tagBDSMAwakening Miranda Pt. 04

Awakening Miranda Pt. 04


Miranda's dominance and confidence evolved so naturally with every day she spent with the mature women, and the attention shown her by the absolute subservience of Parker, had her warm to that lifestyle, as though her previously timid persona had never existed. Her cunt saw the regular service of his tongue between her broad thighs, and his tears induced by the application of her cane to his flesh, became routine... but the erotic novelty of it never waned, in fact it simply honed her desire to own Baker, who was kept teasingly from her while his cruel conditioning to serve her, was exacted to perfection.

Both Clarissa and Mimi could see that she was now more than ready for that union however, as the the buxom Rosa led Parker up to the equally buxom girl's thighs to provide the satisfying service he now also thoroughly enjoyed, nodding to each other in the recognition of it, as she showed her command over him oh so naturally, her pointing him to her feet, coming with the dominant grace she now oozed so haughtily. As the gimp masked male went down in his leash in submissive obedience, lavishing his tongue to the tall heels which she was now rarely seen without, Mimi's broad smile of satisfaction as she looked at them whilst patting Parker's protruding backside with her cane, showed that her thoughts were on similar lines as to Miranda's qualification to own Baker, who languished erect on a leash within a room elsewhere, now having almost learned the error of his ways, and relishing the appearance of his dominant mistresses.

As Miranda sighed and parted her broad thighs to receive the enthusiastic attentions of Parker's tongue, the three left her alone in the lounge to indulge her dominant intimacies with him, and discussed the the move to the ultimate stage that they all sought to achieve.

After several cups of coffee, and much concurrence in their debate, they were pleased to hear the door open, and be greeted by the flushed and satisfied face of Miranda, the red eyes of the dominated Parker, showing equal satisfaction, in having been allowed his weekly spend under the strict jurisdiction of her cane, his cock now hanging half-erect and dribbling in the wake of a submissive spurting. Clarissa sneered down at Parker, her contemptuous smile edging him toward a renewed erection.

"Well Parker... have you been a good boy for Miranda?" His doleful nodding in the mask, without making any audible utterance, was met with the cynical chuckling from all the women, Miranda releasing his leash and standing tall over him, as she pointed him to a corner, also without the need to give an audible command; he knew his place, and immediately crept on all fours to kneel facing the two walls, longing to masturbate again already, as he contemplated the divine submissiveness of his lowly station in life. Miranda grinned softly.

"Oh, he was a very good boy... he lapped up his mess from the floor so eagerly, without my command, thinking he'd cheat me out of caning him again, but he was wrong... weren't you Parker?" He arched his back, and once again nodded his answer silently, the movement of his body displaying the evidence of the fresher cane strokes he'd received, most pleasingly. He poked his backside to invite the possibility of further strokes, but the cackling of approval from the women was all he was awarded, his insignificance not meriting further energy wasted with the cane. Clarissa then excited Miranda with what had been discussed.

"We've decided we're to have a little celebration, which I'm sure you'll be more than ready for... we know someone else will be ready for it too, come the weekend..." Miranda sighed lustily, her cunt moved to a tingling, despite its recent sating from the cur kneeling in obedience.

"Baker?..." Mimi grinned and crossed her more than generous thighs as she added her approval to what had been discussed.

"Yes, Baker... but we'd like to add a little more spice to his humiliation in your taking ownership of him... we have a little task for you, one that'll allow you to promenade your 'revitalisation' to certain people..." Miranda smiled, looking a little puzzled at what that entailed, but up for anything that would lead her to achieving dominant ownership of Baker. Rosa's mischievous grin matched that of the others as she elaborated on the idea discussed.

"...it'll be proof to yourself of your own self-esteem... there must be many girls out there who've suffered Baker's arrogant chauvinism... we'd like you to seek out a few, maybe just three or four, who'd relish seeing him dominated intimately... you'll have to make sure they're really up for it though, as the port things might find it a little shocking... but imagine his humiliation in being seen by them for what he's now been reduced to." The mature women's confidence in Miranda's elevation to their own maturity and ardent dominance, was bolstered pleasingly by her enthusiasm toward the task.

