tagLoving WivesBack From Another Deployment

Back From Another Deployment


As the sky turned a smoky gray and rain looked like it would fall at any moment, I turned from the deck and headed inside. It had been a long day and it always seemed to help somehow to look out over the city. I'd already taken my shoes off before going out and the cool floor felt invigorating under my feet as I came through the patio door. As I'd been standing there deep in thought and staring into the distance, my husband had slipped in the house and had seen me. He knew the signs of a troubled day and had gone upstairs and was running a bath overflowing with musky scented bubbles.

Hearing the water, I headed up the flight of stairs to greet him. When I opened the door, there he was in the steamy shadows with candles burning in every corner and a fluffy towel and robe all ready for my departure from the tub.

I know how much he likes to watch me undress, so I gave him a little show, shifting and swaying as I unbuttoned and removed my clothes. I could see in the dim light by the look in his eyes that he wanted me. So, it was no surprise when I was stepping in the tub to feel his arms wrap around me, and a hand on each of my breasts. The only thing that had surprised me was how quickly he'd removed his shirt from the time I'd come into the room.

The combination of his warm hands and the warm water on my feet was making me instantly aroused. It should be no surprise that his shirt comes off so quickly. It has been ages since I have felt his body. After holding onto my breasts as I lower into the water, he moves up to my neck to start slowly massaging away the stresses of the busy day I've had. As he works, the hot water and steam make me sweat as he rubs harder and deeper into the knotted masses of my shoulders and neck. The sweat makes it easy for him to rub my skin as I lay there relaxing.

Knowing that I had a long day, he offers me a cold glass of Ice Wine. The difference between the steamy hot bath and the cold glass of wine makes the glass sweat. A cold river of sweat runs down the side of the glass as I take a long drink. It falls on my exposed breast and runs down to my soft nipple making it hard with the cold. I shiver from the excitement or is it from the cold? He isn't sure which it is, but he knows the feeling was nice and might be something to explore later.

As I finish my drink, I smile and thank him. He returns the smile and tells me not to thank him yet. The night's activities have just begun. I smile slyly and show him that only one of my nipples is hard. As I trace my hardened nipple, he slowly works his hand to the soft one. As he gently kneads my breast, I sigh with pleasure and sink lower into the hot water. He notices that I have stopped rubbing my breast and that my hand is moving lower. As he starts to kiss my neck and softly nibble on my ear I start to explore the lower half of my body. I slide my finger across the wet curly hair surrounding my pussy and as my fingers keep traveling, I notice that my lips are swollen. I could keep up the exploration, but I know what I really want, so I raise my body out of the water and toward him. He's sitting on the side of the tub and I move my wet hands to the button and zipper on his pants. As I undo them, he stands, sliding his jeans and underwear to his ankles and quickly removing them from around his feet. He's completely naked now, and I motion for him to sit once again on the side of the tub facing me.

As he steps into the water and starts to sit, I slide my warm and wet hands up the side of his legs and buttocks, and my head is so close to his groin that I know he can feel my hot breath against his most intimate parts. As he sits, I slide my hands around to his balls and start to caress them lightly. I watch, fascinated, at his cock as it becomes more and more erect. I look into his eyes and move my mouth toward him and I can tell by his reaction that he knows what's about to happen. I start with the light swirl of my tongue around the head of his penis and then take him fully in my mouth. I watch his expression change as I swallow more and more of him. His head falls back and I hear a moan escape from deep in his throat. I love to taste him. I continue moving my mouth over him, bringing him close to the edge of cumming, but stopping every time his breath starts to get too shallow. The water feels good. It is so warm and laps lightly against my swollen lips as I continue to move. I pull back and look into his eyes again, and then I motion that I want him there in the water with me.

