tagExhibitionist & VoyeurBad Luck at Work Ch. 01

Bad Luck at Work Ch. 01


This is a story I've created for the sake of a contest. The only requirement was the story had to have an "at work" theme. I decided to do something a little different. Now it should be evident when you read this I wasn't going for total realism. The chances of these events happening in succession I realize are very slim. Just a carefree fun story. Please enjoy.


Suzie rushed her way inside the large department store she worked for. She had woken up late when she had set it for 1:00 AM rather than 1:00 PM. She had left her house as soon as she could, and she was still going to be 10 minutes. She had always been on thin ice with her boss, but now her bad luck might finally be putting the last nail in her coffin.

"Suzie, where have you been? Do you realize what time it is?" Suzie's boss scorned as Suzie ran up to him. He didn't look happy.

"Sorry sir. I had a bit of an alarm mix up," Suzie tried explaining. She knew the excuse was lame, but it's all she had.

"Look at you. You are barely dressed within code even," he complained. Suzie had been rushing so much, that she forgot a few things. The jeans she grabbed were acceptable, but work slacks were preferred. Her button up blouse was again acceptable, but there was a standard blue polo that was normally required. She had somehow found her name tag at least, so even though she didn't have her belt, she was actually probably going to be fine this time around.

"Sir, I'm really sorry. I will get to work right away!" Suzie begged, trying to save her job.

"Stop apologizing and go get to work. We need someone to tidy up the toy aisle. It's taken a bit of a beating today and stuff is all unorganized." With that, he quickly walked off to handle some other task. Suzie breathed a sigh of relief as she started to walk away. She had again barely kept her job safe. She felt that maybe today she wasn't going to be too unlucky.

Of course as soon as she saw the state of the toy section of the store, she was surprised that it could be come this messy. It almost was as if someone had come by and rearranged everything on purpose to be in the wrong spot. Suzie questioned if her low pay was even worth all the work she had to do. Being fired may have been the more fortunate outcome then dealing with this mess.

She began to work though. She worked hard to make sure everything was being put back right. On many occasions customers would come by and ask for help, and she did so. The day was starting to run pretty normally. She eventually had to get a ladder to reach some of the higher stuff.

A customer came over eventually asking for something up on the top shelf. It was a mother with her 8 year old boy. They wanted some new toy on the top shelf. Suzie got the ladder and positioned it under it. She began to climb up and reached with both hands to grab the toy, but disaster struck.

The boy began to laugh, the mother's eyes grew wide, and Suzie's face began to turn red. Up on top of the ladder now, Suzie was standing with her pants down around her ankles. Her shirt tails weren't very long, so her pink panties were left on view to her customer.

Throughout the morning so far, she had been tugging her pants back up. They never fell so low to show anything, she didn't think anything about it. Forgetting her belt though had finally come to bite her in the back end. She couldn't even have reached down to stop them or pull them up when they fell. Her hands were gripped on the box as she felt them slip right off.

She waddled down a couple of steps and handed the toy off to the mom fast. As soon as she had her pants pulled back up, the mom and Suzie exchanged apologies. The boy started to tease Suzie about seeing her underwear, but the mom quickly dragged him away and left Suzie there alone to continue organizing. Suzie was embarrassed to have had her underwear exposed like that to a stranger.

Suzie spent a good amount of time being self conscious about her pants at this point. The whole time as she finished up her task she almost never stopped holding them up with one hand. She though got the job finished and went to find her boss to get something else to do. Normally she may have wasted more time pretending to work, but she wanted to get a few brownie posts after being so late.

"Well that was impressively fast I suppose. Since we just got our shipments, go to the receive dock and help carry stuff in." He demanded right away. Suzie went to the far back of the store to join some of her coworkers moving the boxes inside.

Another job that started fairly well, but that forgotten belt was again going to cause her problems. She started to be teased and attacked with the snickering of some of the others. With her hands busy carrying some heavier boxes, bits of pink panties would show. She could see people looking. When her pants would fall half off her ass was when people started being more vocal about what they were seeing.

Through this whole time Suzie just tried to bear with it. She blushed the whole time, but she told herself they only got a few glimpses. Normally she would have stopped, maybe find something else to do. However she had to stay on her boss's good side for the rest of the day. She continued to work, even if her coworkers got to see half her panited clad bottom.