"I'm going to be only too pleased to have the opportunity in doing that... the ones I choose will see just what absolute liberation has done for me... and their appearance to view Baker's humiliation will take him back to the way things once were for him, the recollections they'll award him, crushing his ego completely as they enjoy witnessing his complete descent to servitude." Clarissa applauded her vigour, adding yet further spice to their eagerness for the occasion.

"...and there are few friends of ours we'll invite, ripe for such entertainment, who'll relish the official breaking of a male too... don't be too surprised if they ask you for a loan of his services, on the very day you take control of him... they'll see you right should you agree, and the experience will have him know his place as a mere plaything for women, crushing his ego even further." Miranda grinned her approval at that idea, and went immediately to fix her make up to pay a visit to some old acquaintances.

Baker's cock stood hard in submissive anticipation, as he heard the murmurs and footsteps of the women's approach. Kneeling next to his bed, and attached to it simply by a bow from his leash which he could have easily untied; the need for his restraint in bondage was now only necessary when that fetish met the women's whims, and he now allowed that rendering of his limbs to cord and strapping with eager enthusiasm, knowing the teasing and punishments he'd receive when subdued. The need to restrain him to negate his efforts to escape had long gone, along with the spirit that urged him to the task... he had been satisfactorily broken to the pleasures of absolute feminine power, and the promise of that power had his anus tingling with expectant excitement as the unlocked door to his room was opened.

Mimi stood in the doorway, hand on hip, a braided leather whip snaking down to rest it's long and inviting length about the tall heels of her patent leather thigh length boots, the sheen from them accentuating the width of her broad thighs. A small and tight leather corset pulsed at her generous torso, the curve of her mature womanly belly emphasised by it, and below its gentle overhang, the tuft of red hair above the broad lips of her seasoned and well worshipped cunt; the styled tuft left by her to indicate her pedigree as a genuine and spiteful redhead, where the other women's were shaved completely smooth. Her gently sagging breasts which still perked marvellously for a woman of 60 years, poked their nipples rigid in her arousal at the prospect of dominating him once more. A short black leather sleeveless jerkin adorned her shoulders, and her wicked sneer emanated from bright red lips and suitably tarty make up for today's theme; her flaming red hair in a tight bun emphasising her rouged cheekbones. Today was a leather day for Mimi

Baker quivered with submissive excitement as he waited the gesture of her command; a woman who he'd not have given a second glance just a few short weeks ago, was now the epitome of sexual desire to his eyes and mind, a goddess to be worshipped absolutely. Cane, whip, relentless oral worship, and many sadistic and sensual degradations, had taught him to respect and appreciate the dominant beauty of any woman, and Madam Mimi Carter was a lustrous example of the mature and controlling power of womanhood, that now had his cock stand rigid in submissive appreciation of.

She motioned to the bow of his leash with a curt flick of her nose, and he quickly untied it in obedience. She smiled as he quivered on his knees in anticipation of her next command, thoroughly enjoying the obedience he'd quickly been broken to. She savoured that dominant power over him from a few moments, then pointed to her feet. Baker remained on his knees and shuffled toward her, kissing her boots adoringly while she played the whip over his back and buttocks, he, cowering under the feel of its braided touch, with his cock brought to absolute rigidity by it, daring to wonder about the punishments he'd be suffering today, before being allowed to spend in submission. Mimi smiled with satisfaction at his obedience while he showed her boots the respect her loving tuition with whip and cane had taught him, then mocked him in a sarcastic high pitched tone, as a mother would a small boy after a deserved chastisement.

"There... what was all that fuss about, just a fortnight is so ago?... you've learned how to be a good boy now, haven't you, look at you, enjoying the pleasure of knowing your true station in life... and that enjoyment is only going to get better, we've a new room to show you today." Mimi's smug satisfaction at his willingness to follow her anywhere on a leash without question, cemented her belief that he was more than ready for presentation as Miranda's pet... and she knew the girl's ascendency to dominant womanhood would have him begging to know her whip too, but the delight in seeing that would need to wait just a little longer.

