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Bacon Bits


The car door squeaks as he opens it the rain hits his back and seems to follow him into the car. He lands quickly in the seat, soaking wet. The wipers swish back and forth quickly as the drops of rain pound heavily against the windshield. Darin takes a deep, refreshing breath and takes the smell of her into him.

"God, how I love driving her car," he says to himself as he melts at the scent of her. Her perfume mixed with the scent of her body fills the car. He stops short at a light and leans back in the seat as he closes his eyes, dreaming of her. The sound of the rain lulls him and he begins to daydream. He smiles to himself as the comforting lyrics to their song drift from the speakers.

Rain beats on the roof and lightning fills the sky as she gazes out the window. The sizzling sound of the bacon brings her back into reality. She turns the pieces as they begin to brown and looks around at the rest of their dinner. The chicken is finished from the grill and is warming in the oven while the light, lemon pepper sauce simmers on the stove. Jennifer sprinkles fresh cracked pepper over the salad and brings it to the table, dims the lights of the dining room and refills it with the glow of the candles in the center of the table.

Back in the kitchen, Jennifer splits the potatoes and scoops out the insides. "Hmm..." she groans as she crumbles the bacon into the potato, snitching a little piece. She mixes sour cream and cheddar cheese and fills the hollow shells. "Everything is coming together wonderfully," she says to herself. "It's a miracle," she thinks as a smile covers her face.

An obnoxious horn wakes Darin from his fantasies and he accelerates quickly. He laughs to himself and wonders how long he was at that light. "I could have stayed there all night, dreaming of her," he thinks to himself. He rounds the last corner and the rain begins to come down harder and faster. Lightning streaks from cloud to cloud and he picks up a little speed. He knows she gets a little scared when it storms like this. He turns into their driveway and follows the winding path to their house. The large brick structure sits massively up on the hill and he can see dim lights on in the dining room. He parks in front of the house instead of in the garage and rushes out of the car. Cold drops hit his back as he takes wide steps to the porch. "Man," he thinks as he's finally under the roof, "I only walked 10 feet and I'm drenched!"

She hears him on the porch and turns to see the door. Peeking her head around the corner she sees the door drift open slowly. He steps in and looks up at her, his wide eyes shining. "Honey, you're soaked!" she says as she rushes to him. She reaches out to him and takes his jacket from his shoulders. Her finger brushes his neck and she feels the same rush that she feels each and every time she touches him. She closes her eyes to savor the feelings running through her body. When her eyes open she feels him close to her and his lips find hers. She grabs him tightly and begins kissing down his chin to his neck. With her mouth wide she kisses and nibbles his neck as his wet body presses against her.

She pulls away and looks into his eyes, "Baby, we need to get you out of these clothes." She runs her hands up under his wet shirt rubbing her fingertips and then her palms over his cold nipples. She slides his shirt over his head and it lands on the floor. She leaves him there, dripping, and she dips into the guest bathroom. Returning with a big fluffy bath towel, Jennifer begins to wipe Darin's shoulders. She ruffles his hair and then dries his chest and then his back, dragging the towel slowly over his skin. She stops to run her smooth hands over his thick skin. She falls to her knees and unzips his pants and lets him step out of them.

The soft, thick towel runs up his calves and then to the backs of his knees. Jennifer holds his eyes in hers as she rubs the towel up his thighs. As she looks at him, she lets the towel fall so it's just her fingertips on his bare skin. Her lips fall on his thighs and she begins to kiss and lick her way up his leg. His cock swells slightly as she rises to him. "You hungry?" she asks, pulling her body against his nakedness.

"For you," he says, leaning down and kissing her.

"Ah, but honey, I grilled chicken breasts and lemon pepper sauce. I even fried REAL bacon for the twice baked potatoes instead of bacon bits," she says smiling. "How can I resist REAL bacon bits?" he says, wrapping the towel around his waist. "Run upstairs and put your shorts on and I'll get dinner on the table," she says, patting his butt and watching up walk up the large, wooden staircase.

Whistling, she goes back into the kitchen and finishes up the last few details. Dinner is on the table and she is tossing the last of the pots and pans into the dishwasher when she feels his presence. "I can smell you, honey," she laughs, "you can't hide from me."