"Hey Suze, get over her and help me with this one!" Suzie's friend Sammy called to Suzie. Suzie got over there and grabbed one side of the box. It was indeed quite heavy, and it would take the two to get it over there. "No stopping till we are over there." Sammy warned as they counted off and lifted the box.

Suzie suddenly gasped and wiggled about. Sammy grumbled as she kept the box balanced and the two continued to shuffle forwards. Suzie bit her lip though since she could feel her pants again falling. They were already right at the tip of the round of her butt. She tried to shuffle to stop them from falling, but Sammy was keeping a faster pace, and Suzie couldn't afford to slow the two of them down.

Slowly her jeans slid down her legs anymore. No longer was she giving her coworkers just a peak, but a fully blown show of her panties. With her pants around her thighs, she had to waddle to keep them up anymore. Of course besides the unaware Sammy, everyone around turned to look at her. She wanted to pull her pants up, she wanted to hide, but she couldn't do any of that. Her modesty would have to take a second seat to keeping hers and Sammy's toes safe from the heavy box.

"Keep going back there. We can't go this slow!" Sammy shouted from the other end of the box. What she didn't know was that by this point Suzie was doing her best to move fast with her pants around her ankles now. Her heart was racing with all the exposure. She felt like this carrying the box trip was going for miles. She knew though if she didn't pick up speed, they'd not make it and putting up with all the shame up to this point would be for naught.

Sammy sighed with relief when she felt that Suzie was finally picking up her own wait and they were again moving at a good pace. However Suzie's face was even redder. To pick up the speed, Suzie decided she had to get rid of the thing slowing her down, her pants. She had shaken her feet out of her pants. Her pants lay on the concrete floor as they finished carrying the box.

Resting it down, Sammy was grinning happy to have the job done. Yet her jaw dropped as she saw Suzie, trying to tug her shirt down, running towards the pair of pants lying on the floor. "What are you doing with your panties on show?" She asked as everyone followed suit by laughing out loud now.

She got to her pants and pulled them on quickly. She didn't look anyone in the face and just stood there for a moment. However when a couple of people came over and patted her on the back saying it was all ok she felt a bit better. However she still couldn't believe what just happened. She normally considered herself unlucky, but today was an all new kind of unlucky.

The unpacking was ending and most of the workers were going back to their usually duties. However on her way out Suzie was waved over by the assistant manager, Jack. "I could use your help over here Suzie.

Suzie walked over. She still had a hard time to looking anyone in the face after what just happened. The way Jack was avoiding eye contact was also proof that he had seen too.

"During all the moving, someone dropped one of the forms. It's under this shelf here. I can't seem to get it, but you're a much smaller build than I. Could you get under there to get it?" He asked.

Suzie got down to the floor and looked under the shelf. It held a lot of product, but had a gap under the bottom shelf. She saw the slip of paper way in the back. It would be a bit tight, so she could squeeze under there. "Sure Jack, just give me a moment I'll have it in a bit." She said as she lay flat on her stomach and began to slip under there.

"Oh you stupid pants!" Suzie grumbled to herself. Her pants had gotten snagged on something and now were again slipping down her hips. She decided to forget it though. The fast she got this done, the faster she could get back to work.

Suzie began to shiver. The hard floor was cold against her bare legs. She also noticed that her pelvis was rubbing against the cold ground. She knew though that she should have felt the cotton sliding against the ground, not her bare pussy. She brushed her hand down to her side only to find her bare skin.

"Hurry up down there, the boss will want me to get these papers done soon," Jack said trying to rush Suzie. Suzie though was distressed. She didn't know where her panties went. She reasoned that they slipped off when her pants slid off. She was now bottomless there under a bunch of the stock.

She seized the paper quickly and proceeded to turn around and head by out from under the boxes. Having nothing on between her feat and the bottom of her shirt, crawling around under boxes at work, was definitely a new experience for her.

"There you are, well get out of there quickly," Jack asked of Suzie as she poked her head out from under the boxes.

"Sorry Jack, but I can't."

"Suzie, we can't take all day. Why can't you come out?" Jack asked.

Suzie didn't say anything. She just pulled her pants out to show Jack that they had come off.

"You had them on show before, no need to be shy now," Jack joked. Suzie blushed knowing there'd be more on show than last time.