Now we switch places as he sits me on the edge of the tub and slides down into the water. He starts by slowly caressing my calves and gently working his way up to my inner thighs. He knows this drives me crazy with anticipation. He smiles at me as he teases me by softly nibbling my skin on the inside of my legs. He works his way up until I can feel his hot breath on my outer lips. He gives me a look that asks what do I want him to do. I look at him and tell him to lick me. He smiles knowingly and spreads my lips with his thumbs and starts to slowly work his tongue into me as I try to control myself from sliding into the water with him. His strong hands hold me on the edge for what seems like an eternity. He brings me to the brink of an orgasm several times before he uses his thumb to explore the inside of my pussy as he licks my clit increasing with force as I get closer and closer to my first orgasm of the evening. He knows that I am close as I grip his head and tell him to go faster. I can't stop myself from cumming as he slides his thumb in as deep as it will go and hits my G spot. His tongue feels so good against my clit that I feel myself lose control and cum harder than I have ever came before.

After a couple of minutes of relaxing on the cool edge of the tub, I turn around and offer myself to him. He knows I want him to make love to me from behind. He stands up and I notice that all of the excitement has him just as hard as when he was in my mouth. He grabs my waist and slowly starts rubbing the head of his cock on my swollen lips. I am bent over the tub with my hands on the edge looking back at him. A look of total lust is on his face as he gets the head wet and starts to slide it in. I can't stop myself as I thrust back to take his cock inside of me all the way up to his balls. I feel his balls as they hit me from behind. It feels so good to have the real thing inside of me after having to settle for my toys for so long. He holds onto my waist tightly as he thrusts deep inside of me. With only a few strokes, I feel like I am ready to cum. I feel myself losing control and low, deep moans escaping from my throat. My breaths become quicker and quicker. I want him to continue, but I know if I don't slow it down, it will be over too quickly.

I reach my hand behind and touch his chest. The curly, damp hair on his warm skin feels good, and it surprises me how familiar it feels even after the long year that we've been apart. He slows his pace until he is still, while his cock remains inside me. As I pull forward, I can feel every pulsing ripple of him as our bodies separate. I turn to hold him, dripping wet from the bath water and from my complete arousal. I raise my arms around his neck and pull myself close to him. I squeeze him tightly and enjoy the sensation of his skin on mine, slipping and sliding. I nuzzle his neck with my mouth and can still feel his hardness against my body as we are pressed together.

I want to feel him inside of me again, but want it to be in a more comfortable setting, so I wrap my fingers in his and step out of the tub to dry off and move to our bedroom. Our feet leave little puddles of water on the floor before we can get completely dried off. He picks up my fuzzy robe and wraps it around me, kissing me lightly on the tip of my nose as he smiles slightly and gazes into my eyes. He wraps himself in the towel, knowing that it will only be a few moments before it ends up on the floor in a heap.

As we open the door to leave the bathroom, steam rolls into the hallway. The blast of cool air feels good as it swirls around us. A few steps later and we are in the bedroom. The only light on shines from our bathroom, but the door is only slightly open, so the room is darkened, throwing deep shadows into every corner. The door to our room is barely closed before he exposes my breasts and starts to devour them. My nipples are hard from the change in temperature and his squeezing, nibbling and sucking on each one makes me throb with desire.

I put my hands on his face and pull his head up to meet mine. I kiss him. One of those long, wet, exploring kisses that happen after long months apart. Our lips feel perfect together and my senses are heightened by the feel, smell and taste of him, all at the same time. I push him toward the bed and as we lay down, I fondle him and enjoy the feeling of him in my hand. He has to have me though, so in a matter of moments, he is on top and entering me. We are both still wet with desire, so he slips in easily and I draw a sharp deep breath, enjoying one of my favorite sensations on this earth. Feeling him and the steady rhythm of his body, while watching the change of emotions on his face as he gets closer and closer to release brings me to an orgasm almost immediately. I lick my fingers and touch my clit and I know because it's been so long that it will only take a moment. I tell him, "I'm there...I'm cumming," and I can tell by his eyes that I don't have to say anything more. He already knows and he's there himself. Our bodies orgasm at the same time, in waves that seem to go on forever, as sounds of pleasure escape from both our lips. As we quiet, we hold each other tightly and like aftershocks, he can feel every contraction of my pussy as I feel every pulse of his cock. We lay there, still as one, all the tension from the long day draining from our bodies and each of us falls into a deep sleep, dreaming of the other and thankful that we are together again, at last.

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