tagInterracial LoveAva Chronicles: Friend's Dad

Ava Chronicles: Friend's Dad


I have had an interesting past couple of years and I decided to write about my adventures. All the names are changed obviously for discretion. Although these events did happen, I did embellish it a little. More to the point I embellished the sex scenes. I did not have sexual relations with these men in the stories, so unfortunately I am still just a full blown adult virgin trying to throw my virginity at anyone who will catch it lol. In these stories, the majority of these men are married or in a relationship so if you have any qualms about reading about a mistress then I highly advise you not to read it. Although I am entirely against adultery, infidelity or cheating of any kind I really wanted to divulge these stories to someone because if I don't I may very well explode. I don't have anyone else to tell this to so you guys are perfect! And maybe you can give me some advice as to why guys just don't like me and please PLEASE leave some feedback because I always benefit to what my readers have to say. Oh and also for all my Taking Jamie fans, I am having a bit of writers block and don't know where the story should go but I'm working on it. If you have any ideas then let me know, I will consider it! Thank you xoxox


My name is Ava pronounced aye-vuh. I am a graduate student to become a pharmacist. In school I'm one of those students that have to study hours at a time just to understand one page of the book. I am bright I know that but it just takes me more time to beat the work into my head, but that isn't what this story is about. This story starts out about a girl, psh doesn't it always!

After a big test one of my professors asked me to come to her office so we could talk. At exactly three (all bad things seem to happen at three but whatever) I saw a girl leave the office with a sad face and we made eye contact. I could tell she was distraught so I looked her in the eye and told her that every thing will be all right and I gave her a hug. She returned my hug and said thank you. I patted her back and turned to meet my doom, I mean talk to my professor.

Turns out that I am barely keeping a C average and if I don't improve then I will lose my scholarship and I will be put on probation. Hearing this really upset me but I knew I could do better, I knew that I wasn't trying my hardest and I intended to quit my part time job and focus on schooling until the summer break.

As I walked out I saw the girl sitting there waiting. I figured she was waiting to talk to the professor again so I made my way pass her until her hand darted out and stopped me. I just blinked at her not expecting her to actually be touching me. I don't know if I gave her the impression that I was ok with her touching me or not. Maybe I shouldn't have given her that hug? See that's what I get for trying to be nice to someone.

"She told you you weren't passing didn't she?" She asked with a tear clogged throat.

"More or less yeah that's what she said" I said shrugging.

"Well she told me if I don't bring my grades up that I will be kicked out of school and I cannot let that happen! I studied so hard to get here and I just can't..." she broke off with tears threatening to fall down her pretty face.

"Woah there. Look it's ok. All you have to do is study a little harder and maybe a little different tactic. You can't let this beat you you can't let life beat you." I took a hold of her shoulders and looked her dead in her eyes to show her I was serious.

"Will you help me? Since we are both struggling, I figure we can help each other out huh?"

Thinking of the pros and cons I was really debating telling her no because I'm a loner and loners got to be alone, you know? But at the very end I thought, Hey Ava what is there to lose? But little did I know that those words would come back to bite me in the ass.

"Sure we can study together. My name is Ava by the way" I said shaking her hand.

"I'm Chloe" she said with a huge smile.

And that's how our friendship started. We would meet at my apartment and study until our heads were numb and all we could think of was formulas and drugs. Turns out that she was a really cool girl and I appreciated it because we clicked and I was craving some companionship. I was still a little wary at first because people always have these make it or break it flaws that usually become our downfall. I was waiting for the other shoe to drop but it never fell, at least not soon.

Chloe was a beautiful girl and had a great personality to boot so it didn't surprise me that she had a boyfriend. She was 5'7 with nice olive toned skin with black hair and beautiful green eyes that stood out against her skin. She was thin but busty up top with a 36D. You couldn't really tell they were that big until she took her shirt off. We got close really fast because like I said, we just clicked and vibed together. We started hanging out more and her boyfriend didn't like that very much but he got over it once he hung out with us a couple of times. He likes me and thinks I'm good for her and glad that she isn't hanging out with her other 'slut' friends that gossip too much. His words not mine.