Baker's view of the broad fleshy cheeks of Mimi's mature buttocks shimmering before him, did nothing to alleviate his erection, wanting to sniff at that glorious cleft as she trailed the whip along to further excite him, as he was led into a long lounge he'd not been in before. The long lounge had comfortable but firm leather chairs lining the walls either side, above them many ornately framed photographs... they all had figures on them which he couldn't quite make out, the room in half darkness at that point. He heard a short cackling laugh from further down the room, one that was instantly recognisable, and as lights were flicked on, his cock perked high at the sight of Clarissa, commanding his focus away from the curiosity of those photos.

She stood smiling wickedly, the flesh of her delectable body visible through the gap in the full length black silk cape she wore, a manicured hand holding a tight grip on a long and flexible cane, from her delicate arm which protruded from the broad sleeve in the silk. Standing tall on black six inch stilettos visible below the lustrous sway of the black cape. Beyond her, and positioned centrally in the long aisle between the chairs, was a low bed, it's gilt and ornate legs graced by a golden coloured mattress, upon which sat Rosa, her huge thighs to one side as she toyed with a large square of black silk which lay upon it. He gasped as he studied her generous naked form, naked but for the tight black boots which covered her calves to the knee, accentuating the bold magnificence of her enormous thighs, showing the abundance of her globular cheeks and breasts, just a black spiked collar to compliment her nudity. She was proud of her generous and mature figure, and the green eyes which sneered at Baker's excited face, knew he had come to love it too.

Clarissa stepped close in her swaying silk, standing just near enough to tease Baker with the promise of a sniff of her cunt, the scent of which he'd come to adore like an opiate, sneering with contempt as he sniffed feverishly at the air for a whiff of it, before a tug on the leash from Mimi reminded him of his immediate duty before any woman. Clarissa smiled with curt satisfaction as he went down to those gracefully dominant stilettos, and lavished his lips and tongue to them in servile obedience.

"Welcome to the Ownership Lounge Baker... you'll be coming here again shortly... an owner's been found for you... though why anyone would want to own a cur like you in permanence, is beyond me." The cruel laughter, and the bewilderment that he might no longer know servitude to them, had him lift his head from her stilettos too soon, gasping in a submissive panic... and earning him a swift and gratuitous swipe with the cane, sending his head back down with watering eyes, Clarissa's pleasured laughter at his expected show of dismay, keeping him boning nicely. She was quietly delighted that what was left of his spirit could still be tormented with ease, but had him warm just a little to the idea as she took the leash and jerked his head up.

"Oh don't be too sad about it, I'm guessing that the woman who'll take control of you will let us spoil you on occasion... and you know we'll take great pleasure in that." She tugged him toward the nearest wall and pointed her cane toward the array of photographs. Baker's anus tingled with a lusty but ominous feeling of defeat as the people captured there were taken in by him.

All showed leashed males kneeling next to proud women of all ages, shapes, and sizes... all those women showing the smug smile of satisfactory dominance over the male. In many of them, the equally smug smiles of Clarissa, Mimi, or Rosa, were also there in accompaniment... and in all, lay a square of black silk at the knees of the owned males... spattered with milky white streaks, evidence of the willingness of their absolute surrender to womanhood, and the confirmation of the enforcement of their physical pleasure in confirming it. Mimi trailed her whip across the base of his standing cock, amused as she watched his member perk and shimmer at the feel of the braid being drawn across it.

"As you can see, we've had the pleasure of training many males to the satisfaction of womanhood, many of them are owned locally, and are as pleased to see us as we are them, on occasion..." Clarissa saw her chance to tease his emotions a little further, pointing her cane to a selection which depicted exotic looking women who were obviously foreign, never mind local.

"...of course, some males had been that objectionable in their behaviour that they warranted a more severe change of lifestyle, much to the vindictive satisfaction of the women who led them to us... they were sold off to international clients, never to blight feminine society here again. We've no idea what's become of them since... but some of these ladies have returned contact, in need for fresh cock, the fate of some of these deserving souls unknown... stirring the imagination deliciously." Baker gave a piteous look of awe at the faces close the cane's tip, his cock rigid as his imagination ran riot too, in a mixture of fear and submissive eroticism in considering that might be his fate. The cynical laughter of the two women as he gaped, indicated that he hadn't earned such a stringent fate; their laughter at his expense, relieving him, but taking what was left of his defeated ego further down. Mimi grinned wickedly, and turned his head toward Rosa, who draped the square of black silk across her thighs, and beckoned him over with a finger as he was drawn toward her.

