position and he lifts her leg, guiding his big cock in; her pussy engulfing his cock eagerly. Since he is holding her leg up I have easy access to her wet pussy and lean forward, licking her. "Ohhh that's incredible" she says as I bring her to orgasm while James continues to push himself deeper.

Josie becomes so tight from her orgasm that James yells out that he is about to cum. She tells him to keep going, to fuck her tight little pussy until he fills her up with cum. "Ahhh, fuck yes, here it is Josie, here it comes" he says as he releases a torrent of cum inside my wife's waiting pussy. He pulls himself out after a moment and just lies beside her, totally spent.

"I need to be inside you, Josie" I say to her. She just looks at me seductively and spreads her legs slightly. I can see a trail of cum leaking out of her, dripping down Josie's slit; the sight of her freshly fucked pussy is almost too much for me. I begin to kiss her thighs, working my way past her pussy. I raise myself over her body and line my cock up, plunging it in, it slips in easily with the combination of both his cum and her own wetness and I begin pumping my cock into her pussy, enjoying how differently her pussy feels all sloppy like this. I lean down and kiss my wife, our tongues flicking over one another. She pushes me back so James can bring his cock to her mouth again. She begins sucking him, letting him move it slowly in and out of her mouth as she circles his shaft with her tongue, while I continue to move my cock inside her.

Josie pulls him out of her mouth and pulls my face down, shoving her tongue in my mouth. "Can you taste him?" she asks me. "Mmm, yeah I can, fuck you're sexy Josie". She pushes me away and takes him back in her mouth, milking his cock for all it's worth. James announces that he is about to cum again and Josie tells him she wants him to cum all over her tits. As he begins to spray his cum on her big tits I release my own hot load inside of her already sloppy pussy.

I collapse beside my wife, on the opposite side as James. We both hold her, one on each side, four hands sliding all over her body, caressing and squeezing her everywhere. We lay like this for a while just savouring the experience we all just shared. After a short while James tells us he's never done anything like this before but he hopes that he can see us again sometime. We tell him that we would have to see how things go from here. He accepts this and begins getting ready to go at this point while we continue to cuddle. As he is leaving the room I move down and start to lick and kiss Josie's extremely wet pussy. I can taste all of us on her pussy and the combination is amazing, she moans loudly that she feels so good. She cums almost instantly from being so excited all night and. I move back up, holding my wife in my arms until we fall into a deep content sleep.

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