tagCelebrities & Fan FictionBackstage with Taylor Swift Ch. 02

Backstage with Taylor Swift Ch. 02


I had been to the first Taylor Swift concert she held after her 18th birthday. Taylor, a beautiful rising star in the Country Western field, had been very entertaining, but not as entertaining as after the show. I had won a backstage pass, and when I entered Taylor's dressing room, I found her masturbating. She practically jumped me, and we had made love on her dressing room couch.

After completing the act, we were lounging on her couch, naked and sated, when suddenly the dressing room door opened. We had not locked it!

In walked a veritable who's who of Country music today. Carrie Underwood led the way, followed by Kenny Chesney, Martina McBride, Shania Twain and the first family of Country, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill.

The couch was placed in the room in such a manner that people entering could not see the couch. We watched them all enter, then my eyes roamed back to the front of the line. Carrie Underwood had already pulled off the mini dress she had been wearing! She was unclasping her bra when she looked at the couch and noticed Taylor, and then me. It was a bit of a comic moment as the American Idol winner stopped suddenly. Her bra slowly dropped to the floor, exposing her firm pert breasts as her jaw dropped upon seeing Taylor and myself holding each other.

"Taylor, what have you done?" cried Tim McGraw when he saw up together.

"You explained about the party," Taylor replied. "You told me there would be an opening act before the massive orgy started. I just thought he was the opening act. He was quite good, too."

"No, Hun, I'm the opening act," Carrie said. "It's a Country Music tradition that the last person inducted into the CMO open the proceedings with the next inductee."

"Wait a minute," I said. "CMO? Opening act? And Taylor, you said orgy? What the hell's going on?"

"Since you're already here, you might as well stay and enjoy the party," Martina said.

"Especially since you seem to have already started partying without us," Shania added, her eyes locked on my rapidly-recovering cock.

"Here's the deal," Kenny Chesney finally explained. "Whenever a hot young talent makes it big in Nashville, we celebrate by having an orgy with them. The CMO, Country Musicians' Orgy. We would have done Taylor's orgy sooner, but she was under age."

"I can't tell you how glad I was when LeAnn Rimes finally turned 18," Faith Hill added. "I'd wanted part of her for years!"

"I tell you, the biggest orgy of the year is always the first night of the season over at the Grand Ole Opry," Martina added. "That party starts Saturday after sound check, and continues until the Tuesday show! Some of the performers are lucky to have any clothes at all on when they perform."

Tim McGraw started laughing. "Remember the year JoDee Messina went out to perform after having four men cum on her? She was so flustered, she grabbed the first outfit she saw, which was one worn by Reba McEntire an hour earlier. I don't think anyone noticed but the performers backstage. It was hilarious!"

"Anyway," Kenny went on, "Tonight was the first orgy for Taylor. You're welcome to stay ... um, what's your name anyway?"

I told them my name and where I was from. They made me swear I would never sell my story of the night to the tabloids, which is why I'm sending it here.

Carrie Underwood finished undressing. I noted she was completely shaved in her nether regions. She walked over to the still-naked Taylor Swift and brazenly kissed her on the lips.

Taylor fought for a few seconds, then relaxed into the kiss. Since I was still on the couch, inches from the two women, I started to reach over to them.

"No, don't touch them," Kenny said. "They start together, and alone. there will be more than enough for everyone soon enough."

I watched as Carrie and Taylor broke the kiss. Carrie started kissing down Taylor's body, kissing her erect nipples, the underside of her breasts, and her flat stomach. Carrie's soft hands slid open Taylor's legs, and Carrie knelt in front of her open pussy lips. I could see a little bit of my cum dripping from Taylor's body.

"I've never ..." Taylor started to say.

Carrie looked up at the18-year-old and smiled. "I never had either," she said in a throaty bedroom voice. "Until American Idol. Now, I love women as well as men. Let me show you."

"Don't be afraid," I murmured to Taylor as encouragement. "Being with a woman is so different than being with a man, but it's just as amazing."

"How do you know?" Taylor and Shania asked at the same time.

I have had many sexual experiences in my life. At one time, I learned BDSM from a lesbian Grand Mistress. Among the things she taught me was to respect my female partner, and that a woman making love to another woman is totally different from a man and a woman. When a man licks a woman's pussy, for example, his face scraping her thighs feels sand papery unless he has just shaved, while a woman's face is smooth on her partner's inner thighs. Also, a man's tongue is wider and rougher than a woman's, and a man licks in different places than a woman does, making the entire licking experience different depending on the partner.

I quickly told the women about my life experience, and Taylor seemed to calm a bit as I told her that she would cum like never before. With a smile at me, Carrie Underwood leaned in and gave Taylor Swift her first lesbian pussy licking.

Taylor started squirming immediately, something she had done when I licked her pussy. But her moans were stronger, more demanding, as the American Idol winner licked at Taylor's labia. I watched as Carrie Underwood licked up and down, focusing on Taylor's clit for a minute, then stabbing her tongue as deep into Taylor's pussy hole as she could. Gentle fingers spread Taylor's pussy lips apart, and Carrie licked the inside of those lips.

