tagCelebrities & Fan FictionBackstage Pass Vol. 4

Backstage Pass Vol. 4


A couple minutes later I found Austin's locker room, opened it and low and behold I find Triple H and Stone Cold in a beer chugging contest as Stephanie and Debra look to be staging a catfight as both are mocking pulling hair and telling each other what to do. Austin finished my beer just a hair second faster then HHH and Austin laughed saying "I'm losing my touch." HHH then said, "Yeah, and I'm losing my muscle for this beer belly." Which he "pointed" to, but of course there was no hint of a beer belly and they both shared a laugh. I was just standing there soaking it all up, almost too much like a fan and not playing it cool, but I just stood there and smiled and thought how damn cool it was that I'm allowed like this.

Triple H then turned my way and gave one of the biggest grins I've ever seen and said, "So kid, lemme in on the details. Was it all that with Torrie?" I tried playing it cool. "Naw, it was just pure innocence." Then Stone Cold took an opportunity to speak. "Innocence my ass, you fucked that girl three ways from Sunday, and it's a damn good thing you did because she's one horny motherfucker." Debra then got on Austin for being so vulgar and Austin told her he just said the truth and I broke into one mischievous grin and HHH pulled me in and rubbed my head saying "attaboy, that's a way to take it to her."

Austin shook my hand and we formally introduced to each other and Stephanie spoke up, wanting to know how it went and then HHH and Austin both pulled up a chair and became very interested in the story as well, and so all eyes were on me and I gave them the brief rundown. "Well, she wanted to kill some time at the mall so we headed down there, she just bought a couple of items, but she saw a Victoria's Secret and became very excited. So she went in there, bought an underwear set and said she'd try it on for me. So then we got out of the mall and Torrie was all over me like a cheap suit, it was like she was literally stuck to my body and then we got to the arena and you saw us running down the hallway and then we just had mind-altering sex and that was that, I left her lying naked in her locker room with just a towel." HHH made a jump for the door and then Stephanie said "Don't you even think about it!" Then Austin just started laughing uncontrollably and then got my composure and said "You got busted you stupid son of a bitch!"

"Yeah, at least I was man enough to try and get in on it." Again we started laughing. Austin and HHH got into a mock argument and I was laughing at them, trying to pay attention, but something caught my eye.

That something was Stephanie rubbing her hand up and down Debra's leg, getting closer and closer to her pussy as Debra had her eyes closed listening to Stephanie who was whispering in her ear. Austin got up to get a new 6-pack of beer and he asked what I drank and I told me it either had to be Budweiser or Red Dog and he said he had both so he'd bring 2 6-packs and HHH went with me. I went to turn and Austin told me to stay and "get to know" my wife. That might've been a huge mistake.

I walked out the door with the guys and then closed the door and already both women were standing up, Stephanie with an elbow leaning onto Debra. "So stud, are you ready?" said Stephanie with a smirk. "Um, can I get some time to think about it?" No pun intended, but it was time to play "The Game". "Sure, whatever you need." Stephanie turned her back on me and talked to Debra as I came up behind Stephanie and grabbed her breasts from behind and rubbed them very slowly, a moan escaping from Stephanie's mouth. "Oh yes Kurt" Stephanie was feeling pleasured, but then she removed her hands from her breasts, which surprised me.

"As much as I could use that again, I can't hold out on Debra, and she wants a little piece of you, so as a sacrifice, I'll keep Austin and Hunter occupied while you guys have adequate time to get to know each other." Stephanie then turned to leave. "Are you sure this'll work?" I asked, I kind of really wanted to know because I didn't want a pissed off Rattlesnake up my ass and me being screwed for life. But Stephanie didn't even turn around, she just opened the door and my face was being pulled to an awaiting Debra who forcefully pried my mouth open and stuck her warm tongue down my throat. I accepted the offer and we kissed for what seemed like a lengthy time. "Everything will be just fine honey, you just leave everything up to me." I looked at Debra and she had an ever-sexy smile on her face and I relaxed then and there. She sat me down on a chair and I just eased up every part on my body.

I then was amazed to look up and see Debra begin a strip tease for me. She was wearing one of those sexy business outfits she wears, this one was a burnt orange color with a white lace bra sticking out from underneath. Debra unbuttoned the 3 buttons on her jacket very slowly, taking her time and then the cuffs on her wrists were next. She then turned her back to me and threw the jacket in my direction and I caught it and brought it to my face, a most intoxicating scent coming from it. I looked up and Debra was tossing her shoes away and then turned her back once more to show me reaching behind her skirt to unzip it. She got a hold of her zipper and slowly unzipped her skirt, the time it took almost made me go insane. The further the zipper went down the more of a show I got because I was then shown her black silk thong she was wearing. The skirt went lower and lower on her body, the muscles on her legs almost hypnotizing to me. The skirt then went flying over my head and there was Debra standing in front of me with a white bra and black thong on. Debra then unclasped her bra and threw it to me and it just smacked me right in the face because I dare not take my eyes off the mammoth tits that were right in front of me. Debra's nipples were a tan to light brown color, not quite hard yet, but damn it was sexy as hell.

