tagLoving WivesAverage Wifey Files #21

Average Wifey Files #21


It might be helpful for you to read Files #11 and #20 before you read this one since this picks up where those left off.

When Michael had rushed me out of the restaurant to the parking lot and ravaged my body, we both felt the heat of Valentines Day like never before. What we did in the passion of the moment as he bent me over our car made Cupid blush. It was absolutely amazing.

Yet, embedded in that experience was the undeniable reality that Michael did not know that those pictures were of me, my body. The next day, as I reckoned with the fact the he was turned on by pictures that he mistakenly believed were sent to him from a secret admirer, I realized I had a problem.

Of course, thanks to my dear friend Jen, the problem of his lustful eye fantasizing over that anonymous, naked body was only half my problem. The fact that after I first realized that Michael did not know it was me in the pics and I had continued the charade, well, that eliminated any possible claim I could make to being purely an innocent victim.

No, I had listened to that little devil whispering in my ear and wandered down the slippery slope. Then, when I invited Jen to join the game, I basically had relinquished control.

The facts were both disturbing and provocative. Michael, my dear hubby, was engaged in a series of naughty email exchanges with me, although he had no idea it was me. Then, I doubled-down and not only allowed Jen to coach me on a plan that might have made things hotter, but it also gave her a front row seat to what was happening.

Although I had long ago come to trust Michael, I was not a fool. I knew he had a roving eye whenever a pair of breasts were nearby. I also knew that he had a naughty mind, although he had never embarrassed me. But this email exchange had migrated from fun and naughty to birthing perhaps a small sense of insecurity.

Of course, Jen could hardly wait to hear about what had happened at the restaurant. Wednesday morning, the day after Valentines Day, she was sitting on my couch, sipping her coffee as she pumped me for information.

After giving her more details than I wanted to but far less than what she wanted to hear, I shifted gears from revelation to introspection. "Jen, I think I have a problem here."

"Ah Kathleen, just like you to worry about something that is so full of fun!"

I shook my head and said, "Fun yes. But Jen, have I created a monster?" My eyes beaded into focus at her as I echoed, "Have WE created a monster?"

Jen laughed heartily. "If you want to define 'monster' as a husband who loves you dearly and unknowingly craves your body more than he realizes and treats you to some of the hottest fucking a wife could ever hope for, well then, yeah, I am happy to take credit for that!"

I chuckled, Jen's gift of helping me see the fun side of things in full bloom yet again. I hesitated, the words 'yeah but' ready to be spoken. Jen knew me all too well and could seemingly read my mind.

"What Kathleen? What are you worried about?"

"Well" I stammered, "there is this little deal of my husband thinking he is emailing with a woman who is sending him naked, sexy pictures."

Jen laughed that contagious laugh yet again. "Well, isn't he?"

"Oh Jen, you know what I mean! He thinks it is somebody else."

Jen's sharp mind was pensive for all of half a second before she replied, "Kathleen, he hasn't initiated any of the email contacts. He only responds."

"How do you know that?" Jen's mocking sneer reminded me that I had given her the password to my email account so she could serve as my proxy during our naughty Valentines Day plan. She had complete access to all the emails. She knew as much as I knew. "Oh yeah, you are in on it, aren't you?" I smiled at my oversight.

Jen took another sip of her coffee and then spoke in a calculated tone, alerting me that her mind was plotting once again. "You know, Kathleen, there might be a way to leverage things in your favor AND quail your fears."

"I don't know if I want to hear this" I groused. Jen just giggled. So did the little devil perched on my shoulder.

"Well, if you would rather just stew in your funk, fine by me."

I took the bait. "Okay. So what's your idea?"

"Well, what if this mystery woman, mystery to him of course, got a little too wild or demanding for his taste? What if this mystery woman spooked him enough to get him to cut things off. That would put an end to it. Would that make you happy?"

I pondered the concept. Although I was edgy about the fact that Michael was lusting for a naked body he did not know was mine, I was not entirely ready to completely forfeit the potential fun such naughty email play had provided. The little devil perched on my shoulder whispered in my ear, Ask her. You know you want to.

I heaved a big sigh. "What do you have in mind?"

That's all Jen needed. She was addicted to adventure. I knew that. Getting her involved in this was a risk. But she was such a good friend who I could trust. Perhaps too smart for her own good, she was also a master game player. I was glad that she was on my side!

"Do you trust me?" she asked.

"Of course" I nervously replied. This was the woman who I had allowed access to more of my personal life than anyone else. I had allowed her to slip behind the veil of my sex life. Just 24 hours earlier I had posed naked for her as she took pictures of me! Of course I trusted her ~ I HAD to.