"That's what I was just thinking," he says as she feels his thick cock against her ass. His hands find her thighs and rub up and down, coaxing her skirt up over her hips. She closes her eyes and lets him explore her. His hands unsnap her garter belt and slip between her thigh high stocking and her leg. "That was supposed to be a surprise, baby," she says, referring to her lingerie. "Baby doll," he chuckles, " I've been undressing you for many years now and you always look amazing underneath." He pulls her to him and kisses her neck and his hand finds his way to her ass. Cupping her beautiful ass in his hands he fondles her, feeling her, enjoying her. He closes his eyes and slips his hands between her legs, coming up between her lips. "Just what I thought, honey, you're soaked."

"What do you expect?" she comes back, "I just stripped the love of my life naked in our living room."

"I love how wet you get for me," he says, rubbing her. I love how wet you make me," she says, placing her hand over his. He drops to his knees and begins licking her from behind; his face buried deep in her, his tongue stretching to taste her. She doubles over, grinding at his face, no longer being able to resist him. He pulls her to him by her thighs and they both have a finger on her clit as he eats her. "Oh my god Honey," she moans as she feels her pussy get wetter and her nipples swell with desire. "I can't get enough of you," he groans as he shoves his tongue deeper and harder into her wet hole. She leans back and sits on his face, their fingers massaging her clit and her ass grinding onto his face. Her hand slides off her clit and she allows him take over as she begins to pinch and rub her nipples. She begins to roll around on his face and allow him to devour her. He ravages her, roughly, and she's getting wetter and wetter.

He grabs her ass cheeks in his hands and pushes her off of him. His lips kiss up the small of her back and eventually over her shoulders. Their hands are on her body, her breasts, and her stomach. He closes his eyes and feels her reach for his cock. She finds it and squeezes firmly stroking up and down until she settles on the head. She rubs and caresses the head of his cock and reaches back madly and takes the shaft firmly into her grip. She leads his cock into her wet lips and then lets him begin to enter her. She throws her upper body over the counter as his cock overwhelms her. She begins to moan and thrash about as his cock slams into her. He almost loses himself in her moans as he hears "Darin, fuck me" under her breath. His hands slide up her back and he finds her breasts. Pretending he didn't hear her, but only secretly wanting to hear more he says, "What baby?"

"Fuck me," she groans a little louder, overcoming her manners, "please." He grabs her by her hips and begins to ram his cock into her like he's never done to anyone before. She squeezes his cock as he exits her and opens her pussy up to him as he enters. Suddenly, she darts straight up and slides his cock out of her. She turns around and looks at him, sweat dripping from her breasts and he, covered in his own perspiration. She looks down at his fat cock and sees it dripping with her luscious juices. They stand there, staring at his cock, absolutely dripping with her.

"You see how wet you get, honey?" he asks. She says nothing, but sinks to her knees and begins to swallow his cock. She pays close attention to the swollen head, directing her stiff, long tongue around the end of his cock. Her tongue traces his veins and the rim around his head. She can feel the heat of his cock against her lips and taste his pre-cum as it rolls into her mouth.

"I LOVE having your cock in my mouth," she tells him. He says nothing, only grabs her head softly and runs his fingers through her beautiful hair. He watches her, taking him in and out of her mouth. She feels the head of his cock swelling and opens her mouth wider, allowing him to flow all the way into her throat. He watches his cock disappear into her mouth and feels her throat contracting around his head. Her eyes close and he can see the pleasure on her face as she makes love to him with her mouth. Her hands find her nipples and he begins to touch herself.

Darin gets so excited watching Jennifer touch herself and his cock gets even bigger. He can feel his cum rushing and wanting to flow down her throat, but she stops and cups his balls in her hand. She pulls slightly and a surge of gratification comes over him. She looks into his eyes and begins to rub her breasts all over his cock and balls. His eyes roll back into his head as he is overcome with pleasure once again. She watches him; she knows when he's ready.

Once more, she brings him nearly to orgasm and then lets it go. His cock is fatter than she's ever seen it. He looks into her eyes and she sees that he can't possibly take any more. She opens her mouth wide for him and takes him to her mouth just as his balls begin to hug his body. His glorious cum shoots into her mouth and throat. She closes her mouth over his cock, taking all of him and all of his cum into her. He cums and relaxes in her mouth. She keeps her lips tight on him as he pulls out of her mouth. He sinks to her level and kisses her madly. Feeling her and loving her like never before.

"Honey?" she asks.

"Yes darling?" he wonders.

"How can you resist REAL bacon bits??"

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