Her smooth southern voice broke my trance. "Do you know who the horny little she-devil is?" I replied with my WWF knowledge and said Terri. I was wrong. "No, no, no. You see that's just a gimmick, Terri is just a loving mom trying to make the most money she can. But you see there is one TRUE Horny little she-devil backstage and in real life. That woman is me, Kurt. I am one horny bitch and I'll never tell anyone any different. I'm very kinky, things you've probably never thought of doing is probably something that turns me on VERY, VERY much." I sat in pretty much shock as this description of Debra was coming from her own mouth. "So here's the deal Kurt, I'm very horny and want to get off right now. The problem is, I'm not one to just rush it and already have your dick in my pussy and end it there, so here's what we'll do. I'm going to take off this here thong just like so." And she did, a nice and for some reason incredibly sexy line of blonde hair that made up her bush appeared. "Then I'm going to give you the thong."

She handed it to me and I immediately brought it to my nose, the scent of her pussy was something that could make me drunk in it's own right. This is a smell I never wanted to stop smelling. "Now Kurt, are you willing to get kinky with me?" I kept the thong to my face and nodded in ever approving fashion. "Good, here's what I want. I'm going to sit right here in this chair and you're gonna sit in that one. You're then going to take out that huge cock that Stephanie raved on about and you're going to take my thong and jerk yourself off with it. While you do that, I'm going to take my fingers and finger myself watching you jerk off and as a little bonus, I'll talk dirty to you." My head almost went into a tailspin. What kind of mind is inside Debra?

All these sexual plans just made up on a whim, whenever, wherever kind of thing. That almost kind of disturbed me, but then my other half starting churning. This is one sex-crazed bitch and there's nothing better then that! It got me almost rock hard just thinking of the endless possibilities that this could and should lead to. I agreed, I didn't think there were any other options to choose from so with that Debra herself unzipped my pants for me and pulled my boxers down as well and my pride and joy stood full at attention.

I took her wet thong and placed the part where her clit and pussy touched and put it on the head of her thong. The thong felt cool to the touch with her womanhood on it and it actually felt really good to do. Debra watched me start the whole time never blinking an eye away from my dick. Debra made sure I got a full show as well as she actually made a triangle with 3 chairs and placed them far enough apart where her legs almost had to be spread to the limit and I got a full view of her glistening pussy. Debra started with a whole hand, just rubbing the outside of her pussy, up and down in nice big strokes.

Seeing Debra's breasts heave up and down was really turning me on and just the site of her fingering herself was very pleasuring. I was really going nice on myself, but nobody wants to hear about that so as Debra just worked the outside of herself and then started talking. "Oh god Kurt, this is so nice, but I know you want my fingers to go inside me don't you? Oh yes Kurt, I'm going to put my fingers inside of me." And one by one 3 fingers disappeared into her wet pussy. It practically made me moan but Debra's drowned me out.

"Oh my god yes! I love this feeling, getting myself off. I'm such a dirty little slut, I love being a slut." Debra looked right into my eyes as she said those last words and it turned me on incredibly for some reason. Maybe it shouldn't have been so confusing on why it did turn me on, but anyways. Debra pushed her fingers deep into her pussy, moving them inside for a second and the pulling them out and then pushing them all the way back in. Debra then focused her attention on my cock, just moaning at the sight of it practically, it made me feel good actually. Debra then went off on my cock talking about it while getting herself off, she was coming close to climax and was just needed motivation. "Oh yes Kurt, I can't wait to get your huge cock inside my small pussy. I want you to tear my pussy apart Kurt. God I love things inside my pussy, I can't get enough of it. OH GOOOODDD I'm CUMMING!" That didn't take long I thought, but sure enough a nice stream of her cum came down upon her hand, covering it. After it had subsided and she calmed down a little, she looked me square in the eyes and beckoned me to her.

I was surprised in a good way that she made me stop before I got off because A. I didn't want to mess all over myself, and B. if a load was going anywhere it WOULD be inside that pussy of hers and not all over my hand so with my member at attention, I walked with a purpose to her and she lifted her hand up and I licked every small drop of her cum I could get off it and the taste was like pure honey, it was so sweet and just amazing. "Can I fuck you now?" I asked. "Well, well, well. Politeness will get you far in life, and this is one of those times. Yes you may Kurt, and remember what I said; I want you to tear my pussy apart with that huge cock." With that, I got down to business by throwing some chairs out of the way and making some space on the floor.