Since we were studying so much together, we actually ended up bringing our grades up. I got to keep my scholarship and she got to stay in school. But we still had midterms coming up and we had to get some intensive studying in so we could party the spring break away.

A three day weekend was coming up and she invited me to her house to stay the weekend. I clearly said yes because I was dying to meet the family she always talked about.

I was so nervous that her family wouldn't like me. I mean what if they didn't even like black people? I know it's the 21st century and all but seriously that is still a thing that I worry about. I really hoped that they would like me and accepted me with open arms.

Turns out that they did like me. Well the mom and the siblings did. The father wasn't really around much. I caught glimpses of him in the mornings when we would eat breakfast but he would be gone the minute we all finished. According to Chloe he has a traveling job. This is pretty normal from what she says so I shrugged it off and proceeded to enjoy the family.

She has a little sister that was five who's name is River. She had a younger brother that looked more like an older brother who is 17 and his name is Brayden. He was a handsome young man with the same coloring as Chloe, dark hair and green eyes. But River was just a little angel. She had grey eyes with pitch black curly hair that bounced when she walked. She loved being curled up with me doing just about anything. She was like my shadow and I was never bothered by it because she was just too sweet.

While we were studying River would just sit there and play quietly while we pondered over her books and notes. Chloe's mother was sweet but she seemed a little distant which I felt was odd but then when I thought about it I figured it had to be normal since her husband wasn't around much and women are a bit sensitive when their men aren't around. It wasn't like the mother was a bitch or anything and saying snide remarks. She just always had this faraway look in her eyes all the time. Like she was deep in thought. She would perk up when the kids came around but as soon as she was alone and thought no one was looking, she would get the distant look again.

Whatever it wasn't really my problem to be thinking about the cracks they may or may not have in their relationship.

Midterms came and went and we received our grades. Being so busy with studying we really didn't have any plans for spring break so Chloe's mother insisted that we stay at the house and chill there and relax. We both thought it was a great idea so we agreed. They lived near every thing and they also had a fire pit so we could drink and eat smores and just be relaxed fake campers roughing it.

The first night that's exactly what we did, we got us a couple of bottles of wine and some smores. We talked, did girl bonding and shared deep secrets with each other. After we finished our second bottle Chloe starting getting into the feelings.

"Ava what was you first impression of me when you saw me?" she asked.

"Um I don't really make first impressions because I'm usually wrong but when I saw you crying I felt bad and I really couldn't let you leave that office without giving me a smile. I hate to see people sad."

"You know you are nice. I made a snap judgment of you when I saw you walk into the class. I thought you were mean. Don't get me wrong but you scared me a little bit. You looked like one of those angry black women mad at the world." Chloe said this with a shy tone so I knew she meant nothing by it.

I know what I look like and I'm mad that people always make judgments of me without even getting to know me. I feel like shrek. I know I have the resting bitch face. I can't change it that I look like this and I refuse to go around giving the world a fake smile when first of all it hurts my cheeks and it just doesn't seem real to me. So, yes I walk around with a forever 'fuck off' face but I don't really mean for it to be a deterrent to people and it's not my fault that people are too afraid to even talk to me to find out who I really am. Do you know how tiring it is to hear every single time you go to the damn store "Hey why don't you smile a little bit". I swear to goodness that if looks could kill I would have massacred at least one person every week for telling me that bullshit. Anyways.

"It's cool, everyone thinks the same thing so it's no big deal" I say to her with a shrug.

"You look like you're in pain, do you want to blaze?" Chloe asked me looking at me worriedly.

"Yeah that'll be good". As she went to go get her stash I wait around for her doing my breathing techniques. You see I have what the doctors call dysmenorrhea, which is scientific for bad period cramps. I'm allergic to ibuprofen, advil and tylenol don't work and trust me I've tried just about every thing out there. One day my brother told me to take a couple puffs of his weed to alleviate the pain and it worked. My cramps are so painful that at nights it's impossible for me to move, let alone sleep so this relaxes me and lulls me to sleep. Chloe quickly returned and lit her bong up and I took a puff.

