Backdoor Sweetheart Ch. 03


"At least," she concluded with a heart-melting smile, biting her full lips and shrugging her shoulders timidly yet oh so sexily, "as long as I have your cock in my mouth I'm forced to be quiet when you make me cum like crazy with that magic tongue of yours!"

That was yet another one of those moments of mixed tenderness and lasciviousness that my sweet Lizzie never failed to give me. Needless to say, given those scorching hot premises, we didn't get much reading done before getting down to business.

That was two days ago. Now, with our Moms out hiking with their friends and the house all to ourselves for the day, I had the feeling that there would be more on the menu for Liz and I, besides my pancakes, that is.

Lulled away by the likely prospect of once again making sweet love to my gorgeous Lizzie's little butthole, I smiled goofily to myself as I watched her sitting on my bed right in front of me in all her curvaceous naked glory. She was gazing intently out the window, her head slightly tilted to the side, apparently lost in thought as she took in the sunny suburban landscape that was our natural habitat.

"You know, the winter holidays always make me wonder what it would be like to live in a cold place..." Liz mused in her soft, soothing voice. "I don't think I'd like it that much the rest of the year, but Christmas would definitely feel a lot more Christmassy if there was snow outside and it was very cold and stuff, don't you think?"

As she turned to focus her soulful, inquisitive brown eyes on me, my gaze couldn't help but stray lower for a moment to admire the delicious swaying motion of her jutting boobs brushing heavily together at her sudden movement.

"Uhm, yeah, I guess it would be more Christmassy with snow," I nodded as I forced myself to look up from Lizzie's awesome rack into her smirking eyes. "The downside would be that we couldn't just stay naked this easy, I guess."

"True, there's that... Although," Lizzie purred, turning all the way toward me and knee-walking closer, an impish grin on her succulent syrup-shiny lips, "I can't help but notice that, right now, you are not naked." As she said that, her hands were already cupping the bulge in my boxers, her slim delicate fingers tracing the outlines of my stiffening cock up and down through the cloth.

"You should really take advantage of the warm weather, Russ," Liz teased as she leaned down to lick my lips before pulling back with a giggle. Then, puffing out her chest to push her spectacular tits right under my nose, she added: "I mean, look at me! All naked in the balmy morning air!"

"Oh, I am looking at you!" I panted, my hands darting to the round meaty globes of her ass. Grabbing onto her sumptuous bubble-butt, I pulled Lizzie closer so I could rub my face on the bulging slopes of her boobs, glorying in their juicy smoothness and their soft, perfect fullness. "I can't stop looking at you, especially when you have nothing on except your nerdy glasses. You're so fucking hot, Liz!"

Tittering and squirming excitedly as I licked and smooched her epic tits, Lizzie squeezed my boxer-clad boner, cooing: "Yeah, I can feel your appreciation, Russ. Now let's get you naked so I can see it too."

Within moments, my clothes were lying on the floor and I was sitting back against the headboard with Lizzie straddling my lap, squashing her huge jugs against my chest and pressing her mouth urgently against mine.

The sugary aftertaste on our lips made our make out session even more intense than usual, causing our tongues to dance and wrestle wildly while we rubbed our naked bodies together. It drove me crazy with arousal to feel Liz's sweet dripping pussy grinding on my rock-hard boner. With her fingers tugging at my hair to pull me deeper into her kisses and my hands roaming possessively along her arched back and majestic bubble-butt, we got into a slow rocking rhythm that caused my cock to slide up and down along her splayed, nectar-slippery labia. Panting with pleasure into my mouth while her erect puffy nipples poked firmly against my skin, Lizzie started working her hips in faster and harder circles, masturbating her budding clit on my pole with needy determination.

The constant contact with my adored Liz's virgin slit got me so rabidly horny that pre-cum was oozing freely from my cockhead, adding more lubrication to the trickles of pussy juice that already coated my boner, making it even easier for me to slide between her soft, dewy labia. Grabbing the plump fleshy buns of her ass in my hungry palms, I started guiding Lizzie up and down along my shaft while humping in time with her grinding motions, making the both of us moan louder into the other's mouth.

