Backdoor Sweetheart Ch. 03


"No way, Liz! You have the cutest, tightest, most awesome asshole ever!" I blurted out without thinking, my hands automatically grabbing harder onto her fabulous bubble-butt. I instantly realized that it wasn't exactly the most appreciative thing a guy might say about a girl's pussy while he's inside it, but, in my defense, I was just too lovestruck and lust-high not to be totally honest. "Uhm... What I mean is..."

A throaty laugh and a deep soulkiss silenced me, while the persistent riding motion and the silky, slippery caresses of Lizzie's slit sliding along my pole let me know that, luckily, she must have understood what I meant. Murmured over the intoxicating sounds of her plump ass clapping on my lap and of her drenched clingy pussy squishing up and down my shaft, Liz's husky words confirmed her appreciation.

"It's okay, Russ. Uuhh yeees... I'm glad to know that my ass is still number one for you. Oohh, I wouldn't want you to lose interested in my horny little butthole just because you can have my pussy too now! Aawhh baby, your cock is making me feel so good! Ooohh!"

"I could never stop wanting your beautiful ass! Aaahh fuck!" I grunted, starting to buck my hips up to meet her riding motions and letting my fingers roam all over her fleshy rump. "Never, Liz!"

"Mmh, I hope so-ooh-ooohhh! Uuhh Russ..." Lizzie yelped, panting and writhing as my restless digits descended into her butt-cleavage. A sharp gasp escaped her tumid lips as soon as the tip of my forefinger made contact with her tiny, neglected sphincter. "Ooh yes, baby! Yeees!"

Her lips smashing furiously against mine and the rush of lust that made her start bouncing harder and faster on my cock were all the encouragement I needed. As I kissed Liz back with matching passion and humped my aching length upward into the snug nectar-soaked sheath of her pussy, I swiftly dipped my ass-probing fingers into the rivulets of sweet nectar trickling from her slit and then began titillating her anus with them, eliciting louder and deeper moans.

Gently, feeling my swollen boner hardening even more inside her tender cock-massaging tunnel as her vaginal muscles contracted wetly around me, I eased my forefinger into Lizzie's willing puckered rosebud. Her eyes were shut and her eyelids fluttered crazily while my digit disappeared completely inside the warm, smooth tightness of her rectum. As I began finger-fucking her twitching asshole, Liz's squeals of pleasure were muted by our persistent lip-lock. Trembling in ecstasy, she held my face firmly in her hands, sucking my tongue into her mouth so hard that it almost hurt.

I should have expected it I guess, but once again I was floored by Lizzie's enthusiastic reaction at having her sensitive little rosebud played with. It was like pushing her 'cum more' button, or something. Howling wildly and arching her back, my sweet Liz suddenly unclasped her mouth from mine and switched gears, riding me harder and rushing desperately to her climax. Thrusting her big spectacular tits right into my mouth, she bounced away on my lap like a gorgeous demoness from hell, impaling her holes on my pussy-plugging cock and ass-pumping finger at the same time.

"Oohh my fucking god, yeeeesss... Uhhh Ruuuuss!" Lizzie yelled out while I kissed and licked and slurped away all over her huge wobbling boobs.

Sawing my forefinger fluidly in and out of her anus as I humped up into her snug juicy slit and feasted on her splendid tits, I made it a point to nibble on Liz's swollen nipples whenever her wild bouncing allowed my mouth to stay clamped on those puffy, suckable pink buds long enough. The combined stimulation of her cock-crammed pussy, well-smooched tits and finger-banged butthole was clearly having an effect on Lizzie, as her delicious screams of pleasure testified.

"Give me more, baby, I'm so close... Uuuhh fuck me, Russ... Fuck meee! More, I need moooore!"

Crazed by the feel of her freshly deflowered pussy contracting around my raging dick while her tight little asshole twitched excitedly in response to my faster and deeper butt-fingering, I pumped my hips upward like there was no tomorrow and decided to ease a second nectar-lubed digit past my sweet Liz's docile sphincter. Slowly worming my way into her insatiable ass, I managed to sink my middle finger knuckle-deep into her butthole in one long easy push. The increased sense of fullness inside her receptive rectum undid her completely.

Tossing her sex-tousled hair around while letting out a half-choking and half-whimpering groan, Lizzie shivered and remained motionless on my lap for a second, her pussy lips wrapped tightly around the wide root of my cock, her glorious round buttcheeks pressed firmly on my thighs as my two fingers remained embedded deep inside her ass. Her mouth was shaped into a perfect O as she enjoyed the sensation of having both her snug holes stuffed full at the same time.

