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Australian Ascendency


On vacation with my wife, we were visiting Australia. We didn't know much about the country, but rather liked the idea of going to a strange place with no set agenda. Relaxing on the sand in a couple of fold-out recliners, my wife suddenly stopped talking in mid-sentence. I turned to follow her gaze and saw a man about my age of 45. He was setting up his own area down a ways from us, and there was something about him that gave off an air of superiority, arrogance even.

He was about my height of six foot, but that's where the resemblance ended. He was well-built and obviously kept himself in good shape, while I was skinny and very out of shape. I could sense my wife was captivated by this handsome Australian, and I felt instinctively inferior and servile. I sensed things would not go well for me in any sort of situation where I was compared to this rugged bloke, and I tried to convince my wife we should move to another area to maintain our privacy, but she would have none of that. "Don't be silly Ned, in fact, I'm going over and introduce myself to our new "neighbor". After all, it should be interesting to meet a local and learn some new things about this Australia place. C'mon!" I reluctantly got up to follow my wife, obedient as usual despite my misgivings.

After introductions and some small talk, Frank invited us to join him in a relaxing appreciation of the pleasant evening weather. "Oh thank you Frank, but Ned and I have chairs set up over there and I really would like to get off my feet for a while" my wife Abigail said apologetically. I gave a half-smile and murmured a "s'long" as I began to turn back towards the area where our chairs were waiting, when suddenly my mouth opened in amazement. Frank chuckled as he reached out with his strong arms and effortlessly lifted Abigail into his arms. "There, now you're off your feet!" Frank remarked with a smile as he held my wife in his arms without even seeming to strain at all.

I could see Abigail was impressed by Frank's strength and assertive manner, giggling like a young girl as she responded "Oh please Frank, I'm flattered but it's not realistic to expect you to hold me in your arms all evening, even though you do seem strong enough!" I heard Frank's confident laugh before he spoke, and I somehow knew what he would say before he spoke: "You're quite right Abby, but I think we can fashion a solution here. You, nerd, get over here! Down on your hands and knees, let's go, MOVE IT!" I was just about to correct him and say my name is Ned, not nerd, but at hearing his raised voice in his final command I was filled with fear and rushed to assume his ordered stance at his feet.

My face was red with embarassment as I felt Frank lower my wife from his strong arms onto my back, and Abigail's giggles only deepened my shame. I was desperately trying to see these events in a humorous, light-hearted way, but inside I knew that if this was a joke the joke was definitely on me! I had lost my focus on their conversation, straining to at least be a sturdy chair for my wife, when suddenly I felt Frank sit down on my back next to my wife!

Now it had become more than doubly hard to maintain my position on my hands and knees, supporting the weight of not only my beloved wife Abigail but now the additional (and heavier!) load of Frank as he settled his full weight down onto my back. I felt my body tremble as I struggled to serve as a proper seat for them both, even as I recognized in the back of my mind the sheer degradation of my role. Here a complete stranger had quite literally swept my wife off her feet with his masculine charm, and I could hear from my servile position as he continued to put the make on my mate!

A voice inside my head was screaming at me to say something, do something, anything! Instead I remained there on my hands and knees, struggling to support the full weight of my wife and this dominant Australian as I felt them becoming more and more intimate. Before long the conversation ended, the kissing began and I became the living platform for Frank's passionate seduction of my wife. Still I held my tongue, and to my utter mortification I felt my cock harden and throb with lust at my decadent subjugation!

Before long the inevitable occured, and Frank rose to escort my wife to his flat. "G'day mate, we've no longer any need for you now, heh heh" Frank remarked as he looked down at me. I half expected my wife to protest, show some allegiance to me, but she was totally captured by his macho arrogance and silently clung to his waist devotedly. They turned away from me, began to walk off and I silently stared at their dominant derrieres as their ass cheeks rose and fell in unison. Frank turned his head back towards me and said "I said g'day mate, but do go staight back to your place and wait on your knees to hear from us. We'll make use of your services later, so be ready to serve us both without question! 'Till then, g'day!"

My knees were starting to throb with the pain of supporting my weight as I shifted from one to the other, asking myself for the hundredth time why I felt compelled to remain kneeling in the flat we had rented for the month we'd scheduled to stay at in Australia. Frank had certainly not overtly threatened me when he left embracing my beautiful wife, but his casual statement telling me to "wait on your knees to hear from us" was a command I could not disobey for some reason. He was probably screwing the hell out of my sweet wife, and by her expression as she'd looked up at him devotedly, I knew she was loving it! And here I was, her legal husband, obediently kneeling with a rock-hard erection as ordered by my wife's lover as their lowly servant awaiting my orders!

It seemed like years but was probably just a few hours before the phone rang, and my wife ordered me to pick up a few things they wanted before giving me directions to Frank's place. I was too ashamed to protest, and when I got there my worst fears were realized. Frank was walking around in a flowing satin robe, while Abigail was wearing one of his terrycloth bathrobes. They were both obviously naked beneath their garments, and the air literally reeked with the aroma of hot sex.