As we got increasingly turned on and our movements grew wilder, my cock sometimes slipped away from the juice-slick cleft of Lizzie's pussy lips, causing my glans to end up poking right at the tender entrance of her honey pot. A shiver ran down my spine every time that happened. The feel of her warm inner lips wetly kissing my fat purple knob made me grunt into Liz's mouth and renewed the feeding frenzy that was causing me to feast on her succulent, smooching lips like I was starved for her. That in turn made Lizzie kiss me back more ardently while she bounced and rocked harder on my lap, desperately rubbing her clit on my raging boner.

After a while, when my shaft had yet again slipped out from between her labia, Lizzie didn't simply wiggle her round rump to resume our grinding position and let my pole get sandwiched by her puffy, juicy groove. Instead, pulling back abruptly from our savage lip-lock, she reached a hand between us and grabbed by massive erection at the base. Then, pointing my boner upward, she scooted and lifted her hips up a bit, aligning me perfectly with her needy, nectar-dripping snatch.

My heart skipped a beat as I looked down to take in the sight of my bloated mushroom head nestled within Liz's swollen outer folds, anxiously waiting at the threshold of her soaked, virginal opening. The steamy kiss of her inner lips parting for me enveloped the very tip of my cockhead, radiating its moist warmth all around my pulsating glans while her sweet juices started dribbling down my shaft. A jolt of excitement shook me from head to toe as the full realization of what we were about to do dawned on me. Disbelieving my own eyes, I had to blink and look twice at our almost joined sexes before gazing up into Lizzie's flushed, smiling face.

"I love you, Russ," she simply said, her voice thick with lust but still as sweet and melodious as always. While her slender fingers squeezed and stroked the root of my aching hardness, she gave me a long kiss before whispering again: "I love you so much."

"I love you too," I mumbled back, the words flowing out naturally, unfiltered. "You have no idea how much I love you, Liz... I don't even know it myself!"

An unbidden laugh erupted from my panting mouth, matched by Liz's giggle. I was totally lost in her spell-binding brown eyes framed by her cute glasses. My hands were shaking as I caressed her beautiful ass. Her auburn locks were flowing across her shoulders and her big, splendid tits were jiggling hypnotically in time with her heavy breathing. Her smile broadened as I admired her, making her face resplendent with joy. That image etched itself into my brain like a brand, capturing that moment forever.

Raging with horniness, my cock throbbed in Liz's hand and my glans spurted a huge dollop of pre-cum right at the entrance of her soft little pussy, mixing my juices with the wet sheen of nectar glinting all over her drenched slit. Still wide-eyed in wonderment, I haltingly managed to voice some of the thoughts whirling around in my mind.

"Liz...You're sure about this, right? I mean, I know it's okay, with the pill and all, but... Doing this is, like, uhm... It's huge, I know what it means to you, so... We don't have to do it yet if you don't want to, that's all. Not that I'm saying no, absolutely! I'm all for it, really! But..."

As I panted and stammered, so excited that I was barely able to speak, Lizzie leaned closer and gave me a soft peck on the lips, cooing: "I'm sure, Russ. It's you. It's always been you."

At those words, I felt like I would cum right there and then as the reality of what was about to happen truly hit me. I was about to take my sweet Lizzie's virginity. She wanted me to. She was giving herself to me completely, gifting me with her last and most cherished cherry. Because she loved me. Not just as a friend, a boyfriend and an almost-brother, but as the love of her life, as the man she had chosen to make her a woman. The rush of that realization was indescribable.

"I... Oh, Liz! Is this really... Are we..."

"Yes," she just said with a smile as I mumbled and rambled, overwhelmed with affection to the point of being incapable to tell her how happy and in love I was. "Yes, Russ."

The bright sound of Lizzie's voice faded as her lips met mine and we started lovingly making out. While our mouths joined over and over in a continuous languid soulkiss, the warmth and wetness of her pussy lips bathing my glans gradually increased, spreading lower along my shaft. My heartbeat accelerated even more as I processed the mind-blowing notion that Lizzie was slowly lowering herself down on my cock, letting me slide into her sweet virgin hole.

Gasping into her mouth, dizzy with love and lust as more and more of my boner was sucked inside the sopping wet confines of her tight pussy, I tried to hold as still as possible, so that Liz could set the pace of her own deflowering. To channel my boiling passion without doing anything that might cause her pain as she carefully took my cock inside her untouched slit, I kneaded and massaged Lizzie's glorious asscheek with unprecedented devotion while we made out. All the while, I basked in the soft, slick caress of her vaginal walls snugly adhering to me as I penetrated slowly deeper inside her in time with her careful descent.