The magnificently large woman kept her bulbous thighs and shiny boots tight together, the splay of her ample buttocks upon the gilded bed, teasing Baker's desire to spend in submission yet further, as he went down by command of her finger to effect the worship upon those boots that was now performed with automated obedience. Rosa's green eyes looked wistfully down to him, as she wafted the flag of black silk across his back and poking buttocks while he showed her boots the respect her brand of dominance had taught him, his lips showing the sincerity of his approval to it.

"Do you like the feel of the silk Baker?... because you're going to know the significance of this very square of it, come the weekend..." Clarissa eased his head up from her boots with the leash, to see Rosa expressing her aroused nipples through the square of the material, as she held it across her huge breasts. Her smile curled mischievously as he bucked on his knees in anticipation of how he was to be made to spend that morning, and what he'd been taunted with in this room so far, had him more than ready for it.

"...you're going to shoot your mess in utter defeat, spoiling it in confirmation of your ownership by a woman in permanence..." She eased her thighs apart and showed him the gape of her cunt, already suitably moist with arousal at his taunting, and chuckled at him.

"...and we can all see how ready you now are, to face that divine humiliation... and the enjoyment of it by an audience of spitefully approving women... sniff my cunt Baker." As he eagerly pressed his nose close to the warmth of her puffy slot in obedience, and boned rigid at its spicy scent, Mimi trailed her whip across his back, and Clarissa pressed her cane to his cheeks, rubbing them impatiently as he sniffed hard. She then ensured he'd show an eagerness for the weekend after that morning, lifting a mean and diminutive cock cage from the pocket of her cape, and dangling its shiny dome of silver barring before his eyes, while the cock it would soon imprison, dribbled in its urgency to know the bliss of a submissive orgasm in its honour.

"You'll come for the last time this morning, till you confirm your obedience to the woman who will own you upon the silk... and you'll spoil it most generously then." All three laughed as Rosa shifted her equally generous body further back on the bed and lifted her thighs high and wide; they knew Baker would never dare masturbate without permission now, but the symbolism of the cage, and the pleasure of seeing him shamed by it, would ensure the extra humiliation had his balls muster a wealth of seed for the event. Clarissa flicked the silk discarded by Rosa, away to one side, as the big woman showed Baker the inviting pucker between her globular buttocks that would now receive due and obedient service, whilst Clarissa readied that cane, and Mimi her whip.

Baker would not spoil the silk that morning, but his mind was never far from it as he sniffed at Rosa's savoury perfumes, and awaited her command to know the taste, and feel the whip and cane which would see him to a very rapid spend in submission that morning. The women savoured his successful correction to the true order of things, watching him thrust his cock at the bedding in yearning for punishment, which confirmed it so satisfactorily, then Rosa slipped a hand through her folds to have her fingers nurse a clitoris which poked high.

"Lick my asshole Baker... lick it good!" Baker's mind didn't date venture back to the life he'd known at that moment, his mind just went to the silk, the cage, the delectable taste and texture of Rosa's anal passage... and the indulgence of sweet masochism at the sting and sound of whip and cane upon his flesh. The women had to exert very little energy that day, as Baker had been barely reduced to tears before surrendering an explosive delivery of seed to the bedding, the sneering laughter of the women continuing the lusty expenditure of his balls, his mind firmly on a vision of it being sent to that silk.

The girls gaped out from the window of the Peacock Cafe, slightly awestruck at seeing a flash sporty car which they recognised as Baker's pull up, not having noticed its usual regularly flaunted presence on local streets for some time - a point of much feminine gossip. Several of the girls within, sank into an immediate deflated disappointment at its appearance, having hoped it had found its way over a ravine or into a river, taking the loathsome driver with it. Those girls, having known the seduction of his cock, and indifferent rejection following it, were lifted by a somewhat more immense awe, on seeing a female emerge from the driving seat of a car which Baker would never have let anyone near the wheel, never mind a woman.

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