That image of Liz sitting on me, writhing and panting as I pulsed and throbbed inside her was the last drop for me too. My balls tingled and my cum started surging along my fat cock at the feel of her, at the sight of her, at the very idea that I was responsible for gifting my beloved Lizzie with that moment of almost unbearable joy. It was just a second, though, a moment of blissful stillness, then the storm broke.

As I growled into her big bulging tits and rammed my boner up into her molten core, my pistoning fingers sliding deeply into her anus all the while, Liz rose up and then slammed her juicy bubble-butt down, hard and fast, again and again and again. While I strained to ride out the insane pleasure of those few hyper intense seconds, Lizzie yelled out each time her bouncy asscheeks clapped against my thighs, marking the instant when my glans rammed all the way up into her pussy, pushing as far into her vaginal channel as possible, and my fingers were jammed completely inside her needy, pulsating asshole.

"Uuhh! Ruuuuss! I... I'm... Uhhh fuuuuck!"

Unable to speak with a mouthful of soft tit-flesh in my mouth, moments from blowing my load inside her tight suctioning pussy, I bit down into one of Lizzie's gummy nipples and reached down between us with my free hand, until I met the tiny tuft of juice-matted pubes on her mound. Her clit was slick and pulsing madly when my fingertips brushed over it. Leaving my ass-fucking digits sheathed all the way into her clenching butthole, I thrust my cock into her slit one last time and rubbed away on her clit.

"Uuuhhh yeeeeees!" Lizzie gasped, trying to yell in pleasure but choking on her words. "Ruuuuuss! I'm c-cu-uuhh... Cummiiing!"

As the soft steamy walls of her climaxing pussy clamped around my bucking boner, I exploded in a torrent of cum inside my amazing Lizzie. Jet after powerful creamy jet splashed deep inside her gushing vaginal tunnel, filling her womb with my first massive ejaculation of the day. Her yelps of release were ringing in my ears like the sweetest music ever, making my heart swell with love while the contractions of her nectar-slick, sugary passage massaged my thick spurting length in a tender, velvety grip that empowered my climax to the extreme.

As we rode out our toe-curling orgasms together, I could feel Liz's asshole squeezing crazily around my fingers in time with the pulsations of her cozy little slit milking my cock. With my face wedged in her ample pillowy cleavage, I tried to breathe while still feasting on her luscious tits. All the while, as I sprayed long ropes of seed into her welcoming body, I could hear Lizzie's heart thumping right there, under her soft boobs, by my ear, beating at a breakneck booming tempo that matched the insane rate of my own pulse.

By the time we descended from our peaks, my crotch was soaked in Lizzie's flowing girl-cum and I had flooded her hot little pussy with so much sperm that some of it was seeping from her puffy labia and starting to pool around the girthy base of my cock. I was still panting into her fabulous tits when Lizzie collapsed heavily onto me, utterly drained. Puffing and catching her breath, she rocked and shifted on my lap with dopey motions until she managed to raise her tired curvy form from my impaling boner.

"Oowhhh!" she winced while my juice-coated shaft vacated her no longer virgin pussy.

As my bloated glans slipped out of her sweet hole and my chubby dick plopped wetly on my abdomen, a squishy overflow of our mixed juices followed. I couldn't help but notice that the white gooey rivulets of cum dripping out of Liz's slit were streaked with red here and there, a testament to her torn hymen. I would be lying if I said that the sight of Lizzie's virginal blood didn't hit me. The presence of those diluted crimson drops among our mixed love juices had an unmistakable aura of atavistic solemnity to it, a sort of implicit significance, conveying a definite 'before and after' feel that was not lost on me.

"Wow, look at that!" Lizzie giggled, remaining suspended over me as we both watched our joined essences trickling from her pussy and drooling down on my cock. "You came so much, Russ."

"I sure did," I panted, smiling up into her radiant face. "And so did you, if I'm not mistaken!"

As she unstraddled me and threw herself into my inviting arms, Lizzie laughed and snuggled tightly in my embrace before giving me a big long smooch, humming with contentment. With a satisfied whimper, she rested her head in the hollow of my shoulder and closed her eyes, murmuring slowly.

"I loved it when you came in my pussy, Russ. It felt great, I'm so happy we did this," she said dreamily. Then, with a giggle, she added: "You know, all that creamy cum still inside me feels like the perfect balm to soothe the soreness a bit!"