Suddenly, once the first inches of my length were engulfed within her tender pulsating folds, my glans bumped into an obstacle. Whimpering into my mouth, Lizzie stopped the downward motion of her hips and pulled back from our kiss. That caused her huge boobs to swing beautifully in my face, making my partially buried boner flex inside her delicate honey pot. Planting her hands on my shoulders, Liz looked down at our joining before staring straight into my eyes.

As my partially-embedded boner throbbed inside her narrow, velvety soft slit, Liz and I paused and breathed out. The intensity of the look we shared was so deep that neither of us felt the need to add anything to the long, meaningful moment of silence that marked the very first access of my cock into her pussy. That was it. Only her hymen remained between us, preventing us to be perfectly and completely fused.

There was a shadow of anxiety on my sweet Lizzie's face as she took a deep breath and bit her lower lip, knowing what was coming next. Even if words failed me, my body seemed to instinctively know what to do. As the pliant walls of her untouched hole clung tightly to my glans, my hands softly massaged my adored Liz's beautiful ass and moved gently up and down along her back, tracing the line of her spine and the curve of her round bubble-butt with feather-like touches, stroking her smooth skin soothingly as I looked into her luminous brown eyes. We stayed like that for a few long instants, our gazes always locked, the top part of my cock tucked inside her clingy little pussy, the rest still out.

When the corners of Liz's mouth curled up in a thin smile, I knew she was ready. I held my breath.

It all happened in a heartbeat. Lizzie's hands gripped hard onto my shoulders, her nails biting into my skin. Then she exhaled and let herself go, plummeting all the way down on my lap until her plump bouncy asscheeks were resting on my thighs.

"Uuuhh! Ooowwwh... Oohhh my godddd, Ruuuuss!"

Before I even knew it, the thin barrier that had denied me full access to my beloved Lizzie's pussy was broken. With that final resistance yielding and disappearing, my whole cock had been finally allowed to thrust up into her steamy, fiery core. It the blink of an eye I had slipped all the way up inside Liz's slick vaginal tunnel, my bloated glans aiming straight at her womb and my throbbing, nectar-bathed shaft enveloped amazingly in the silky caress of her cozy, suctioning vaginal walls.

My head spun as I gloried in the sensation of being immersed for tip to root inside a woman's pussy for the very first time in my life. And it wasn't just any woman, either: I was inside my incredible, irreplaceable Lizzie. Through my grunts and her raspy yelps, I somehow managed to speak.

"Holy shit, Liz!" I panted, my eyes glued to the mind-blowing sight of her puffy, clingy labia wrapped around the fat base of my cock, the very point where our bodies merged together. "This is awesome, your pussy feels so good! So hot and wet, and sooo tight! Are you okay, Liz? That was kinda sudden..."

"Uuhh... Yeah, kinda... Ooooh fuck! Awwh... Damn it, that hurt!" Lizzie whimpered in response, her brow furrowed as if in concentration, her eyes scrunched shut behind her glasses.

I took it as a good sign that there were no tears, but it was obvious that she was in pain. I would be lying if I said that I didn't want to start humping away into the heavenly receptacle of Lizzie's drooling cock-caressing slit, but what I wanted even more was for her discomfort to end as soon as possible.

Trying to remain motionless, save for the excited involuntary pulsations of my fully-sheathed boner, I gently caressed Lizzie's stupendous bubble-butt, placing butterfly kisses on her big jutting tits. As I did so, I looked up into her beautiful face, eagerly waiting for the moment when her eyes would open once again and the mask of distress would lift from her face, letting me know that the worst part was over. While I tried to placate Liz with my hands and lips, my adoration and admiration and sheer visceral love for her tumbled out of my mouth between boob-slurping smooches in a broken yet sincere chain of barely coherent murmurs.

After a couple of minutes, once her quick ragged breathing had turned into a more familiar throaty cadence of sexy mewls, Lizzie suddenly let out a gasping chuckle followed by a long, shaky sigh. Her hold on my shoulders relented, her hands delicately moving to rest on the sides of my face. Her big brown eyes were shining as they slowly opened and locked with mine.

"I should have probably let you do this, Russ," Liz half-giggled and half-moaned, giving me one of her signature bright smiles. "I mean it, really. It hurt less when you popped my butt cherry!"

I couldn't help but laugh along with her. Then I asked: "Seriously, though. Are you okay, Liz?"