She straddled me keeping her pussy inches above my cock. She lowered herself on to the tip of the head then came back up; she did this several times, teasing me. Finally she lowered her self on to the head. "Oh my god, yes that feels so good" she moaned. I reached for her hips and guided her on to my cock until it was buried to the brink. She was so good on my cock; her pussy was almost like therapy for my cock. For a moment she just sat on my cock and kept constantly moaning. She finally started to bounce up and down and I grabbed on to the bottom of her ass, cupping it and starting to massage it. She quickened her pace, and my left hand slipped up to her left tit and just palmed it practically. She began to slow down on her bouncing, just basically grinding with her pussy before she had her second orgasm and then she stopped bouncing. I still hadn't had my orgasm as the feeling of her juices flowing around my cock still buried in her pussy made the wanting to cum even more. So then I started to fuck her from behind. She started to moan, starting out quietly, and then getting louder and louder.

I went fast and hard, and the louder she moaned, the more I went. I pulled all the way out of her then slammed my dick all the way in to her pussy a few times and whenever I did this she yelled in a mix of pain and pleasure. I felt my balls slap against her body and she began to thrust her hips back meeting my thrusts to drive my cock deeper in to her oh-so heavenly cunt. I looked down and saw her tits swaying with ever thrust and I leaned down to grab them. I pulled my cock all the way out and rammed in as hard as I could in her pussy and began to shoot all my load against the back of her pussy. The feeling of my cum hitting the back of her cunt was too much to handle as she had her third orgasm and came around my long cock buried deep in her pussy for the second time. She just about passed out after that. I might as well have been spent after that fucking too, but then I felt my hand brush against the crack of her beautifully tight and round ass. I thought to myself that I had a second wind as I stuck two of my fingers into her pussy, causing her to shriek in pleasure and I coated my fingers with the mix of our cum.

Then I stuck one of the coated fingers in her asshole and lubed it up, then stuck another one in and this caused her to grunt in pleasure. As I was about to insert the third one she turned around and sucked the last coated finger in her mouth and sucked it clean, then kissed me and it was time for an unfortunate conclusion. I positioned my semi-hard cock between her gorgeous ass cheeks and began to slide it up and down her crack to get rock hard once again. Then she set the head in the opening of her asshole, I slowly thrusted my hips forward easing my meat in to her ass. She moaned and soon felt an overwhelming rush of pleasure. "Oh yes I want it, god yes I want it inside there!" She moaned. Finally I got all the way in her tight ass, I pulled halfway out and then quickly thrust back in, and she yelped and moaned as I did this. Then together we slowly began to get a rhythm in and out of her ass, both of us now moaning constantly. I began to pump faster and harder with every moan. She stuck one of her hand behind her and started to play with my balls. I tried to return the favor and used three of my fingers to finger-fuck her. My pace quickly hastened as I felt my sensation to cum come again. I felt her pussy tighten around my fingers and he slipped another finger into her pussy. She had another orgasm, her fourth, which was just mind-blowing to me, and began to buck my hips wildly and she thrust her hip back causing me to groan loudly and cum in her ass.

Since I was already naked I took the liberty to get into the personal shower that was located in the locker room and take a quick shower, just getting wet and washing up a little. I got out and Debra was there to throw me a towel, which I quickly dried up with. I placed my clothes on, but my hair, which is semi-long, was still completely wet, I didn't want anything in the least to be obvious so Debra thought quickly and grabbed a Stone Cold hat from the room and gave it to me and I put it on thinking if Austin asks I'll answer questions later. Debra's phone rang and Stephanie was on the other line saying that Hunter and Austin were on the way; they had all just left from her dad's office, which fortunately took awhile. Debra got worried that there would be a left over smell, but for some reason we found a Lysol can in the room in a corner and sprayed it everywhere. She threw the can away and we sat there waiting for the guys as they showed up with Stephanie in tow. "Jesus Christ! Why does it smell like Lysol in here?" Debra already had an answer made. "It smelled like beer." Austin took the answer and didn't put up a fight; in my mind I had a sigh of relief. Austin then commented on the hat and was actually glad Debra gave it to me. I thanked him for it and went back to taking to the other guys when Hunter brought up an interesting conversation.

"Hey Kurt, you'll never guess who we ran into. Well, then again, you probably will, so I'll just tell you. Stacy Keibler and Torrie Wilson were at the gorilla position and Torrie said Stacy wanted to meet you. I think Torrie put in a good word for you. If she did, watch out for Stacy's legs, they're probably killer."

"What a way to go though!" I joked and All the guys laughed and we slapped hands as escapade 3 had gone on without a hitch and the hottest 21 year old in the world was just happening to be next.

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