"Always glad to be of service, m'lady," I chuckled, loving the softness and warmth of Lizzie's naked body rubbing against mine. As I brushed a few wild locks away from her forehead, I couldn't help but look at the full fleshy curve of Liz's epic ass protruding beautifully from her back, seemingly begging for attention. Heeding the call, I reached down with my free hand, immediately starting to caress and massage those magnificent juicy globes.

"Mmh, that's soothing too..." Lizzie cooed, cuddling closer and wiggling her bouncy bubble-butt into my kneading palm. Slowly opening her eyes, she smiled as she went on: "I thought I was having a stroke or something at the end, you know... It felt crazy good to have you in my pussy while you played with my asshole and sucked my titties at the same time. When I came it was so intense I could barely breathe!"

"I noticed," I replied, nuzzling her face and sniffing the signature smell of her fair skin and fragrant hair. "It looked like you were having lots of fun."

"I was, Russ, and then some! I mean, having you inside both my holes, your cock and and your fingers together, it was awesome!" she said, her voice thick with lingering arousal. "And when you touched my clit too, oh my gosh! It was, like, BOOM!"

I laughed with her but was stopped mid-chuckle by a long, intense kiss.

"Thanks, Russ," Lizzie said as soon as our mouths let go of each other. "Thank you. For everything, for being so patient and caring and, well," she grinned, assuming an air of mock-solemnity, "for making me cum so much all the time!" she concluded, laughing but clearly meaning every word.

I hugged her tight and kissed her succulent lips until I had to come up for air before I spoke. "You're the best, Liz. I love you."

"Love you too, baby," she murmured into my mouth. Then, smirking, she added: "And I swear that I'll let you run the show next time I need a cherry popped. Seriously, this was great but I should probably have gone easier on my newbish pussy!"

We both laughed at that. Staring raptly at that bespectacled, glowingly beautiful face I could never get tired of admiring, I exclaimed: "Next time?! How many more virginities do you have to lose, Liz? I mean, sure, I'll do the honors very gladly, but as far as I know all your cherries are gone already! Aren't they?!"

Grinning impishly and yet managing to look as sweet as ever while she shrugged and held me tighter, Lizzie purred: "All my holes have been claimed by you, Russ, as intended. My mouth, my asshole and now my pussy too. They're all yours, baby. But who knows," she giggled, "maybe noses and ears will be sexable holes too, someday... I might give it a try, if you're in for it!"

That made me cackle like a maniac. "Noses and ears!? Holy shit, Liz! Even hypothetically, how would you ever fit a cock into a nostril?"

"I have no idea!" she chuckled, making a silly expression. "That's why I'm putting you in charge of my theoretical and very unlikely other virginities!"

Joking and laughing, we stayed like that for a while longer, snuggling and recuperating. After a bit, while Lizzie rested her head on my chest, my gaze returned to the pool of seed and girl-cum splattered on my crotch. Again, the red flecks of blood in it captured my interest. As soon as Liz noticed it, she cupped my chin in her tiny hand and made me turn her way, locking gazes with me.

"Russ..." she slowly began, already smirking even as she attempted to put on a serious face. I knew what she was about to say, so I immediately tried to stare her down and stop the incoming conversation in its tracks.

"No!" I firmly declared. "No, Liz. I know what you're thinking, and you're wrong!"

She just looked at me harder, her smirk getting bigger, if that was even possible. "Are you sure you're okay, Russ?" she teased mercilessly as I sulked, anticipating the rest. "You seem a little pale... You're not going to pass out on me, are you?"

"What the hell..." I grumbled while Lizzie burst out laughing. "I was ten, okay! Ten, and scrawny and I hadn't had breakfast that morning, and that damn needle was just scary as shit. And I barely even passed out at all... I was just a bit woozy, that's all."

"You were out cold, Russ, I was there! Remember?" Liz went on, poking me in the ribs as she unearthed the one moment from our shared past that I wish we hadn't spent together, so she wouldn't have seen me faint at the doctor's office that morning long ago, when our Moms took us in for a checkup that, alas, included taking blood samples.

"You went super pale and your eyes kinda rolled back in your skull and then you fainted, like a little girl! I, on the other hand, an actual little girl at the time," Lizzie proudly said, squashing her ample boobs into my chest more firmly as she nuzzled my grumpy face, "well, I didn't so much as flinch, neither at the needle nor at the sight of blood."

"Yeah, well, I never liked blood much, okay," I sighed. "And I'm not a big fan of needles either... But I'm not pale now, and I'm not gonna faint because of a few drops of your cherry blood!"