"Okay then" she said, "this is the plan." Again, not unlike the day before when she had concocted that amazing plan for Valentines Day, she chirped like a sparrow at sunrise as she laid out how we were going to take things to the "next level." It was genius if it worked. It was devious whether it worked or not.

Handing over my secret email account to her was one thing. But now I was complicit with allowing her to use that account to worm her way into our sex life. It was odd, but it made perfect sense to me. If her plan worked out, and I had confidence that it would, Michael would once again take me to levels of orgasmic pleasure I dreamed about even as he cut-off contact with whoever he thought was on the other end of the emails. It was definitely a win-win scenario!

That evening, after dinner, Michael & I were in the family room watching TV. I sent Jen a quick text that read, "READY".

Moments later I heard Michael's phone alert him to an email. I acted normal. He sat across the room from me, which allowed me to pretend I was watching TV. In fact, I was studying him. I smiled inwardly as I watched him shift in his chair to discreetly assure that I would not be able to see the screen of his phone as he flipped his finger across it. Emails about work were not uncommon in the evenings, but there was no doubt it was an email from Jen.

I tried my best to appear absorbed with the TV as he glanced my direction a few times. His finger tapped away on the phone for about a minute, then stopped. He had replied to the first email already.

I slid my fingers along the surface of my own phone hidden by my side. I flipped to my secret email account. I first looked at the email Jen had sent him. It was a pic she had taken of me yesterday as I sat naked on the couch. My legs were stiff, straight and extended, pressed firmly together. From the angle she took the pic, just the upper curves of my bare pussy folds were edging into view. The picture spanned from my ankles to the lower curve of my breasts. She had typed the caption, "Still hot for me, baby?"

My finger trembled as I closed that revealing pic of me, knowing Michael still had no idea it was my body. I tapped on the inbox. I opened the email he had just sent. I tried to maintain my composure as I read it, dealing with the tense reality that he was sitting in the same room as me utterly unaware of what Jen and I were up to.

"Was hard all day thanks to frequent visits to your email pics."

I softly shuddered at the thought of it. What wifey would not enjoy her hubby sneaking peeks of her during the day and getting aroused? Yet this twisted game perverted that reality into an odd mix of emotions leaving me feeling both admired and betrayed.

While I tried to process Michael's message, I prepared for Jen's next email to follow according to the plan she had laid out earlier. It never came though. Instead, my Type-A, adventure-seeking friend who I called "trustworthy" had decided to take another route to the main objective.

I expected the next email to Michael would be the first to hint at having second thoughts, eventually claiming that loyalty to his wife (me!) was holding him back from their naughty email fun. She would finally back him in a corner with one final "it's her or me" demand that would inspire him to put a stop to things.

Imagine my surprise when upon hearing Michael's phone alert him to a new email, I opened up my "SENT" email and read what Jen had just sent to him. "Hey baby, I have a friend who wants to be naughty with you, too. Interested in seeing her?"

I sat helplessly by, no more than 15 feet from Michael, as he read and then replied to that email. I wasn't on pins and needles over what he was saying in his reply. That was a no-brainer. Of course he was going to say 'yes'. What was torturing me in that moment was the mystery of what Jen was up to; what Jen was planning; what Jen was going to email back to him.

She immediately replied to his email in which he invited this new "friend" to feel free to share also. I kept tapping refresh on my "SENT" box until I accessed her reply almost before Michael read it on his phone.

Of course, outwardly I had to play as if I had absolutely no idea what was happening between them. So it was a monumental thing to keep from gasping out loud, let alone jump from the couch, when I opened that email and took a secret glance at it. In all caps was the caption "YOU LIKE?" resting on the upper border of another naughty pic. But, the naked body on display was not mine ~ it was Jen's!

She was standing in front of the mirror in their hallway that ran from floor to ceiling. Her back was to the mirror showing off her cute, little butt. She was twisted at the waist enough to give a nice profile of her perky breasts. The back of her head reflected in the mirror, not a hint of her face or identity was available. To the side of her shoulder she was holding her phone with which she had taken that pic.

This was not what we had agreed to! The tension was unbearable on so many different levels. I felt like I was losing complete control of the situation. I was a prisoner of what I read in those emails bouncing between Michael and Jen, unable to react in any way that might tip him off. I had a front row seat to the spectacle of my best friend sending pics of her naked body to my husband! It was a overwhelming.