"I see from the condition of your knees that you followed my orders - good. Now bring us a couple of beers from the fridge, and I want you kneeling in front of us with them within the minute. Move it, slave!" I was struck dumb for a moment to hear Frank call me a slave and order my servitude so confidently, but when Abigail giggled and said softly "better get moving, nerd!" I panicked and raced into the kitchen to get the beers.

When I returned with the beers they both were seated on a luxurious couch with their asses sunk deep into the thick cushions, reclining in a relaxed but intimate embrace. Lowering my eyes in shame, I held out the two beers to them and said "heh..here you go, um, er..." as I struggled to find the right words to say. Abigail leaned towards me and reached out her hand, using her finger under my chin to raise my head until I was facing their amused smiles. "Let me clear up your confusion, Ned, or should I say nerd, ha ha ha! The following statements are facts and reflect your new reality, should you choose to accept it. Refuse, and I am not only leaving you, but leaving you penniless as well - and you know I can do that easily, so listen up! My mouth hung open in shock as she proceeded to list a series of things, like her experiencing the best sex she ever had in her life with Frank and how she would never be wasting her time or energy on me ever again, sexually or otherwise! Abigail went on to say that if I wanted to remain in her life, it would only be in the role of her servant and slave, and I would have to beg her sincerely for the privilege! If she agreed, I would be required to seal the agreement on video both verbally and physically by french-kissing her butt for as long as she ordered me to, and then repeat the same servile plea for acceptance in my new slave status with Frank!

I can't bring myself to describe the utter degradation I suffered as I obeyed my wife's orders, determined to salvage our marriage at any cost in the hopes that Abigail would eventually see my true love and devotion for her and relieve me of my slave role in relation to her and, especially, to Frank. With no homosexual feelings whatsoever, my despair at being forced to serve and obey Frank was incredibly humiliating, and, to my horror, for some unknown reason I always developed a raging erection whenever I had to serve Frank. This was especially the case when the service was intimate, and my wife delighted in remarking how my "latent queer desires" were coming out. I was not allowed to voice any disagreement, of course, and they both joked how the evidence spoke for itself.

My most shameful time was when I sealed the agreement to be their slave in the way Abigail had commanded. I had always resisted her desires to orally worship her ass and especially her asshole, which I guess is why she made that the symbolic act to seal my submission to her. But much worse, after I had completed the disgusting act, was to do the same for Frank! I still remember Abigail laughing as I knelt behind Frank as he stood with his legs spread and his hands on his hips, while I convincingly begged to be accepted as his slave and servant even as I kissed, licked and worshipped his hairy asscheeks before inserting my tongue up his poop-chute!

But it was the command from Frank as my tongue devotedly reamed out his anal passage, and his final action, that was the untimate. I still remember hearing his chuckle as he spoke: "heh heh, yeah, that's it, work your tongue deeper in my ass, slave, show me how much you really know your place, ha ha ha!" then suddenly "Brrraaappp! Oh yeah, that felt good, breathe it all in nerd, treasure my fart!" I gagged in revulsion but suddenly felt Frank's strong hand grab my head by the hair as he forced my face in deeper between his asscheeks. I heard my wife laughing in the background, and knew my destiny as their degraded slave property was complete. As a final touch, Frank fitted a chastity device on me so that I was totally under their control.

We were nearly four weeks into our month-long stay in our Australian rental, but it seemed like I and my wife Abigail were light-years away from the life we'd lived in the states. In Australia the climate was nicer, the people were friendlier, the pace of living was slower, but the biggest difference was my new staus as slave and servant to my wife and Frank, a casually commanding Australian who very naturally assumed his status as my Master and absolute ruler! I was due back at my job in the states in another week, and yet my willing sbmission and not just obedience but devotion to Frank and Abigail was so absolute that I knew any decisions regarding my job or any other aspect of my life would be theirs and not mine to make!

I amazed myself at how completely my will and my life were consumed by my newfound desire to serve and please Frank and Abigail, how eager I was to embrace my status as low person on the totem pole that was Frank's household. When Abigail announced she would be staying in Australia with Frank, I was presented with the option of a divorce and bankruptcy, or the opportunity to beg for the privilege of quitting my job to become the full-time servant and lackey for them both. This time, though, my test of devotion would be even more severe than french-kissing their assholes as I was recorded on video while I begged for their acceptance of me. My will broken, I pleaded sincerely to become their slave property and they chuckled together at my unabashed groveling.

I crawled behind Abigail as her hips swayed sexily in her tight bluejeans, and when she reached the bathroom door she turned and looked down at me. "Your service better be flawless if you expect me to allow you to continue as our slave, nerd. And be very grateful Frank decided "full" toilet slavery might be unhealthy, so your 'duties' will be limited to serving as my tongue-toilet paper!" I softly replied with a "yes Goddess" as I followed her in to the bathroom, and knelt silently as she lowered her pants and sat on the toilet. She seemed unconcerned and uncaring as she read the paper while I heard the sounds of her urination and bowel movement, and I felt my cock strain painfully against the confines of my chastity device as the thought of my subservience and degradation counterbalanced by Abigail's casual, conceited detachment fueled my arousal.