"My 'cherry blood' he says! Oh, for shame, sir! That's my maidenhead you're so disparagingly talking about!" Lizzie proclaimed in an exaggeratedly lofty tone, countering my sulkiness with a theatrical expression of comic hurt-dignity. "You've made a woman of me, blooding your sword into my carnal flower and soiling my purity forever, so have the fortitude not to faint now, sir!"

Her nose upturned, her face poised so that she was looking down at me while affecting aristocratic detachment, Lizzie stared at my baffled visage for a few seconds in mock-haughty silence. Then she winked and broke into a laughing fit. Honestly, how could I ever even begin to be mad at her?

"Alright, I admit it," I resignedly conceded. "I did sort of pass out back then. But it was a long time ago, I'm fine now!"

"Sure, sure..." Lizzie grinned as she suddenly sat up on her knees and jumped out of bed, making her huge round tits wobble deliciously. "Now, how about we go take a shower and wash all the gory remains of my deflowering away?"

"Sounds good," I agreed wholeheartedly.

"Just remember to keep your eyes closed and let me scrub it off for you. I'll tell you when it's safe to open your eyes again, after the blood is all gone," Lizzie said, snickering and already heading to the bathroom. "We don't want you to pass out in the shower and hit your head or something, right?"

"What?! Hey, come back here!" I roared as I reached for a squealing, giggling Lizzie. Her silvery laughter echoed from outside the door as I shook my head and got out of bed, rushing after her with a smile on my face.


The sheen of water shining on her skin made Lizzie's gorgeous curvy body look so insanely sexy that I pretty much had a chubby from the moment we began to shower. Of course she had left her glasses out of the stall, removing what was to me the ultimate finishing touch to her naked beauty, but the patter of droplets rushing down her big jutting tits and bouncing off her plump bubble-butt more than made up for the lack of that weirdly erotic detail.

After she made a big show of washing off the gooey and slightly blood-streaked remains of our mixed juices from my groin, giggling and smirking but refraining from cracking more jokes at my expense, Lizzie took my hand and guided it down her cute tummy, resting it on the tiny and neatly trimmed tuft of wet pubes on her mound. Arching an eyebrow invitingly as she spread her legs, she let go of my hand and got on her tiptoes, planting a soft kiss on my lips.

Needing no further instructions, I gladly proceeded to clean Liz's lovely little pussy, trying to be as gentle as possible with the puffy, sensitive slit that I had just been so lucky to deflower. By the time I was done delicately caressing and massaging and rubbing her sweet steamy folds, Lizzie was squirming with arousal all over again, breathing just as hard as I was.

Locked in a tight embrace, we ran our hands all over one another's body. With my stiff shaft resting between her soft pussy lips and brushing constantly over her swollen clit, Lizzie and I carefully soaped each other up and then rinsed off the suds, taking our time as we savored the feel of one another's skin lingering on our fingertips. Basking in the revitalizing spray raining down on us, we lazily kept grinding our crotches together all the while. Liz's contented humming grew into a deeper and way more intense moaning when I finally let my hands touch the last tiny bit of her gorgeous body that I had intentionally delayed cleaning until then, the one hyper sensitive spot that we both wanted to focus on the most: her adorable little asshole.

As my hands parted her spectacular bouncy asscheeks and my soapy digits made their way into her deep buttcrack, Lizzie cooed and leaned against me, squashing her pillowy tits into my chest. A beatific smile danced on her slightly parted lips and her breathing quickened as I held the fleshy round globes of her rump wide apart with my palms, allowing both my soapy forefingers to touch her tiny pink rosebud. Liz wrapped her arms around my neck and mewled in appreciation as I delicately pulled the crinkled rim of her sphincter apart, gaping her asshole and teasing her with slowly circular caresses all around her rubbery butt-ring, getting it nice and slick with shower gel.

While water kept running down her arched back and flowing into her splayed butt-cleavage, making it all wet and shiny, I eased my right index finger into Lizzie's winking anus. As I carefully slipped my digit all the way into the snug, smooth warmth of her rectum, Liz dreamily asked: "Russ... Ooohh! Do you think I'm weird? Uhhh... That feels so good, baby!"

"Of course I think you're weird, and I love it! It's one of your very best qualities," I laughed, gently pumping my forefinger in and out of her pliant little butthole. Burying my digit deep into her tight anal tunnel and starting to worm my other soap-slick forefinger into her tiny forbidden orifice too, I went on: "Trust me, Liz, your weirdness is awesome. Not as awesome as this legendary ass of yours, of course, but close enough!"

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