I kept tabs on the emails that proceeded to bounce back and forth between them. Remarkably, Michael never left the room; maintaining his naughty email dance with me in the same room. This was an additional layer of tension and torture for me.

He emailed back, "Oh fuck baby, your friend is hot too!" I could only imagine the devilish delight Jen must have taken when reading his reply.

Her return email then offered Michael a full frontal view of her naked body, from the neck down, leaving her face and identity hidden from him. Jen's breasts were the same size as mine, 36c. But unlike me, she had very dark nipples that were small and distinct. I recognized the butterfly wings suggestively tattooed on either side of her pussy; something that Michael would not recognize, of course. The caption read, "Anybody horny yet?"

Michael's response amused me, since I was sitting right there in the same room. "Horny AND hard! How about you?"

I couldn't tell if Jen had taken the pics earlier in the day or was clicking away between emails until I looked at the next email she sent. It was another pic of her standing naked facing the mirror, a close-up from her breasts to her knees. There was no caption. But in one hand she held a sheet of paper just above her pussy with red lettering on it. It was difficult to read at first glance because the lettering was backwards due to the mirror; but I got it. "Horny AND hard for ME?"

I shuddered at the realization that she had to have just taken that selfpic in the last few minutes! She was at this very moment, naked and emailing with Michael! As I sat there helpless to only be able to watch silently!

When I read Michael's reply, I felt a ripple of wetness squirt deep within my pussy. I read his words several times, over and over, each pass giving me another layer of unspeakable pleasure. He had written this. "You make me hard, but I am horny and hard for your friend."

"Your friend" of course, was ME! I cannot describe how flushed I was in that moment. If I were ever able to experience an orgasm due to words only in an email, this would be that moment! Michael had seen my naked body in those email pics. Now he was seeing Jen's naked body. And at the risk of rejecting her, he clearly had just stated that it was ME he wanted!

I stood from the couch so wanting to smother Michael with affection and kisses at that very second. But I could not. There was no way I could. He had no idea that I was in on those email exchanges. There was no way I would be able to cover my tracks in the state of arousal buzzing my body at that moment. I was so trapped!

So, as I stood from the couch, I quickly adjusted myself to make it look like I was casually headed to the bathroom. I shut the door. I stood in front of the sink and mirror with my eyes riveted to my phone as I awaited what was next.

Jen emailed back. This time though, the picture was not of Jen, but of ME. One taken the day before. My body exposed with legs spread wide open. There was a simple, naughty caption just below the pic. "Then go fuck her!"

Before I had a chance to process Jen's message, I heard the bathroom door crack open and in walked Michael. I fumbled to try and sneak my phone into my pocket as I reached to turn on the water, trying to behave as if I were about to wash my hands.

There was a smile on his face that matched the cat who ate the mouse. I smiled nervously, my eyes avoiding his as I washed my hands. He did not say a word. But he took a step towards me as he loosened his belt and unzipped his slacks.

I swallowed hard, playing hard to get as I tried to get ahold of myself. He pulled his polo shirt over his head as he stepped out of his pants puddled around his ankles. I had to look. I had to give in.

His jockey shorts clearly hugged the long outline of his hard, married cock, revealing to my eyes a spot of wetness the size of a golf ball that his precum had soaked into view.

His hand extended towards me, curling a finger along the line of my jeans that followed the curve of my ass from one side to the other. I was on fire. I was melting away.

He stepped closer and snuggled up behind me, sliding his hands around my waist and then smoothing down the front of my jeans right over my crotch and then between my thighs. His jockey shorts pressed against my jeans, his bulge positioned between my ass cheeks.

Then, in a startling and sudden jerking motion, he yanked my jeans down, tugging my panties down with them. Just as fast, my hands reached back and returned the favor, ripping downward as my thumbs tucked inside his shorts.

He breathed heavy in my ear, looking over my shoulder at the vision of us in the mirror. His naked body behind me, as I stood with bra and tee still in place, but my jeans and panties wriggling down my calves, then kicked aside by my dancing feet.

I heard the distant sound of his phone alerting him to another email. It was still in the other room. It might as well have been in another world at the moment.

Then I heard the muffled sound of a text hitting my phone, tucked in my jeans pocket on the floor at our feet.

I smiled at the realization that it was most likely Jen frantically emailing Michael, texting me, trying to get a read on the situation. Michael saw my smile reflected in the mirror. He leaned in and breathed heavy in my ear, "I am so hard and horny to fuck you right here and now."

Some say that when you experience a really, REALLY great fuck, you see fireworks or hear bells going off. For Michael & I, it was the sounds of emails and texts penetrating our phones, over and over and over.

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