Taylor could no longer hold on. With a deep-throated grunt, she came, spreading her pussy juices over Carrie's face. The older singer kept licking, bringing Taylor to a second climax quickly.

Carrie looked up then, face gleaming with cum. She grunted, "Your turn" to Taylor, and climbed up on the couch.

Taylor looked around the room, and so did I. I noticed that everyone was now naked and paired off, but the only thing going on was touching, petting, and kissing. Faith Hill has one hand around Kenny Chesney's 9-inch cock, while Martina McBride and Tim McGraw were in a deep kiss. Shania Twain had her arms around a brown-haired woman I had not seen enter earlier. Looking again, I saw it was Sara Evans. I had long imagined what her breasts looked like while watching her videos,and here they were, held up by Shania's hands.

Taylor turned again to me. "What do I do?" she asked, a look of helplessness on her face.

"Hun, you should remember what Carrie and I have done to turn you on," I responded. "Now, go to those places on her body and do to her what we did to you. I'm sure Carrie will help you get her off."

Taylor turned towards her partner, and kissed her softly. Their breasts mashed together as Carrie pulled Taylor closer. Both women squirmed against the other. their breasts mashed together, their clits nearly touching as they writhed together.

Taylor sucked on Carrie's earlobe, and Carrie moaned. Taylor moved lower, kissing down the middle of Carrie's breasts. She moved her head, and took one of Carrie's nipples into her inexperienced mouth, sucking softly.

"Bite them," Carrie instructed. Taylor did so, and Carrie Underwood nearly bucked Taylor off her, she jumped so high. I also jumped at about the same time, because I felt a woman's fingers curl around my cock and start stroking.

Tearing my eyes away from the twosome on the couch, I saw Sara Evans was the one stroking me. "Hi, I'm Sara," she said very demurely, considering she was totally naked.

I introduced myself. "Nice cock, love," she replied. "I can't wait to stick it deep inside my pussy."

I leaned over and kissed her hard. Our tongues leaped together, tangling and caressing each other as my hands roamed this body I had only fantasized about.

I started to lower my hand between Sara's legs, but she stopped me. "Not yet, baby," she said. "Not until the opening act is done."

At that, I looked back at Taylor and Carrie, but I admit my mind was now on Sara. Taylor was probing Carrie's pussy with her fingers, sliding her right middle finger in and out of Carrie's body. Every few strokes, Taylor would take her finger out and suck on it, then re-insert her finger and continue.

Carrie was squirming with anticipation, but also looking frustrated. Finally she cried, "Taylor, suck my fucking clit so I can fucking cum!!"

Taylor did as she was told. Her mouth lowered to the top of Carrie's opening, and her tongue probed for Carrie's clit. Carrie screamed when Taylor's tongue found the right spot, and I hoped the walls were soundproofed. Taylor finally sucked the clit into her mouth, and Carrie's hips shot up, and she squirted her cum past Taylor's finger and on to the floor.

As soon as Carrie's orgasm subsided, she flipped over Taylor and the two women proceeded to enter into a 69. This must have been the signal.

"Opening act's over," Sara Evans said to me. "Time for the feature performance!"

With that, she slipped into my lap, her hand still wrapped around my cock. She aimed, and impaled herself on my eight inches, crying out joyously as we started fucking. I looked around, and saw Tim McGraw fucking Martina McBride doggie-style, while Martina licked Shania Twain's pussy. Kenny Chesney and Faith Hill were locked in a 69 themselves, both gyrating away.

