tagSci-Fi & FantasyAutumn of the Vampire

Autumn of the Vampire


She held her arms out as the wind swirled around her small figure, throwing her already messy hair into further disarray. Her scarf slapped harmlessly at her back at it fought the howling gusts; it's black threads contrasting with her white sweater.

Fall, she thought anxiously, I've been waiting so long and it's finally here. He's finally coming. She smiled dreamily as the cold surge rushed her along the sidewalk. The trees stared at her emptily as she walked past, their exposed limbs dark under the overcast sky.

Humming a nameless tune, she walked along the deserted street, loving the feel of the weather and the wind and the anticipation that hung heavy in the air. Her destination long forgotten, she walked aimlessly by unfamiliar shops and stores, oblivious to everything but him. Her ghost, her phantom, the nameless lover who stalked her by night when the days grew cold and the trees shed their coats and the children all hid inside. He's here.

Finally making her way back to her rented cabin, she shed her coat and scarf and began to conjure a huge mug of hot chocolate. She could hear the wind screaming against the windows as it battered the small house. Settling on the loveseat in front of the roaring fireplace, she stared into the flames and waited as the sky grew darker, occasionally sipping her steaming liquid. It may have been minutes; it may have been hours that she waited, her drink slowly diminishing and the fire slowly dying.

She jumped up as the door burst open, a dark figure looming in the doorway, his long coat swirling in the darkness and the cold rushing into the once cozy room. The empty mug fell silently on the rug as she stared at the intruder, his eyes glowing an ominous blue from under his hood. The wind roared into the room, her skin prickling itself as a chill ran up her spine.

"You," she whispered, wrapping her arms around herself.

"Me," he growled menacingly, his eyes growing brighter as they drank in her figure. He took a step forward, the floor creaking in protest, and slammed the door closed behind him, the room becoming still once again. Their eyes fought a silent battle until she was forced to look down at the floor.

He strode forward, stopping only inches from her face as her eyes turned to look at him once again. The hood had fallen from his eyes and his tangled black hair cascaded over his stormy blue eyes. His scent invaded her nostrils, a mix of fire and earth and blood and flesh. His smell was so intoxicating and his eyes, those captivating blue orbs that glowed so fiercely, they frightened her, but she found herself unable to look away.

His strong hands slid around her waist slowly, she was his. She strained up to brush his lips with her own softly before retreating to his grasp. His breath hissed out slowly as he glared at her, outraged by her daring action. His anger was only surpassed by his arousal.

After staring into her eyes for what seemed like an eternity, he bent, his eyes never leaving hers, to pick her up gently and carry her into the bedroom. He laid her down carefully before backing out of her grasp. Shrugging out of his long coat, her eyes dropped to his perfect form, outlined wonderfully in his black dress shirt and dark leather pants. She let out a sigh and sat up, reaching for him, but then abruptly stopped, looking up for his approval.

His gaze dropped to her outstretched fingers, trembling in anticipation and need, then slowly climbed back to her face, nodding slowly. She reached the final few inches and let her fingertips graze his hardened stomach, then trail down to his waist, the muscles bulging against her touch. She stood in front of him and tremulously reached for the first button by his pale neck, undoing it and slowly reaching for the next, again and again until his shirt hung open in her view.

She looked back up to his eyes, those piercing eyes, and knew what he wanted. After letting her pants fall to the cold floor and stepping out of them, she raised her arms above her head. His hands slid once again to her waist, gently pulling her sweater up and over her head, discarding it quickly. Her bra soon followed, leaving her only in panties, panting in his unnatural gaze.

Discarding his own shirt, he backed her onto the bed and smoothly pushed her shoulders back until she was resting flat on the soft mattress, her hips at the edge. She felt her panties slide down her legs as his cool hands ran along her warm skin. She glanced down tentatively to see his eyes watching hers as he approached her, kneeling.

She cried out as his tongue slid along her wet opening, his saliva mixing with her wetness and immediately throwing her into a frenzy. Her impulse to rise and meet his tongue was halted by his hands on her hips, holding her down and still, away from his soft tongue.

She whimpered as he stood, an intense smile on his angelic face, though he was far from an angel. His pants joined hers on the floor as he stepped closer. His erect member was like something from a fantasy, it's impressive length only outdone by his thick girth, extruding proudly in front of his pale form. She gasped when she saw it, and again when she realized how much it would hurt.

"I-," she started, but stopped when she saw his finger fly to his pouted lips.

"No words," he whispered softly, "I'll go slow."

He aligned himself with her aching opening and slowly parted her with his enormous member. She moaned as she felt it enter her, stretching with the best ache she'd ever known.

He kissed her as it slid deeper, ever so slowly, and she thought of all the times she'd seen him watching her from a shadow, a corner, a dark booth in a restaurant or club. All the times she'd noticed him studying her, his eyes so memorable among the sea of anonymous men and women she had seen all her life. She remembered his gaze, so penetrating, so invasive, yet every time she had been unable to look away, unable to tear her eyes from this dark stranger who had never been there when she made her way over to the place where he had been.

She realized then that he was fully inside and had started to pull out again, faster. The first few tentative strokes were gentle and caring, making sure she was all right, but then the pace got faster, so fast she found herself unable to keep up. She clung to him helplessly as he thrust into her, their hips colliding and her gasping every time he filled her. She got closer to climaxing as he thrust harder, holding her head against his neck as he pressed his mouth against hers.

As the first waves of her orgasm ripped through her shaking body, she felt his teeth penetrate the soft flesh of her neck. She gasped as she felt the pressure of him devouring her blood, all the while still thrusting inside of her. The pleasure was so intense, too intense as the ecstasy washed over her. The pressure turned into blinding sensation as he came inside of her pulsing opening. She held on barely breathing as his pace slowed and the pressure subsided. He finally stopped, remaining inside of her and licking her neck gently as the blood slowed.

Sliding out, he laid her down gently, scooping her legs up onto the bed as he pulled down the blankets. She stared into his glowing blue eyes, now brighter than ever, as he climbed into bed beside her, pulling the soft blankets over her shivering body.

He hadn't drunk much, but enough that she felt it. Her eyelids grew heavy as he kissed her again. She could taste her blood on his tongue as it softly caressed her own. He caressed her face as she lay in his arms, slowly drifting off to a deep dreamless sleep.

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