We passed it between the two of us getting a good high to add with our drunkedness. After a while Chloe looking dazed blinked up at me to say she was heading to bed. We hugged for a few then she left me in the peace of the night. I lay down on the comfortable bench with the warmth of the fire giving me relief from the chill outside. I love just laying outside not knowing what the time is and being one with nature and my high is making me feel good. My ears perk up because I hear the sliding doors open.

Without looking up I mummer, "No I will not cuddle with you Chlo. You always move too much."

"It's just me" A deep familiar voice says.

I look up to see Chloe's father Mr. Stone standing at the door with a beer in his hand. I know it's a little late for him to be drinking because let's be honest, he's old. Ok ok maybe not that old he is probably in his mid to late forties. He's a handsome man with that belly men get when they get older and don't take care of their body. He is graying on the sides of his black hair making him look distinguished. The gray in his hair brought out the grey of his eyes making him look a little startling to look at. I bet he was a looker back in the day.

I lay my head back down from looking at him because I don't feel like getting up. He sits at the seat where Chloe was sitting which was a little close to me but not too close where he was bursting my bubble.

For a while he is just looking at me, I can feel him staring a hole in my cheek. Then he pipes up and asks, "Are you and my daughter sleeping together?"

Wow that came all the way out of left field and I guess my reaction shows it. I can feel my eyes get big and laugh come out of me because the thought was preposterous!

"What? No way! We're just friends Mr. Stone. Where would you get that idea?"

"Well you mentioned cuddling her and I automatically thought you were dating."

"Wrong idea." I lay back down with a small laugh because she isn't even my type. I would prefer a girl with some curves and Chloe as zero curves. Big boobs no curves. We lay there in silence once more but I feel like he has something to say. He replies and tells me how much of an influence I am on his daughter and that he likes me hanging out with her. Basically blowing my head up which I'm not complaining about.

But then he asks me another off the wall question. "Ava why don't you have a boyfriend?"

Now isn't that the question of the year! I honestly don't know why I don't have a boyfriend. I've never had one all my twenty two years, haven't even been kissed. So I just shrug and say, "I don't know, I guess guys just don't like me." It wasn't meant to sound self deprecating or fishing for compliments. That is how I actually feel. I mean like I said I know how I look. I'm not the best looking girl out there. All throughout school I was made fun of because of my dark skin coloring. Kids are really creative with their insults, I'll give them that. Any time I go out with my acquaintances guys never approach me, they always go for my friends. I learned to be ok with that. I don't have to worry too much about my looks because no one is noticing me anyways so I have my attention on other things, more important things.

Breaking me out of my reminiscing he looks at me puzzled "But you are so beautiful"

"Thank you Mr. Stone" I say with a small smile. I don't believe it because aren't parents supposed to say that to kids and their friends to make them feel better? I appreciate the kindness that's why I said thank you instead of just throwing his compliment back in his face.

"I know you don't believe me but I wish you would. If I was your age I would be all over you".

Ok things got awkward real fast. "Um thanks Mr. Stone..."

"Call me David" He says cutting me off.

"All right I'm gonna hit the hay Mr. Stone. I'll see you later on today." I get up to walk in the house passing him. I can feel him staring at my ass. Now that happens a lot, trust me. I do have a great ass and I only say that because all the girls I hang out with end up telling me at some time or another. I just shake my head and get in bed when I make it upstairs.

I know I called him Mr. Stone. I didn't want to blur the lines between us because that comment he made was inappropriate but I knew he had a drink so maybe he had liquid courage coursing through his veins. It's ok that he said that, as long as he doesn't take it anywhere, I thought.