"Yeah, it's getting better already," she nodded, leaning in and pressing her boobs against my chest. The shift in position made my cock push at a different angle inside her tight dewy tunnel, eliciting a choked yelp from Liz. "Mmh... It actually feels pretty good now."

"Yeah, it does!" I readily agreed, nuzzling her face as she tentatively began rocking on my lap, grinding her clit against my crotch while stirring her freshly-deflowered pussy with my thick, embedded boner. "But just to be safe, I won't move or do anything until you say so, okay? I don't want to hurt you, Liz."

"Owhh, Russ!" she murmured, tracing her fingers along my jawline and pressing her lips softly against mine. "You're the nicest guy ever, really, you're the best! But I'm fine, more than fine... I love how you feel inside me, baby. I'm so happy that we're doing this. That's how it's supposed to be, you know? You and I, totally together."

"Yeah, I know," I replied, planting a long smooch on my adored almost-sister's panting mouth. "I feel that way too."

As Lizzie sat on my cock, getting used to having my thick length stuffed to the hilt inside her virginally tight pussy, our lips resumed their restless dance. While we made out, Liz's initial discomfort seemed to diminish by the moment and she began slowly wiggling her ass and shaking her hips, stimulating her sensitive dick-crammed slit with my throbbing shaft. Her sexy little squeals, though muffled by our kissing, showed her growing pleasure in having me inside her. Even if she was basically still just sitting there, impaled on my boner, the sensuous gyrations of her hips were becoming less cautious and more purposeful with each rocking shake of her bubble-butt.

All the while, I was high on the sensation of Lizzie's untouched vaginal walls reshaping themselves around me and molding flawlessly to fit my invading pole. The silky, slick caress of her steamy sugar passage contracting and squeezing me tenderly from tip to base reminded me of the cock-hugging feel of her rectum, in a way, with some notable differences.

Though incredibly tight and cozy, Lizzie's nectar-slippery pussy was much quicker and naturally willing to accept me than her adorable little asshole, whose crinkled rosy opening required a lot of attention and lubrication before being fully receptive to my penetration. Docile and yielding but still exquisitely snug, Liz's juicy slit lacked that scorching, needy dick-tugging pressure that I had come to associate with her tiny butthole, but that hardly mattered, not while the wetness and softness of her shaft-clutching folds enveloped me in such a delicious, tender grip.

I don't know how long we stayed like that, my cock buried within the velvety confines of Lizzie's tight sopping pussy while we kissed and caressed and let that new level of intimacy wash over our joined bodies. Neither of us was in a hurry, we both wanted to savor the moment. It was our first time having actual regular sex, after all. As minutes went by though, our passionate kisses and the unprecedented exhilaration of being joined into a perfect oneness egged us on.

With her clit constantly rubbing on my groin and her snug slit eventually adapting completely to being crammed full by my raging boner, Lizzie pushed past the last aftershocks of pain and moved into the realms of unmarred carnal delight. Still munching on my lips and squashing her massive tits against my chest, my amazing girlfriend started moving on my lap, no longer slowly gyrating her hips round and round but getting into a careful up and down rhythm.

We both gasped as Liz began slowly riding me, our gazes darting down to the sight of her drooling, clingy pussy lips sliding up along my shaft and then gliding back down, so that her engorged labia gradually swallowed up my whole veiny thickness until I was once more slotted balls-deep inside her hot, soft tunnel. When we looked up into each other's eyes again, Lizzie's expression was wild and dreamy at the same time, and I guess my face must have looked pretty much the same, if not more awestruck.

"Uuuhh, Russ... Ooohh baby, this is amazing!" Liz whimpered brokenly as she lifted herself up again and then slowly descended down to engulf my shaft completely within her sweet little slit. Her first few passes were tentative, but she was gaining more confidence at every fluid, dick-stroking pass. "Your cock feels so good inside me... Ooh, you fill my pussy soooo much!"

"Fuck, Liz, I love your pussy!" I grunted, drunk on the tender suctioning pulsations of her hot syrupy hole but also on the sight of Lizzie starting to ride me more and more determinedly. "Aarghh, you're so tight and wet... This is even better than I imagined!"

After a few more snatch-cramming bounces, as our moans got louder and our breathing quickened, Lizzie let out a choked giggle while an impish grin danced on her panting, wide open lips. "So, Russ... Uuhhh! Is my pussy better than my ahhh... Than my tight little asshole? Ooowh!"

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