I had seen Abigail suck Frank's cock and perform other submissive acts as his command, and knew from our past conversations that she had a definite appetite for being dominated. Maybe being able to live out these desires with Frank's masculine domination allowed her to purge these feelings, I don't know and couldn't because we certainly didn't talk about our feelings anymore the way we used to when we were first married. In any case, Abigail was certainly not submissive when it came to me! A sudden snap of her fingers had me slavishly kissing the tips of her toes while she sat on the toilet, and when she finished "her business" and rose her hand gathered a fistfull of my hair as she guided my face into her crotch. "Lick it clean...devotedly!" she ordered, and I reverently used my tongue as her toilet paper. When she was satisfied with my performance, she pulled my head away and turned around.

Cleaning Abigail's soiled asshole with my tongue initially repulsed me, and it was all I could do to stifle my gagging reflex. As I continued to swab it out, though, the servile and decadent nature of my lapping her shitty anal sphincter began to arouse me. Now the familiar torment of my chastity restraint blocking my growing penis elicited unintended groans from my throat, and they were misinterpreted as me protesting my required activity. "S'matter nerd, you don't like the taste of my shitty asshole? Well, you better get used to it, 'cause me and Frank plan on using you as our toilet paper whenever we feel you need a little "humility reminder", heh heh!" I wanted to explain to Abigail I was certainly not offended by the privilege of serving her, but knew removing my tongue from within her ass before the cleaning was complete was not an option.

It was later in the day when Frank announced he had to go to the bathroom, and I would have my chance to convince him of my sincere desire to become his owned slave property. Remembering the funky masculine aroma of his asshole from when I had fervently tongued it previously, my stomach flipped nervously as I crawled behind him as he walked into the bathroom. Abigail followed eagerly, making insulting remarks to force me to face the reality of the situation. "That's right, nerdy Ned, follow your owner, your new master, into the bathroom so you can show your unquestioning devotion by serving as his human toilet paper. What a wimp, what a jerk you are! I can't believe I was ever interested in you, shitstain! What a blessing that I can be with a real man like Frank, instead of a loser like you. Ha ha ha!"

I was beyond feeling any shame as I obediently waited on my knees while Frank sat on the toilet. As he did his business, Frank questioned me to see the depth of my devotion to serving him: "now let me be sure I have this right, nerd. You say you are straight, not gay, and yet you've not only kissed my feet and ass, but even french-kissed my ass and swallowed my fart! And now you're prepared to use your tongue as my toilet paper, and thank me for the privilege of cleaning my shitty ass? What about if I have to shit a little more while your tongue is up my ass, huh? Think you can handle that,a nice hot meal? Think your devotion, your commitment will go that far, huh nerd?" I knew this was a test as well as a further way for Frank to assert his absolute authority over me, and I jumped at the chance to show my willingness to serve and obey even as the boundaries of my cock cage bit painfully into my aroused member. "Yes, yes, my only purpose in life is to serve you, Master, my only reason for existence! Please let me, I will do anything you say!"

With that, Frank rose from the toilet and turned around before he bent at the waist. I heard my wife giggle when Frank snapped his fingers and pointed at his asscrack, and his powerful arm reached back to grab a fistfull of my hair again. As before, Frank used his grip to direct my face into the crevice between his asscheeks, and I smelled the bitter aroma of his shit before I tasted it on my tongue. Again as had been the case previously, once I got past the initial reaction of revulsion I began to revel in the symbolic surrender of my behavior as I worked my tongue deep into the bowels of this powerful adonis. Lost in my lust, I began sucking respectfully as I sealed my lips around Frank's anus even as I heard my wife's surprised comment: "lookie there, Frank, the nerd's erection's growin' so big it looks like it's gonna burst right through that chastity device you fitted on 'em! I guess he passes the test, he sure seems to be really into servin' us, y'know?" I felt a kind of perverse pride in hearing my wife's words, but then felt Frank's grip on my head tighten as he replied: "Yeah, well we're gonna find out for sure now, because ol' nerdy here's got his tongue buried pretty deep in my asshole and I've just got the sensation that I ended my dump a little prematurely, y'know what I mean?"

Kneeling behind Frank with my face buried between the cheeks of his ass and my tongue inserted as far into his asshole as it could go, I heard Frank's words even as my tongue felt a growing mass moving towards me. Suddenly his hand released it's grip on my hair as Frank spoke again: "This is it nerd, your last chance. Pull your tongue outta my asshole, stand up and walk away a free man. I'll even see to it that Abigail leaves you with enough money to get back on your feet in the states. Keep eating out my ass an' I'm gonna serve you a pretty nice-sized hot meal in about ten seconds, and I can pretty much guarantee that'll become a pretty regular part of your diet from now on, wimp. Your choice!"

I knew eating shit wasn't healthy, and I realized that this would probably be the last and only chance I would get to have any kind of a real, free life ever again. I didn't have to debate it in my mind for even a moment, my choice was clear and came from deep within my soul. Stretching my tongue deeply into Frank's asshole, I wrapped it around the growing log coming from within his bowels and began a gentle sucking to ease it's passage into my mouth and down my throat. I had never felt so at peace in my life.

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