The next couple of days were pretty normal but with weird looks from Mr. Stone. Since I don't have any experience with men, I have no clue what his looks meant or even if they meant anything at all. Maybe I was just being some doe eyed girl with stars in her eyes because a man gave her a compliment. I don't know but I immediately ignored it and moved on.

Spring break was over before I knew it and we were back at our grind trying to struggle through school without our brains dying from overload. Chloe and I would meet up at her house sometimes to study or at mine or sometimes at random places. When I would come over her house, her mother and father were barely there like always. But what made it interesting was that they were gone at the same times and that never happened. They would be absent but they would always alternate between being absent. So I figured things were going up in their relationship.

Being busy with school, I wasn't able to maintain any income so the Stones would pay me to babysit. I offered to do it for free but they weren't having none of that. One day I was babysitting little River and we were playing hide and seek. It was her turn to hide so I'm looking for her all over the house. I'm checking in things behind stuff and under beds and I couldn't find her to save my life. I finally make it to the guest room and make my way towards the bed. I bend over on my hands and knees to check. I hear someone clear their throat and I jump not expecting the noise and bang my head on the bottom of the bed.

I crawl from under the bed holding my head and I feel strong hands wrap around my arm to help me up. Mr. Stone is looking at me and he examines my head. We were so close to each other and I could feel his hand on my hip steadying me while he caressed my head. I felt a little out of place with him touching me the way he was with his warm peppermint flavored breath fanning down my face as he looks at my head with a bump forming before his eyes. He looks down at me with those stupid dreamy eyes and I could literally feel my panties melting away.

"You'll be fine. I'll get you some ice for that bump of yours" He says looking me in the eye.

I'm so shocked by my reaction that I just nod and follow him when he turns around. Making my way through the hallways navigating to the kitchen I constantly berate myself for being so girly. I hear giggling coming from the pantry and here is the sneaky little River poking her head out then darting back in. I pretend not to know where she is and then I find her in the pantry to tickle her. When I see she's had enough I stand upright. Mr. Stone places his hand on my shoulder and I can feel his body heat radiating through my shirt. I wonder what he is thinking right now. Then it dawns on me that I am wearing some cotton shorts that hug my curves and he could very well see my butt poking out leaving nothing to the imagination. My cheeks weren't hanging out but if you have a booty that pokes out especially in clothes then you understand how naked I feel under his scrutiny.

He places the bag on my head and guides my hand to hold it. He looks at me with this weird look and walks away. I have to gather my wits so I sit down at the table. I honestly don't know what's going on, till this day I still don't know what that look was and I am so confused as to why I feel the way I feel. I know it's because I feel good that he checks me out but what makes me mad is that I know he has a family and a wife. I love his family to death so why am I feeling this hot towards him like he doesn't have every thing to lose? What I need to do is buck up and just ignore my feelings on this.

As the semester went by, the meetings between Mr. Stone and I have become weirder and more frequent. I knew for a fact I wasn't leading him on because I would do anything I possibly could to avoid him and stay away from him when I was over but it seemed like he searched me out. And on top of that, he was at home more often and that was weird for him.

I asked Chloe and she said he was working from home now. I notice that he is looking leaner and goodness gracious do you know how hot older men look with their slightly peppering hair and they are fit at the same damn time? I wanted to hand my panties over to him every single time. But it's ok I got to see him in my fantasies. Why on earth did it have to be my friends dad that I'm attracted to? The only man that I've ever been attracted to has to be a married man. I refused to cross that line because I am not that girl. I don't want to ruin a relationship or a family and I sure as hell don't want to jeopardize my friendship with Chloe. So no it wasn't complicating or anything, it was very simple. Get your shit together Ava!

The end of the semester came and went faster than a jack rabbit creating babies. I was so stressed out from school that I did nothing for an entire two weeks. Seriously, nothing but eat, sleep and drink. After reevaluating my lifestyle I decided to get a job at this recreation place where I basically made sure whoever reserved our premises, had what they needed and made sure they returned everything. It was a pretty chill job and I got to get off whenever I was done or if one of the guys decided to take care of the cleanup for me.

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