Over the next few hours, images came and went as all of us moved about the room, forming different couplings and different positions. Among the things I remembered ... Sara Evans cumming buckets around my cock as I sucked her luscious nipples. Shania Twain then licked my thighs clean before sucking my cock and balls into her own mouth. No one had ever sucked both parts in at the same time before she had. I responded by soon shoving my cock into Shania's pussy, then ass, then pussy, back and forth as she came and came. Each orgasm wet my cock more, allowing it to slide deeper and deeper into Shania's ass. Taylor Swift lying atop Faith Hill, facing her and kissing her deeply, while Kenny Chesney went from one pussy to the other, first licking, then fucking, both women in turn. The women's orgasmic cries were drowned out by their kisses, until Kenny somehow slid his cock between the two women and came, squirting his white seed on both of them. Tim McGraw fucking Carrie Underwood's ass, while Martina McBride had found a strap-on and was impaling it in Carrie's pussy. Their timing seemed to be perfect, as they both drove in and out of Carrie in perfect unison. But Carrie's orgasm came the hardest when they varied their rhythm. Carrie then moved on to my cock, moaning "It's so big!" as we fucked each other. Her pussy was even tighter than young Taylor's, and it felt like I was in a vise with each stroke into Carrie's body. I came then, grunting and smiling as Carrie came with me. While the men rested after shooting our loads, the women continued on, becoming a five-person fuck pile. Martina was going woman to woman, fucking them until they came. Carrie Underwood at one point had Shania Twain on her mouth, Taylor Swift's pussy impaled on one hand, and her other hand was shoved up Sara Evans' asshole. Sara and Taylor were taking turns sucking Faith Hill's pussy, while Martina was fucking Carrie. The women moved partner to partner. I was glad to see Taylor was getting more and more used to women making love to her, and she making love with the women. Eventually the men were ready to resume. My cock was buried up Faith Hill's ass at one point, and I made the stupidest comment I'd ever made. "Faith," I asked, "Didn't you recently rant about a women getting too familiar with Tim?" She replied that she had. As my cock stretched her anal passage wider, I asked how she could say that and do this. "Easy," she replied."I meant I didn't want some woman groping my man unless I was around to join in." I smiled, then came in her ass as she rejoiced with another orgasm. Kenny Chesney was a monster. After his first orgasm, he seemed to last almost two hours before cumming again. He went woman to woman, fucking all six of them. He impaled each of them until they came, then, still hard, he moved to the next woman. He got to Shania as I was licking her pussy, Martina was sucking my cock while fucking Taylor with the strap-on, and Tim's was getting a blow-job from Faith and Shania. Kenny didn't waste a minute. He had Taylor spit on his cock, and Kenny shoved it into Shania's ass. The Canadian sexpot moaned deeply when she realized she had all three holes filled. Kenny stroked away as I licked, and I heard Kenny say "That little blue pill works every time!" I finally took Martina McBride's pussy when she slipped the strap-on off. We fell into a leisurely missionary fuck, almost oblivious of the madness of naked bodies around us. It was nice to take time and truly work to make Martina cum, which she did three times while I was inside her. Tim McGraw fucked Shania, Martina and Taylor between their breasts. He seemed to have an aversion to fucking pussy, but I soon realized it was just Tim's fetish. Faith walked up to him at one point, wrapped her breasts around Tim's cock and whispered, "Daddy's home now. So Daddy can now play in the pussies." Tim proceeded to fuck Sara Evans, a rough coupling that shook the youngster with each thrust. She was crying, both from pain and joy, when Tim finally came. Finally, after it seemed we had all fucked and sucked as much as we could, Tim McGraw said "Time for the finale!" I wondered what he meant when he said "Taylor, get on your hands and knees in the middle of the room.

The 18-year-old did as she was told. First Tim McGraw got behind her. He took his cock and slid it into Taylor's very wet pussy. He stroked in and out a few times, then pulled out. He lifted up a bit, and slowly stroked his cock into Taylor's ass.

Kenny Chesney slid under Taylor and lifted his hips. His cock, very hard, took Tim's spot in Taylor's pussy. The girl gasped in delight. This was a night of firsts for Taylor. First man (me, I thought with pride), first woman, first anal, first Double Penetration.

But the country stars weren't done yet. Faith Hill slid down and squatted her pussy over Taylor's right hand. As if it had a mind of its own, Taylor's right hand started finger-fucking the older woman. Sara Evans squatted over Taylor's left hand. Carrie Underwood slipped next to Kenny Chesney, Martina McBride slipped on the other side and, while Martina sucked on one nipple, Carrie sucked the other. Faith and Sara moaned their hands between Carrie and Martina's legs, finger-fucking the stars. Shania Twain somehow got between Tim and Kenny's cocks, and was licking Taylor's pussy. Tim had his hand deep inside Shania's pussy as Shania licked.

There was only one spot open, so I slid down, and Taylor took my cock deep into her mouth. The 18-year-old didn't last long. Her orgasm began deep in her body and radiated outward. She shook, screamed around my cock, and came, harder than ever before. Her trembling hands caused Sara, then Faith, to cum, their orgasmic cries muted as they kissed.

The mutual orgasms of Sara and Faith caused first Martina, then Carrie, to cum. Kenny Chesney could hold out no longer, and he came, emptying his seed inside Taylor's pussy. Tim's cock felt the spurts into Taylor and Tim came, filling Taylor's ass to overflowing with white cream. As he came, he twisted his hand inside Shania, and Shania came as well.

Finally, it was only me. Taylor moved her needy mouth up and down my shaft, drawing me closer and closer to the edge. Martina and Faith each took one of my balls into their mouth and sucked. Shania started to suck on my man-nipples, and when Sara Evans nibbled on my earlobe, I exploded. My seed shot to the back of Taylor's throat, gagging her. She swallowed, but not fast enough. Cum spilled out the corners of Taylor's mouth as I finally spent my last jerky shot.

I took Taylor in one arm and Shania in another. Tim and Faith cuddled close together, while Kenny Chesney snuggled with Sara Evans and Martina McBride. The CMO was a success.

Taylor looked up at me, her blue eyes twinkling with satisfaction and lust. I leaned over to kiss her, and she said "Thank you for loving me."

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