"Please give me a little privacy. It's really embarrassing," Suzie begged. Jack just gave a playful huff as he turned around. Suzie scooted her way out from under the boxes. She took a moment to brush her legs of all the dust that had gathered. She didn't put her pants on yet. On her way out she hadn't seen her panties, and only grabbed her pants. She figured they had been kicked to the side or something.

Not wanting to lose the garment, Suzie quickly bent over and began to inspect in the gab she had just been. She was surprised she was having trouble noticing the bright pink fabric, but she was having no luck.

"I don't get why you're being so bashful. What's so wrong with a little site of your, WOAH!" Jack said in exclamation as he turned around. The site he got was a full on moon from Suzie as she had been bent over looking under the boxes. Suzie turned her head back hearing his voice. Seeing his look of shock on his face, she quickly slapped a hand around to try and cover her bare bottom. She stood and screeched in surprised.

"Sorry, sorry!" Jack said as he turned to look away. "I thought you had at least some underwear on or had gotten your pants back up by now!"

Suzie didn't hesitate to put her pants on now. She was willing to leave without her panties if it meant she could get away from Jack for a moment. She was so embarrassed to have had given him such a view of her backside. She didn't even have her pants tugged up all the way until she started to jog off.

Suzie's hands now didn't leave the side of her pants as she trekked through the store. She knew now their loose state would be even more trouble. She didn't know what she would do if more people would see her if they fell, and no panties to hide anything this time. She was relieved that Jack had only seen her back end.

"Suzie, wait up!" Suzie was stopped by her boss. She had been sort of just fast walking in no particular direction. "I don't know where you're going, but we need you down in customer service. We need a bit of extra staff there for now."

Suzie didn't need to say more than an "OK" and she was on her way. She got downstairs and joined a few people behind the counter. One or two smiled as they saw her, remember what they had seen from before.

Suzie didn't so much like this job. Customers weren't always the nicest or the most understanding when they came to the customer service desk. Suzie though tried to do her job with a smile as she tried helping everyone who came by. She was happy that she generally had a free hand at all times too.

"Oh you, you have to let me return this toy!" An angry mother said setting a large toy on the counter. "Stupid thing is busted!"

"Oh let me see ma'am." Suzie said as she mentally rolled her eyes. She could tell already this lady was going to be trouble. She helped the lady unbox the toy so she could inspect it. As she did this though she felt her pants slipping again. Her hands were busy though, so she just prayed they wouldn't slip too much more. She winced as she felt a breeze hit her newly exposed butt crack. She blushed knowing that possibly someone could see now.

"Don't you see the problem, look over here," the lady said gesturing to some contraption on the toy. Suzie tried to look at it, but she had to stretch forward to see it properly. Her pants were now bundled lower. Everyone behind her now probably could see her whole bottom. They wouldn't have any doubt that at some point she had lost her underwear.

"Don't slouch like that. Look at me when I'm talking to you!" The lady complained as Suzie had tried to reach back to pull her pants up. Suzie wasn't about to let this lady get so angry that she'd complain to the boss about her. She would have to deal with showing her coworkers her bottom.

Suzie continued to view the toy with the lady. This whole time the sound of snickering could be heard behind her. She suddenly felt that they had more than enough employees working at customer service right now.

"Stand straight missy when you're talking to me!" The lady said barking another order at Suzie. Suzie was of course again trying to get her pants back. However her straight and narrow stance only allowed her pants to fall to the floor. She couldn't believe she was standing bottomless, unable to do anything as everyone watched.

She also couldn't believe that all the customers waiting in line in the store were just one small counter away from seeing so much more. She couldn't believe her womanhood was out and exposed to the air right now. Suzie wondered what this unhappy parent would think if she knew how Suzie was dressed.

Even with a bit of trembling in her voice, Suzie was able to explain the policies to the lady. She eventually gave up and went home. She was rewarded with the chance to pull her pants back up, everyone else cheering or laughing at her.

"Suzie, you ok there? Your face is all red?" The boss asked as he ran up to the desk. Suzie was glad she had gotten her pants back up.

"Yes sir, just working like normal."

"Well don't think you're off the hook for being late. Since you showed up late I think I'll send you to a different job again. We need help with getting stuff out for some restocking." Suzie was again headed off towards her new task.

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