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Backstage with Taylor Swift


I had tickets to the Taylor Swift concert that evening. Taylor, a young, rising country star, had just turned 18 and was going to celebrate her birthday with her fans that night. My tickets in the front row, the grand prize awarded by a local radio station. Along with the tickets, I also had a backstage pass for after the show, and a chance to meet the young woman.

I got to the arena early and settled in for a wonderful show. Taylor had only been a national singer for a short while, but she had already assembled several hit singles. I thought about those songs while waiting for the opening act to warm up the crowd.

Finally, Taylor reached the stage. While she was not as polished in person as she appears on her videos, she put on a good show. I loved the fact that she chose to wear dresses and skirts for her performance. On one occasion, she walked right up to the front of the stage, right over me, and I was able to see up her short skirt. The thong I saw made my manhood stand at quick attention.

I was still thinking about that thong when I made my way backstage after the concert was over. I fought through the crowds around her door and presented myself to the security guy blocking the fans. I showed him my pass, and the letter allowing me entrance to her dressing room for my interview. The man opened the door, I slipped in, and there was Taylor.

She was a beautiful sight. Apparently her management team had forgotten to inform her she would be having a visitor, as she was lounging on the couch in her room in her bra and that thong. The thong was pulled tight, and her hand was rubbing her pussy lips wrapped around the thong strap. Her eyes were closed, but the opened wide when the door closed.

"Oh!" she exclaimed. Then her young eyes looked me up and down. As before, my cock had risen to attention, this time upon seeing this talented beauty masturbating.

"I'm so sorry," I said. "Security let me in. I won a contest to meet you, but I never imagined ..."

I never had a chance to finish apologizing. Taylor grabbed my hand and pulled me to the couch, her other hand tugging at my belt to undo it.

"My shows have always made me so fucking horny," Taylor said in a husky voice. "I've held back because I was under age. But I'm 18 now, and ready to make love for the first time."

With those words, she undid my pants. As they fell down my legs, her eager mouth captured my hard cock and started sucking, because I never wore underwear.

I was in nirvana. This young woman had chosen me to be her first sexual experience! It didn't matter why, the only thing that mattered was surrounded by her lips,and being licked by her inexperienced tongue.

I grabbed at her golden hair, slowing her down. She followed my lead, going from frantic deep sucks to a softer, gentle mouth caress on my rod. She had started off by sucking on the head of my cock, and as I slowed her down, she started sucking farther down my 8 inches.

Despite her innocence and inexperience, I felt close to cumming. I reluctantly pulled her head off my cock. "Slow down, Taylor," I said. "Don't let me waste my seed."

She nodded as I pulled her up into my arms. My lips met hers and our tongues clashed. My hands deftly removed my shirt, then her bra and thong. Then I lowered her back onto the couch. I knelt before her and spread her tanned smooth legs.

Taylor had a soft golden patch of hair surrounding her pussy, shaped to point at her clit. I could tell she shaved around the edges of her thong to get that shape. I lowered my lips to her erect nipples, sucking them and gently biting as my fingers stroked through her pussy hair to caress her clit.

Taylor moaned then, very loudly. I looked up at her and smiled, then resumed my sucking and fingering. Her moans started coming out again, this time in a long sustained noise. I could make out her saying"Yes, yes"and ""feels so damn good" between the moans.

After several moments. she said "I feel like I'm gonna cum, but this is more intense!"

I nodded in approval. I lifted my mouth from the nipple I was sucking and said "That's because you don't have to think about what you're doing. You're just enjoying. Now enjoy this." With that I lowered my head between her legs and stabbed my tongue between her swollen pussy lips.

She shuddered harder, screamed loudly, and flooded my mouth with her orgasmic cum. Her nails dug into my shoulders as I licked, becoming the first man to taste her womanly juices. I licked through the orgasm, then raised my head and smiled. My mouth glistened with her juices.

I moved up her body and kissed her, letting her taste her cum on my mouth. As I did so, my hands spread her legs. My cock, still rock-hard, slid around her pussy lips. Her eyes opened wide, then she nodded and said "Yes! Fuck me! Be my first!"

I shoved, impaling her. She cried out as I broke her virginal hymen, but quickly forgot that pain as we slammed our bodies together in ecstasy. Her kisses became more demanding, her hips ground into my groin.

After a few minutes in missionary, I reach down, grasped her ass and turned us both over. Taylor Swiftly figured out how to ride me, and I watched in awe as her 18-year-old body plowed onto my cock over and over.

Her face flushed, and she leaned down to bite my shoulder. As she bit, she came again, shaking harder than ever before. That was all I could take. I shoved deep into her, and my cock erupted inside her, filling her with my seed. Shot after shot filled her body, until both of us were spent.

She collapsed atop me, and I held her, kissing her softly over and over. We were in our own world.

Or we were, until the door suddenly opened. We had not locked it! And in walked ...

To be continued...

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